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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

Revenge of the Protected Class
Frank Miele, 26 Oct 2020

With the Hunter Biden expos
Suppression is a bigger scandal than the actual story
Matt Taibbi, 24 Oct 2020

The big Trump rallies you don't see
Byron York, 25 Oct 2020

Exposing Liberals' 'tiny fraction' lie
Judy Wallen, 26 Oct 2020

The Trump Effect: Sudan joins UAE and Bahrain
in normalizing relations with Israel

Robert Spencer, 26 Oct 2020

The son of Cuban exiles
explains why to vote for Trump
Michael Aguirre, 26 Oct 2020

Biden is wrong: U.S. didn’t have a good relationship
with Hitler — but the New York Times did
Robert Spencer, 24 Oct 2020

Disgusting Professorial Teachings
Welcome to the world of gross academic deceptions.
Walter Williams, 26 Oct 2020

Did Kamala Harris campaign illegally at an
Ohio polling place? Here’s what the law says
Matt Margolis, 25 Oct 2020

America’s Choice: The 2020 Election
A close look at exactly where the 
candidates stand on every major issue.
John Perazzo, 26 Oct 2020

A Modest Proposal:
Make universities pay for student debt forgiveness
David Solway, 25 Oct 2020


Marxism: A breeding ground for Useful Idiots
Warren Beatty, 25 Oct 2020

Long-standing claims of Biden corruption
all but confirmed with Hunter’s emails
Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner, 24 Oct 2020

Trump won the debate
—but won Bigly the post-debate
Victor Davis Hanson, 23 Oct 2020

2016's Reluctant Trumpers
are 2020's Avid Trumpers
Charlie Gerow, 25 Oct 2020

How frightened should we be? Very.
How proud of Trump should we be? Very.
Patricia McCarthy, 24 Oct 2020

Cotton warns of massive surge of illegal aliens
if Biden and Amnesty win in November
Bronson Stocking, 24 Oct 2020


Momentum: Trump
J.B. Shurk, 25 Oct 2020

Pollster Jim Lee: Need to crack down on
garbage polling, race actually dead heat
Tim Hains, 24 Oct 2020

Data shows Number One online story
in America about debate is Biden Corruption
Edwin Mora, 24 Oct 2020

WSJ columnist shreds claim that Joe Biden is free
and clear of China corruption scheme allegations
Matt Vespa, 24 Oct 2020

Freudian sniff? Joe Biden just said he's got
a great 'voter fraud organization' going
Victoria Taft, 24 Oct 2020

Biden's War on Oil causing headaches
for Democrats in tight races
Bronson Stocking, 24 Oct 2020

Brooks: 'People are underplaying'
Biden's comment about oil transition
Ian Hanchett, 24 Oct 2020

Joe Biden will trigger 'Tsunami'
of illegal immigration if elected President
Charlie Spiering, 24 Oct 2020

Van Jones: President Trump 'has done
good stuff for the Black Community'
Amy Furr, 24 Oct 2020


That darn Trump keeps causing
peace to break out in the Middle East
Andrea Widburg, 24 Oct 2020

The Hunter Biden Corruption Scandal
is a reckoning for the Legacy Media
Tyler O'Neil, 23 Oct 2020

Facts Matter: Trump’s Real Record on Race
Don Brown, 24 Oct 2020

No signature match? No postmark? No problemo!
It's this week in Ballot Shenanigans!
Victoria Taft, 24 Oct 2020

With all the Nazi talk in this election,
who were the Nazis?
Emery Jones, 24 Oct 2020

Jewish students at U of I file complaint with
Education Department over Anti-Semitism
Rick Moran, 23 Oct 2020

Expensify CEO urges millions of users
to vote for Biden in email blast
Noah Manskar, 23 Oct 2020

Chicago will start ticketing motorists
for going 6 mph over speed limit
Rick Moran, 24 Oct 2020


The October Laptop Surprise
Joe Biden: a known national security threat.
Freddy Lowe, 23 Oct 2020

Harris, prominent Democrats listed as 'key contacts'
for Biden family business venture projects
Brooks Singman, 22 Oct 2020

The moment Joe Biden realized he lost the Debate
Matt Margolis, 23 Oct 2020

'Presidential' Trump helped himself in final debate
Byron York, 23 Oct 2020

L.A. Times 'undecided' focus group
chooses Trump after last debate
Joel B. Pollak, 22 Oct 2020

Debate Recap: Trump was in command
while Biden told a bunch of whoppers
Tyler O'Neil, 23 Oct 2020

Slow Joe's Oil and Gas Code Red
Biden let his mask slip and declared war
on oil and gas at the end of Thursday’s debate.
Scott McCay, 23 Oct 2020

Joe Biden claims ObamaCare didn't
cause Americans to lose their health insurance
Sean Moran, 22 Oct 2020

CNN's Dale: 'False for Biden to say
that he never said he opposed Fracking'
Ian Hanchett, 22 Oct 2020

Trump accurately said virus spike dropped after
moderator said U.S. heading into 'dangerous' phase
Edwin Mora, 22 Oct 2020

Fatherless Households: A national crisis
Larry Elder, 23 Oct 2020

Courts give GOP two important Ballot Integrity wins
Rick Moran, 22 Oct 2020

There's something about Barry
Fun Facts about POTUS 44.
Lloyd Billingsley, 23 Oct 2020

Trump Card
Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary
makes the case for capitalism and Trump.
Mark Tapson, 23 Oct 2020

