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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Defend America—defeat multiculturalism
by Ryan P. Williams, 23 Apr 2019

Are you a citizen?
It's a legitimate Census question
by Edward Blum, 25 Apr 2019

Trump is right to tell
Jerry Nadler to
"talk to the hand"
New York Post editorial, 24 Apr 2019

Mueller Investigation
was driven by pious hypocrisy
by Victory Davis Hanson, 24 Apr 2019

Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day:
Revisiting Islam
's greatest slaughter of Christians
by Raymond Ibrahim, 24 Apr 2019

Turkish dictator Erdogan
defends Armenian Genocide
by David P. Goldman, 24 Apr 2019

Justice Kavanaugh and GMU Snowflakes
by Walter E. Williams, 24 Apr 2019


The Tom Perez Hypocrisy:
No one is above the law — except Hillary
by Jeffrey Lord, 23 Apr 2019

Yes, there are a few Jesuits who still believe in God and freedom.
Father James V. Schall S.J. (1928-2019),
a great conservative thinker
by David P. Goldman, 18 Apr 2019

Social justice, Judaism,
and the primacy of the Sacred
by Father James V. Schall S.J., 23 Nov 2018

What a Communist tw@t!
Kamala announces plans to use
executive action to grab your gun
Liz Sheld, 23 Apr 2019

UN Human Rights Council member beheads 37
by Ethel C. Fenig, 24 Apr 2019


Bernie Sanders plan would allow
183,000 murderers, 164,000 rapists
to vote from prison

by John Binder, 23 Apr 2019

Seven times Democrats ignored facts
or science for political gain

by Matt Margolis, 23 Apr 2019

Obama crony Eric Holder should
stop lecturing William Barr on legal ethics

by Deroy Murdock, 23 Apr 2019

The walls are closing in on Obama

by Thomas Lifson, 24 Apr 2019

Congressional Nuisance Subpoenas
dissed by the WH

Liz Sheld, 24 Apr 2019

California Supreme Court stays

"politically motivated" prosecution
over Planned Parenthood sting videos

Tyler O'Neil, 23 Apr 2019

Iran hopes for a return of U.S. Democrats

by Benny Avni, 24 Apr 2019

Democrats are still lost on
Gun Control and Presidential Power

Washington Examiner editorial, 24 Apr 2019


Drawing the line, at last
by Heather Mac Donald, 22 Apr 2019
Living in Leftlandia
by Deana Chadwell, 23 Apr 2019
Hillary, Obama refuse to say "Christian" or
"terrorism" in condemning Sri Lanka attacks
by Tyler O'Neil, 22 Apr 2019
Shhh... Someone did something
"Easter worshippers" in Sri Lanka
by Sarah Hoyt, 22 Apr 2019
Sri Lanka terror
vindicates Pompeo-Trump warnings

by Jonathan S. Tobin, 23 Apr 2019
Asia Times uncovers purported ISIS video
claiming credit for Sri Lanka massacre

by David P. Goldman, 22 Apr 2019
That time Ilhan Omar smeared U.S. troops
involved in Black Hawk Down battle

by Debra Heine, 22 Apr 2019  


Transgender Privilege:
Why must we all be forced to bow to it?

by Philip Carl Salzman, 17 Apr 2019
The Sri Lanka jihad massacre
and the Decline of the West

How many times is the charade of denial going to play out?
by Robert Spencer, 22 Apr 2019

The Great Brexit Con

by Andrew Davies, 22 Apr 2019
Dems' rejection of Mueller's exoneration
of Trump endangers our Republic

They cannot and will not return to normal politics.
by Karin McQuillan, 22 Apr 2019
Tom Fitton: Mueller "suggesting obstruction"
is "final act of abuse of power"

by Robert Kraychik, 21 Apr 2019
Anti-Socialists make the Time 100: Trump,
's Guaidó, and Brazil's Bolsonaro

by Tyler O'Neil, 17 Apr 2019

Here are five reasons why Obama
should have been impeached
Matt Margolis, 20 Apr 2019

