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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Quid Pro Nothing:
Trump accusers don't care about the facts
New York Post editorial, 18 Oct 2019

Liberal media falsely claims White House
admitted to quid pro quo with Ukraine
Matt Margolis, 17 Oct 2019

Turkey agrees to cease-fire
Joseph Klein, 18 Oct 2019

Mifsud's cellphones mean
Barr Investigation heating up
Roger L. Simon, 17 Oct 2019


I asked thousands of biologists when
Life begins. The answer wasn’t popular.

Steve Jacobs, 16 Oct 2019
Police do nothing as Antifa thugs violently attack
Trump supporters after Minneapolis rally

Megan Fox, 16 Oct 2019
Judge rules ObamaCare, Transgender,
Abortion protections violate Religious Freedom

Susan Berry, 16 Oct 2019
Republicans in Congress: Time to walk away
Peggy Ryan, 17 Oct 2019
New Border wall in San Diego is
helping drive Border crossings down

Matt Margolis, 17 Oct 2019
Farage says new deal is "just not Brexit"
as DUP says it won't support it

Victoria Friedman, 17 Oct 2019
Trump blasts Democrats: They always opposed
endless wars until I withdrew from Syria

Michael van der Galien October 17, 2019
William Barr explains how people
who hate religion are ruining our country

Miranda Devine, 16 Oct 2019
A Texas mayor defends the
Constitution from Sharia Law

Amil Imani, 17 Oct 2019
CNN, New York Times fail to ask a single
immigration question to 2020 Democrats

John Binder, 15 Oct 2019
What were they thinking? Forbes encourages
women to travel solo to Pakistan

Robert Spencer, 16 Oct 2019
Global Warming alarmism deflated by the Dem debate
Issues & Insights editorial, 17 Oct 2019

Don't romanticize the Kurds
Andrew Bostom, 16 Oct 2019
Brutal wipeout for Democrats in Louisiana,
and the press trying to keep it quiet

Monica Showalter, 15 Oct 2019
Moody's election models predict
Trump will crush Democrat in 2020

John Carney, 15 Oct 2019
The New York Times, NBC, and other outlets
don't trust you to handle the truth

Nick Gillespie, 14 Oct 2019
Peter Schweizer: No comparison between
Hunter Biden's foreign government-backed
deals and Trump family business

Rebecca Mansour, 15 Oct 2019
Christopher Columbus:
A Progressive tool for discrediting America

The Left’s vicious assault on American history ensues.
Bruce Thornton, 16 Oct 2019
Philadelphia to investigate Child Welfare
Department for illegal child seizures

Megan Fox, 15 Oct 2019
The Lights go out in California
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 15 Oct 2019

Demand Justice's SCOTUS list
is too extreme even for Obama

Carrie Severino, 15 Oct 2019

Inside the media’s relentless crusade
to destroy President Trump 
Kimberley Strassel, 13 Oct 2019
The Bidens concede
James Freeman, 15 Oct 2019
Corrupt Senators took Ukraine cash
Daniel John Sobieski, 15 Oct 2019
Ukraine was investigating Hunter Biden
before Trump’s phone call
A revelation alters the timeline in the 
Dems’ surreal 'impeachment inquiry.'
Matthew Vadum, 15 Oct 2019
Harold Bloom, critic who argued for the
superiority of Western literature, dies at 89
Rick Moran, 15 Oct 2019
Elizabeth Warren and the Federal Reserve:
Dual faces of Socialism
Jeffrey Mazzella, 15 Oct 2019
It's a middle class boom
Stephen Moore, 15 Oct 2019
We teach nothing, we know nothing—
and that could cost the United States everything
Brian Preston, 14 Oct 2019
Social and Political disintegration is accelerating
E. Jeffrey Ludwig, 15 Oct 2019
Destroying America’s history one icon at a time
by Fletch Daniels, 15 Oct 2019

ABC News airs U.S. gun range video,
calling it a Syrian war zone—TWICE!
Joshua Caplan, 14 Oct 2019

CNN whistleblower reveals network "vendetta"
against Trump, obsession with impeachment
Chrissy Clark, 14 Oct 2019

Preparing for an inevitable CME
(Coronal Mass Ejection: Far worse than an EMP.)
Steven Novella, 11 Oct 2019

Warp speeds in 'Star Trek' are achingly
slow, and a simple animation by a
former NASA scientist proves it
Dave Mosher, 7 Oct 2019


