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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

These good people will be heard!
The AfD has entered the Bundestag
by Baron Bodissey, 24 Sept 2017

The rise of anti-Christian bigotry in America
by Rev. E.W. Jackson, 24 Sept 2017

Conservative Roman Catholic theologians
accuse Pope of spreading heresy
Associated Press, 23 Sept 2017

A.I. pioneer says tech monopolies
are 'dangerous for democracy'
by Nate Church, 22 Sept 2017

How Obama is funding
the anti-Trump "resistance"
by Paul Sperry, 23 Sept 2017

Kaepernick and Curry pop the Sports Bubble
by Chris Buskirk, 23 Sept 2017

Stephen Curry wants to have it both ways
by Paul Mirengoff, 23 Sept 2017

Well done, Marriott!
Marriott refuses to cancel convention
for anti-Sharia group
by Rod Kackley, 23 Sept 2017

Jimmy Kimmel: The Left in a Nutshell
by Andrew Klavan, 22 Sept 2017

National Academies hides $500 billion
'immigration tax' in 495-page report
by Neil Munro, 22 Sept 2017

Men charged with West Ridge robbery:
"I think we have to put him down."
Cops caught "alleged" scumbags
Hunter Gregory and Guy Cabrol in minutes.
23 Sept 2017


Study: Blacks' median wealth will be Zero in 2053
by Neil Munro, 22 Sept 20017

Global Warming: Who are the Deniers now?
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 22 Sept 2017

Non-citizen voting in Philadelphia
looks more feature than bug
by Monica Showalter, 23 Sept 2017

Showdown looms over Trump dossier;
FBI misses third deadline to
turn over subpoenaed documents
by Byron York, 22 Sept 2017

In Poland, Solidarity takes on the EU
by Baron Bodissey, 22 Sept 2017

Trump makes two promising
moves in the War on Terror
by David French, 22 Sept 2017

7 things the Media doesn't want you
to know about Graham-Cassidy
by John Nolte, 22 Sept 2017


Jimmy Kimmel's failed test
National Review editorial, 22 Sept 2017

It looks like Obama did spy on Trump,
just as he apparently did to me
by Sharyl Attkisson, 20 Sept 2017

Obama's Watergate
by Daniel J. Flynn, 22 Sept 2017

Court rules that tracking cell phones
without a warrant is unconstitutional
by Rick Moran, 22 Sept 2017

Oops! Climate cultist destroys own position
by Daren Jonescu, 22 Sept 2017

The bell tolls for liberty on campus
by John Kass, 21 Sept 2017

Trump announces new sanctions;
praises China bank decision on North Korea
by Charlie Spiering, 21 Sept 2017

S&P downgrades China's credit rating, saying
rocketing debt is stoking economic instability
by John Carney, 21 Sept 2017

Totalitarianism and the Progressive Lemming
by Jeffrey Folks, 22 Sept 2017

FEMA is discriminating against
churches damaged by hurricanes
by Tyler O'Neil, 20 Sept 2017

LGBT activist threatens to burn down church
over traditional marriage billboard
by Tyler O'Neil, 21 Sept 2017


Trump through a pinhole
by Peter Robinson, 21 Sept 2017

Samantha Power unmasked Americans at a
freakishly rapid pace in Obama's last year
by Debra Heine, 20 Sept 2017

Why Obama really spied on Trump
It was a huge gamble. We must pray that it doesn't pay off.
by Daniel Greenfield, 20 Sept 2017

What caused Life to come into existence?
by Edward K. Watson, 24 Aug 2017

Police violence against black men is rare
And the media narrative to the contrary is damaging.
by Philippe Lemoine, 18 Sept 2017

Alarmed by Islam,
Europe's gays are moving to the Right
by Bruce Bawer, 20 Sept 2017

Show Biz Meltdown: Bombs Away!
Hollywood is turning up the Trump hate. And people are tuning out.
by Michelle Malkin, 21 Sept 2017

Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet officer
who saved the world, dies at age 77
by Michael van der Galien, 20 Sept 2017


Entitled immigration protesters
shout down Nancy Pelosi
Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial, 20 Sept 2017

Trump vindicated on wiretaps,
Hillary Ukraine collusion
by Daniel John Sobieski, 20 Sept 2017

