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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Democrats love this idea, because they're a bunch of snitchy tw@ts.
Chinese Social Credit score prevents 2.5 million
"discredited entities" from buying plane tickets
by Paul Joseph Watson, 19 Aug 2019

Forty-nine years after coming to America,
I became a citizen because I want
to vote for President Trump
Clara, 18 Aug 2019

Back to school and Howard Zinn in the classroom
Turning American youth against their country.
Mary Grabar, 19 Aug 2019

Cosmic Injustice
Victor Davis Hanson, 18 Aug 2019

Dear Lindsey Graham: Be a man, not a meme
Margot Cleveland, 19 Aug 2019

Trump and Tone
Roger Kimball, 17 Aug 2019

"Anarchy and chaos":
Violent Antifa protests break out in Portland
Hannah Bleau, 17 Aug 2019

The student debt you willingly took on
is not my problem to solve
Margot Cleveland, 15 Aug 2019

Judge rules against Planned Parenthood's bid
to freeze Administration's new abortion rules
Rick Moran, 17 Aug 2019

Mayor Lightfoot confronts Chicago's riddle:
How to close the $1 billion budget gap
Chicago Tribune editorial, 16 Aug 2019

Doing Something to the Second Amendment
for the sake of appearance would be disastrous

Confiscation of guns from the law-abiding violates the Constitution.
Andrew P. Napolitano, 14 Aug 2019

Trump Administration scores
a partial victory on asylum ban

Rick Moran, 17 Aug 2019

Here's why my fellow Millennials
are seduced by Socialism

by David Grasso, 17 Aug 2019

Taxing the Rich at 100 percent won't come close
to paying for socialist agenda, study finds

Tyler O'Neil, 16 Aug 2019

Antifa and the Collectivist Way of War
by Paul Krause, 17 Aug 2019

The Mountebank Left is banking on you
Introducing the 1619 Project.
by Thaddeus G. McCotter, 16 Aug 2019

The Congressional Black Caucus
should thank Donald Trump
by Derrick Wilburn, 17 Aug 2019

Liberals might learn lessons
from a time machine

William Marshall, 17 Aug 2019

Buying Greenland isn't a good idea
— it's a great idea

Washington Examiner editorial, 17 Aug 2019


Beware the Gun-Grabbing Crisis Vultures
How the VA 'red-flags' patriots.
Michelle Malkin, 15 Aug 2019

Israel tells Omar and Tlaib
what to do with their B(D)S
Stephen Kruiser, 16 Aug 2019

Federal judge rules against Maryland
as Judicial Watch wins big to
uncover obvious vote fraud potential
by Thomas Lifson, 16 Aug 2019

"Medicare for All" is a dire threat
to Medicare for retirees
Betsy McCaughey, 7 Aug 2019

Google whistleblower claims FBI, SWAT,
bomb squad appeared at his home
Tyler O'Neil, 15 Aug 2019

Rape and Slavery:
Islam’s true
"cultural exchange" with the West
Raymond Ibrahim, 16 Aug 2019

Why is Trump responsible for white supremacist
attacks and AOC not to blame for attacks on ICE?
Rick Moran, 15 Aug 2019

IDF settles account with murderers of Israeli teen
Thwarts major terrorist infiltration in the south.
Ari Lieberman, 15 Aug 2019


How the Federal government nullified the
Second Amendment to
"ban" automatic firearms
by William Sullivan, 14 Aug 2019

"Stand with Hong Kong!
Where is the free world's Reaganesque response?
by Claudia Rosett, 14 Aug 2019

Liberal Justices are still notching victories
despite conservative Supreme Court
Kevin Daley, 15 Aug 2019

'The Hunt' movie reveals just how far
liberals' derangement will take them
Tammy Bruce, 15 Aug 2019

Can the Democratic Party govern America?
Steve McCann, 14 Aug 2019

The rise of cultural and economic Jihadism
in American civilization
Selling us cultural suicide as a moral virtue.
by Jason D. Hill, 14 Aug 2019

Mystery, anger linger over the firing of a
pro-Trump top State Department official
Kristing Wong, 14 Aug 2019

Rot of journalism ethics at New York Times
Michael Goodwin, 14 Aug 2019

"Assimilate or leave" has always
been U.S. immigration policy
Civis Americanus, 14 Aug 2019

Leftists threaten contractor in Fla;
day before ICE facility shot at in Texas
John Binder, 13 Aug 2019

Of course, there's a
White Nationalist Terrorist threat
Christopher Chantrill, 14 Aug 2019


Every Democrat in the Senate supports a
Constitutional amendment that would
radically curtail freedom of speech
The Democracy for All Amendment aims to
mute some voices so that others can be heard.
Jacob Sullum, 12 Aug 2019