The unspeakable corruption of  Joe Biden
Stephen Green, 22 Oct 2020

This election will be decisive for
the world’s reserve currency
Paige Donner, 23 Oct 2020

NPR: We're not reporting on Hunter Biden
'cause we don't wanna, so there
Jim Treacher, 22 Oct 2020

Flashback: Beau Biden agreed to lenient plea deal
for DuPont heir who raped 3-year-old: No prison time
Carmine Sabia Jr, 22 Oct 2020


Hunter biz partner confirms email, details
Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China
Michael Goodwin, 22 Oct 2020

The Biden Crime Family comes undone
Daniel Greenfield, 22 Oct 2020

 (Black) UK Conservative lays down the law:
No Critical Race Theory,
'White Privilege' in schools
Tyler O'Neil, 21 Oct 2020

Rush Limbaugh, losing his fight with lung cancer,
vows to keep fighting the Left
Pete McArdle, 22 Oct 2020

Top 10 questions for Joe Biden at the final debate
Not that the moderator will bother to ask.
The Editors, 21 Oct 2020

Amazon reverses course on censoring
un-woke film What Killed Michael Brown
Jack Cashill, 22 Oct 2020

Engelbrecht: Patriots must volunteer
their 'eyes and ears' for Ballot Security
Robert Kraychik, 21 Oct 2020

Russia and Iran accessed U.S. voter rolls.
Here's what they're doing with them.
Tyler O'Neil,  21 Oct 2020

What France can teach us
about fighting Islamic terrorism
James Delingpole, 22 Oct 2020

Battling for the Youngest Minds
Rick Fuentes, 22 Oct 2020


Exposed: Antonia Hernandez, the Democrats'
Soros-connected Debate Commissioner
Stephen Green, 19 Oct 2020

The dangers of politicized History
We are now seeing the consequences
of 50 years of the Left's academic malfeasance.
Bruce Thornton, 21 Oct 2020

Anti-Netanyahu Left cloaks itself
in Zionism and Democracy
Welcome to progressives' marketing tools.
Caroline Glick, 21 Oct 2020

UK Govt says teaching Critical Race Theory,
White Privilege as fact 'is breaking the law'
Jack Montgomery, 21 Oct 2020

Confessions of a disaffected Canadian
—and why I love America
David Solway, 19 Oct 2020

What killed Michael Brown?
Shelby Steele’s new documentary delivers
a damning indictment of Liberalism.
Mark Tapson, 21 Oct 2020


Here's a sampling of the Hunter Biden
texts Giuliani turned over to the police
Tyler O'Neil, 21 Oct 2020

Bevan Cooney moved from prison cell after
providing email account exposing Hunter Biden
Matthew Boyle, 20 Oct 2020

Photo shows Joe Biden meeting Hunter’s
alleged  business partner from Kazakhstan

Ebony Bowden, 20 Oct 2020

Did Joe Biden Take a Bribe?
The Ukraine scandal is only one of many pay-for-play
controversies surrounding the Biden family.
Adam Mill, 20 Oct 2020

Joe Biden and Jews with Trembling Knees
Who remembers when Joe Biden yelled at—
and threatened—Prime Minister Menachem Begin?
Stephen Silbiger, 21 Oct 2020

10 examples of Joe Biden’s history of
racially charged conduct and comments
Matthew Boyle, 20 Oct 2020

American Jewry's Fateful Hour
Caroline Glick, 20 Oct 2020
Cancel culture in America grows more menacing by the day.

American sports are letting down America
Jason Whitlock, 19 Aug 2020

Exposing how little football commentators
know about our military
Ed Timperlake, 21 Oct 2020

Bidenomics and 50 Cent lesson
David Webb, 21 Oct 2020

Why on Earth would you vote Democrat?
The answer should be obvious:
You shouldn't.  Not in a million years.
Ned Ryun, 20 Oct 2020

Police attacked with glass bottles in Portland
as protesters call them 'Nazi terrorists'
Bob Price, 21 Oct 2020


If Joe Biden lies and the Media ignore it,
does he make a sound?
Salena Zito, 19 Oct 2020

Censoring the Biden story:
How Social media becomes State media
Jonathan Turley, 17 Oct 2020

Top-down White Penitence is shaking up
and roiling the American 'wokeplace'
John Murawski, 20 Oct 2020

Antifa Commies called Philip Anderson "the N-Word."
The attacker?  A White "man" named Adora Anderson (!)
Protester arrested in assault of
Black Conservative rally organizer
Bob Price, 19 Oct 2020

Indescribable Act of Terror?
What the Michigan kidnap plot reveals about the
FBI, the deep state, and the correlation of forces
that monitored social media for "excess concern for liberty."
Lloyd Billingsley, 20 Oct 2020

Qanon: The Media's latest obsession
Brian C. Joondeph, 20 Oct 2020

Wikipedia bans Christians
from contributing to the website
Jeff Maples, 19 Oct 2020

Twitter, Facebook censored Trump Campaign
65 times, leave Biden untouched
Corinne Weaver and Alec Schemmel, 19 Oct 2020

House Republicans formally request
AG Barr appoint Special Prosecutor
to probe Biden business dealings
Emily Zanotti, 19 Oct 2020

Sinclair Broadcasting to host Trump
town hall at White House on Wednesday
Jarrett Staff, 20 Oct 2020

Biden supporter arrested for
firing shotgun at 2 Trump supporters
Cristina Laila, 19 Oct 2020

