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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

The Soros Cover-Up
Newt Gingrich, 17 Sept 2020

Trump's announcement that schools
must teach patriotism inflames Leftists
Andrea Widburg, 18 Sept 2020

Say his name: Andre Conley.
17-year-old Republican campaign volunteer
in Minneapolis shot and killed
Matt Margolis, 17 Sept 2020

Making an Apocalypse out of a Pandemic
What the 20th-Century flu pandemics
reveal about our response to Covid-19.
Tim Black, 18 Sept 2020

The richness of Leftist Fascists decrying 'Fascism'
David Limbaugh, 18 Sept 2020

Social Media not the cause of our dilemmas
Jason D. Hill, 18 Sept 2020

Just stop the empty, morally bankrupt virtue-signalling.
Betsy DeVos calls Princeton's bluff: If you
really are racist, no more Federal funding
Tyler O'Neil, 17 Sept 2020

That crazed, manic cackle from Kamala Harris…
Monica Showalter, 17 Sept 2020

Voters who live in 'riot zones' back Trump 2-1
Rick Moran, 16 Sept 2020

The scary answer to Trump’s
question about Ilhan Omar
“Where are the people that vote for such a
horrible woman who hates our country?”
Raymond Ibrahim, 18 Sept 2020

UN investigators say Venezuela
committed 'Crimes against Humanity'
Rick Moran, 17 Sept 2020

Report: President Trump to block
U.S. downloads of Tiktok by Sunday
Lucas Nolan, 18 Sept 2020

Geert Wilders on the Moria Inforno
Baron Bodissey, 15 Sept 2020

It's delightful to hear an atheist screaming "Oh My God"
Watch: Police cruiser accelerates after anti-
Trump, BLM protesters swarm, one injured
Hannah Bleau, 15 Sept 2020


How the underground press will thwart
the media and re-elect Donald Trump
Jack Cashill, 17 Sept 2020

Democrats are a threat to the Constitution
in the 2020 elections
Tyler O'Neil, 17 Sept 2020

Thanks, Fox News, for reminding us of the Soros
role in creating America's riot-coddling DAs
by Monica Showalter, 17 Sept 2020

DeVos publishes final rule on protecting
speech and religious freedom on campus
Rick Moran, 16 Sept 2020

Critical Race Theory indoctrination in our schools
Progressive re-education arrives at Virginia schools.
Joseph Klein, 17 Sept 2020

Dr. Li-Meng Yan from Hong Kong confirmed GP
reporting from April that the China Coronavirus
was man-made and not a natural event
Joe Hoft, 16 Sept 2020

It’s not him.  It’s you.
How to understand the enduring Trump-hatred.
Bruce Bawer, 17 Sept 2020

By destroying evidence,
Team Mueller proved they have a lot to hide
New York Post editorial, 17 Sept 2020

There's a reason why Rush is
wondering if Biden is ever seen at night
Andrea Widburg, 16 Sept 2020

The News as we once knew it is Dead
Victor Davis Hanson, 17 Sept 2020

Black Lives Matter founder admits to
not just Marxist Beliefs but Occultist practices
Jim Hoft, 15 Sept 2020


Donald Trump’s foreign policy successes
How Trump's paradigm-shift ended a long
string of failures under both parties.
Bruce Thornton, 16 Sept 2020

The magnetic genius behind
the branding of the Abraham Accords
Bryan Preston, 16 Sept 2020

It’s happening! President Trump passes Joe Biden
in national Rasmussen survey for first time
— approval rating soars to 52%
Jim Hoft, 16 Sept 2020

Will we remember this as the week
that the tide turned in Trump's favor?
Andrea Widburg, 16 Sept 2020

1,666 Mail-in ballots from July primary
discovered in bin
Daniel Greenfield, 15 Sept 2020

The other half of Socialism:
Independence from our fellow man
Steven Kessler, 16 Sept 2020

Poof!  The Portland riots just stopped.  Why?
Victoria Taft, 15 Sept 2020

Judge sets bail at $1 Million each
for alleged Lancaster rioters
Katherine Rodriguez, 15 Sept 2020

BLM Riots are officially the most costly manmade
damage to American property in history
John Nolte, 16 Sept 2020

Media is gaslighting America
on Biden's coronavirus record
Steve Cortes, 14 Sept 2020

Rank-and-File Democrats revolting
against Nancy Pelosi over Coronavirus aid
Sean Moran, 15 Sept 2020

Socialism the big unspoken reason
why so many Latinos support Trump
Ed Timperlake, 16 Sept 2020

Bob Woodward admits his
anti-Trump bias on national TV
The art of misleading readers under the guise of reporting.
Joseph Klein, 16 Sept 2020

Milwaukee Trump supporter arrested for
brandishing a gun at Black Lives Matter
mob that was surrounding his home

Cassandra Fairbanks, 15 Sept 2020


A Marine's letter to the NFL
Col. Jeffrey A. Powers, USMC (Ret.)

