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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Why has the Overpopulation Myth remained
so persistent when it's so easily disproven?
by William Sullivan, 15 Sept 2019

New York Times publishes new uncorroborated
allegation against Brett Kavanaugh
Matt Margolis, 14 Sept 2019

America's exclusive, math-challenged party
by Clarice Feldman, 15 Sept 2019

Trump's starting to win big
on controlling the Southern border
by Jonathan S. Tobin, 14 Sept 2019

The Democrat debate was terrifying.
Who are these people?
by Patricia McCarthy, 14 Sept 2019

The critics were wrong:
Welfare reform has delivered for single moms
by Kay Hymowitz, 14 Sept 2019

A visit to Tommy Robinson
in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison
James Delingpole, 12 Sept 2019

BBC tells kids 'people can go to prison' for
disrespecting 'more than 100' gender identities
Tyler O'Neill, 14 Sept 2019

American energy security and climate change
by Jim Webb & Jim Nicholson, 12 Sept 2019

As China surges, Europe is on the menu
by Andrew A. Michta, 11 Sept 2019

The Acorn Sting, 10 years later
by James O'Keefe, 10 Sept 2019


Malevolent McCabe’s
appointment with justice is imminent
He's one step closer to a reckoning with justice.
Greg Jarrett, 12 Sept 2019

American Renewal: The real conflict
is not racial or sexual, it’s between the
ascendant rich elites and the rest of us
by Joel Kotkin, 11 Sept 2019

Black Lives Matter comes to the classroom
Activists bring the movement’s spirit and ideology into a
growing number of secondary and even elementary schools.
by Peter C. Myers, Summer 2019 issue

Bankruptcy: Pain with Gain for Chicago
by Richard Porter, 13 Sept 2019

Trump Administration to roll back massive
federal power grab over the nation's waterways
Rick Moran, 13 Sept 2019

USA Today's 1619 series is
racist, radical, and not responsible
Don Boys, 13 Sept 2019

'F**ked up bigoted trash!'
Trans barista boots conservative from coffee shop
Tyler O'Neil, 12 Sept 2019


Rediscovering the wisdom in American history
Wilfred M. McClay, 17 July 2019

The French Revolution, and its descendants.
Experiments against Reality
Roger Kimball, Sept 2019

South Park
' co-creator Matt Stone mocks
Cancel Culture: TV critics laughed at Chappelle's

special then slammed it
"to keep their job"
David Ng, 12 Sept 2019

9/11 victim's son blasts Ilhan Omar
during Ground Zero Memorial ceremony

Matt Margolis, 11 Sept 2019

"Biological male" is tautological. Let's not use it.

by Florian Barbedienne, 10 Sept 2019

Loophole used by 9/11 hijackers
still open with 6 million visa overstays in U.S.

John Binder, 11 Sept 2019

SCOTUS delivers big Trump win and
implicit rebuke to San Francisco federal judge's
50-state injunction on asylum rules change

by Thomas Lifson, 12 Sept 2019

7 Dem Debate questions Jorge Ramos won't ask

by Michelle Malkin, 11 Sept 2019

K–12: The real threat is Red Supremacists

by Bruce Deitrick Price, 12 Sept 2019

Why NC-9 should frighten the Democrats

David Catron, 12 Sept 2019

Why did the Deficit just top $1 trillion?
Here’s another clue for you all

Issues & Insights editorial, 12 Sept 2019

This professor is biased, blinkered and tone-deaf.
Incapable of adopting a neutral viewpoint for the sake of argument.
Free speech wars miss the point of college
Michael S. Roth, 10 Sept 2019

Looks like CNN has botched
another major Russia

Becket Adams, 10 Sept 2019
New York Times says "Airplanes took
aim at World Trade Center
" on 9/11
John Nolte, 11 Sept 2019

Did we learn anything from 9/11?
Or are we still sleeping?
by Daniel Greenfield, 11 Sept 2019

On the anniversary of 9/11,
we must counter the Enemy Within

by Brigitte Gabriel, 11 Sept 2019

The unsung tale of 9/11's maritime rescuers
James Henry, 10 Sept 2019

Common Sense versus Climate Hysteria
by Joel Kotkin, 8 Sept 2019

Black poverty hits record low
under President Trump

Neil Munro, 10 Sept 2019

Dems divide us by race
while Trump expands economic pie

Kimberley Guilfoyle, 11 Sept 2019


Memories of Leftist Glee About 9/11
How progressives saw poetic justice in planes
plunging into U.S. buildings packed with innocents.
by Jamie Glazov, 11 Sept 2018

Why did the terrorists choose September 11?
Tyler O'Neil, 10 Sept 2016



A delightful political poem.
Platform 8
by Tarzana Joe, 5 Sept 2019

Tolerating ourselves to death
with Google and China

by Ned Ryun, 7 Sept 2019

China is the new Evil Empire, and
Trump is using Reagan's playbook to defeat it

Harry J. Kazianis, 9 Sept 2019

Open Borders, Inc:
Who's funding America's destruction?

by Michelle Malkin, 8 Sept 2019

Jason Furman is a Serious Economist,
and that's the problem

by John Tamny, 10 Sept 2019

Criminologists Mislead Us

That one blatant phenomenon they don't have the guts to talk about.
 by Walter E. Williams, 10 Sept 2019

Still no trial
"Windsor Man" Habibullah Ahmadi
Nearly two years after brutal murder of Anne Widholm.
by Lloyd Billingsley, 10 Sept 2019

Is military money really
propping up a Trump resort?