Jeffrey Epstein and the Death of Trust
by Julie Kelly, 12 Aug 2019

Have Republicans learned these
crucial lessons from ObamaCare?
by Bryan Preston, 12 Aug 2019

Sorry, but it's not racist to screen out
migrants who'll be a burden
Jonathan S. Tobin, 13 Aug 2019

What Hong Kong unrest tells us about
China's plans for the rest of the world
by James Jay Carafano, 13 Aug 2019

Netflix lays further waste to
the 'quarterly capitalism' narrative
by John Tamny, 13 Aug 2019


Illegal immigration hurts black workers most
by Spencer P. Morrison, 13 Aug 2019

Liz Warren vows to tax gun owners
back to the Stone Age with radical
anti-Second Amendment agenda
Stephen Green, 12 Aug 2019

Gore says his global warming predictions
have come true? Can he prove it?
by J, Frank Bullitt, 12 Aug 2019

Media Bias/Fact Check:
Just another bogus leftist media watchdog
Spreading Leftist propaganda in the guise of fighting fake news.
by Robert Spencer, 12 Aug 2019

CNN's Chris Cuomo threatens violence
after man calls him
Hannah Bleau, 12 Aug 2019

Libs, including Chris Cuomo,
are okay with using Fredo as an insult
by Jim Treacher, 13 Aug 2019

Leaving the Democrats
by Anthony Keith, 13 Aug 2019

The party of Robert F. Kennedy is gone
Hugh Hewitt, 13 Aug 2019

Meanwhile, this is what LGBTQ
organizations are doing to society
by Dennis Prager, 13 Aug 2019

America should view China as
a hostile, revolutionary power
Washington needs to counter Beijing in the realm
of public diplomacy and global opinion.
Bradley A. Thayer and Lianchao Han, 9 Aug 2019


The mysterious, outrageous death of Jeffrey Epstein
It’s next to impossible to kill oneself in jail
—I know, because I’ve been there.
by Judith Miller, 11 Aug 2019

Journos’ debunker mentality:
Rush to rip conspiracy talk
by Sohrab Ahmari, 12 Aug 2019

What kind of rhetoric causes the shooting of whites?
by Selwyn Duke, 12 Aug 2019

Illegal alien accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts
claims "Constitutional rights" violated
John Binder, 11 Aug 2019

Why are you relinquishing
your birthright to the Democrats?
by Eileen F. Toplansky, 12 Aug 2019

Civil Discourse was one more
victim of the shootings
Frank Miele, 12 Aug 2019

The demise of Google's free speech movement
by Allum Bokhari, 11 Aug 2019

White Supremacy: Like manna to the Left
by Roger Kimball, 10 Aug 2019

Disturbing nuclear reports from Russia,
a scare for Alaska … and Hillary Clinton's
uranium sales to Russia
by Monica Showalter, 11 Aug 2019

Elizabeth Warren spreads falsehood
about Ferguson shooting
by Sharyl Attkisson, 10 Aug 2019

Mass Killings vs. Mass Shootings
by Richard Fernandez, 11 Aug 2019

Central American drug dealers having
a field day in those sanctuary cities
by Monica Showalter, 11 Aug 2019

The New York Times modifies
its motto to fit leftist agenda
by Michael Goodwin, 11 Aug 2019

Freddie Mercury and the Persian Queen
by Amil Imani, 11 Aug 2019


Finally! DOE will investigate whether
Connecticut trans sports policy
discriminates against girls
by Tyler O'Neil, 9 Aug 2019

The gun deal we'd like to see
New York Sun editorial, 8 Aug 2019

Lindsey Graham politely explains to
idiot reporters why he needs an AR-15
Stephen Kruiser, 10 Aug 2019

The fallacy of Red Flag laws
by Mark A . Scaringi, 10 Aug 2019

Blame China's broken promises
for Trump imposing tariffs
Andy Puzder, 8 Aug 2019

America's Identity Crisis
by Joel Kotkin, 8 Aug 2019

Politifact rates Biden claim about Trump 'false'
Matt Margolis, 9 Aug 2019

Trump executive order
will call for Big Tech regulation
Tyler O'Neil, 9 Aug 2019

Labor unions officially abandon
the interests of their members
by Thomas Lifson, 10 Aug 2019

Poll: Donald Trump more popular
in New York than Bill de Blasio
by Kyle Morris, 7 Aug 2019

Don't do "anything" about gun violence
Washington Examiner editorial, 9 Aug 2019

"Red Flag laws" just legitimize "swatting"
Stu Tarlowe, 9 Aug 2019

We need Criminal and Crazy control,
not Gun control
by Daniel Greenfield, 9 Aug 2019