"Critical Race Theory": A faculty lounge full of
moonbats criticizing white people all day, every day.
CDC blatantly violates a Trump order
regarding Critical Race Theory
Andrea Widburg, 15 Sept 2020

Under the Media's Berlin Wall of Truth Suppression
Frank Miele, 14 Sept 2020

Victory: 9th Circuit Court gives Trump green
light to deport 300,000 illegal immigrants
Gabriel Keane, 14 Sept 2020

Protesters demand cops let
themselves be stabbed or shot
Heather Mac Donald, 15 Sept 2020

Rotten smell from the Left: Biden Democrats
hurl eggs at small children at Trump rally
Monica Showalter, 15 Sept 2020

The "little black girl" who slept her way
to the top of California politics.
Most Americans know Joe Biden
is a Trojan Horse for the tyrannical
Senator who lost the primary
Tyler O'Neil, 15 Sept 2020

Life sentence for Kori Muhammad,
Death sentences for his four victims
Lloyd Billingsley, 15 Sept 2020

Federal judge rules Pennsylvania
COVID restrictions Unconstitutional
Rick Moran, 15 Sept 2020


Ten great deceptions designed
to destroy the Republic
Judith Acosta, 13 Sept 2020

Trump awards Medal of Honor
to hero who freed 75 ISIS hostages
Rick Moran, 13 Sept 2020

BLM activists lay siege to LA hospital
treating officers hit in 'ambush' shooting
Simon Kent, 13 Sept 2020

Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police
endorses Donald Trump for reelection
Amy Furr, 12 Sept 2020

Biden: From No Campaign to Faux Campaign
J.T. Young, 12 Sept 2020

How Cultural Marxism is
grinding Christianity down
John Eidson, 13 Sept 2020

Did Mueller's team commit 'anticipatory obstruction
of justice' with coordinated wiping of phones?
Matt Margolis, 11 Sept 2020

A Chinese virologist vows to
expose the Chinese government's lies
Andrea Widburg, 13 Sept 2020

China is creating crises in Asia
that Americans know nothing about
Stacey Lennox, 11 Sept 2020

If they'd just sink the boats, there would be no problem.
Amnesty International targets Malta
Baron Bodissey, 12 Sept 2020


Leftism's casual relationship
with the Truth is intentional
Roman Skaskiw, 12 Sept 2020

The Left is setting the stage
for a coup if Trump wins
John Daniel Davidson, 11 Sept 2020

The Democrat election plan: Chaos
The threat is real, and it's coming. Big time.
Kenneth Timmerman, 10 Sept 2020

The Resistance War Games
a post-election Civil War
Julie Kelly, 10 Sept 2020

Zuckerberg-backed group was slapped
with a lawsuit for election meddling
in a critical swing state
Beth Baumann, 12 Sept 2020

Political expression at the NFL opener,
by players AND FANS
Paul Mirengoff, 11 Sept 2020

WSJ editorial board torches flawed study
that blamed Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
for being 'super-spreader' event
Matt Vespa, 11 Sept 2020

Environmentalists destroyed California's forests
Edward Ring, 9 Sept 2020

Amid evidence of scripted campaigning,
questions about Joseph Biden's
mental stamina, acuity multiply
Carrie Sheffield, 11 Sept 2020


What's going on with the Durham Investigation
… if anything?
Andrea Widburg, 10 Sept 2020

Nigerian President: Donald Trump
confronted me about Christian murders
Gabrielle Reyes, 11 Sept 2020

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proposes legislation
to 'defund cities that defund the police'
Bryan Preston, 10 Sept 2020

Facebook allows alleged baby-rapist
to keep account, but bans Kyle Rittenhouse
Tom Pappert, 11 Sept 2020

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American:
The Complete Obituary
Mary Marcus, 11 Sept 2020

…and his final column:
Last Stand to Save America as Founded
Lloyd Marcus, 23 July 2020


