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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
U.S. Policy toward the
International Criminal Court

John Bolton, speaking to the Federalist Society, 10 Sept 2018
O'Keefe video: DOJ resources used by
Socialist DOJ employee to target GOP

J. Christian Adams, 19 Sept 2018
Playing hardball with Hungary
by Bruce Bawer, 18 Sept 2018

Ford's accusation against Kavanaugh
is not credible

by J. Marsolo, 19 Sept 2018
'Believe women' is perilous baloney
Michell Malkin, 19 Sept 2018
Democrats’ smash and smear
agenda reaches new heights

by Michael Goodwin, 19 Sept 2018
Media continues its slow suicide
by Julie Kelly, 17 Sept 2018
Texas declares 'final victory' in Voter ID lawsuit
by Merrill Hope, 18 Sept 2018
A total failure’: Sweden has Europe's worst border
control, says EU report 'hushed up' for Election

 by Oliver JJ  Lane, 18 Sept 2018

Trump and Bolton take on the
International Criminal Court

by John Fonte, 18 Sept 2018

Deep State unmasked:

State Department on hidden cam,

"Resist everything," "I have nothing to lose"

James O'Keefe, 18 Sept 2018

The charges against Judge Kavanaugh

should be ignored

Dennis Prager, 18 Sept 2018

It's Susan Collins's moment

by William McGurn, 17 Sept 2018

A new color of Censorship from the SPLC

The hate group sets out to coopt major corporations.
by Daniel Greenfield, 18 Sept 2018

'My responsibility is to our own orphans'

Czech PM rejects pressure to import 50 ‘war children’
Virginia Hale, 17 Sept 2018

WaPo's attempted smear of Trump

Administration crashes and burns

by Rick Moran, 17 Sept 2018

A US-UK deal will revolutionize world trade

by Daniel Hannan, 17 Sept 2018

Humanness must trump Muslimness
by Amil Imani, 18 Sept 2018

Christ, she's gotten ugly as she's aged!
Actress Anne Hathaway calls for
destruction of the 'myth' of 'whiteness'
Justin Caruso, 16 Sept 2018


Professor accusing Kavanaugh is radical SJW
by Selwyn Duke, 17 Sept 2018

The Last-Minute Character Assassination
of Judge Kavanaugh

Desperate Dems revert to their old playbook.
by Joseph Klein, 17 Sept 2018

Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee
by 65 women who said they knew Judge Kavanaugh in high school.
14 Sept 2018

Weighing the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh 
David French, 17 Sept 2018

Is Dianne Feinstein the most
Senator in the United States?

by Michael Ledeen, 16 Sept 2018

Dianne Feinstein’s Metzenbaum Moment
Why the embattled senator really initiated the Kavanaugh smear campaign.
Lloyd Billingsley, 17 Sept 2018

Let's blame every death on President Trump

Brian C. Joondeph, 17 Sept 2018


Why black voters are turning to Trump
by Karin McQuillan, 14 Sept 2018

VICE: There are no 'good guys with a gun'

by A.W.R. Hawkins, 15 Sept 2018

The European Union would love

to control your internet use

by Janet Levy, 16 Sept 2018

Ending the Palestinian Exception

by Caroline Glick, 13 Sept 2018

Lisa Page bombshell:

FBI couldn't prove Trump-Russia

collusion before Mueller appointment

by John Solomon, 16 Sept 2018

Strzok vowed to use classified dossier briefing as

'pretext' to 'interview some people,' text reveals

by Debra Heine, 14 Sept 2018


Act For America declares Culture War
by Andrew E. Harrod, 15 Sept 2018

Manafort deal looks like good news

for Trump, terrible news for Democrats

by John Nolte, 15 Sept 2018

Never mind Paul Manafort, the Mueller

inquiry is the biggest scandal in US history

by Roger Kimball, 14 Sept 2018

Toxic Feminism

by David Solway, 14 Sept 2018

Norm MacDonald, #MeToo,

and the fatal flaw in the New Morality
by Jon Gabriel, 12 Sept 2018


Manafort's pro-Ukraine lobbying
campaign reached Obama, Biden

Marianne Levine, 14 Sept 2018

Manafort's guilty plea

Andrew C. McCarthy, 14 Sept 2018

FBI's 'media leak strategy'

against Trump needed a complicit media

by Larry O'Connor, 13 Sept 2018

Egg on their faces:

New York Times retracts false Nikki Haley smear

Tyler O'Neil, 14 Sept 2018

Senate Democrats want to talk transparency?