A health care system that's the envy of the world
by Valerie Sobel, 9 Aug 2019

Donald Trump's no racist,
as past acts and Presidential record prove
by Andrew Stein, 7 Aug 2019

Media spin for Biden, deceptively omit
Trump’s condemnation of neo-Nazis
in Charlottesville remarks
by Jerome Hudson, 8 Aug 2919

How to tell if a Trump supporter is racist
Three key questions.
Dennis Prager, 8 Aug 2019

Joe Biden:
"We choose Truth over Facts"
by Matt Margolis, 9 Aug 2019

Trump order also grants Barr power
to declassify still-secret Hillary docs
by Paul Sperry, 7 Aug 2019

Judicial Watch uncovers
more Comey corruption
Tom Fitton, 8 Aug 2019

We killed God, Family, and Community
—and now it's killing us
by Thane Bellomo, 8 Aug 2019

Immigration restriction is not Hate
by Rich Lowry, 7 Aug 2019

Trump donor doxxed by Joaquin
Castro gets threatening voicemail
by Jim Treacher, 9 Aug 2019

83 groups condemn anti-Semitic Marxist
ethnic studies curriculum that omits Jews
by Tyler O'Neil, 7 Aug 2019



A President consoles two grieving cities
Trump haters disgrace themselves on a solemn day.
by Joseph Klein, 8 Aug 2019
Has anyone actually read the El Paso Manifesto?
Byron York, 8 Aug 2019
The disciples of Keynes are today's "Flat Earthers"
by John Tamny, 8 Aug 2019
No, Tariffs won't ruin Christmas
Spencer P. Morrison, 5 Aug 2019
Poll: Majority of Blacks, Hispanics support
anti-illegal immigration 2020 candidates

by John Binder, 7 Aug 2019

Sister of slain El Paso couple blasts local Dems

for not welcoming Trump to their city

by Debra Heine, 7 Aug 2019

Joe Biden’s ‘buyback program’

is straight-up Gun Confiscation

by John Nolte, 7 Aug 2019

Stupid News

John Stossel, 7 Aug 2019

Dayton shooter Connor Betts

may be Antifa's first mass killer

Andy Ngo, 7 Aug 2019

Fact check: Did an Ohio Republican

really blame drag queens for mass shootings?

by Paula Bolyard, 7 Aug 2019

Could the INCEL community

be propelling mass shooters?

by Gabriel Williams, 7 Aug 2019

TPUSA high school leader: Pepper spray attack

on meeting ignored by mainstream media

by Alana Mastrangelo, 7 Aug 2019

Democrats exploiting mass shootings for

political gain have forgotten the

lessons of the Wellstone funeral

by Thomas Lifson, 7 Aug 2019

The real cause of the shootings

by Frank Friday, 7 Aug 2019

Joaquin Castro's doxxing

of voters is un-American

David Harsanyi, 6 Aug 2019


Politicizing Murder with Lies

Exploiting the deaths of innocents
in El Paso and Dayton for political gain.
Bruce Thornton, 5 Aug 2019

Prince Harry may want 2 kids max

— but life is better with a big family

Bethany Mandel, 3 Aug 2019

John "Red , White & Blue" James

is the future of the GOP

by Tori Sachs, 5 Aug 2019

Why we need a Senate resolution

denouncing Socialism

Jenny Beth Martin, 5 Aug 2019

NAACP shows its irrelevance

Larry Elder, 5 Aug 2019


Democrats are the ones who have been inciting

violence against their political opponents

by Christopher Skeet, 6 Aug 2019

Trump condemns hate-based

violence and white supremacy

Urges unity to pursue bipartisan solutions addressing root causes.
Dems reject his message.
Joseph Klein, 6 Aug 2019

51% of mass shooters in 2019 were black:

Only 29% were white

No, mass shootings are not a “white man’s” problem.
Daniel Greenfield, 6 Aug 2019

Why are we hearing about the white

supremacist in El Paso and not the

Liz Warren supporter in Dayton?

