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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

Alinsky's Daughter: Here's the truth
about Hillary the media won't tell you
by Jen Kuznicki, 25 Aug 2016
Hat tip: James F.K.

The roof blows off the Echo Chamber
by David P. Goldman, 20 Oct 2016

Americans have lost trust in government
for good reason

by Paul Roderick Gregory, 21 Oct 2016

The Obama-Clinton Banana Republic
by Kelly Riddell, 20 Oct 2016

Fact-checking the debate
fact-checkers on Abortion

Yes, Hillary Clinton is a late-term-abortion radical.
by Ramesh Ponnuru, 21 Oct 2016

Trump's answer to the Rigged Election
question is the reason he's in this race
by Rush Limbaugh, 20 Oct 2016

Hillary's security detail hated her so much that
they laughed when she fell and broke her arm
by Debra Heine, 20 Oct 2016

State works hard, and illegally, for Clinton
Washington Examiner, 19 Oct 2016
      …already her poison has seeped into the federal bureaucracy. How much worse will it get next year if voters are rash enough to elect her to the presidency?

Are opponents of Redefining Marriage
natural opponents of Trump?
by Robert Oscar Lopez, 19 Oct 2016

Trump Wins Breitbart debate poll despite
massive foreign pro-Clinton infiltration
by Ben Kew, 20 Oct 2016

Caddell: Media have ‘selective memory’ when it
comes to Democrats accepting election results
by Dan Riehl, 20 Oct 2016

The Whigs are back, and cowering more than ever
by James Lewis, 19 Oct 2016

Make America victorious again
by Angelo M. Codevilla, 18 Oct 2016

8 times liberals claimed
an election was stolen or rigged

by Bre Payton, 19 Oct 2016
        Everyone has taken to dismissing Donald Trump's claims that the election is rigged. Here are eight times liberals claimed an election had been or would be stolen…

Ohio couple who held burglary suspect
at gunpoint: ‘Guns saved our lives’
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 19 Oct 2016

No, Hillary Clinton, the Supreme Court’s
Heller decision wasn’t about toddlers
It was actually about whether a 66-year-old
police officer had the right to keep a gun at home.
Sean Davis, 19 Oct 2016

Donald Trump wins third debate
— finally, a fair fight

by Joel B. Pollak, 19 Oct 2016

Presidential Debate Fact-Checks
No, Planned Parenthood Does Not ‘Provide Cancer Screenings’
Yes, Partial-Birth Abortion Involves Ripping an Unborn Child Apart
Yes, Hillary Clinton Wants Open Borders
No, We Do Not Know Yet Whether Russia is Responsible for Wikileaks
Yes, ‘Hillary Clinton Wanted the Wall’
No, Hillary Does Not Stand for Campaign Finance Reform
No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Support the 2nd Amendment
No, People Who Work Full-Time Generally Don’t Live in Poverty
Yes, Hillary Clinton Will ‘Add a Penny to the Debt’ — Trillions
Yes, Trump Did Mock the Appearance of Some of His Accusers
Yes, Hillary Clinton Wants to Double Capital Gains Taxes
No, President Barack Obama Did Not Cut the Deficit by Two-Thirds
Research Doesn’t Support Hillary Clinton’s Claim Late-Term Abortions Are Performed for ‘Life and Health of the Mother’
Yes, the Clinton Foundation Took Millions from Countries That ‘Treat Women Horribly’
No, the Clinton Foundation Did Not ‘Spend Ninety Percent’ of Money Donated on ‘Programs’
Yes, Most of the Economic Gains Under Barack Obama ‘Have Gone to the Very Top’

Trump leads Clinton by 1 point
going into debate — IBD/TIPP Poll
by John Merline, 19 Oct 2016

The TIPP poll was the most accurate one
in the 2012 Presidential election

The betting pattern that signals a Trump
presidency isn't as remote as the world thinks
William Hill slashes odds on Trump victory amid betting patterns
eerily reminiscent of those seen in the lead up to the EU referendum.

by James Moore, 18 Oct 2016

New Bill Clinton sexual assault accuser
goes public for the first time
It's former TV journalist Leslie Millwee.
Aaron Klein, 19 Oct 2016