Ted Nugent: Beto, Biden, Harris
'are coming to take your guns'
A.W.R. Hawkins, 20 Oct 2020

Be Afraid, Very Afraid: Part II
California today.  It's a hell-hole for all but the wealthiest.
Michael Anton, 16 Oct 2020

Leftists burn U.S. flag, attack Boston police
Bob Price, 19 Oct 2020

Biden would smother the economy by raising taxes
Promising to make corporations and the well-off pay more
may be smart politics but it’s shortsighted policy.
Michael R. Strain, 14 Oct 2020


The Biden Corruption Scandal
isn’t about Hunter, it’s about Joe
Margot Cleveland, 19 Oct 2020

Massive V-shaped recovery
testament to strength of Economy
Brian Wesbury, 20 Oct 2020

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin reportedly masturbating
on Zoom call that led to New Yorker suspension
Joseph A. Wulfsohn, 19 Oct 2020

Big Tech burned by Biden blunder
Glenn Harlan Reynolds, 19 Oct 2020

Big Tech Oligarchs vs. the Free World
Frank Miele, 19 Oct 2020

Senator Blackburn:
Eliminate Section 230 liability protection
for large companies, keep it for small ones
Ian Hanchett, 17 Oct 2020


11 Questions the Media must ask Joe Biden
about Hunter Biden 'sellling access'
Joel B. Pollak, 18 Oct 2020

Pro-Trump union blasts Biden
for lying about endorsement
Yuichiro Kakutani, 17 Oct 2020

"Still think this is an idea?"
San Francisco Free-Speech marchers,
police violently attacked by Antifa.
Tyler Durden, 18 Oct 2020

China is using companies like Twitter
to interfere in the Election
Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter’s businesses
are tethered to the Communist regime.
Daniel Greenfield, 19 Oct 2020

Trump must up his game for the next debate
You know why he’s angry. I know why he’s angry.
But the undecided voters largely have no idea.
If they did, they wouldn’t be undecided.
Selwyn Duke, 19 Oct 2020

The unapologetic bias of the American Left
Victor Davis Hanson, 18 Oct 2020

Big Tech needs to get its filthy, biased
thumbs off the scale of this Election
Stephen Kruiser, 19 Oct 2020

Are the FakeNews polls a setup
for post-election chaos?
Brian C. Joondeph, 19 Oct 2020

Islam: A Permanent War Institution
Michael Copeland, 16 Oct 2020

Poles in America demand Biden correct
'harmful, false characterization of Poland'
Jack Montgomery, 18 Oct 2020

Black Trump supporter sttacked by Antifa & BLM
at San Fransisco Free Speech rally —
Free Speech rally canceled by violent rioters
Sasha O'Conner, 17 Oct 2020

Trump supporters to host giant
tri-state 'Trump Train' event
Amy Furr, 18 Oct 2020


Hey, Joe Biden, what did you know
about Hunter’s dirty deals?
Michael Goodwin, 18 Oct 2020

Turning point? 5 reasons the Hunter Biden scandal
is hitting Joe Biden where it hurts: IBD/TIPP Poll
Monica Showalter, 18 Oct 2020

Pollster who called Trump win in 2016 is back with
2020 call and issues a big red flag in Pennsylvania
Victoria Taft, 18 Oct 2020

For those who enjoy a frolic in the high weeds…
JP Morgan's Kolanovic has a warning
for those expecting a crushing Biden victory
Tyler Durden, 14 Oct 2020

They are ready this time—but so are We
Roger Kimball, 17 Oct 2020

How likely is a violent
transition of power this Election?
Veronika Kyrylenko, 18 Oct 2020

Michigan GOP Senate candidate John James
puts Biden in his place in epic fashion
Matt Margolis, 17 Oct 2020

An outpouring of saccharinity in France
Baron Bodissey, 18 Oct 2020
     The mujahid decapitator of Paris has now been identified as an 18-year-old Russian Chechen named Abdoullakh A., and his schoolteacher victim as Samuel Paty. Both of them are dead — why is it that we only get an initial for the killer’s surname, but are given the full name of his victim?  …

Cultural Amnesia and American Survival
Eileen F. Toplansky, 18 Oct 2020

The Despair of Feminism
David Solway, 17 Oct 2020

Conservative women’s group wins battle to protect
female athletes from transgender competitors
Penny Starr, 17 Oct 2020

Another victory for ballot integrity in Michigan
Rick Moran, 17 Oct 2020


Mark Levin: Joe Biden's 'Communist Manifesto'
will destroy every aspect of our culture and society
Robert Kraychik, 16 Oct 2020

How close is the U.S. to civil war?
Veteran war correspondent Michael Yon is in Portland to find out.
Jeff Reynolds, 16 Oct 2020

How the Mainstream Media covered for Joe Biden
David Keltz, 17 Oct 2020

U.S. doesn’t need a President who
hides his agenda from voters
Issues & Insights, 14 Oct 2020

Senate Commerce Committee to hold
hearing on Section 230 with CEOs of
Twitter, Google, and Facebook
Stephen Kruiser, 16 Oct 2020

Academic Teachers and Political Activists
John Ellis, 17 Oct 2020

2020's battleground states are not the ones you think
James L. Swofford, 14 Oct 2020


Shy Trump voters, pollsters,
and the Appeal to Ignorance
Pundits resort to a hoary logical fallacy
to explain away this very real voter bloc.
David Catron, 16 Oct 2020