Charlie Martin, 5 Aug 2019

Dayton shooter supported

gun control, socialism, Liz Warren

by Tyler O'Neil, 5 Aug 2019


The 1945 bombing of Hiroshima
(August 6) and Nagasaki (August 9

A reality check for those who
deplore the nuking of Japan

by Spike Hampson, 5 May 2018

In Hiroshima, Obama should celebrate the
friendship that the A-bomb made possible
by Jeff Jacoby, 14 May 2016

Obama, Truman and Hiroshima

There’s zero reason to apologize for the atomic bombing, which forestalled invasion and saved lives.
by Wilson D. Miscamble, 12 May 2016

The Upside of Power

by Bill Hodges, M.D., 12 August 2015

Why dropping the bomb 70 years ago
was necessary, and why we need
to be ready to do it again

by George Jonas, 7 Aug 2015

Recalling Hiroshima and Nagasaki
With every receding year, there’s only one bad guy in the Pacific war.
by Mark Tooley, 9 Aug 2013

Terrible, but not a crime
Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be remembered for the suffering which was brought to an end.
by Oliver Kamm, 6 Aug 2007,,2142224,00.html

What would you have done?
It's all too easy to condemn the bombing of Hiroshima.
by Max Hastings, 30 July 2005,3604,1539275,00.html


Vox confirms that, yes,
they DO want to take our guns

by Stephen Kruiser, 4 Aug 2019

El Paso: The real root causes of mass shootings
Selwyn Duke, 5 Aug 2019

No, the United States doesn't
lead the world in mass shootings

Matt Margolis, 4 Aug 2019

Unable to control poop in the streets, San Francisco
turns its attentions to plastic water bottles

by John Ellis, 3 Aug 2019

Are Democrats channeling their inner Lenin?
by Frank Miele, 5 Aug 2019

There's no hypocrite like a rich,
jet-setting Anti-Global-Warming one

The official count of private jets wafting into Palermo for the 'great
consult' stands at 114, for a maximum of 300 attending: 3 per jet.
by Rex Murphy, 4 Aug 2019


Left tries dishonesty in bid to
turn El Paso shooter into a Republican

by Monica Showalter, 4 Aug 2019

Bad Cop Kamala Harris calls for

house-to-house searches to confiscate firearms

by Monica Showalter, 4 Aug 2019

The abolition of women

If schools support women, why do they
teach the young that women aren't real?
by Everett Piper, 2 Aug 2019

Washington D.C. conference

"Climate Delusion"
by Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr, 3 Aug 2019

The Anti-Semitism Monopoly

by Ilya Feoktistov, 4 Aug 2019

Don’t buy the myth of the
"moderate" Democrat
by Bob Maistros, 3 Aug 2019

Humans will never colonize Mars
by George Dvorsky, 30 July 2019

Equal, not the Same:
Identity politics is toxic to our republic

by Ryan Sitton, 2 Aug 2019

Mario Lopez shouldn’t apologize
for telling the truth about trans kids

by Meghan Murphy, 2 Aug 2019

How many
"moderate" Muslims
are really
"sleepers" ?
by Raymond Ibrahim, 2 Aug 2019

Unlearners and the Left

Robert Curry, 3 Aug 2019

Trump support from black voters UP
despite Media and Democrat smears

Matt Margolis, 2 Aug 2019

Trump’s foreign policy only creates
crises for fictions the Establishment loves

by Sohrab Ahmari, 2 Aug 2019

Trump withdraws Ratcliffe from consideration
for Director of National Intelligence

by Rick Moran, 2 Aug 2019


Lefty alarmism about Global Warming has met
its match with Conservative hysteria about Deficits
by John Tamny, 2 Aug 2019

New evidence unveils disturbing facts 
about Hillary's email scandal
FBI is implicatedin destroying evidence to benefit Clinton.
Deborah Weiss, 2 Aug 2019

As police prestige declines,
crime increases and Civilization weakens
The unraveling of law and order.
Bruce Thornton, 1 Aug 2019

The real equivalent of World War II
by David Gayvert, 2 Aug 2019

Who'll blink first — Boris Johnson or the EU?
by James Forsyth, 1 Aug 2019

At Oberlin and elsewhere,

anti-Semitism was canary in the coal mine

Karen Bekker, 2 Aug 2019

President Trump shatters left-wing myths

by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, 2 Aug 2019

Jim Banks asks FBI to include Antifa

on list of extremist ideologies

by Kyle Morris, 1 Aug 2019


Beyond the scope?  Seriously?
by John C. Eastman, 1 Aug 2019

Trump confronts immigration lies:
"Cages for kids
were built by Obama, I ended child separation
Michael van der Galien, 1 Aug 2019

California's pathetic attempt to troll Trump

New York Post editorial, 1 Aug 2019

Elijah Cummings’ Emperor’s New Clothes moment
by Sheriff David Clarke (ret.), 1 Aug 2019

Trump is the least racist person in the world

by Charles Hurt, 31 July 2019

Ann Arbor could fine conservatives $500 per day

for not parroting left-wing talking points

by Debra Heine, 31 July 2019

Court to the Washington Post:

Don't try too hard to get it right

by Ann Coulter, 1 Aug 2019
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