Let's talk about MemoGate

Debra Heine, 14 Sept 2018


Under White Privilege Theory, Progressives
won’t be happy until you hate your kids

You're probably perpetuating racism. How? Because you love your
kids and want them to do well in life. Which is just the worst, right?
by Robert Tracinski, 12 Sept 2018

John Kerry deserves jail for secret Iran diplomacy

Michael Rubin, 13 Sept 2018

Chutzpah in Strasbourg

David P. Goldman, 12 Sept 2018

Kavanaugh needs no defense

Senate Democrats disgrace themselves again.
Weekly Standard editorial, 14 Sept 2018

Google and China: Made for each other

by Roger L. Simon, 13 Sept 2018

It’s Official: Google Is a Democratic Party Front

by John Hinderaker, 12 Sept 2018

The Media's latest Poll Dance
by Brian C. Joondeph, 14 Sept 2018

Damning new Strzok text to Page:
“The Times is angry with us about the WP scoop”
by Sara Carter, 12 Sept 2018

Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament:
The EU is blackmailing Hungary

Baron Bodissey, 13 Sept 2018

Trump Administration
calls out Eurocracy over free speech

Christopher C. Hull, 11 Sept 2018

Dems silent as violence against Republicans escalates
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 12 Sept 2018

Kevin McCarthy:
‘It’s time for Google to answer some questions’

Lucas Nolan, 12 Sept 2018

Leaked video: Google leadership’s
dismayed reaction to Trump election

Allum Bokhari, 12 Sept 2018

Luxury Socialism and the end of the working Left

by Daniel Greenfield, 11 Sept 2018


The top five ways Obama attacked the free press
by Matt Margolis, 11 Sept 2018

'Silent donation': Corporate emails reveal
Google executives’ efforts to turn out Latino
voters who they thought would vote for Clinton

Matthew Boyle, 10 Sept 2018

Thanks, Obama!

Barack Obama reminds us why Donald Trump is president.
by David Harsanyi, 10 Sept 2018

Time for colleges to get some skin in the game

James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley, 11 Sept 2018

BBC bans climate 'deniers' from airwaves

James Delingpole, 10 Sept 2018 

Sen. Kamala Harris condemned for leading
Kavanaugh smear with deceptively edited video
Susan Berry, 10 Sept 2018

'Threats of rape and strangling' force D.C.
McAllister into hiding after anti-abortion tweet

Tyler O'Neil, 11 Sept 2018

Police in UK rape gang heartland
wage war…on hurty Tweets
James Delingpole, 10 Sept 2018

The intoxicating effects of socialist benevolence
by Roger Kimball, 10 Sept 2018

Mister Chief Justice: You have a major problem
by Ed Timperlake, 11 Sept 2018

Watch: Cheerleader pummels girl
who challenges her to a fistfight
Katherine Rodriguez, 10 Sept 2018

OCR investigating
'financial discrimination' against men at Tulane
Toni Airaksinen, 7 Sept 2018

Ten-year-old German boy raped
by classmates on school trip
Chris Tomlinson, 4 Sept 2018

Twitter suspends Benghazi hero Kris Paronto
for pointing out Obama did
not actually kill Bin Laden
by John Nolte, 10 Sept 2018

New York City firefighter:
How September 11, a day of tragedy,
can be a day of inspiration 17 years later
by Tim Sullivan, 11 Sept 2018

Sept. 11 Terror Attacks: 17 Years Later
The disturbing allegiances of the Democratic Party.
by Michael Cutler, 11 Sept 2018

Where did all the unity go?
by William Murchison, 11 Sept 2018

Memories of Leftist Glee About 9/11
How progressives saw poetic justice in planes plunging
into U.S. buildings packed with innocents.
by Jamie Glazov, 11 Sept 2018