How to defeat the
National Popular Vote Interstate Compact
by Gene Schwimmer, 19 Apr 2019

Will Americans vote in 2020
to surrender our freedom?
by K.S. Guardiola, 21 Apr 2019

Top 10 things the Media got wrong
"collusion" and "obstruction"
by Sohrab Ahmari, 20 Apr 2019

Pete Buttigieg wants more background checks,
reinstatement of Social Security gun ban
A.W.R. Hawkins, 20 Apr 2019



The March for…what?
600 million years of scientific evidence:
There is NO linkage between CO2 and temperature.
by Joe Bastardi, 21 Apr 2017

The 'March for Science'
is actually a threat to science itself
by Tyler O'Neil, 20 Apr 2017

Earth Day predictions of 1970.  The reason you
shouldn’t believe today's Earth Day predictions.

by Jim Bismarck, 22 April 2009

18 spectacularly wrong predictions made
around the time of first Earth Day in 1970
by Mark J. Perry, 20 Apr 2017

Seven Big failed Environmentalist predictions
by Robert Tracinski,  24 Apr 2015

Eco-Marxism: Deception 2.0
by Peter Wood, 24 Apr 2015


Nine essays for Easter

    This Easter, be glad for the joys of time   Roger Kimball
Understanding Jesus's mission   Trevor Thomas
    What Easter Really Means   Robert Barron
What does the Shroud of Turin prove?  Myra Adams
The Historicity of the Resurrection  Mark Musser
Jesus with a Whip   Fay Voshell
But it’s still on the calendar   Matt Purple
Easter under Islam   Raymond Ibrahim.
    Did Jesus Christ really rise from the dead?   Tyler O'Neil


How long before the fate of Benedict's Church
is the fate of the West?
by Richard Fernandez, 19 Apr 2019

How to counter 7 lies in Turkey's
denial of the Armenian Genocide
by David Swindle, 20 Apr 2019

Middlebury College cancels lecture on
"totalitarianism" by conservative intellectual
by Rick Moran, 18 Apr 2019

Roger Scruton on Soros and Hungary
Clearly NOT anti-Semitic towards George Soros.
by Dominic Green, 10 Apr 2019

New York journalists really should know their Broadway.
Maggie Haberman thinks it's weird
for the White House to play
by Ellie Bufkin, 19 Apr 2019


Mueller "Strzok out" with his whitewash report
by Frank Miele, 19 Apr 2019

Barr is right about everything.
Admit you were wrong.
by Chris Buskirk, 18 Apr 2019

Mueller Report:
No collusion or obstruction. Period.
by Rush Limbaugh, 18 Apr 2019

Robert Mueller did not merely reject
the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories. 
He obliterated them.
by Glenn Greenwald, 18 Apr 2019

Mueller completely dropped
the ball with obstruction punt
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 18 Apr 2019


Full Remarks: AG William Barr
announces release of Mueller Report

18 Apr 2019
Mueller Report:
Hey, Democrats:
Here’s the price I paid for your socialist dream

by Enrique Padron, 18 Apr 2019
On Trump and NeverTrump
Norman Podhoretz, 16 Apr 2019
Trump rescues NY from its
self-inflicted natural-gas shortage

New York Post editorial, 17 Apr 2019
Adam Schiff: The media’s pin-up doll
by Julie Kelly, 17 Apr 2019
Dr. Qanta Ahmed:
Rep. Omar is a disgrace to Islam

The Ingraham Angle, 17 Apr 2019
How identity politics plays
right into the hands of big business

by Libby Emmons, 16 Apr 2019

Another Democrat parrots Communist-scripted lies.
Dem visits Cuba to learn about
"economic development" and "quality of life"
by Humberto Fontova, 17 Apr 2019

Three questions to ask Liberals
by Steven Kessler, 17 Apr 2019

Trump is looking to give Sanctuary Cities
just what they asked for
by Betsy McCaughey, 17 Apr 2019

