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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Female entrepreneur says Google’s
‘Women in Tech’ program ostracized
her for being conservative
by Allum Bokhari, 9 Dec 2017

Finis Germania:
The mythos of overcoming the past
Rembrandt Clancy on Rolf Peter Sieferle, Dec 2017

The ugly truth about that dying polar bear
by James Delingpole, 11 Dec 2017


Pipe bomb explodes in Times Square subway station
Patrick Poole, 11 Dec 2017

As Don John wrote a month ago: Even if all these Alabama women
are telling the truth, they still don't add up to Mary Jo Kopechne.
No one ever drowned in Roy Moore's car
by Jack Cashill, 11 Dec 2017

Warnings about monopoly power are right
When it involves government censorship of the Internet.
by A. Barton Hinkle, 9 Dec 2017

Time for real Net Neutrality
by Roger Stone, 8 Dec 2017

WINNING: U.S.-led military coalition
congratulates Iraq on liberation
from the Islamic State
Kristina Wong, 10 Dec 2017

The End of Media History
and the Last Honest Man
by Michael Walsh, 9 Dec 2017

Protests fizzle 3 days after Trump’s Jerusalem
announcement was universally condemned
John J. Xenakis, 10 Dec 2017

Why the 'Arab street' didn't just explode
by Ralph Peters, 11 Dec 2017

In the People's Communist Republic of Edina, Minnesota.
High school Conservative Club shut down after
posting video of classmates protesting the flag
Rick Moran, 9 Dec 2017

The U.S. media yesterday suffered its most
humiliating debacle in ages: now refuses
all transparency over what happened
by Glenn Greenwald, 9 Dec 2017

Media close 2017 proving Trump
100 percent correct about Fake News
by John Nolte, 9 Dec 2017

Congressman: DREAM Act allowing ‘chain
migration’ would be ‘nightmare scenario’
by Nicholas Ballasy, 8 Dec 2017

US forces could potentially lose next war to
Russia or China, warns sobering Rand report
by Jeff Daniels, 9 Dec 2017

Robert Mueller and his politically
biased team of prosecutors need to go
by Gregg Jarrett, 9 Dec 2017

Trump’s great and ingenious gifts
President Trump gives a Hanukka gift to the Jewish people
and a Christmas gift to the American people.
by Caroline Glick, 8 Dec 2017


Trump touts rejection of U.N. plan
to force mass Third World immigration
Ian Mason, 8 Dec 2017

Does anyone care that kids cry?
by Bruce Deitrick Price, 9 Dec 2017

The problem of Identity Politics and its solution
by Matthew Continetti, Nov 2017

LA Times writer disparages ‘Trumpian fantasy’
of moving bureaucrats out of DC
by Thomas Lifson, 9 Dec 2017

18 Questions CNN needs to answer
after getting busted For Fake News
by Mollie Hemingway, 8 Dec 2017

Facebook informs Breitbart Gloria Allred
yearbook forgery is fake news
Ben Kew, 8 Dec 2017

What C.S. Lewis can teach us
about America's pronoun wars
Sean Davis, 8 Dec 2017


Mueller's 'right-hand man' on Russia probe
represented Clinton IT aide
who set up unsecure server
by Debra Heine, 8 Dec 2017

CNN botches major ‘bombshell’ alleging
contacts between Don Jr. and WikiLeaks
by Chuck Ross, 8 Dec 2017

Bombshell: Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson
admits she forged yearbook
by John Nolte, 8 Dec 2017

Trump puts fact ahead of fiction in Israel
by Jonah Goldberg, 8 Dec 2017

Jerusalem, Now and Eternal
by Judith Miller, 7 Dec 2017

A Most Remarkable Year
by Richard Fernandez, 7 Dec 2017

Data: Every 2 new immigrants to the U.S.
brings 7 foreign relatives with them
by John Binder, 5 Dec 2017