Remembering 9/11 in a Woke Year
What do the heroes of September 11 mean
in a year of hating police officers?
Daniel Greenfield, 11 Sept 2020

Today's 19th Anniversary of 9/11
Biden and Harris blithely ignore the findings
—and warnings—of the 9/11 Commission.
Michael Cutler, 11 Sept 2020

Why did the terrorists choose September 11?
Tyler O'Neil, 10 Sept 2016


Ernst Röhm, Maximilian Robespierre,
and Democrat Party Stormtroopers
The Brownshirts are coming under Dem rule.
Gary Gindler, 10 Sept 2020

When it comes to Biden, Dems say don't
believe your lying eyes. Or ears. Or brain.
Pete McArdle, 10 Sept 2020

Joe Biden falsely claims 6,114 military
dead from Coronavirus; real number is 7
Joel B. Pollak, 9 Sept 2020

Critical Race Theory starting in kindergarten
will shred our social fabric—and it's already here
Stacey Lennox, 9 Sept 2020

Black Lives Matter has Terrorist and Communist
inspirations, but Liberal Media doesn't care
Quin Hillyer, 8 Sept 2020

The Donald Trump I know
Why the Atlantic’s smear does not hold up.
Michael Anton, 10 Sept 2020

Dr. Fauci defends President Trump from
Woodward attack, says Trump told public
'the reality of what was going on'
Matt Margolis, 9 Sept 2020

If Biden wins, China wins—and America loses
Steven W. Mosher, 8 Sept 2020

Democrats' plot to abolish Election Night
Betsy McCaughey, 9 Sept 2020

On Covid and Race,
sports suddenly ignore analytics
C. Edmund Wright, 10 Sept 2020

Has the Second American Civil War already started?
Tyler O'Neill, 9 Sept 2020


Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Madison Dibble, 9 Sept 2020

Democrats’ new strategy for winning the
White House: Threaten riots if they lose
Jonathan S. Tobin, 8 Sept 2020

The True Cost of Riots
by Lipton Matthews, 6 Sept 2020

Game Time 2020
It’s time to see the psyops of the Left for what it is.
Ned Ryun, 7 Sept 2020

The Coming Coup?
Michael Anton, 4 Sept 2020

America has exceeded anyone's wildest dreams
The poverty we have today is of a different kind.
Walter E. Williams, 9 Sept 2020

Cuomo frantically blaming Trump
for New York’s Covid
Thomas Lifson, 9 Sept 2020

Cops send an 'Earth to Portland Mayor
Ted Wheeler' message: your city's
on fire and the cops are leaving
Victoria Taft, 9 Sept 2020

Are Democrats hiding the truth about COVID?
Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., 9 Sept 2020

Disney's Mulan reboot thanks Chinese group
in charge of Muslim 'Reeducation' Camps
Rick Moran, 8 Sept 2020

The Myth of Harmonious
Indigenous Conservationism
Baz Edmeades, 6 Sept 2020


Look at this f@t b!tch !
Here's where rioters learn their hate:
Watch 'trainer' say 'all' white people
are 'racists,' 'not human'
Victoria Taft, 8 Sept 2020

How the Atlantic twisted the truth
Jeffrey Goldberg has four anonymous sources.
Trump has 11 named ones.
Deroy Murdock, 7 Sept 2020

Atlantic editor admits key detail of 
Anti-Trump hit piece may be untrue
Matt Margolis, 7 Sept 2020

Labor Day Win: CEOs hire Americans because
Donald Trump excludes visa workers
Neil Munro, 7 Sept 2020

Mail ballots bag big win for Biden, Dems say
How ballot fraud is already working in California.
Lloyd Billingsley, 7 Sept 2020

A criminal enterprise, a.k.a. the Democratic Party
Shari Goodman, 8 Sept 2020

Black pastors demand Nike drop the 'anti-
Christian' Marxist Black Lives Matter movement
Tyler O'Neil, 3 Sept 2020

A victory for property rights. And common sense.
Brian Gregg, 1 Sept 2020

Israeli Supreme Court’s power grab
greatest threat to Israeli democracy
Netanyahu shares blame for feeding the legal tiger.
Caroline Glick, 8 Sept 2020


The Marxist virus is still lethal
Is the ground being laid for the final
demolition of the Constitutional order?
Bruce Thornton, 7 Sept 2020

Kenosha prosecutor
proves Kyle Rittenhouse's case
Civis Americanus, 6 Sept 2020

Legal group finds thousands of
double-voters in battleground states
Rowan Scarborough, 6 Sept 2020