Byron York, 10 Sept 2019

An NRA member makes some
humble suggestions on gun control

by Roger L. Simon, 9 Sept 2019





60 Terrifying reasons
Trump is right to reduce refugees

Michelle Malkin, 9 Sept 2019

Is Social Credit coming to the West?

How long will it be before we are
all under the “ever-watchful eye”? 

H.K. Rivera, 9 Sept 2019

How "Trump Trauma" could hand
the Democrats a victory in 2020

Michael Walsh, 7 Sept 2019

Trump’s Foreign Policy Opportunity

Threatening the stability of enemy regimes.
Michael Ledeen, 9 Sept 2019

LGBT activists seek to destroy Christianity

Fletch Daniels, 9 Sept 2019

Maoist unisex clothing enforced in U.K.

The Cultural Revolution comes to
Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex.
Jamie Glazov, 9 Sept 2019

Bernie Sanders’ population control
will target Black communities

by Robert Kraychik, 7 Sept 2019

The Downside of Prosperity:
Madness made affordable

Issues & Insights editorial, 9 Sept 2019

All you have to do is take a ride

by David Marcus, 5 Sept 2019

The truth about the Democrats' climate chamber

Miranda Devine, 8 Sept 2019

In Media War, It's Trump vs. the Black Knight

by Frank Miele, 9 Sept 2019

Did Boris Johnson just rope-a-dope
his way into a hard Brexit?
Mark Hanna, 8 Sept 2019

Johnson ‘sticking to his guns’
on Brexit plans, says Foreign Secretary
Victoria Friedman, 8 Sept 2019

Resist the hype: There’s no recession, not today
Many economic indicators are strong and there’s no reason
to believe a recession will be here any time soon.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial, 7 Sept 2019

The cure for confused male/female relationships
bt Lloyd Marcus, 7 Sept 2019

Greta's very corporate Children's Crusade
Dominic Green, 30 May 2019


Reminder to liberals: The USA is not a Democracy
by R. Quinn Kennedy, 7 Sept 2019

Brexit: How can it be a coup
if the people voted for it?
by Joanna Williams, 6 Sept 2019

Dave Chapelle's Netflix special is
a giant middle finger to Social Justice
Eddie Scarry, 6 Sept 2019

Robert Mugabe, socialist curse of humanity, is gone
by Monica Showalter, 7 Sept 2019

Oh, the lies they tell about Voter ID
Washington Examiner editorial,, 7 Sept 2019

What AOC & Co. get horribly wrong
about Dorian and climate change
by Bjorn Lomborg, 6 Sept 2019

Abortion proponents' attack on faith
community: Why the religious bigotry?
by Ken Blackwell, 5 Sept 2019

Progressive "Christian" Pete Buttigieg
doesn't seem to understand his own
John Ellis, 6 Sept 2019

Devin Nunes sues Fusion GPS over
smears and bogus ethics claims
Mollie Hemingway, 5 Sept 2019

Illinois paid millions in Medicaid
for people who are already dead
John Ellis, 7 Sept 2019

Art Laffer: Deal with China
could boost Dow 10,000 points
Trent Baker, 5 Sept 2019

No, CNN, Hurricane Dorian is
not evidence of climate change
Joel B. Pollak, 5 Sept 2019


The Nation is not a Sin
by Sohrab Ahmari, 6 Sept 2019

There will still be an election in
the UK, and Brexit will still happen
by Daniel Hannan, 5 Sept 2019

Why Originalism is the best
approach to the Constitution
by Justice Neil Gorsuch, 6 Sept 2019

ICE sweeps out a slew of war criminals and human
rights violators shielded by sanctuary cities...

by Monica Showalter, 6 Sept 2019

Duped US travelers to Cuba
infected by Zika virus outbreak
A Stalinist tyranny keeps it secret.
by Humberto Fontova, 6 Sept 2019

Obamas try to muscle little company
into handing over its trademark to them
by Monica Showalter, 6 Sept 2019

The 'cancel culture' targets Drew Brees
after discovering the QB's association
with Focus on the Family
John Ellis, 5 Sept 2019

U.K. Parliament gives
a full-fledged finger to the British people
by Sumantra Maitra, 4 Sept 2019

Today was a very dark day
for British democracy
The political class has taken back control—from the people.
by Brendan O'Neill, 3 Sept 2019

Why hasn't Brexit happened?
by Christopher Caldwell, 15 Aug 2019

No, Boris Johnson isn’t defeated
Monica Showalter, 4 Sept 2019

We don't trust you
by Ann Coulter, 4 Sept 2019

What it will take for Trump
to "win" a trade war with China
by Gordon B. Chang, 2 Sept 2019

Four years after allowing universal
‘concealed carry’ law, Maine rated
the safest state in the nation for crime
by Thomas Lifson, 5 Sept 2019