Nigel Farage:
'Theresa May must go' to save Brexit
by Michael van der Galien, 7 Dec 2017

Dossier author was in contact
with Obama Justice Department
by Byron York, 8 Dec 2017

Obstruction of Congress

Mueller, the Justice Department and the FBI
aren’t helping the lawmakers’ probe.
by Kimberley Strassel, 8 Dec 2017

Rod Rosenstein overcome by Swamp Gas
J. Christian Adams, 8 Dec 2017

Parents mobilize to halt rule allowing K-12
children to ‘self-identify’ gender and race
by Susan Berry, 6 Dec 2017

Poll shows Americans shockingly
misinformed about GOP tax reform
John Carney, 7 Dec 2017


Pearl Harbor and the legacy of Carl Vinson
Victor Davis Hanson, 7 Dec 2017

Wisconsin AG recommends contempt charges
against 'John Doe' prosecutor and his henchmen

by Rick Moran, 7 Dec 2017

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
Finally, the ancient Jewish city can
take its place among world capitals.
Matthew Vadum, 7 Dec 2017

Another one! Mueller deputy was personal attorney
of Ben Rhodes, represented Clinton Foundation

by Debra Heine, 5 Dec 2017

Schooling liberals on America's
separation of Church and State

by Kimberly Bloom Jackson, 7 Dec 2017

The courage of Larry David
by Bruce Bawer, 6 Dec 2017

The Case for Islamophobia
I am an Islamophobe, and you should be one, too.
by Robert Spencer, 6 Dec 2017


The Mueller Firing Speech
New York Sun editorial, 5 Dec 2017

Top Clinton aides face no charges
after making false statements to FBI
by Chuck Ross, 5 Dec 2017

Double-crossing FBI agent
must be held accountable
Paul Sperry, 6 Dec 2017

Experts killed epistemology
The treatment of Roy Moore is an example.
by Robert Oscar Lopez, 6 Dec 2017

The West must restore a sense of the sacred

by David P. Goldman, 3 Dec 2017

The impending death of Multiculturalism
by E.M. Cadwaladr, 6 Dec 2017

Professor: Eating meat
perpetuates 'hegemonic masculinity'
by Tom Knighton, 5 Dec 2017


FBI and Justice Department
corruption needs to end
by Scott McKay, 5 Dec 2017

Time for a Special Counsel to investigate the FBI
by Hugh Hewitt, 5 Dec 2017

Peter Strzok's role in Clinton email
investigation takes a sinister turn
by Rick Moran, 5 Dec 2017

What does any of this have
to do with Russia 'collusion'?
Charles Hurt, 4 Dec 2017


Travel ban back in place,
SCOTUS halts lower court injunctions
by Ian Mason, 4 Dec 2017

Flynn’s case proves it’s time to fire Mueller
When an investigation generates crimes, it’s a crime.
by Daniel Greenfield, 4 Dec 2017

This investigation into Trump's campaign
is way out of control
by Andy Puzder, 4 Dec 2017

Dusting off the dead letter
Logan Act to bludgeon Trump
Still no evidence of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians.
by Joseph Klein,  5 Dec 2017

Anti-Trump text messages show
pattern of bias on Mueller's team
by Chuck Ross, 4 Dec 2017

Why should Tyranny be the price of Reciprocity?
Rep. Thomas Massie sounds warning:
House leaders to merge Obama-style
gun control with national reciprocity
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 4 Dec 2017

Seven myths about the GOP tax reform
by John Carney, 4 Dec 2017

Is a president's character his presidency's destiny?
by Victor Davis Hanson, 4 Dec 2017

Voters reject by 2:1
Democrats' amnesty-or-shutdown threat
by Neil Munro, 4 Dec 2017


Another anti-Trump 'smoking gun'
turns out to be nothing
New York Post editorial, 4 Dec 2017

Bill Ayers and Gang Rape
M. Catharine Evans, 4 Dec 2017

President Trump overrules deputy,
deflates U.N.'s pro-immigration treaty
by Neil Munro, 3 Dec 2017