Will there be a Christian Europe?
Viktor Orbán, 18 Sept 2017

The U.S. must plan to counterstrike
a North Korean EMP attack
by Austin Bay, 20 Sept 2017

Americans for Limited Government:
Graham-Cassidy is 'last best chance'
to repeal and replace ObamaCare

by Sean Moran, 19 Sept 2017

Nationalism without isolationism:
Trump's UN Triumph
by Benny Avni, 20 Sept 2017

Trump hits home run for America in UN speech
by Claudia Rosett, 19 Sept 2017


Donald Trump's speech at the United Nations
19 Sept 2017
Trump to U.N.: America 'among the greatest
forces for good in the history of the world'
by John Hayward, 19 Sept 2017

Trump's successful U.N. speech
by Elliott Abrams, 19 Sept 2017

Netanyahu: Trump gave boldest, most
courageous speech at UN that I ever heard
Deborah Danan, 19 Sept 2017

Bolton: Trump's U.N. speech
the best of his presidency
David Rutz, 19 Sept 2017


MSM always knew Trump camp was
wiretapped—they just lied about it
by John Nolte, 19 Sept 2017


Trump vindicated: Report says Obama
government wiretapped Trump campaign

by Kristina Wong, 18 Sept 2017

Here’s more evidence Team Hillary tried to destroy

New York Post editorial, 18 Sept 2017

Higher Ed's latest taboo is 'Bourgeois Norms'

by Heather Mac Donald, 19 Sept 2017

St. Louis police reportedly chanted 'Whose
streets, our streets' after arresting protesters

by Katherine Rodriguez, 18 Sept 2017

London Update:
West to blame for Islamic terrorism

by J. Robert Smith, 19 Sept 2017

The GOP's last-ditch effort
to repeal ObamaCare is surprisingly good 

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 18 Sept 2017

What? No Emerging Democratic Majority?

by Christopher Chantrill, 19 Sept 2017

Yair Netanyahu and the Angry Left

The new enemy of the left-wing establishment. 
by Caroline Glick,  19 Sept 2017

Leftists at UVA are proving President Trump
right about Thomas Jefferson statues

by Daniel Payne, 13 Sept 2017

War with North Korea starts to look inevitable
by Gordon G. Chang, 18 Sept 2017

K-16: Land of Lies
No one can write, from college all the way to the very beginning.  It's not an accident.
by Bruce Deitrick Price, 18 Sept 2017

Black Lives Matter targets Jefferson       
The Left’s Cultural Revolution intensifies. 
by Matthew Vadum, 18 Sept 2017

Why the statue-smashers will never stop

by Karol Markowicz, 18 Sept 2017

As St. Louis erupts, Democrats own it
by Peter Barry Chowka, 18 Sept 2017

How BernieCare slams working people

by Betsy McCaughey, 18 Sept 2017

Report: Standing up to pee gives
boys an unfair advantage in physics

by John Ellis, 16 Sept 2017

Trump ‘experts’ let imaginations run wild
with dog-whistle political attacks

by Charles Hurt, 17 Sept 2017

Report: Kellogg Foundation delivers
a dose of Leftism with your cereal

by Warner Todd Huston, 17 Sept 2017

I moved from a blue state to a red state
and it changed my life

by  Leah Singer, 17 Sept 2017



On criminal justice, Sessions is
returning DOJ to the Rule of Law
A response to Joyce Vance and Carter Stewart.
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 16 Sept 2017

Hillary Clinton is the new David Duke
by Jeffrey Lord, 16 Sept 2017

Hillary, America's Miss Havisham
by Clarice Feldman, 17 Sept 2017

Ian Buruma: A jihad apologist at the
helm of the New York Review of Books
by Bruce Bawer, 16 Sept 2017

Migrants take the Black Sea route to Romania,
face cannon fire from the Coast Guard
by Baron Bodissey, 16 Sept 2017

If I were the Devil
by Paul Harvey, 1965


Hungary builds a wall, cuts illegal
immigration by over 99 percent
by Jack Montgomery, 16 Sept 2017

The truth about 'white privilege'
by Daren M. Williams, 16 Sept 2017

Schumer, Pelosi still have wall to climb
by Adriana Cohen, 15 Sept 2017

The mistake of pandering to
Antifa and Black Lives Matter
by Lloyd Marcus, 16 Sept 2017