Robert Creamer, caught on camera talking
about provoking violence at Trump events,
visited the Obama White House 340 times
Thomas Lifson, 19 Oct 2016

The one thing Trump should do at the final debate
by Cal Thomas, 18 Oct 2016

Smithsonian on why Clarence Thomas
is not in new African American museum:
‘We cannot tell every story’
by Penny Starr, 18 Oct 2016

Why I can't forgive Hillary Clinton
by Charmaine Yoest, 18 Oct 2016

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize is a joke
— even he thinks so
by Harry Phibbs, 19 Oct 2016

In defense of Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize
— He deserves it!
by Ron Radosh, 17 Oct 2016

Obama's half-brother will be
at Vegas debate cheering for Trump
by Richard Johnson, 18 Oct 2016

Why would any sane country
welcome millions of sub-human felons?

Female Afghan interpreter working with a
TV crew 'is raped by three armed migrants'
by Peter Allen, 18 Oct 2016

‘How to commit voter fraud on a massive scale’:
Part II of Project Veritas investigation into Clinton Network.
by Rebecca Mansour, 18 Oct 2016

Election expert J. Christian Adams:
There are 4 million dead people on US voter rolls
Jim Hoft, 18 Oct 2016     (2:11)

Democrat tour bus dumps human waste
into storm drain in Lawrenceville GA
WGCL, 18 Oct 2016

The FBI’s own investigation summary
proves Hillary Clinton broke the law
Reminder: Hillary is above the law.
by David Harsanyi, 17 Oct 2016

Donald Trump bounces back from
the brink heading into next debate
by Matthew Boyle, 18 Oct 2016

I'm a sexual assault victim who still supports Trump
by D.C. McAllister, 17 Oct 2016

National Review and Pooh
by Sally Zelikovsky, 18 Oct 2016

America's most honorable men stand with Trump
by Karin McQuillan and Carol Greenwald, 18 Oct 2016

Project Veritas:
Political operatives describe Clinton camp and
DNC plot to incite violence at Trump rallies
by Debra Heine, 17 Oct 2016

Deconstructing Dr. Cross
by Jay Michaels, 18 Oct 2016

The problem is not the Presidential candidates
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 17 Oct 2017

There are way too many coincidences
in assaults on Trump

by Andrew Malcolm, 17 Oct 2016

Centerfolds defend Trump
'Barbi Twins' say he was always 'a perfect gentleman' at parties, clubs and casino events and never took advantage of beautiful women who were 'all over him.'
by David Martosko, 17 Oct 2016

Trump unqualified? We've heard it all before.
by Eliot Kaplan, 17 Oct 2016

Donald Trump's moral fervor
by James Lewis, 17 Oct 2016

Trump's misdemeanors vs. Hillary's felonies
by Roger Kimball, 16 Oct 2016

Trump Momentum is surging
Half a MILLION at his rallies since July
 – 25,000 at Hillary rallies.
Jim Hoft, 17 Oct 2016

Yes, I still support Donald Trump
‘All we want from government is less of it.’
by Stephen Moore, 16 Oct 2016

Postal Worker brags online
about destroying Trump ballots
Jim Hoft, 17 Oct 2016

Wikileaks: ‘state party’ has cut
Julian Assange’s internet connection
But they have activated the appropriate contingency plans.
Breitbart News, 17 Oct 2016

Wikileaks: Clinton Team’s sick reaction
to San Bernardino terror attack
by Lee Stranahan, 16 Oct 2016





GOP headquarters firebombed in North Carolina
by Jessica Chia, 16 Oct 2016 


Man the Vote:
It's the least you can do for your country
by Clarice Feldman, 16 Oct 2016

Vanderbilt Professor:
Hillary Clinton is proof  'Satanism is on the rise'
by Tyler O'Neil, 15 Oct 2016

Clinton aide discussed "Quid pro Quo"
deal with FBI to reclassify e-mails
by Rick Moran, 15 Oct 2016

One Hundred Years of Death
Washington Examiner editorial, 16 Oct 2016

Planned Parenthood at 100:
Growing the abortion business and lawlessness
by David Daleiden, 15 Oct 2016

UN world heritage body rules
Temple Mount isn't Jewish
by Bridget Johnson, 13 Oct 2016