Trump defends Due Process
from Congressional usurpation
Frank Miele, 14 Oct 2019

This card-carrying Trump-hater
deplores the tactics of Trump's accusers.
We're in a Permanent Coup
Matt Taibbi, 11 Oct 2019

Washington's flawed strategic calculus
in the Middle East ignores China
David P. Goldman, 13 Oct 2019

Trump stands between America and Tyranny
Fletch Daniels, 14 Oct 2019

NPR touts walking tour of Muslim history
in NYC that leaves out city’s
biggest Muslim historical site
Robert Spencer, 13 Oct 2019

Can we keep our Republic?
Bruce Thornton, 10 Oct 2019

Whistleblowers and the real Deep State

Kimberley A. Strassel, 13 Oct 2019

Trump's foreign policy
deals properly with tyrants
Roger Kimball, 12 Oct 2019

New York Post finds a big problem
with that Trump impeachment poll
Monica Showalter, 13 Oct 2019

He Who Must Not Be Named: How Hunter
Biden became a conversation-stopper
Jonathan Turley, 12 Oct 2019

Trump Administration blasts
judge blocking
"public charge" rule
More partisan judicial tyranny from the Federal bench.
Rick Moran, 12 Oct 2019


Donald Trump has done far more for
gay people than the Stonewall Democrats
Joshua Herr, 11 Oct 2019

Electric-Car owners shocked
by California blackouts
Jim Treacher, 11 Oct 2019

Ain’t that a shame
On the moral safeguard of dignity.
Roger Kimball, October 2019 issue

American Thinker's scoop on
Trump getting Port of Long Beach
out of Chicom hands getting noticed
Monica Showalter, 10 Oct 2019

Snopes announces it will now fight Trump
"feelings" and "emotion"
John Nolte,  11 Oct 2019

In other words, Snopes is now officially BULLSHIT.

Catholic intellectual Robert George:
"Christians and Muslims must,
as never before, join hands
Robert Spencer, 12 Oct 2019

In other words, this noted scholar is now officially an IDIOT.


    Margaret Thatcher
(13 Oct 1925 - 8 Apr 2013)
Free Society speech, 1975  (video clip)
Speech launching "Free Enterprise Week"  1 July 1975
The Lady's Not For Turning  10 Oct 1980

Reagan's Leadership, America's Recovery  30 Dec 1988
On socialism, 22 Nov 1990  (video)
The Moral Foundations of Society 1 March 1995
Challenge of Educating for 21st-Century Citizenship    
Oct 1999              
Challenges Facing the 21st Century  April 2001
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan:   11 June 2004   (video here)     
Margaret Thatcher and the Revival of the West 
        Ronald Reagan, May 1989
Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Freedom 
John O'Sullivan, 1 June 2008
Never Wobbly  C
laire Berlinski's There Is No Alternative
reviewed by Vincent Carroll, 19 Nov 2008
Mrs T's unassailable legacy   Boris Johnson, 3 May 2009
Why Margaret Thatcher Matters  Marcia Sielaff, 6 Nov 2010
The Invincible Mrs. Thatcher  Charles Moore, 18 Nov 2011


Trump did not betray the Kurds
Caroline Glick, 11 Oct 2019

Missing the bigger picture in Kurdish Syria
Lt. Col. Robert L. Maginnis, US Army Ret., 12 Oct 2019

Trump makes real progress with China
while Dems play Impeachment
Roger L. Simon, 11 Oct 2019

The Cultural Civil War and
Trump Derangement Syndrome and
what happens when politics becomes culture
Daniel Greenfield, 11 Oct 2019

Put the burden of uncertainty on your opponent:
More advice from Richelieu
David P. Goldman, 11 Oct 2019

Happy Columbus Day!   (the real one, October 12)

Why we celebrate Columbus Day
by David Deming, 10 Oct 2016

Take back Columbus Day
The ideologues who have been dismantling the
American identity will be stopped only if we fight back.
by Ira Straus, 13 Oct 2014

Save Western civilization:
defend Christopher Columbus
by Charlotte Cushman, 10 Oct 2011
I am a Montessori educator and work with children of two and a half to six years of age.  Every October, my students learn the story of Christopher Columbus.  We start with learning about what the world was like when Columbus was alive…

America's Pristine Myth
by Charles C. Mann, 1 Sept 2005

Indigenous Peoples' Day 
is offensive to indigenous people
If you want to honor American Indians, 
then honor an American Indian.
by Tim Cavanaugh, 11 Oct 2014


Guns and Cannabis:
The insidious creep of Tyranny
John Klar, 11 Oct 2019

Is America entering a Dark Age?
Does anyone believe that contemporary Americans could
build another transcontinental railroad in six years?