President Trump eviscerates Liberal
talking points during NBC Town Hall
Reagan McCarthy, 15 Oct 2020

ABC's George Stephanopoulos fails to
ask Joe Biden about Hunter Biden emails
Joel B. Pollak, 15 Oct 2020

Destroying the institutions we inherited
Victor Davis Hanson, 15 Oct 2020

Biden plagiarism involved more than the words
Ira Stoll, 12 Oct 2020

Conservatives must fight Big Tech or lose
The problem isn’t simply radicalism. It’s power.
Daniel Greenfield, 16 Oct 2020

Can the Democrats sell their worst candidate ever?
Jack Cashill, 16 Oct 2020

Soros, BLM, and Kamala Harris oppose African-
American Los Angeles D.A. Jackie Lacey
Lloyd Billingsley, 16 Oct 2020

Debunking the Fourth Circuit's insane
transgender ruling in Grimm v. Gloucester
by Jay Tucker, 16 Oct 2020


Would COVID-19 have even
been a thing fifty years ago?
What really made this "pandemic"
a uniquely miserable moment in history.
William Sullivan, 15 Oct 2020

Donald Trump:
'The Bidens got rich while Americans got robbed'
Charlie Spiering, 14 Oct 2020

"Sexual preference" means people
choose to act like the "opposite sex."
"Sexual orientation" means they have no control over anything.

Merriam-Webster changes definition
of 'sexual preference' seemingly overnight
Matt Margolis, 14 Oct 2020

"Too Many Whites!  Too Many Whites!  Too Many Whites!"
America's Gifted Student programs
have a 'race problem,' NBC says
Rick Moran, 14 Oct 2020

A Radical Shift
The nightmare Obama brought to U.S. foreign policy.
Walid Phares, 15 Oct 2020


Wow: Computer repairman who exposed
Biden emails says FBI told him to stay quiet
Richard Moorhead, 15 Oct 2020

Emails: Hunter Biden strives for 'lasting and
lucrative arrangement' with Chinese nationals
Simon Kent, 15 Oct 2020

Biden campaign, MSM, and social media oligarchs
all are signaling voters that Joe Biden's pay-for-play
scandal with Hunter as bagman is a BFD
Thomas Lifson, 15 Oct 2020

Twitter locks Trump Campaign account
less than 3 weeks before presidential election
Allum Bokhari, 15 Oct 2020

Twitter CEO admits it was 'unacceptable' to
censor Hunter Biden article 'with zero context'
Tyler O'Neil, 14 Oct 2020

Twitter locks Jack Posobiec out of account
over Hunter Biden meme
Tom Ciccotta, 15 Oct 2020

A tale of two COVID economies:
Red State recovery, Blue State recession
Carrie Sheffield, 15 2020

The Coronavirus experts were wrong,
now they need scapegoats
It’s not about fighting the virus,
but punishing political and cultural enemies.
Daniel Greenfield, 15 Oct 2020

Woman fired by restaurant after posting
support for JK Rowling on Facebook
Barbara Kay, 14 Oct 2020

Why hasn't Joe Biden said No to Democratic
threats to pack the Supreme Court?
John Kass, 14 Oct 2020

Give me Liberty, not Marxism
Robert Maginnis, 15 Oct 2020

Rioters trash Portland restaurant
after Antifa 'reviewers' target it. 
But the Black owner just got the last word.
Victoria Taft, 14 Oct 2020

Dr. Fauci finally admits President Trump 'very
likely' has some level of immunity to COVID-19
Stacey Lennox, 14 Oct 2020


Election interference? Facebook and Twitter
suppressing New York Post bombshell
story of damaging Hunter Biden emails
Allum Bokhari, 14 Oct 2020

Hunter Biden emails show leveraging
connections with his father to boost Burisma pay
Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge, 14 Oct 2020

Secret email reveals Hunter Biden
introduced Joe Biden to Burisma executive
Matt Margolis, 14 Oct 2020

Inside the life of Hunter Biden,
Joe Biden’s scandal-plagued son
Emily Jacobs, 14 Oct 2020


The Revolution the US is experiencing
—and what if it succeeds?
Ron Lipsman, 14 Oct 2020

The Libertarian Betrayal
Is an America governed by the ideas of AOC 
and Bernie Sanders really what Libertarians want?
Bruce Bawer, 14 Oct 2020

Secret email reveals Hunter Biden
introduced Joe Biden to Burisma executive
Matt Margolis, 14 Oct 2020

What happened to the Riots?
Rick Fuentes, 14 Oct 2020

The Black Trump Vote
Dr. Benjamin Wiker, 12 Oct 2020

Looking beyond the polls, there
continue to be signs that Trump will win
Andrea Widburg, 11 Oct 2020

Ted Cruz eviscerates Sheldon Whitehouse
on Citizens United  and dark money
Tyler O'Neil, 13 Oct 2020

One praises Amy Coney Barrett, the other praises Donald Trump!
It's 'pigs flying' time for CNN viewers
and New York Times readers
Andrea Widburg, 14 Oct 2020

The greatest example of Muslim Deceit
(Taqiyya) in Western history
And one Muslim ruler is twisting it around to demand “reparations” from Spain.
Raymond Ibrahim, 14 Oct 2020

FACEPALM: Senator Hirono asks ACB
the most ridiculous question (so far)
Matt Margolis, 14 Oct 2020