Bob Mueller 'has a huge conflict of interest,'
says former Assistant FBI Director
by Daniel J. Flynn, 3 Dec 2017

The Mainstream Media doesn't
deserve our respect or our trust

Kurt Schlichter, 4 Dec 2017

PJ Media editor, a veteran journalist
and terror expert, removed from Twitter

by Paula Bolyard, 3 Dec 2017

Senate Democrats blatantly lied
about Hillsdale College
by Dean Clancy, 2 Dec 2017


Italian doctor accused of defamation for saying
"homosexuality is a disease" found Not Guilty
Thomas D. Williams, 3 Dec 2017

New documents reveal FBI's Clinton cover-up
by Tom Fitton, 3 Dec 2017

Another global warming study casts doubt
on Media
's climate change fairy tale
Investor's Business Daily editorial,, 2 Dec 2017

Sanctuary City policies are ruining
California—Here's why I left
by Jen Kerns, 2 Dec 2017

How the Rahm Gang mocks democracy
(and wins in Chicago)
by Thomas Lifson, 30 Nov 2017


FBI agent kicked-off Mueller team
for anti-Trump messages
Breitbart News, 2 Dec 2017

Why did Flynn lie and
why did Mueller charge him with lying?
by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2 Dec 2017

Nunes blows up, threatens contempt
after FBI stonewalls House on Russia
Byron York, 2 Dec 2017

You're just noticing this now, Laura?
Ingraham: Dems want illegal immigration to
change demographics, replace white conservatives
Jeff Poor, 3 Dec 2017

Donald Trump's Crimes
by Steve Feinstein, 3 Dec 2017


Feminists on the injustice of pregnancy

by Daren Jonescu, 2 Dec 2017

Mueller investigation:
Politics, not law enforcement or counterintelligence
Trump should order an investigation
of Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.
Andrew C. McCarthy, 2 Dec 2017

Remarkable!  MSM outlet actually cares about accuracy, for once.
ABC suspends Brian Ross
four weeks without pay
by Jeff Poor, 2 Dec 2017

Dershowitz: Flynn plea is
‘a show of weakness’ for Mueller
by Ian Hanchett, 2 Dec 2017

San Francisco’s Shame

An illegal-alien killer is set free in a mockery of the rule of law.
by Heather Mac Donald, 1 Dec 2017

Senate passes historic tax reform bill.
Now comes the hard part.
by Rick Moran, 2 Dec 2017

Chicago’s Debt Dereliction
The Windy City is using complex bonds to delay a
financial reckoning and avoid cleaning up its fiscal mess.
by Nicole Gelinas, Autumn 2017 issue

Benign Violation Theory:
An explanation for 'Pocahontas' outrage
by Deborah C. Tyler, 2 Dec 2017


DOJ puts out arrest warrant for Kate Steinle’s killer,
dares Sanctuary San Francisco to protect him again
by Ian Mason, 1 Dec 2017

What the Flynn Plea Means
There’s less to the news than meets the eye.
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 1 Dec 2017

ABC’s Brian Ross issues on-air ‘clarification’
to correct report ‘candidate’ Trump
‘ordered him’ to contact Russians
by Jeff Poor, 1 Dec 2017

House Intel Committee mulls
contempt citations against FBI, DOJ
by Debra Heine, 30 Nov 2017

Sow the Free Love Wind, reap
the Sexual Debasement Whirlwind
The bitter fruit of a destructive generation.
by Bruce Thornton, 30 Nov 2017

Don’t be fooled: The Left doesn’t care
about morals; it cares about power
by D.C. McAllister, 1 Dec 2017


Illegal immigrant allegedly kills Texas
cheerleader in Thanksgiving Day DUI crash
Bob Price, 1 Dec 2017

Kate Steinle and the Globalists
Susan D. Harris, 1 Dec 2017

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