Isaiah Washington has had enough.
'Grey's Anatomy' star
walks away from Democrats:
"I have evidence something is wrong"
by Tyler O'Neil, 4 Sept 2019

DC is becoming a Sanctuary City for Democrats.
Gregory Craig, Democrat lawyer, acquitted by
DC jury in case arising from Mueller report
Thomas Lifson, 5 Sept 2019

Global Warming or Bad Data?
Garbage in…
John Steele Gordon, 3 Sept 2019

Julian Castro wants "structural change"
to keep Conservative ideas out of schools
Tyler O'Neil, 4 Sept 2019

Pope Francis effectively admits it:
He really, really hates Americans
Monica Showalter, 5 Sept 2019


Dems propose first Gun Grab
since Lexington and Concord

"Mandatory gun buyback" is a silly euphemism.
David Harsanyi, 4 Sept 2019

British PM Boris Johnson suffers
major defeat, Brexit in jeopardy

by Michael van der Galien, 4 Sept 2019

Traitors, Mobs, Demagogues and Useful Idiots
Seneca III, 2 Sept 2019

Video journalists' criminal hearing
in Planned Parenthood exposé begins

Susan Berry, 3 Sept 2019

Bubbles: Seen one, seen them all

by Bob Hoye, 4 Sept 2019

U.S. Conservatives host "Pop-Up CPAC" 
with Hong Kong protesters

by Tyler O'Neil, 3 Sept 2019

Salon endorses the bloody seizure
of the Hagia Sophia by jihadis

Robert Spencer, 3 Sept 2019

The firearms of the American Founders' era

by Taylor Day, 4 Sept 2019

What to expect when you're expecting FISA abuse
Charles Lipson 3 Sept 2019

In the UK, you could soon be arrested
for crimes you haven't yet committed
Just thinking about opposing jihad terror will be crime enough.
by Robert Spencer, 2 Sept 2019

The National Popular Vote con job
David Catron, 3 Sept 2019

How the assault on American excellence at Yale
—and all universities—threatens our democracy
by Anthony Kronman, 2 Sept 2019

Liberal FEC chairwoman targets
online news she considers
by Paul Bedard, 30 Aug 2019

Whoopi slams Debra Messing
for targeting Trump donors
Pam Key, 3 Sept 2019

Contra the Remainers,
Britons’ right to liberty justifies Brexit

Polls confirm that Boris Johnson is more in touch
with the British public than Parliament is.
by Stephen MacLean, 3 Sept 2019

While elites gnaw on stale agendas,
the future is full of things we've yet to imagine
by Richard Fernandez, 2 Sept 2019

Israel’s good and bad new realities
by Victor Davis Hanson, 3 Sept 2019

'The Squad' urged supporters to help out
anti-Straight Pride Antifa thugs
Michael van der Galien, 3 Sept 2019

Trashing the schools, de Blasio will
drive more New Yorkers out of the city
by Monica Showalter, 3 Sept 2019

Obama-defending NPR reporter’s question to
Trump at G7 reinforces media’s bias problem
by Ari Fleischer, 3 Sept 2019

Comey criticism nowhere to
be found in New York Times
by John Crudele, 2 Sept 2019

The return of the Tea-Party-Is-Racist smear
Christopher Chantrill, 3 Sept 2019


Red Flag laws: Caveat Emptor
by Bill Schanefelt, 2 Sept 2019

The Comey-Brennan conspiracy
to violate Trump's civil rights
It could get them an additional five years.
Jed Babbin, 2 Sept 2019

Globalism and the
Hoodwinking of the American Elite
Don Herston, 2 Sept 2019

From icon to just a con
The damage that the modern university has wrought
has now outweighed its once-positive role
Victor Davis Hanson, 1 Sept 2019

Daring to suggest that all cultures aren't equal
The Acting Provost of DePaul University
issues a formal censure against me.
by Jason D. Hill, 30 Aug 2019

With jobless claims approaching record lows,
Trump continues to lead a Main Street revival
Stephen Moore, 30 Aug 2019

US economy is going strong—bad news for
Dems, good news for Trump and America

Andy Puzder, 30 Aug 2019

NYC bicyclists are killing pedestrians
and the city won't stop it
Brad Hamilton, 1 Sept 2019

Transgender activists terrorize women's
rape crisis center with hateful graffiti
Matt Margolis, 30 Aug 2019

Best liberal analysis of Trump still falls short
by Franke Miele, 2 Sept 2019

All the lonely people, why do
they embrace Identity Politics?
by Madeline Fry, 2 Sept 2019

To reduce gun violence, arm all Americans
by Charlie Martin, 1 Sept 2019

When Obama tried to "red flag" vets and seniors
by Daniel John Sobieski, 1 Sept 2019

The Provocations of Camille Paglia

by Emily Esfahani Smith, Summer 2019 issue

Fathers, tell your sons to emulate J.D. Vance
The Washington Post defamed a good
man in its war on “white nationalism.”
Chris Buskirk, 31 Aug 2019

Feds launch raids on homes of UAW brass
by Rick Moran, 1 Sept 2019

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