Muslim migrant ‘Ambassador of Saxony’
beats woman to death

A model of migrant integration shows that old attitudes die hard.
Robert Spencer, 14 Oct 2020


Look at THIS cupid stunt.
Please, Lord, keep the schools CLOSED!
Seattle teacher tells 8th graders that Peace
is ‘Racist,’ Art History is ‘White Supremacist’
Alana Mastrangelo, 13 Oct 2020

The Year of Fear
Why Americans have stopped learning about Courage.
Jack Kerwick, 13 Oct 2020

Dems are fear-mongering because they think
they’re going to lose and want riots to continue
Stephen Kruiser, 13 Oct 2020

Golly, I hope the police won't have to
mow them down with machine guns!
Left-wing radicals post online guide to
'disrupting' the country if election is close
Joel B. Pollak, 12 Oct 2020

Mother of slain right-wing protester: ‘He was
murdered because he backed the police’
Tim Pearce, 12 Oct 2020

Why some people take Q-Anon's
pedophilia allegations seriously
Robert Oscar Lopez, 13 Oct 2020

Pence: After 60 million infected
with Swine Flu on his watch, ‘we can’t
trust Joe Biden to deal with the Pandemic’
Matthew Boyle, 12 Oct 2020

California Republicans defend drop boxes:
If Democrats can do ‘ballot harvesting,’ so can we
Joel B. Pollak, 13 Oct 2020

The Civil Rights Legend who
opposed Critical Race Theory
Steve Klinsky, 12 Oct 2020

   Margaret Thatcher
     (13 Oct 1925 - 8 Apr 2013)
Free Society speech, 1975  (video clip)
Speech launching "Free Enterprise Week"  1 July 1975
The Lady's Not For Turning  10 Oct 1980

Reagan's Leadership, America's Recovery   30 Dec 1988
On socialism, 22 Nov 1990  (video)
The Moral Foundations of Society 1 March 1995
Challenge of Educating for 21st-Century Citizenship    
        Oct 1999              

Challenges Facing the 21st Century  April 2001
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan:   11 June 2004   (video here)     
Margaret Thatcher and the Revival of the West 
        Ronald Reagan, May 1989
Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Freedom 
        John O'Sullivan, 1 June 2008
Never Wobbly  Claire Berlinski's There Is No Alternative,
reviewed by Vincent Carroll, 19 Nov 2008
Mrs T's unassailable legacy  Boris Johnson, 3 May 2009
Why Margaret Thatcher Matters  Marcia Sielaff, 6 Nov 2010
The Invincible Mrs. Thatcher  Charles Moore, 18 Nov 2011


Biden gaslights Americans over who
was responsible for the Lockdown
Andrea Widburg, 12 Oct 2020

Don't let the Media win this election
Frank Miele, 12 Oct 2020

Democrat Barbara Bollier just lost the
Kansas Senate race 3 weeks ahead of schedule
Kane, 12 Oct 2020

Monty Python legend warns 'hate speech' laws
'disastrous to the creative process'
Jack Montgomery, 11 Oct 2020

Tennessee bishop asks Biden how
he will explain his abortion position to God
Thomas D. Williams, 12 Oct 2020

I've had it with these 'pro-life evangelicals
for Biden.' You can't be pro-life and pro-Biden.
Paula Bolyard, 11 Oct 2020

When only some lives matter, then no lives matter
Red Square, 11 Oct 2020

Police make mass arrest overnight
in riot-torn Portland
Penny Starr, 11 Oct 2020

Another young Republican has
another phenomenal campaign video
Andrea Widburg, 12 Oct 2020

Local news affiliate at AZ event attended
by Biden, Harris: ‘technically a big event
but not a lot of fanfare’ —
‘can’t tell anything much is going on’
Jeff Poor, 11 Oct 2020

He appears to be mistaking having his comments
used as an endorsement for having them used as a rebuttal.
Dr. Fauci is upset that his comments
ended up in a new Trump ad
Stacey Lennox, 12 Oct 2020


Happy Columbus Day,
you adorable White Supremacist
Rick Moran, 10 Oct 2020

Christopher Columbus:
A Progressive tool for discrediting America

The Left’s vicious assault on American history ensues.
Bruce Thornton, 16 Oct 2019

Puerto Rico governor endorses Trump
Celine Castronuovo, 6 Oct 2020

Signs that Trump isn’t going to win on Nov. 3  
Kevin McCullough, 11 Oct 2020 
Just kidding!

Yelp pledges to create blacklist
of companies accused of Racism
Libby Emmons, 9 Oct 2020


Fake-Poll Alert: Proof Biden is not winning
Wayne Allyn Root, 11 Oct 2020

No one is showing up to Biden-Harris
events and no one is watching online
Biden-Harris have only 3% of President Trump's online viewership.
Joe Hoft, 9 Oct 2020

This week's wrap-up of Ballot Shenanigans
Victoria Taft, 10 Oct 2020

Democrats want voters in the dark
with this version of Truman Show
Jonathan Turley, 10 Oct 2020

Poll: The Shy Trump Vote is bigger this year...and
who falls into this category should terrify Democrats
Matt Vespa, 10 Oct 2020

Revealed: Anti-Trump New England
Journal of Medicine
is partnered with
a Chinese Communist publishing house
Natalie Winters, 8 Oct 2020

BLM supporter tied to
Michigan Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot
Victoria Taft, 10 Oct 2020

How modern education makes Good Little Marxists
Troy Smith, 11 Oct 2020

Pastor Aaron Lewis to Kamala Harris 'Screw you!'
The black pastor didn't hold back at AMPFest2020.
Kerry Marasco, 10 Oct 2020

Anti-Barrett letter with 'thousands' of signees
contains duplicates and dead people
Rick Moran, 10 Oct 2020

The Battle of Tours-Poitiers, 732 A.D.
Historians have assigned various October dates to the first crucial battle to halt the malign advance of Islam in western Europe.  Some say it took place on the 10th; others say it was the 18th or 25th.  But Victor Davis Hanson says it was October 11.  That's good enough for me.