Victor Davis Hanson, 10 Oct 2019

Two Florida businessmen helping investigate
Ukraine-Biden charged with unrelated
campaign finance violations
Kristina Wong, 10 Oct 2019

Steve Kerr belongs in the Moron Hall of Fame
Equates America's human rights abuses with those of Red China.
Stephen Kruiser, 11 Oct 2019

Portland Trail Blazers sever relations with
a company that does business with Israel
Melissa MacKenzie, 10 Oct 2019
It always goes together: hate Jews, embrace tyranny, enable commies and totalitarians. It's like a mystic math equation but it always ends badly for the world.

The Rise of Young Black Conservatives
Larry Elder, 10 Oct 2019

In NYC the term "illegal alien"
can cost you $250,000
Michael Cutler, 11 Oct 2019

Trump’s troop pullback in Syria
is part of a consistent policy
James Durso, 10 Oct 2019

Russia urges Syrian Kurds to ally with Assad
Ben Kew, 10 Oct 2019


The Battle of Tours-Poitiers, 732 A.D.
Historians have assigned various October dates to the first crucial battle to halt the malign advance of Islam in western Europe.  Some say it took place on the 10th; others say it was the 18th or 25th.  But Victor Davis Hanson says it was October 11.  That's good enough for me.

The Battle of Tours    Raymond Ibrahim, 2013
The Battle of Tours-Poitiers Revisited   William Watson, 1993
Battle of Moussais (Poitiers II): October 732  (incl. pictures)
The Battle of Tours   Wikipedia
Reliving the Battle of Tours-Poitiers
  Brad MacDonald, 2007

Progressing toward Extinction
E.M. Cadwaladr, 10 Oct 2019

The House Democratic impeachment
inquiry is a Kangaroo Court
Hugh Hewitt, 9 Oct 2019

The New York Times’ clear journalistic
duty regarding Ukraine whistleblower
New York Post editorial, 10 Oct 2019

The Bluffpeachment
Gary Gindler, 10 Oct 2019

Here are the Giuliani-Ukraine
notes few have seen
Eric Felton, 9 Oct 2019

Joe Biden's family has been getting rich
off his political career for decades
Matt Margolis, 9 Oct 2019

Most think Trump will be impeached
and win 2020 re-election
Paul Bedard, 9 Oct 2019

Channelling the Malthusian
roots of climate extremism
Michael Shellenberger, 5 Oct 2019 

Erased: How the Middle East was
expunged of its Judeo-Christian heritage
Raymond Ibrahim, 9 Oct 2019

University bans white students
from attending anti-racism meeting
Paul Joseph Watson, 10 Oct 2019

The NBA's hypocrisy over
China and Charlotte is astounding
David Marcus, 9 Oct 2019


Democrats' fear of Durham
about to reach Panic Level
Roger L. Simon, 8 Oct 2019

Democracy Dies in Darkness, indeed
New York Sun editorial, 8 Oct 2019

So who's the Democratic candidate the
"whistleblower" had a "professional
" with?
by Monica Showalter, 9 Oct 2019

Why can't Dems treat Trump as fairly
as Republicans did Bill Clinton?
New York Post editorial, 9 Oct 2019

Republicans vs. Screaming Anchors
Brent Bozell and Tim Graham, 9 Oct 2019

Woke Warriors coach Steve Kerr
silent on NBA-China controversy
Warner Todd Huston, 8 Oct 2019

Blizzard Entertainment bans pro gamer, strips
of winnings for supporting Hong Kong protests
Nate Church, 8 Oct 2019
     ….the company banned Hearthstone eSports champion Ng Wai “blitzchung” Chung, a native of Hong Kong, for making comments in favor of the pro-democracy protests in the city….