The United Nations is run by a bunch of
depraved totalitarians, villainous barbarians,
and anti-Semitic scum
by David Harsanyi, 14 Oct 2016

I happen to agree with the Nobel award to Bob Dylan. 
But Mr. Klavan makes some very good points.
Our Culture is Blowin' Away in the Wind
by Andrew Klavan, 16 Oct 2016

Yes, this link did appear as the Drudge Report's banner story.
But just in case you missed it…
List of debunked groper allegations
by corrupt media against Donald Trump

Trump sexual assault accuser
sent glowing email to his assistant in April
by Alex Pfeiffer, 15 Oct 2016

It took less than 20 years of hardcore socialist dictatorship
to bring a once-prosperous country to this pitiful state.

Venezuela: Government allows cannibal
prisoner to torture, eat fellow inmates
by Frances Martel, 13 Oct 2016

Culture-enriching torture in Schlüchtern
Silentium Voces, 13 Oct 2016
      … a horrific incident of enricher-on-enricher violence in a small German town. The perpetrator and victim were an Eritrean and a Somali, respectively…

Public Education:
Progressivism's unbeatable advantage
by Daren Jonescu, 15 Oct 2016

WSJ: ‘Nation now has proof’ of
Hillary scandals, but Leftist media
‘devote its front pages to the Trump story’
Breitbart News, 14 Oct 2016

Hillary Clinton’s new health woe:
Email Alzheimer’s
New York Post editorial, 15 Oct 2016

Obama lied. My THIRD health plan just died.
by Michelle Malkin, 12 Oct 2016

Nothing touches the tired spot
by Richard F. Miniter, 15 Oct 2016

Obama blatantly calls for media censorship,
then lies and denies it in the same breath
"Obama: We have to change 'Wild West' media landscape"
Breitbart News, 14 Oct 2016

Michelle Obama very upset with Trump’s words
but OK with Obama flashing a boner to reporters?
by Jim Hoft, 15 Oct 2016

Trump gives America chance to correct course
by Rep. Mike Kelly, 13 Oct 2016

Obama sought — and got — endorsement
of Sexual Predator Ted Kennedy
Ruling Class hypocrisy from Hillary and McCain.
by Jeffrey Lord, 14 Oct 2016

NBC is sitting on devastating tape
of Juanita Broaddrick
by Thomas Lifson, 14 Oct 2016

The selective moral outrage of the Left
by Madison Gesiotto, 12 Oct 2016

Voter Fraud is real.  Here’s the proof.
by John Gibbs, 13 Oct 2016

Trash talk and the White House
by Wesley Pruden, 13 Oct 2016

Help persecuted Christians, beware Muslims
by Raymond Ibrahim, 14 Oct 2016

Former Sanders supporter aims to get
more African-Americans to vote Republican
by Cherri Gregg, 13 Oct 2016


Wikileaks Bombshell: John Podesta owned
75,000 shares in Putin-connected energy company

by Jerome Hudson, 13 Oct 2016

No, voting for Trump is not idolatry
— speaking truth to Christians

by D.C. McAllister, 13 Oct 2016

Democrat-Media Complex Hall of Fame (so far)

by Joel B. Pollak, 13 Oct 2016

The towering hypocrisy of Warren Buffett!
Moody's and Buffett's and Hillary’s tax plan
by Jack Hellner, 13 Oct 2016
      … Recently 300 economists signed a letter saying Hillary's policies bad for America. Why do you think that this is not reported by major newspapers or major networks? …


Rasmussen poll today shows Trump in the lead
by Thomas Lifson, 13 Oct 2016


Zero Tolerance for Islam
An interview with Miriam Shaded
—someone Mrs. Thatcher would have liked.
Baron Bodissey, 12 Oct 2016

   Margaret Thatcher
     (13 Oct 1925 - 8 Apr 2013)
Free Society speech, 1975  (video clip)
Speech launching "Free Enterprise Week"  1 July 1975
The Lady's Not For Turning  10 Oct 1980

Reagan's Leadership, America's Recovery   30 Dec 1988
On socialism, 22 Nov 1990  (video)
The Moral Foundations of Society 1 March 1995
Challenge of Educating for 21st-Century Citizenship   
        (scroll down at link)  Oct 1999          