Truck driver: 'Overregulation' means
government literally deciding
when I work, eat, and sleep
by Matthew Garnett, 13 Sept 2017



Did Susan Rice spy on Trump officials
for Muslim Brotherhood?
by Daniel Greenfield, 15 Sept 2017

Unapproved thought is Violence
by William L. Gensert, 15 Sept 2017

Why the Free Speech fight is really
about smearing the Right as racists
by John Daniel Davidson, 13 Sept 2017

Time for a new budget process: Tiered Spending
by Mike Razar, 15 Sept 2017

Have the bones of Saint Peter been found?
John Ellis, 14 Sept 2017

Customers outraged after Buffalo Wild Wings
employee silences National Anthem
CBS Los Angeles, 14 Sept 2017




In Praise of Borders
by Peter Hitchens, October 2017 issue

Laura Ingraham: I don't remember hearing
'Repair the fence! — DACA deal will be
‘electoral nightmare’ for GOP
14 Sept 2017

Donald Trump is getting rolled on DACA
by Joel B. Pollak, 14 Sept 2017

Trump voters throw
MAGA hats into Twitter bonfire
by Neil Munro, 14 Sept 2017

Dems are stampeding to support
‘health care from hell’

by Michael Tanner, 14 Sept 2017


The Swamp just bounced Trump into a
European-style assault on Free Speech
Raheem Kassam, 13 Sept 2017

Trump caves on DACA,
wants 'quick' Amnesty for 800K illegal aliens
John Binder, 13 Sept 2017

Street protests break out in Cuba over
Communist regime's failure to assist
after Hurricane Irma
by Monica Showalter, 14 Sept 2017

Why Democrats fear voter fraud investigations
by Tammy Bruce, 13 Sept 2017

Campus chaos comes to Reed College
An excellent Western Civ course is under attack.
by Bruce Bawer, 11 Sept 2017

Reminder: Susan Rice lied about her role
in the Obama Admin unmasking scandal
Susan Rice lied. Devin Nunes did not.
by David Harsanyi, 14 Sept 2017

Racial Justice rap video
depicts white child being hanged
Black Lives Matter-themed production stokes outrage.
Paul Joseph Watson, 13 Sept 2017

How to make a revolution
by Don Allen, 14 Sept 2017
        The new Leftist Revolution USA may be orchestrated by a remarkably small number of people and a little information technology…

The Paul Ryan problem
Nice guys are no match for the ruthless ways of their opponents.
by Richard W. Rahn, 11 Sept 2017


Establishment GOP puts cronies
over country on missile defense

by Angelo Codevilla, 12 Sept 2017

Gen. McMaster sparked a row with the Israeli
delegation at White House meeting on Hezbollah

by David Steinberg, 12 Sept 2017

Hungary takes NY Times to school
on Europe's migrant crisis

by Thomas D. Williams, 13 Sept 2017

Deroy Murdock to Tucker Carlson: Democrats
are ‘fresh out of ideas, they don’t have an agenda’

by Carter, 13 Sept 2017

Single-payer health care
— a  bad idea Democrats love

by Senator John Barrasso, M.D., 12 Sept 2017

The Death of Liberalism
Beating and censoring our way to a progressive new America.
by Daniel Greenfield, 13 Sept 2017

Student website asks:
Could Antifa do more harm than good?

I'm going to go ahead and rush to judgment and say yes.
by Mark Tapson, 12 Sept 2017

New movie about Chappaquiddick tells the truth
by Thomas Lifson, 13 Sept 2017


Equifax's data breach:
Here's what you should be doing right now
For starters, don't trust anything offered by Equifax.
by Phil Baker, 11 Sept 2017

The Unconstitutionality of Rod J. Rosenstein
The appointment of the special counsel was a massive blow to the
people's will: an illegitimate use of power, akin to an attempted coup.
by Tadas Klimas, 12 Sept 2017

Call it on—or call it off
by Victor Davis Hanson, 11 Sept 2017

The Battle of Vienna
14 July-12 Sept 1683
Just as in 732 AD (at Tours/Poitiers) and 1571 (at Lepanto), Christendom was saved once again from Muslim beasts. The decisive battle took place on September 12, with a famous attack led by Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland.