The Bidens: "Stone Cold Crooked"
Francis Menton, 6 Oct 2019



Why President Trump should
follow his gut on foreign policy

Army Special Forces Ret. CW3 Joe Kent, 7 Oct 2019
Why the Syria pullout makes sense
Kenneth Timmerman, 8 Oct 2019
San Francisco, hostage to the homeless
For the last three decades, San Francisco has conducted
a real-life experiment in what happens when a society
stops enforcing bourgeois norms of behavior.
Heather Mac Donald, Autumn 2019 issue
Extortion: Minneapolis mayor tries to shut
down Trump rally with outrageous security fee

Tyler O'Neil, 8 Oct 2019
How the Hobbs Act could sink Joe Biden
by Frank Friday, 8 Oct 2019
Time to reassess CrowdStrike's credibility
Julie Kelly, 7 Oct 2019
Chuck Todd—just like the Ukraine hoax
—is unraveling before our eyes

John Nolte, 7 Oct 2019
Rosenstein email to Mueller:
"boss" doesn't know we're talking
Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, 7 Oct 2019

"Oikophobia": Our Western self-hatred
Benedict Beckeld, 7 Oct 2019

Attorney for impeachment "whistleblowers"
actively sought Trump Admin informants
His name is Mark Zaid.
Aaron Klein, 6 Oct 2019

The madness of Progressive Projection
Victor Davis Hanson, 6 Oct 2019

British PM Johnson to EU: "We're packing
our bags and walking out in 25 days
Rick Moran, 6 Oct 2019

Far-Left group targets French newspaper
for publishing right-wing philosopher
SOS Racisme, Le Figaro, and Eric Zemmour.
Chris Tomlinson, 7 Oct 2019

Trump-hating NBA gives Commie China a hug
Rockets' GM Daryl Morey voiced support for Hong Kong protesters.
Stephen Kruiser, 7 Oct 2019

The Curious Case of the Incurious Press
Zero interest in Joe Biden's public confession of corruption.
Frank Miele, 7 Oct 2019

Global censorship:
Court rules EU govts can take down
content worldwide after politician insulted
(Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek, of Austria's Green Party)
Jack Montgomery, 7 Oct 2019

The longer elites ignore populist outcries,
the more they'll be surprised
John Fund, 6 Oct 2019

Nikki Haley slams Trump withdrawal
from Syria: "Turkey is not our friend"
Joel B. Pollak, 7 Oct 2019


One of the most momentous battles in
world history was fought on October 7, 1571.
Remember Lepanto!
by Robert McMullen
        …Now, the Turks had raised a fleet of 181 ships, carrying some 30,000 soldiers, and Malta was the prize they sought. Their goal was to plunder and sweep all the ships of Christian Europe from the Mediterranean. Then, in control of the sea lanes and trade routes, with their naval and economic power supreme, all of Europe would be set to fall before them.
        The Turkish fleet appeared off the coast of Malta, and laid siege to the island. All through the summer of 1565 the contest for Malta raged…
Read on:

The Battle of Lepanto, by Gustave Doré

The Battle of Lepanto
by Georgios Rigas

by G.K. Chesterton
White founts falling in the courts of the sun,
And the Soldan of Byzantium is smiling as they run;
There is laughter like the fountains in that face of all men feared,
It stirs the forest darkness, the darkness of his beard,
It curls the blood-red crescent, the crescent of his lips,
For the inmost sea of all the earth is shaken with his ships.
They have dared the white republics up the capes of Italy,
They have dashed the Adriatic round the Lion of the Sea,
And the Pope has cast his arms abroad for agony and loss,
And called the kings of Christendom for swords about the Cross…
The rest of the poem:


Anti-Trump Fraternity and NeverTrump
Sorority collude in impeachment scam
Roger Kimball, 5 Oct 2019

Trump knows Ukraine owns the Democrats
Brandon J. Weichert, 6 Oct 2019

The truth about the Bidens hiding in plain sight
Virgil, 5 Oct 2019

Impeachment comments
Democrats would rather you forget
Thomas McArdle, 4 Oct 2019

851,000 arrests for illegal crossings
of Border the most in 12 years
Rick Moran, 5 Oct 2019

Betrayal inbound? Boris Govt signals
it will soften Brexit deal in negotiations
Breitbart London, 6 Oct 2019


Elites Against Western Civilization
Teaching youth that there is nothing good about our
democratic cultural inheritance, the intellectual class is
working to discredit our past and demolish our future.
Joel Kotkin, 3 Oct 2019

Am I the only one who does not give
a rat's patoot over the Ukraine garbage?
Dov Fischer, 5 Oct 2019

Desperation hits Defcon 1
as Ukraine hoax unravels
John Nolte, 4 Oct 2019

Report: "Whistleblower" never disclosed contact
with House intel panel to Inspector General
Joshua Caplan, 4 Oct 2019