The Battle of Tours    Raymond Ibrahim, 2013
The Battle of Tours-Poitiers Revisited   William  Watson, 1993
Battle of Moussais (Poitiers II): October 732  (incl. pictures)
The Battle of Tours   Wikipedia
Reliving the Battle of Tours-Poitiers
 Brad MacDonald, 2007


Gallup: More voters say they're better off
under Trump than Obama or Bush
Rick Moran, 9 Oct 2020

Planning something sinister? Twitter shuts down
Ric Grenell for tweet demonstrating ballot fraud
Monica Showalter, 10 Oct 2020

Yes, Hillary Clinton orchestrated
the Russia-Collusion farce
Andrew C. McCarthy, 10 Oct 2020

One step closer to Despotism?
Lee Smith, 8 Oct 2020

5 Ways Hunter Biden's business deals
empowered China at America's expense
Tyler O'Neil, 9 Oct 2020

Well, Steve Scully's 'I was hacked' defense
for unprofessional Trump tweet
just got shredded
Matt Vespa, 10 Oct 2020

Trump's path to victory
(with a nod to Washington State)
Sean Trende, 9 Oct 2020

Being pro-Trump has caused me more grief
than being Osama bin Laden’s niece
Why do I support Donald Trump? Look at his record.
Noor bin Ladin, 8 Oct 2020

The FBI finds its right-wing terrorist group
But some members are Trump-hating anarchists, like Antifa.
John Dietrich, 10 Oct 2020

Planned Bankruptcy
Baron Bodissey, 8 Oct 2020 (from Hans Heckel, 12 Sept)

Why doesn't it  feel like Biden is winning?
Adam Mill, 5 Oct 2020


Biden is blatantly hiding the single
biggest issue in his campaign
Andrea Widburg, 9 Oct 2020

Lake Erie and the 'Science of Climate Change'
President Trump was right: “I don’t think the science knows.”
Jack Cashill, 9 Oct 2020

Rigged debate? Check out who the
next moderator was caught tweeting to
Monica Showalter, 9 Oct 2020

Trump's brilliant stimulus ploy rattles Democrats
Liz Peek, 8 Oct 2020

Lawsuit forces Northam to lift onerous
COVID restrictions on church services
Tyler O'Neil, 8 Oct 2020

No, Trump didn't Blame Gold Star Families
for his COVID-19 infection
Matt Margolis, 8 Oct 2020

On the peculiar character of American 'racism'
David Azerrad, 7 Oct 2020

Crush and Destroy culture
Richard Moss, 9 Oct 2020

Turning the tables on Democrats’ Russia hoax
Director of National Intelligence declassifies startling info about Obama, Hillary and Brennan.
Lloyd Billingsley, 9 Oct 2020

Joe Biden has offshored US jobs,
and his family's racketeering, to China
Chris Talgo, 8 Oct 2020

At least two of Gretchen Whitmer's kidnapping
conspirators appear to be anti-Trump anarchists
Victoria Taft, 9 Oct 2020


Awful Kamala Harris debate performance
boosts Trump reelection chances
Steve Watson, 8 Oct 2020

Newt Gingrich predicts some
disturbing events if Biden wins
Andrea Widburg, 6 Oct 2020

The Smoking Gun: Where is the Coronavirus?
The CDC says it isn't available.
Jon Rappoport, 8 Oct 2020
(HT: Virginia J.)

Swedish populists see largest rise
in support in Stockholm
Chris Tomlinson, 8 Oct 2020

DHS omits 'Antifa' from latest domestic threat assessment.
Joel B. Pollak, 7 Oct 2020

Unions were Democratic shock troops—until 2020
David Osborne, 8 Oct 2020

Trump's health care plan:
More to look forward to
Ken Blackwell, 8 Oct 2020

Democrats want you to pay the Media's bills
Daniel Greenfield, 8 Oct 2020

K–12: Sight-Words are a sick joke
Bruce Deitrick Price, 8 Oct 2020


VP Debate Recap: Mike Pence
eviscerates the Biden-Harris campaign
Tyler O'Neil, 7 Oct 2020

Kamala Harris lied about Abraham Lincoln
and the Supreme Court
Tyler O'Neil, 8 Oct 2020

It’s far too early to write off Donald Trump
Two key factors point to him winning in four weeks’ time
Matt Mayer, 6 Oct 2020

Trump is outperforming
his 2016 polling in swing states
Matt Margolis, 7 Oct 2020

The Mount Rushmore Election
John Fonte, 5 Oct 2020

What did Obama know?
Byron York, 7 Oct 2020

A Failed Experiment
The lockdowns must end.
John Tierney, 7 Oct 2020


Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies
Janice Shaw Crouse, 7 Oct 2020

Living in the Left's upside down world
I may well have entered the Twilight Zone.
Bruce Hendry, 7 Oct 2020