Study finds non-citizens are
unknowingly registered to vote
by David Steinberg, 11 Sept 2017

Norway's 'Populist' government
wins historic second term
by Virginia Hale, 12 Sept 2017

Paths to Peace
You know you’re at a world peace meeting when you’re sitting next to a sheikh who advocates death for apostasy — after all, what could be more peaceful than a dead apostate?  Just ask Angela Merkel…
Baron Bodissey, 12 Sept 2017

Paris: Non-Muslims get special
terrorism screening—by Muslims
Sarah Hoyt, 11 Sept 2017

Why the liberal bubble got Charlottesville wrong
by Tom Trinko, 12 Sept 2017

Report: Google bias against leading
conservative websites—including PJM—is real

by Paula Bolyard, 11 Sept 2017

Hillary Clinton and What Happened
to the nature of Woman
by Christopher Chantrill, 12 Sept 2017

Did climate change cause Hurricane Irma to fizzle?
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 11 Sept 2017

Oh Oh Oh, Pity the poor Mohammedans
by H. Numan, 9 Sept 2017


On this day, December 7, 1957
A war with no end.
by Robert Spencer, 11 Sept 2017

Why did the terrorists choose September 11?
by Tyler O'Neil, 10 Sept 2016

There's no such thing as Islamophobia
by Pascal Bruckner, Summer 2017 issue

If Israel played by America's rules,
Iraq and Syria would have nuclear weapons
by Zev Chafets, 11 Sept 2017

Sub-Chicago and America’s real crime rate
by Rafael Mangual, Summer 2017 issue

'We can keep America great': Browns lock
arms with police and military during anthem
by Paula Bolyard, 10 Sept 2017

The Climate-Change Distraction
by Bjorn Lomborg, 7 Sept 2017

It's time to appoint a special prosecutor
in Clinton email investigation
by James Gagliano, 9 Sept 2017


The Dialectics of Kid Rock
by Matthew Franks, 10 Sept 2017

Democrats' DACA Dishonesty
by Carl M. Cannon, 9 Sept 2017

Whitewashing Antifa in 'The Atlantic'
A pretentious, preposterous, and mendacious defense.
by Bruce Bawer, 8 Sept 2017

Curse of the Woke Conservatives
by Kurt Schlichter, 7 Sept 2017

Chicago's 'Potemkin Village' efforts to change
by Thomas Lifson, 10 Sept 2017


Is Trump Flipping?
by James Lewis, 9 Sept 2017

Patent Unfairness
by Adam Mossoff, 9 Sept 2017

Facebook, Google and Amazon wield power
over us all, and everyone should be worried
by Scott Cleland, 7 Sept 2017

The Big Lie:
Exposing the Nazi roots of the American Left
Dinesh D’Souza’s new book takes on the real fascists of the Left.
by Daniel Greenfield, 7 Sept 2017

Patronizing Progressive Pushback
on New Hampshire voter fraud evidence
by Thomas Lifson, 9 Sept 2017

Betsy DeVos starts undoing the damage
Obama did to campus sexual politics
Washington Examiner, 9 Sept 2017

Attempts to silence the so-called "climate deniers"
Weathering the Punches
by Julie Kelly, 7 Sept 2017

Crime and immigration:
What's in the Dream Act?
by Byron York, 8 Sept 2017

Why Mark Lilla's plan for restoring sanity
to the Democratic Party won't work
by Andrew Egger, 8 Sept 2017

High school football players rush onto field,
pray out loud during 'moment of silence'
by Paula Bolyard, 8 Sept 2017

Fake News and the Death of Christianity
by Mike Konrad, 9 Sept 2017


The week Donald Trump restored the Republic
by Joel B. Pollak, 8 Sept 2017

Those 40-foot Vatican walls are logs
n the eyes of Bannon-bashing bishops
by John Nolte, 8 Sept 2017

Jeff Sessions' DOJ will not investigate
IRS suppression of Tea Party groups
Neil Munro, 8 Sept 2017




Israel believed to be behind strike
that destroyed Syrian WMD facility
The Jewish State walks the walk and
sends strong signal to its genocidal enemies.
by Ari Lieberman, 8 Sept 2017

North Korea openly threatens
electromagnetic pulse attack
Adelle Nazarian, 7 Sept 2017

John Bolton: EMP threat is one reason
'We've got to consider the military option
against North Korea first'
John Hayward, 7 Sept 2017

Frank Gaffney: Consequences of North Korean
EMP attack 'could be truly Nation-Ending'
John Hayward, 6  Sept 2017