Diabolical: Islam's past and present
attacks on European churches
by Raymond Ibrahim, 18 Apr 2019

Saint-Denis Basilica, in a no-go suburb of Paris.
Pakistani migrant faces trial for smashing
historic church holding tombs of French kings
by Chris Tomlinson, 16 Apr 2019

A pathetic failure to recognize
what is priceless about Notre Dame
NYT's Pamela Druckerman.
by Michael James, 17 Apr 2019

DHS warns extremists could use
Fentanyl as weapon of mass destruction
by Edwin Mora, 16 Apr 2019


Deep State: Idiots and Knaves and Crazy-Cakes
by Christopher Chantrill, 16 Apr 2019

Behind the Obama Administration's
shady plan to spy on the Trump campaign
Andrew C. McCarthy, 15 Apr 2019

Are there any limits to illegal immigration?
Victor Davis Hanson, 14 Apr 2019

Revealed: Islamic State plan for series
of Paris-style massacres across Europe
Jack Montgomery, 16 Apr 2019


Notre Dame's near-destruction
is a tragedy which shames our civilisation

by James Delingpole, 16 Apr 2019
Notre Dame's collapse
— and the loss of what it stood for 

by Rich Lowry, 15 Apr 2019
Mourning Notre Dame
by Deana Chadwell, 16 Apr 2019
The Tea Party rallies for Trump, against
Socialism, on its tenth anniversary

by Tyler O'Neil, 15 Apr 2019
A huge victory for genuine
scientific inquiry on global warming

by Thomas Lifson, 16 Apr 2019
Norway is still treating
"Fjordman" Jensen as a criminal
by Bruce Bawer, 16 Apr 2019
What we should expect from
the release of the Mueller Report

by Mollie Hemingway, 15 Apr 2019
In their first 100 days, socialist Democrats
have shown they are unable to lead

by Rep. Tom Emmer, 15 Apr 2019
Valerie Jarrett accused of manipulating
book sales to get on NYT bestseller list

by Matt Margolis, 15 Apr 2019

To the rich and left wing,
please don't pay your
"fair share"
by John Tamny, 15 Apr 2019

Why Democrats freaked out when Barr
said the Trump Campaign was spied on
by Ben Weingarten, 15 Apr 2019

Mueller Report is litmus test for a divided society
by Frank Miele, 15 Apr 2019

The Left officially loses its mind
by Jack Cashill, 15 Apr 2019

History will damn Hollywood's silence
as Amazon blacklists Woody Allen
by John Nolte, 14 Apr 2019

The European left's "Extinction Rebellion" is
more radical than even the
"Green New Deal"
by James Stansbury, 15 Apr 2019

Liar, character assassin, bigot—Pete Buttigieg
is a natural leader for the Democrats.
by David Horowitz, 15 Apr 2019

Chicago Mayor-elect becomes immigrant savior
She doesn’t seem to understand immigration policies at all.
15 Apr 2019

Should the GOP back off Socialism?
by Taylor Lewis, 15 Apr 2019


As Trump soars higher,
Dems reach their lowest point yet
by Michael Goodwin, 14 Apr 2019

Pursue those indictments!
by Roger Kimball, 12 Apr 2019

Michael Knowles attacked for crime of saying
"men are not women" on a college campus
by Jim Treacher, 12 Apr 2019

Preparing for 2020 in our so-called Democracy
by Jon N. Hall, 10 Apr 2019

New York Dems block tuition aid for
Gold Star Families — after voting
to spend $27m on aid for illegals
by Rick Moran, 12 Apr 2019

Ilhan Omar, Con Artist
She's got a feel for her dupes.
by Abe Greenwald, 12 Apr 2019



The plague of radical feminism
descends upon the nation
by David Solway, 11 Apr 2019

Remember Murietta? Dumping
unvetted migrants into the cities
of political foes was done by Obama first
by Monica Showalter, 13 Apr 2019