The Dems plan to steal the Presidency
William A. Gensert, 5 Sept 2020

Corporate America wants you
to believe its virtue-signaling
How exactly is social justice achieved through social injustice?
Lloyd Pettegrew, 7 Sept 2020

Gordon Chang: China seems 'to be
favoring Joe Biden in Presidential election
Trent Baker, 6 Sept 2020

Want more racism?
Black Lives Matter is how you get more racism
Issues & Insights, 6 Sept 2020

The end of sports
David Solway, 6 Sept 2020

Farage: Conservative govt not 'Conservative,'
bowed down before Woke agenda
Victoria Friedman, 7 Sept 2020

Q names pedophile politicians vulnerable to blackmail
Deborah Franklin, 7 Sept 2020

Bob Dylan and the Rough Men
Robert Spencer, 6 Sept 2020

Mark Kelly supporter allegedly threatens
to shoot Rep. Paul Gosar in the head
A.W.R. Hawkins, 6 Sept 2020


It's an old Democrat trick, from 1864!
Richard Poe, 4 Sept 2020
Regarding @realDonaldTrump's alleged "suckers" and "losers" comments, this is an old Democrat trick. General McClellan used it while running against Lincoln in 1864. He leaked a false story about Honest Abe supposedly disrespecting the Union dead.

Trump came to Dover after my wife was killed
fighting ISIS. He absolutely respects our service.
Joe Kent, 5 Sept 2020

Long before Trump, bipartisan group of elder
statesmen flagged mail ballot fraud risks
John Solomon, 4 Sept 2020

Antifa's violent, organized tactics
are getting exposed
Monica Showalter, 6 Sept 2020

Ironic, since the BLM Commies want their statues demolished.
Amid riots, Washington and Lee University
offers a class on 'How to Overthrow the State'
Tyler O'Neil, 4 Sept 2020

Environmentalists look the other way
as oil spill ravages Venezuelan shores
Christian K. Caruzo, 6 Sept 2020

Pope's Bergoglio's new encyclical to praise Jihad
terror supporter as example of 'peace and fraternity'
Robert Spencer, 5 Sept 2020

John isn't even a liberal. He must be ashamed and appalled.
John Malkovich's son is arrested at protest in Portland
Josh Boswell, 6 Sept 2020
More on Saturday's riot here.


Even John Bolton disputes the Atlantic's
hit piece: 'I was there' and 'I didn't hear that'
Matt Margolis, 4 Sept 2020

Round One goes to Trump
Wen Wryte, 5 Sept 2020

Surprising drop in Unemployment rate
Rick Moran, 4 Sept 2020

Facebook, Twitter algorithms could be viewed
by DOJ as an 'Illegal Campaign Contribution'
Jeff Poor, 4 Sept 2020

Richard Grenell unloads on corrupt MSM;
'People aren't listening to you anymore'
Stephen Kruiser, 4 Sept 2020

Democrat Mail Fraud will take us to the brink
J.B. Shurk, 4 Sept 2020

'Reparationist' calls for creation of 'Pan-African
Superstate' at Extinction Rebellion rally
Kurt Zindulka, 5 Sept 2020

Trump to Feds: Stop 'Anti-American'
training on 'Critical Race Theory’
Philip Wegmann, 4 Sept 2020

Jacob Blake appears in court
to face charges of Sexual Assault
Matt Margolis, 5 Sept 2020


Nearly 10 miles of cars line up for Trump
—and a raucous night in Small Town America
Christopher Bedford, 4 Sept 2020

Joe Biden accused of groping Secret Service
agent's girlfriend during 2009 photo-op
Matt Margolis, 4 Sept 2020

U.S. veterans issue open letter in support of Trump
John Binder, 4 Sept 2020

Here's how we know the Atlantic's
hit-piece on Trump is pure fiction
Matt Margolis, 4 Sept 2020

Hours after the Atlantic's hit piece on Trump
came a pre-produced anti-Trump commercial
Victoria Taft, 4 Sept 2020

Republicans credit Trump's intense
outreach for growing Latino support
John Solomon, 4 Sept 2020

Biden-Harris have a big problem in Pennsylvania
Paul Kengor, 4 Sept 2020


Nōn nōbīs, Domine, nōn nōbīs, sed nōminī tuō dā glōriam.
Portland killer Michael Reinoehl
shot dead by police
Kane, 4 Sept 2020
A photo of the stalking here.