Twitter moves to silence all criticism of Islam
As Sharia continues to descend over the Internet.
Robert Spencer, 8 Sept 2017

How to stifle policing
by Heather Mac Donald, 7 Sept 2017

Dianne Feinstein and the anti-Catholic bigots
by George Neumayr, 8 Sept 2017

U.S. Conference of Bishops' ludicrous response
to Steve Bannon's '60 Minutes' interview
by John Nolte, 7 Sept 2017

Hurricane Harvey and progressive capitalists
by Steve Feinstein, 8 Sept 2017

When is a scandal not a scandal?
When there's a Democrat involved
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 7 Sept 2017

Trump sidesteps roadblock of Republicans
by Charles Hurt, 7 Sept 2017


Korea nuclear test furthers EMP bomb
Pyongyang reports 'EMP might' of nuclear arms.
Bill Gertz, 6 Sept 2017

There is no such thing as a 'deserving DREAMer'
by Michelle Malkin, 6 Sept 2017

Inebriates of Virtue
by Roger Kimball, 1 Sept 2017

Jerusalem was never holy to Muslims
by Morton A. Klein, 6 Sept 2017

1913: The Turning Point
by Robert Curry, 7 Sept 2017

Police report indicates Wasserman Schultz IT
aide planted computer for investigators to find

by Luke Rosiak, 6 Sept 2017

MSM placed on notice about using
SPLC as arbiter of hate group status

by Thomas Lifson, 7 Sept 2017

EU Presidency calls for
China-style internet censorship

by Charlie Nash, 6 Sept 2017

Renowned climate scientist jailed for fraud
by Thomas Lifson, 7 Sept 2017


North Korea's ultimatum to America
What the US response will mean for stability in Asia and beyond.
by Caroline Glick, 5 Sept 2017

DACA was only one part of
Obama's seizure of Congressional power
by Michael Bargo Jr, 6 Sept 2017

Especially chain migration.
Sen. Cotton floats bill to 'mitigate consequences'
of not deporting 'childhood arrivals'
Debra Heine, 5 Sept 2017

He's a Muslim, so that's a good start.
A new Obama?
The Media start selling Abdul El-Sayed
by Bruce Bawer, 6 Sept 2017

Shooting the messenger in Sweden
by Bruce Bawer, 5 Sept 2017

The coming economic disaster,
and the last chance to avert it
by David P. Goldman, 5 Sept 2017

Virgin Islands allows National Guard
to seize guns, ammo ahead of Hurricane Irma
by Michael Bastach, 5 Sept 2017

Edinburgh law student accused of hate crime
after mocking ISIS on social media
by Tom Ciccotta, 5 Sept 2017


On a quiet October morning
by Charlie Martin, 4 Sept 2017

DACA was a bad dream
by Daniel John Sobieski, 5 Sept 2017

To end DACA, follow the Constitution
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 5 Sept 2017

California legislature debates
classifying 'Antifa' as a 'street gang'
by Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, 5 Sept 2017

Actors bow out of roles
after PC Diversity pressure
Is this the start of a disburbing new trend?
by Christian Toto, 1 Sept 2017

Conservative publisher cuts ties with New York
, claims titles pushed down 'bestseller' list
by Jack Montgomery, 5 Sept 2017

Why I hate pharmaceutical industry
commercials, and you should, too
by Liz Sheld, 30 Aug 2017


Defending your family during states of emergency
by F. Paul Vallone, 4 Sept 2017

Scandal erupts over the
promotion of ‘bourgeois’ behavior

Two professors face racism, sexism, and homophobia
charges for urging Americans to act responsibly.

by Heather Mac Donald, 29 Aug 2017

USA vs North Korea: This is the US military
arsenal poised to WIPE OUT Kim's threat
by Will Kirby, 4 Sept 2017

Kim Jong Un's thermonuclear joyride
by Claudia Rosett, 3 Sept 2017

To deter North Korea, we can't pussyfoot around
by Anthony H. Cordesman, 31 Aug 2017





North Korea says it successfully
tested a hydrogen bomb—
Is it time to nuke Kim's economy?
by Gordon G. Chang, 3 Sept 2017

North Korea conducts sixth nuclear test,
threatens EMP attack on U.S.
by Patrick Poole, 2 Sept 2017