Meet "surveillance capitalism,"
our terrifying new economic order
Shoshana Zuboff's new book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism:
The Fight For A Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
by Paul Rowan Brian, 12 Apr 2019

Is Julian Assange another Pentagon Papers case?
by Alan Dershowitz, 12 Apr 2019

Washington state resorts to shock tactics,
indoctrination to teach tribal history
by Sara Dogan, 12 Apr 2019

Why the Wisconsin Supreme Court win is a big deal
by Matt Batzel, 13 Apr 2019


The Day of Reckoning is at Hand
by George Parry, 12 Apr 2019

Who's howling loudest about Assange's arrest?
Try the Russians.
by Monica Showalter, 12 Apr 2019

How a survey on race disproves White Privilege
by Daniel Greenfield, 12 Apr 2019

Rise of the "splinternet"
Experts warn the world wide web will break up and fragment
as governments set their own rules to filter and restrict content.
by Tim Collins, 11 Apr 2019

Facebook and Twitter reps squirm, refuse to say
whether Mother Teresa quote is
"hate speech"
Tyler O'Neil, 10 Apr 2019

Democrats can't win based on their ideas,
so they want to change the rules of the game
by Bernie Marcus, 11 Apr 2019

Mayor Pete Jesus-splains to me?
by Lynn Leming, 12 Apr 2019

Former Obama White House counsel Gregory
Craig indicted in foreign lobbying probe
Joshua Caplan, 11 Apr 2019

The Faith of My Father
by Christopher J. Scalia, 8 Apr 2019

Why, our Media Gatekeepers would never
do something so corrupt…would they?
Research finds connection between Pulitzer
Prize winners and board
s media affiliations
by Kiran Somvanshi, 8 Apr 2019

Barr is right,
Spying on Trump campaign did occur

by Byron York, 11 Apr 2019
The Obama administration spied on the Trump
campaign – and the media refuse to call it spying

Tucker Carlson, 10 Apr 2019
Arrogant campus elites suppress free speech
by Philip Carl Salzman, 10 Apr 2019
Ilhan Omar's outrageous writeoff of 9/11's horrors
New York Post editorial, 11 Apr 2019
California has become America's Cannibal State
by Victor Davis Hanson, 10 Apr 2019

The "new energy economy":
An exercise in magical thinking
by Mark P. Mills, 26 March 2019
The end of Aspiration
by Joel Kotkin, 10 Apr 2019

Report: Google manually manipulates
search results to exclude conservative sites
by Charlie Nash, 10 Apr 2019

Obama's DOJ/FBI's
abuse of power against Trump
Devin Nunes to Maria Bartiromo, 7 Apr 2019

William Barr is the
Democrats' worst nightmare
by Roger L. Simon, 9 Apr 2019

Mexican-American Trump supporter attacked
in California post office for wearing MAGA hat
Debra Heine, 9 Apr 2019

Crosses in Italian cemetery covered
to avoid offence to other religions
by Chris Tomlinson, 9 Apr 2019

ISIS-inspired terrorist plotted to
run over National Harbor with a U-Haul
Tyler O'Neil, 8 Apr 2019

Candace Owens nukes
"hate crime" hearing
David Catron, 10 Apr 2019


Netanyahu: This is a night of incredible victory
Jerusalem Post, 10 Apr 2019

Israeli election results
Time of Israel, 10 Apr 2019

Democratic Socialism
is the Scenic Route to Serfdom
by Jeffrey Miron and Ryan Bourne, 9 Apr 2019

Ukrainian officials having trouble
getting the DOJ's attention on
Ukrainian-Democrat 2016 collusion efforts
Debra Heine, 8 Apr 2019

Scientists prove man-made
global warming is a hoax
John Nolte, 9 Apr 2019

Yes, I really did see an ultrasound-
guided abortion that made me Pro-Life
A biased article from a liberal publication has been used as
the sole source to try and debunk my life story of being
a Planned Parenthood director who became pro-life.
by Abby Johnson, 8 April 2019