On this day, December 7, 1957
A war with no end.
by Robert Spencer, 11 Sept 2017

Why did the terrorists choose September 11?
by Tyler O'Neil, 10 Sept 2016

Trump's economy boosts blue-collar jobs

by Neil Munro, 9 Sept 2018

Celebrating a booming economy

by Stephen Moore, 9 Sept 2018

Serena Williams:

A pathetic meltdown and victimhood

A haunting glimpse into the Left’s morbid victimology hierarchy.
Matthew Vadum, 10 Sept 2018

Why I directed Gosnell
by Nick Searcy, 5 Sept 2018

The Circus of Resistance

by Victor Davis Hanson, 9 Sept 2018

Senator Booker quotes violent racist

who urged murder of Jews, white people

“The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist.
We must take a lesson from Hitler.”
Daniel Greenfield, 10 Sept 2018

'Last Man Standing' stars

thank fans for bringing show back to TV

First telecast on September 28.
by Justin Caruso, 9 Sept 2018

Why was disco ever popular? Blame fake news

by Mike Konrad, 10 Sept 2018


'I am part of the Resistance inside the
news media,' and I'm not anonymous

by Frank Miele, 9 Sept 2018

Mr. Rosenstein, what is the crime?

by Andrew C. McCarthy, 8 Sept 2018

The University is ripe for replacement

by David Solway, 7 Sept 2018

The glory days may be dead and gone

for social media giants

by Liz Peek, 7 Sept 2018

Why Trump's record trumps the media spin

by Christian Whiton, 7 Sept 2018

Salvini to present deportation plan:

'More immigrants equals more delinquents'

by Chris Tomlinson, 8 Sept 2018


The banality of Barack
by Julie Kelly, 7 Sept 2018

Democrats opposed every

policy boosting the Economy

Joel B. Pollak, 8 Sept 2018

The Elephant at the Southern Border

by Robert Weissberg, 8 Sept 2018

Angel son recounts: Illegal alien

killed mom, critically injured him

by Michelle Moons, 7 Sept 2018

Kavanaugh never flinched

While Democrats engaged in desperate stunts.
by Sen. Thom Tillis, 7 Sept 2018

Former FTC adviser expresses

support for breaking up Big Tech

by Charlie Nash, 7 Sept 2018

New AP History text categorizes

Trump supporters as racist,

questions president’s mental fitness

Sarah Dogan, 23 Apr 2018


“How hard can that be? Saying that Nazis are bad.”
Don John:
“How hard can it be to call Antifa a pack of fascist tw@ts? ”

Times op-ed the definitive proof
of NeverTrump moral idiocy

Slithering in the sewer of anonymous gossip.
by Bruce Thornton, 7 Sept 2018

Scary parallels between President Trump and

that candidate who got stabbed in Brazil

by Monica Showalter, 7 Sept 2018

He may actually be onto something…
Bernie Sanders introduces 'Stop Bezos Act'
Katherine Rodriguez, 5 Sept 2018

6.3%: African-American

unemployment rate second-lowest ever

Susan Jones, 7 Sept 2018

Nike: The social justice slave labor shoe

that hates America

Nike’s new romance with an America-hating racist.
by Daniel Greenfield, 5 Sept 2018

The new Iron Curtain of Censorship

descends on America

by Frank Hawkins, 7 Sept 2018

Tennessee Waltz:

How Marsha Blackburn can stop Phil Bredesen

by Roger L. Simon, 6 Sept 2018

Democrat election scam just chose

Wyoming's next Republican governor

Karin McQuillan, 7 Sept 2018


23,000 California DMV voter-registration fails,
and we're not supposed to
worry about illegals voting

by Monica Showalter, 6 Sept 2018
Democrats’ mental breakdown over Kavanaugh
by Seth Lipsky, 6 Sept 2018
Is the Queer Reckoning upon us?
by Robert Oscar Lopez, 6 Sept 2018
'Deep Fakes' and the Fight for Truth Online
by Kalev Leetaru, 6 Sept 2018
The Mueller probe's troubling
reliance on journalists as sources

by John Solomon, 5 Sept 2018
New York Times' 'inside' attack
on Trump unbelievably cowardly

by Roger L. Simon, 5 Sept 2018
Her Too
An ivory-tower “victim” is exposed as a predator.
Bruce Bawer , 5 Sept 2018
Ex-Muslim customers kicked out of Houston
Starbucks for wearing ex-Muslim T-shirts