Election Fraud is definitely
on the 2020 menu—Just ask Biden!
Stephen Kruiser, 6 Oct 2020

The Fascist America that Kamala promises
Jack Cashill, 7 Oct 2020

The elements of Revolution are all in place
Including an election from which there could be no turning back.
Don Feder, 7 Oct 2020

The Supreme Court and appellate courts
are drawing back from voting madness
Andrea Widburg, 7 Oct 2020

The Election in Black and White
A response to Michelle Obama’s racist attack.
David Horowitz, 7 Oct 2020

Christopher Wray and FBI under fire
for excessive redactions and slow-walking
release of declassified docs
Megan Fox, 7 Oct 2020

James Comey and Robert Mueller have
massive Clinton Foundation problems
Charles Ortel, 6 Oct 2020

Biden threatens religious freedom, suggests
Christians with certain traditional
views are 'dregs of society'
Tyler O'Neil, 5 Oct 2020

California governor's office tells diners
to wear masks "in between bites"
Caitlin O'Kane, 6 Oct 2020

Cancel Culture? Christian college boots Babylon
Bee CEO from 'sacred space' after student outrage
Tyler O'Neil, 6 Oct 2020

U.S. unveils long-anticipated restrictions
on H-1B guest worker program
Camilo Montoya-Galvez, 7 Oct 2020

One of the most momentous battles in
world history was fought on October 7, 1571.
Remember Lepanto!
by Robert McMullen
        …Now, the Turks had raised a fleet of 181 ships, carrying some 30,000 soldiers, and Malta was the prize they sought. Their goal was to plunder and sweep all the ships of Christian Europe from the Mediterranean. Then, in control of the sea lanes and trade routes, with their naval and economic power supreme, all of Europe would be set to fall before them.  The Turkish fleet appeared off the coast of Malta, and laid siege to the island. All through the summer of 1565 the contest for Malta raged…
Read on:

Lepanto, by G.K. Chesterton
White founts falling in the courts of the sun,
And the Soldan of Byzantium is smiling as they run;
There is laughter like the fountains in that face of all men feared,
It stirs the forest darkness, the darkness of his beard,
It curls the blood-red crescent, the crescent of his lips,
For the inmost sea of all the earth is shaken with his ships.
They have dared the white republics up the capes of Italy,
They have dashed the Adriatic round the Lion of the Sea,
And the Pope has cast his arms abroad for agony and loss,
And called the kings of Christendom for swords about the Cross…
The rest of the poem:


Against Fear
President Trump’s handling of his coronavirus diagnosis
models positive masculinity—rational and unbowed.
Heather Mac Donald, 5 Oct 2020

Coronavirus battle shows
the bravery of President Trump
Miranda Devine, 5 Oct 2020

BLM - A righteous cause
or Communism in Blackface?
Joshua Washington, 6 Oct 2020

About all those positive COVID 'cases'
Fauci keeps freaking out over...
Stacey Lennox, 5 Oct 2020

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:
Deep State is working with “Deep Church”
to transform Catholic Church into
spiritual arm of New World Order

A striking claim from a Catholic bishop.
Richard Moorhead, 5 Oct 2020

Wow—Joe Biden just made another comment on
the campaign trail that sounds awfully racist
Matt Margolis, 5 Oct 2020

Dems 'trying to steal the election' in NC, PA, NV, NJ
Trent Baker, 4 Oct 2020

Red states are outperforming blue states economically
Nihal Krishan, 3 Oct 2020

Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court needs to
'fix' Obergefell after the jailing of Kim Davis
Tyler O'Neil, 5 Oct 2020

Hypocritical Housewives of Dallas
Katie Hopkins, 6 Oct 2020

Finally, an accurate poll?
Michael Bertolone, 6 Oct 2020

Man scolded for cuddling grieving mother
at social-distanced funeral
Victoria Friedman, 6 Oct 2020

How much does the government know about you?
Larry Alton, 6 Oct 2020

Islam’s Sexual Enslavement of White Women
And it's featured in pictures.
Raymond Ibrahim, 6 Oct 2020


Trump has more in common with
Lincoln than you might think
John Cribb, 2 Oct 2020

The Working Class vs. Wokism
Randy Boudreaux, 5 Oct 2020

Efforts to speed up ballot
counting in three states FAIL
Rick Moran, 4 Oct 2020

Vote Fraud reminds us why
we need the Electoral College
James P. Pinkerton, 4 Oct 2020

No Joe, you didn’t hand Trump a booming economy
Issues & Insights editorial, 5 Oct 2020

The Bonfire of the West
An interview with Bruce Thornton.
5 Oct 2020

The real reason why Leftists can't and won't
express good wishes for Trump's recovery
Robert Spencer, 4 Oct 2020

New Yorkers close Fifth Avenue to support
Donald Trump as he fights coronavirus
Katherine Rodriguez, 4 Oct 2020

Meet the suburban women who
may yet win the election for Trump
Salena Zito, 4 Oct 2020

Nobody says "Is the Pope Catholic?" any more.
Pope Francis goes Full Communist
Andrea Widburg, 5 Oct 2020

How Socialism Will Trash Your Life
A new book paints a sobering picture
of the future for young fans of Socialism.
Mark Tapson, 5 Oct 2020


The Media's mad obsession with White Supremacy
It isn’t the Proud Boys who have been
rioting for the past two four months.
Brendan O'Neill, 1 Oct 2020