Do Democrats understand what they're supporting?
In a popular Facebook meme, Democrats baldly
attempt to "Gaslight" American voters—and each other.
Danusha Goska, 4 Sept 2020
     Example: "They say we want open borders: we don't, that's a lie. We want asylum seekers to be given their chance to seek asylum."

U.S. economy added 1.37 million jobs
in August, unemployment fell to 8.4%
John Carney, 4 Sept 2020

Invitations to Voter Fraud in 2020
Joseph Klein, 4 Sept 2020

In grade school (long ago), we were taught that
the "spoils system" was a Bad Thing.  But then,
we were also taught that the New Deal was a Good Thing.

The assassin who helped create the Deep State
Robert Spencer, 4 Sept 2020

Media Malfeasance: Rasmussen Reports
creates hideously biased image of Trump
Megan Fox, 3 Sept 2020

What sane person would ever value Marxist lives above his own?
A Time for Prejudice
Civis Americanus, 4 Sept 2020

But (sigh) he failed to run anyone over.
Car plows through agitators in Times Square
Kane, 4 Sept 2020

Biden: 'A black man invented the light bulb,
not a white guy named Edison
Penny Starr, 4  Sept 2020


Almost all of America’s
failed cities are Democrat cities
That includes 42 of the top 43 centers of violent crime.
John Perazzo, 3 Sept 2020

Anti-Trump hysterics looking to block
emergency authorization of COVID-19 Vaccine
Rick Moran, 3 Sept 2020

Evidence shows the Media doesn’t
really care about evidence
P.F. Whalen, 3 Sept 2020

Trump Admin. fires back at DC mayor's attempt
to alter Washington Monument, other landmarks
Erin Coates, 2 Sept 2020

??? Biden: 'COVID has taken this year, more than
100 years, look…The lives, when you think about it!'
Gregg Jarrett, 31 Aug 2020

A strong message for the violent Leftists
A young, gay black man says BLM is a hateful Marxist fraud.
Christian Walker, 31 Aug 2020

The Pelosi Effect: 'Special' people, different rules
Guy Benson, 2 Sept 2020

The Tech Monsters
Michael Lind, 31 Aug 2020

Four ways the Obama-Biden-Harris
team has attacked Catholics
Susan Berry, 2 Sept 2020


The Democrats explain their Voter Fraud plans
John Hinderaker, 1 Sept 2020

Case of Portland man who defended himself
against Antifa mob heads to Supreme Court
Victoria Taft, 2 Sept 2020

Moral Equivalence is camouflage
for Moral Cowardice
Bruce Thornton, 2 Sept 2020

Trump: 'Joe Biden has given moral aid & comfort'
to rioters by calling riots 'peaceful protests'
Tyler O'Neil, 1 Sept 2020

Biden is a prisoner of his own paradoxes
Victor Davis Hanson, 2 Sept 2020

DHS Chief: DOJ is 'targeting and investigating'
Antifa and BLM leaders and those funding the riots
Tyler O'Neil, 1 Sept 2020

The Big COVID Con exposed
One of the great grifter movies, aside
from the Clinton and Obama presidencies.
Brian C. Joondeph, MD, 2 Sept 2020

Goya CEO: 'Destruction and hatred, tearing
down businesses' driving Latinos to Trump
Carrie Sheffield, 2 Sept 2020

Is America as bad as Nazi Germany?
Lessons from a black man who lived in both places.
Lloyd Billingsley, 2 Sept 2020

Reuters posts misleading video on racism, unrest
Joel B. Pollak, 1 Sept 2020

The continued frameup of General Flynn
Grant Baker, 2 Sept 2020

Oregon Governor's new Portland police plan goes
up in smoke as neighboring counties say No Thanks
Jeff Reynolds, 1 Sept 2020


How mail-in ballots threaten democracy
Ken Paxton, 31 Aug 2020

Black Lives Matter:
Marxist Hatred dressed up as Racial Justice
John Perazzo, 1 Sept 2020

Donald Trump visits burned-out
business in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Charlie Spiering, 1 Sept 2020

The charges against Kyle Rittenhouse
Grant Baker, 1 Sept 2020

A timely message on Mob Rule
from our 16th President
Jean M. Yarbrough, 1 Sept 2020

Green Bay Police: Antifa member with
flamethrower cried in fetal position when caught
Joshua Caplan, 1 Sept 2020

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