A way for Trump to drain the Swamp
Ted Noel, 5 Oct 2019

Testimony from Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker
directly contradicts Democrats'
impeachment narrative
Sean Davis, 4 Oct 2019

Brennan hears Barr's chilling footsteps
Daniel John Sobieski, 5 Oct 2019

The danger of turning the keys
over to government unions
Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial, 3 Oct 2019

Scoldilocks, or the Story of Greta Thunberg
A pair of Scandinavian leftists pimp out their Asperger’s-
suffering daughter to push global warming, and chaos ensues.
Scott McKay, 25 Sept 2019


Unemployment falls to lowest level since 1969
John Carney, 4 Oct 2019

Warren's anti-capitalist message
The low-key, folksy tone delivering radical ideas.
Joseph Klein, 4 Oct 2019

CrowdStrike and the impeachment frenzy
No wonder the Dems are nervous.
George Parry, 4 Oct 2019

WashPost slaps Adam Schiff with
four Pinocchios for "flat-out false" claim
Joshua Caplan, 4 Oct 2019

A weak whistleblower, a ridiculous impeachment
Peter van Buren, 2 Oct 2019

What is the FISA spy court
and why do people keep bashing it?
Tim Cavanaugh, 2 Oct 2019

Number of concealed permits
surges to nearly 19 million
Permits for women and minorities increasing rapidly.
A.W.R. Hawkins, 3 Oct 2019

"Kiss My Feet!"
—Islam's demand of Jews and Christians
Why does one find the same Muslim behavior in
regions that differ widely in both time and space?
Raymond Ibrahim, 4 Oct 2019

Apple blacklists Hong Kong protest safety app
Lucas Nolan, 3 Oct 2019


Media horrified that President Who
Always Punches Back keeps punching back

Stephen Kruiser, 3 Oct 2019

Schiff’s Deep State Collusion
NY Times accidentally suggests the intelligence
committee chairman’s fingerprints are all over
the so-called whistleblower’s report.
Matthew Vadum, 3 Oct 2019

Democrats cry wolf on Trump-Ukraine
Ford O'Connell, 2 Oct 2019

Trump’s worldwide dragnet to catch the hoaxers
Thomas Farnan, 2 Oct 2019

The On-The-Job Coverage Rip-Off
Betsy McCaughey, 3 Oct 2019

China and the Economy
David P. Goldman, 1 Oct 2019

There is no climate emergency:
Scientists call for reasoned debate

Richard Trzupek, 2 Oct 2019

Red Flag laws and the
misguided worship of Due Process

John Velleco, 3 Oct 2019


Boulder Warfare in blue and
ever more Hobbesian San Francisco
Monica Showalter, 2 Oct 2019

Trump's transparency is driving the Left nuts
(and messing up their impeachment dreams)

Jason Chaffetz, 1 Oct 2019

Intel community admission of whistleblower
changes raises explosive new questions

Sean Davis, 1 Oct 2019

In migrant-surged Sweden,
now it's the Swedes who are fleeing
Monica Showalter, 2 Oct 2019

Why the Left moved from
loving Jefferson to hating him

Jarrett Stepman, 1 Oct 2019

Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution
by Myron Magnet, 17 Sept 2019

Defending Capitalism's vulnerable fortresses
Rupert Darwall, 2 Oct 2019

University officials held "personally responsible"
for discriminating against Christians

Tyler O'Neil, 1 Oct 2019



No one noticed when Clinton
and Obama abused whistleblowers

Jack Cashill, 1 Oct 2019
Senate GOP should give Democrats
a dose of their own medicine

Derek Hunter, 1 Oct 2019
Misjudging Clarence Thomas
Corey Robin’s assessment of the
Supreme Court justice is lost in left field.
Myron Magnet, 29 Sept 2019
Trans Crusade: Teacher fired for not using
male pronouns to refer to female student

Tyler O'Neil, 30 Sept 2019
Michigan anti-Christian adoption policy shot down
T.R. Clancy, 1 Oct 2019
Glory to Hong Kong
Claudia Rosett, 30 Sept 2019
Candace Owens: Democrat policies are
more threatening to black America
than white supremacy
Alana Mastrangelo, 21 Sept 2019
Thousands are hearing powerful gospel-centered
sermons at Kanye's Sunday services. No, seriously.

Paula Bolyard, 1 Oct 2019

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