Tyler O'Neil, 4 Sept 2018
Is Safetyism Destroying a Generation?
by Matthew Lesh, 2 Sept 2018

Democrats wage a losing battle over Kavanaugh
by Michael Goodwin, 5 Sept 2018

Lying about Brett Kavanaugh's civil rights record
by J. Christian Adams, 4 Sept 2018

A Facebook engineer's plea for political diversity
by Gideon Scopes, 4 Sept 2018

A solution to Internet Tyranny
by Tom Trinko, 5 Sept 2018

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel drops out,
and it's Lord of the Flies, again
by John Kass, 5 Sept 2018

Does Mueller have an October Surprise?
by Steve McCann, 5 Sept 2018

The Original Originalist
by Mark Pulliam, Summer 2018 edition
Mass. Rep. uses LGBT Lobby's
insanity against them

Thwarts third-gender driver's license bill.
by Matt Margolis, 3 Sept 2018
Mueller, Comey, and the
Deep State Rescue of Sandy Berger

by Jack Cashill, 4 Sept 2018
Law Center labels conservative organization as
hate group: 'Our aim in life is to destroy them'

by John Perazzo, 30 Aug 2018
Orson Bean: 1950s Hollywood blacklist
was 'no comparison to vitriol of today'

Robert Kraychick, 3 Sept 2018
Seven people whose lives
were ruined by social media

by John Hawkins, 1 Sept 2018

Czech Prime Minister: 'Illegal immigration
is a threat to European civilisation'
Jack Montgomery, 3 Sept 2018

NY Times throws up a smokescreen for Bruce Ohr
Julie Kelly, 3 Sept 2018

University of Kansas hosts 'feminist parenting
group' to explore 'strategies for raising
Intersectional Feminist Children'
by Faith Moore, 1 Sept 2018

CNN boosts left-wing campaign to
censor Breitbart; approves 'blacklisting'
Joel B. Pollak, 3 Sept 2018

America is moving toward
an oligarchical socialism
by Joel Kotkin, 1 Sept 2018

Boris Johnson predicts EU
'victory' in Brexit talks
Agence France Presse, 2 Sept 2018

No congratulations: Liberals move to ban balloons
by T.R. Clancy, 3 Sept 2018

The scandal of left-wing journalists
covering a left-wing Pope
by John Hinderaker, 2 Sept 2018

Labor Day, the holiday in need of an update
by Scott S. Powell, 3 Sept 2018


What to expect from the
Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

by Ken Blackwell, 1 Sept 2018

16 states ask SCOTUS for protection

"Transgender" Tyranny
by Selwyn Duke, 31 Aug 2018

UCLA's infatuation with diversity

is a costly diversion from its true mission

Heather Mac Donald, 2 Sept 2018

On the Palestinian refugee issue,

President Trump is magnificently right

by David P. Goldman, 31 Aug 2018

Enough with the Victimhood:

Millionaire athletes and their lost cause

As an American black citizen, I have had
enough of what the Left has done to my race.
by Sylvia Thompson, 31 Aug 2018

'Beach body ready' Sadiq Khan

flies over London at pro-Trump event

1 Sept 2018


We Must Fight Back
by Thomas O'Malley, 1 Sept 2018

Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon

and planted an [REDACTED] flag

by Jim Treacher, 31 Aug 2018

Theresa May should be forced to watch this 100 times.
Maybe then she'd stop acting like Jeremy Corbyn.

UK police to treat Diversity Promotion
like 'critical incident', forces set to
'embed Equality into all activities'
by Virginia Hale, 1 Sept 2018

Betsy DeVos is getting savaged

for closing campus kangaroo courts

by Rich Lowry, 1 Sept 2018

THIS is what fascism looks like!
Dem Rep. Ruben Gallego to immigration officials:
'When the worm turns you will not be safe'
John Nolte, 31 Aug 2018

Weissman fake dossier knowledge

should shut Mueller down

by Daniel John Sobieski, 1 Sept 2018

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