Don't buy the attacks on Trump's Fed picks
Karol Markowicz, 8 Apr 2019


Money in the Toilet:
The billion-dollar cost of public bathrooms
New York and California socialists can’t even build bathrooms.
by Daniel Greenfield, 8 Apr 2019

If Trump critics think DHS resignation will
change his mind on the border, think again
by James Jay Carafano, 8 Apr 2019

How Chicago Democrats
created Trump's border wall problem
by Michael Bargo Jr, 9 Apr 2019

Orban: EU elections will decide Christian
culture or Multicultural future for Europe
by Jack Montgomery, 8 Apr 2019


Yes, conservative Christians are 'triggered'
by LGBT pride flags.  Here's why.
by Tyler O'Neil, 7 Apr 2019

UK's 'Remainers' will tear down democracy
and all its rules to get their way
by Daniel Hannan, 7 Apr 2019

Jagger and Healthcare
by Vladimir Ilych Lenin, 6 Apr 2019

Social Justice prosecutors
by Derrick Wilburn, 8 Apr 2019

We'll likely never see the end coming
by Richard Fernandez, 7 Apr 2019

A real epidemic of Fake Hate
by Robert Stacy McCain, 1 Apr 2019

When the bully gets smacked
The SPLC gets its comeuppance.
by Robert Knight, 7 Apr 2019

The Democratic field is a Rainbow of Sameness
by Derek Hunter, 7 Apr 2019


Cultural Marxism and its conspirators

by Paul Kengor, 3 Apr 2019

If Brexit fails, so does Britain
by John O'Sullivan, 7 Apr 2019

Trump says what he means
by Steve Feinstein, 7 Apr 2019

Obama shatters previous record, mentions
himself 467 times in one speech in Berlin
Thomas Lifson, 7 Apr 2019

And why is he colluding with Angela Merkel?


Taking a ‘D’ in the fight for campus speech
by Ronald Trowbridge, 2 Apr 2019

New York Yankees trade baseball victories
for ... the United Nations Climate Agreement
by Monica Showalter, 7 Apr 2019

Dems having trouble recruiting quality candidates for Senate in 2020
by Rick Moran, 6 Apr 2019


On Joe McCarthy, Washington Post
gets it embarrassingly wrong
by Jack Cashill, 6 Apr 2019

How professional merit and scientific objectivity
became casualties of Social Justice Insanity

by David Solway, 5 Apr 2019

 Dear Citizen Collusion Truther
—You own this , too
by Julie Kelly, 4 Apr 2019

Why aren't Mueller's indictments
challenged as unconstitutional?
by Gregory Topliff, 6 Apr 2019

Democrats want to restore
Tax Break for the Wealthy
by Andy Puzder, 6 April 2019

Violence and harassment against
Trump-supporters and GOP in California
by Thomas Lifson, 6 Apr 2019


Leftism threatens American family life

by E. Jeffrey Ludwig, 5 Apr 2019

Brexit:Waiting for Elizabeth
New York Sun editorial, 4 Apr 2019

Transparency for thee but not for me
by Adriana Cohen, 5 Apr 2019

Jail Jussie
by Deroy Murdock, 4 Apr 2019

California woman spazzes out, tries to 'shame'
elderly man in MAGA hat at Starbucks
by Debra Heine, 3 Apr 2019


The Darkness at the heart of Radical Feminism
And how it's savaging Western Civilization.
by Carrie Gress, 5 Apr 2019

Catholic school's groundbreaking lawsuit
could strike down LGBT laws across the nation
by Tyler O'Neil, 2 Apr 2019

Britain's version of "Medicare for all"
is struggling with long waits for care
by Sally Pipes, 1 Apr 2019

How Republicans should replace ObamaCare
by Betsy McCaughey, 1 Apr 2019

Mayor Buttigieg runs for President
while his city bleeds
What the media isn’t reporting
about a 2020 candidate from a failed city.
by Daniel Greenfield, 5 Apr 2019

Leaked messages show Google employees
freaking out over Heritage Foundation link
by Allum Bokhari, 4 Apr 2019