Trump actions on Coronavirus
saved hundreds of lives, new report shows
Rep. Steve Scalise, 3 Oct 2020

Six most misleading claims from Joe Biden
Kathleen Rodriguez, 3 Oct 2020

First black billionaire: 'I haven't heard anything
coherent from Biden' on Econ, trusts Trump more
Tyler O'Neil, 1 Oct 2020

Biden: No apology for Dem support of
Slavery, Segregation, White Supremacy
Jeffrey Lord, 1 Oct 2020

USA or NBA? That is an easy choice for me
Jason Whitlock, 2 Oct 2020

The Left's sickening lack of decency
on ailing President Trump
Michael Goodwin, 4 Oct 2020

As Trump battles Covid, BLM/Antifa
disrupt Trump rally in Beverly Hills
Robert Kraychik, 3 Oct 2020

Seth Rich: The murder
Washington doesn't want solved
Jack Cashill, 28 Sept 2020

Parents outraged after Ohio high school
football game turns into a BLM rally
Paula Bolyard, 3 Oct 2020

What a lame and lying tw@t!
Andrew McCabe dodges Senate hearing,
citing Coronavirus concerns (!)
Rick Moran, 4 Oct 2020

Tens turn out to see Bernie
Sanders campaign for Joe Biden
Kyle Olson, 3 Oct 2020

Virginia forces Christian ministries to
adopt 'government ideology' or pay $100K
Tyler O'Neil, 30 Sept 2020

Michigan Supreme Court strikes down
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Pandemic Powers
Rick Moran, 3 Oct 2020


Why is President Trump in the Hospital?
Brian C. Joondeph, MD, 3 Oct 2020

How 'America First' broke the Establishment Curse
David P. Goldman, 1 Oct 2020

He's really honest.  And it's the end of America.
Vox's Ezra Stein explains
what will happen if Democrats win
Andrea Widburg, 3 Oct 2020

Democrats would destroy Supreme Court
with scheme to pack Justices
Jonathan Turley, 3 Oct 2020

September jobs numbers best
since Reagan era, don't panic America
Andy Puzder, 2 Oct 2020

Private Property: The Final Showdown
Once the police are gone, nothing can stop the Mob
Phil Orenstein, 30 Sept 2020

Wow! It's gotten so bad that a Leftist recognizes it.
Macron to target Islamist 'separatism' in France
Breitbart London, 3 Oct 2020

Critical Race Theory as pandemic response?
California requires 'equity' to ease lockdowns
Tyler O'Neil, 2 Oct 2020


Unpacking Joe Biden's lies
about the Trump job-creation miracle
Andy Puzder, 1 Oct 2020

Reps. Comer & Jordan:
Democrats want to use mail-in ballots to
steal election and deny Trump second term
There is plenty of evidence of election crimes
and administrative errors associated with mail-in voting.
James Comer and Jim Jordan, 2 Oct 2020

World reacts to Donald Trump, First
Lady Melania Trump coronavirus diagnosis
Simon Kent, 2 Oct 2020

Three Cheeers for 'Land of Hope'
An American history textbook
that you want your kids to learn from.
Bruce Bawer, 2 Oct 2020

AP issues new guidance
for reporters to cover up Leftist Violence
Bronson Stocking, 30 Sept 2020

Why the Left cries 'Fascist'
R.E. Campbell, 2 Oct 2020

'They rape our women, kill our people,
and burn our properties'
The persecution Christians experienced
at the hands of Muslims in just one month.
Raymond Ibrahim, 2 Oct 2020

Sandmann's lawyer to sue Joe Biden
for calling Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist
Tyler O'Neil, 1 Oct 2020

Hillary Clinton implicated in Spygate collusion plot
Kane, 29  Sept 2020

Who are the Proud Boys?
Grant Baker, 2 Oct 2020

Trek-Segafredo team suspends Quinn Simmons for 1-word Tweet.
American cyclist suspended from team over
so-called 'divisive' tweet supporting Trump
Ryan Gados, 1 Oct 2020

Why I'm leaving California
Ben Shapiro, 30 Sept 2020


Democrats: Riots, Racism, Rot, and Rebellion
J. Robert Smith, 1 Oct 2020

Josh Hawley exposes James Comey
under oath... and it's FIRE
Megan Fox, 30 Sept 2020

Black Lives Matter leaders support violent riots,
Biden won’t condemn them
Daniel Greenfield, 1 Oct 2020

The Unscientific attack on
the science of Dr. Scott Atlas
Victor Davis Hanson, 1 Oct 2020

Telemundo Poll:
66 percent of Spanish-speaking viewers believe
Trump defeated Biden in Presidential debate
Shane Trejo, 30 Sept 2020

Philadelphia: Trump campaign threatens
to sue over satellite election office access
Joshua Caplan, 30 Sept 2020

Washington Post:
Mueller prosecutor investigated for misleading
Congress about political pressure on Stone case
Mollie Hemingway, 29 Sept 2020

Why do some Republicans drift Leftward?
Steve Feinstein, 1 Oct 2020

Stripping Jews of their self-defense
is what the U Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
divestment vote is about
The dark side of the BDS intersectionality agenda.
2020 Richard L. Cravatts, 1 Oct 2020

Trump eviscerates the false narrative about his
Proud Boys answer to white supremacy question
Tyler O'Neil, 1 Oct 2020

The Top Ten America-Hating Professors
Sara Dogan, 1 Oct 2020

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