Doubts about whether
North Korea tested a hydrogen bomb
by Rick Moran, 3 Sept 2017

Paying the price for breakdown
of the country's bourgeois culture
by Amy Wax and Larry Alexander, 9 Aug 2017

A clash of cultures:
The Bourgeois vs. the Burning Man
by Trevor Thomas, 3 Sept 2017

Time for a full investigation... of the FBI
by Roger L. Simon, 2 Sept 2017

The case for a special counsel
to investigate Hillary Clinton
by Michael Goodwin, 2 Sept 2017

Chafing under Gen. Kelly's control, Trump
continues to call close friends and advisers
by Kristing Wong, 2 Sept 2017

The hypocrisy of Antifa
by Jonathan Turley, 29 Aug 2017

The problem of motherhood for American women
by Jeremy Egerer, 3 Sept 2017

Gov't Health Care Watch:
Number of patients waiting longer than
12 months for surgery in Wales is up 400%
by Stephen Kruiser, 2 Sept 2017

Dozens of public school teachers involved in Antifa
by Rick Moran, 3 Sept 2017

Actress Julienne Davis on death threats
and being told 'Get back in the closet'
after coming out as conservative in Hollywood
by Jerome Hudson, 2 Sept 2017


NY Times op-ed says comparing
Antifa, racist groups is 'false equivalency'
by Rick Moran, 2 Sept 2017

Media pushes skewed DACA polls,
hides public's priorities
by Neil Munro, 2 Sept 2017

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx met this
Holocaust survivor, and you won't
believe what happened next
by Patrick Poole, 29 Aug 2017


The flag and why I stand
by Burgess Owens, 31 Aug 2017

What criminologists don’t say, and why
Monopolized by the Left, academic research
on crime gets almost everything wrong.
by John Paul Wright and Matt DeLisi, Summer 2017 issue

Dunkirk, American Style
by Chris Buskirk, 1 Sept 2017

Google 'coming after critics' in academia and
journalism, 'forming into a government of itself'
Charlie Nash, 1 Sept 2017

A German court sentenced him to six months in prison —
for posting a photo on Facebook of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem
shaking hands with a Nazi during the Second World War.

Poland takes up the case of Michael Stürzenberger
Junge Freiheit, 31 Aug  2017

The Hitler-Sanger Connection
by Dinesh D;Souza, 1 Sept 2017

Antifa: The 21st century's KKK
by Bob Weir, 2 Sept 2017

Alice Weidel: “I do not want to see our public
spaces paved over with praying Muslims”
Baron Bodissey, 1 Sept 2017

Arpaio pardon shows the futility
of Mueller's obstruction investigation
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 2 Sept 2017

Corrupt Comey had the fix in
by Daniel John Sobieski, 2 Sept 2017

Final Solution Merchants
by Nick McAvelly, 1 Sept 2017

As its influence wanes, increasingly militant
MSM promotes Violence and Censorship
by John Nolte, 1 Sept 2017

Bus Attacks in Parma
by Giuseppe De Lorenzo, 30 Aug 2017

Poll: Congress disapproval rate soars to 74
percent, Trump and Pence highest favorables
Penny Starr, 1 Sept 2017

Obama's 'pen and phone' have been
trumped when it comes to DACA
by Robert Law, 1 Sept 2017

They're here, you're Kaffir—get used to it
Christoph Heinemann and Christian Unger, 25 Aug 2017
Frank Solms-Laubach, 28 Aug 2017


Saving the country from its own government
by Scott S. Powell, 1 Sept 2017

CNN silent after host 'incited rage'
at Antifa rally in Berkeley
by Debra Heine, 31 Aug 2017

What Muslims really pray at interfaith gatherings
by Rachel Lipsky, 1 Sept 2017

Hurricane Harvey had nothing
whatsoever to do with 'Climate Change'
by James Delingpole, 30 Aug 2017

Comey began drafting EmailGate
'exoneration statement' before interviewing
17 key witnesses, including Clinton
by Debra Heine, 31 Aug 2017

A clarion call for reason
by Eileen F. Toplansky, 1 Sept 2017

Should anti-trust laws be used
to break up the social media giants?
Google, Facebook et al. wield more power than most governments.
by Robert Spencer, 1 Sept 2017

Americans are getting clobbered by their tax bills
New York Post editorial, 1 Sept 2017




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