Mueller's chevauchée:
Burn everyone and everything Trump loves
by James V. DeLong, 4 Apr 2019

Cambridge University's shameful
treatment of Jordan Peterson
Stephen Blackwood, 3 Apr 2019


Rep. Jayapal: Protect transgender freedom
by regulating all Americans

Neil Munro, 3 Apr 2019
GOP Senator puts Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
on notice: Time for a
"third-party" audit
of de-platforming policies

Paula Bolyard, 3 Apr 2019
Brandon Judd:
DHS can end catch-and-release by empowering
Border Patrol to judge asylum claims

by John Binder, 3 Apr 2019
The lies Leftists tell about hate crimes

by William Sullivan, 4 Apr 2019
67 nonprofit leaders urge media to drop
"anti-Christian and morally bankrupt" SPLC

by Tyler O'Neil, 3 Apr 2019
John Brennan, the Russia lie ringleader?

by Monica Crowley, 3 Apr 2019
Collusion? Russians gave $35 million
to company with John Podesta on Board

by Michael Patrick Leahy, 3 Apr 2019
Jerrold Nadler's shenanigans
are cynical showboating

Time for Democrats to get to work.
Boston Herald editorial, 4 Apr 2019
With Mueller hopes gone,
so goes Progressive unity

by Victor Davis Hanson, 3 Apr 2019

A Brewing Rebellion in the Emerald City
Seattle residents are losing patience with the
city’s out-of-control homelessness problem.
by Christopher F. Rufo, 2 Apr 2019

Chip off the ol' Eastern Bloc:
Pete Buttigieg's dad was a Marxist

by Jim Treacher, 2 Apr 2019
The real prime target of
Trump's threat to close the Border

by Thomas Lifson, 3 Apr 2019
Democratic proposal: Hey, let's eliminate
criminal penalties for illegal immigration
—and end most detentions

by Guy Benson, 2 Apr 2019

Trump could declare himself
"the first female
" under Equality Act, Rep. Gaetz warns
by Tyler O'Neil, 2 Apr 2019
What AOC doesn’t get about
wages and human worth

New York Post editorial, 3 Apr 2019

The Real-Life Power of

by Ashley McGuire, 1 Apr 2019
Not just another April Fools' Week
by Dymphna, 2 Apr 2019

Psychology prof who was effectively fired 
for opposing transgenderism fights back

by Tyler O'Neil, 1 Apr 2019

The baloney of "unchecked nationalism"
by Christopher Chantrill, 2 Apr 2019

How bad does Border have to be for
Democrats to admit it's an emergency?

by Byron York, 2 Apr 2019

Study: "Assault weapons" and magazine bans
do not lower homicide rates

by A.W.R. Hawkins, 1 Apr 2019

Does General Electric know what it is doing?
by Norman Rogers, 2 Apr 2019

Here's why I didn't fall
for the Russia-Trump Conspiracy

by Mollie Hemingway, 1 Apr 2019

The media scandal is an Obama scandal
by Andrew Klavan, 29 March 2019

Media amplified Schiff's voice,
shouted down the truth

Charles Hurt, 31 March 2019


Lenin evaluates Democratic candidates for 2020
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, 1 Apr 2019
The latest scheme to
turn gun owners into criminals

by Jonathon Moseley, 1 Apr 2019
Religious Freedom is the bulwark
Against the Progressive Tyranny waiting in the wings.
by David Horowitz, 1 Apr 2019
Pro-life movie 'Unplanned' mysteriously loses
99K Twitter followers despite box office win

by Tyler O'Neil, 31 March 2019
A new Special Counsel should be appointed
by Adriana Cohen, 1 Apr 2019
Justice Sheila O'Brien:
A special prosecutor must investigate
Kim Foxx's handling of Jussie Smollett case

Sheila O'Brien, 1 Apr 2019
"Seattle is dying" because liberalism is killing it

by Trevor Thomas, 1 April 2019

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