Challenges Facing the 21st Century  April 2001
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan:   11 June 2004   (video here)     
Margaret Thatcher and the Revival of the West 
        Ronald Reagan, May 1989
Margaret Thatcher: A Legacy of Freedom 
        John O'Sullivan, 1 June 2008
Never Wobbly  Claire Berlinski's There Is No Alternative,
reviewed by Vincent Carroll, 19 Nov 08
Mrs T's unassailable legacy   Boris Johnson, 3 May 2009
Why Margaret Thatcher Matters  Marcia Sielaff, 6 Nov 2010
The Invincible Mrs. Thatcher  Charles Moore, 18 Nov 2011

Ethnic Cleansing?
California town now less than 10 percent white
by Ed Straker, 12 Oct 2016
        …The town of Santa Ana has been almost 100% purged of white people.  They were pushed out not by tanks and machine guns, but by a massive influx of people speaking a different language and bearing a different culture who expected everyone to adapt to their norms…

A Contrast of Justice:
Sheriff Joe won’t get the Hillary Treatment
by James Longstreet, 12 Oct 2016

Professor explains the rise of 'precious
snowflakes'—cites narcissism, over-nurturing
by Kate Hardiman, 12 Oct 2016

WikiLeaks: Emails appear to show Clinton
campaign spokesman in contact with DOJ
by Debra Heine, 11 Oct 2016

Megyn Kelly calls Juanita Broaddrick a liar
Daniel John Sobieski, 11 Oct 2016

Secret Service Officer Gary Byrne: ‘The Hillary
Clinton I know is a complete pathological liar’
John Hayward, 11 Oct 2016

Massive rally for Trump in Panama City FL:
11,200 inside… 10,000 outside…30,000 online!
Jim Hoft, 11 Oct 2016
Watch it all:

Rep. King:
No one defended Ryan decision to bail on Trump
Iowa Congressman says House GOP caucus
rebuked House Speaker for abandoning nominee.
by Kathryn Blackhurst, 11 Oct 2016

Hillary rallies in Florida with another man
accused of sexually assaulting women
by Jim Hoft, 11 Oct 2016

FEC Dem: Regulate Internet Content
by Paul Bedard, 11 Oct 2016

The 11-point lead for Hillary
in WSJ-NBC poll sure looks like Psy-Ops
by Thomas Lifson, 11 Oct 2016

Obama, Media go quiet
on historic Mideast catastrophe
by Richard Fernandez, 10 Oct 2016

Clinton email scandal:
Hillary's hypocrisy and Media's bias revealed
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 10 Oct 2016

Clinton campaign email outlines effort to
produce an unaware and compliant citizenry

Hillary insiders panicked over Trump's celebrity appeal.
Paul Joseph Watson, 10 Oct 2016

Trump's special-prosecutor promise
is NOT a criminalization of politics
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 10 Oct 2016

Trump's comments: the latest left-wing hysteria
by Dennis Prager, 10 Oct 2016

New Wikileaks emails: Clinton campaign
insiders fear Bill’s sex life could sink Hillary
They should "shut the hell up about this," Podesta told.
Paul Joseph Watson, 10 Oct 2016

The Battle of Tours-Poitiers, 732 A.D.
Historians have assigned various October dates to the first crucial battle to halt the malign advance of Islam in western Europe.  Some say it took place on the 10th; others say it was the 18th or 25th.  But Victor Davis Hanson says it was October 11.  That's good enough for me.

The Battle of Tours    Raymond Ibrahim, 12 Oct 2013
The Battle of Tours-Poitiers Revisited   William E. Watson, 1993
Battle of Moussais (Poitiers II): October 732   (includes pictures)
The Battle of Tours   Wikipedia
Reliving the Battle of Tours-Poitiers
 Brad MacDonald, 6 Dec 2007

How dumb does Washington think we all are?
by Kyle Smith, 9 Oct 2016

The little people have had enough
—not just here, but in America too
by Nigel Farage, 10 Oct 2016

Falwell: Lewd Trump tape part of GOP coup
against Donald, no ‘coincidence’ it came
right before Paul Ryan joint appearance
by Neil W. McCabe, 10 Oct 2016

The Disinformation Campaign of Islam
by William Kilpatrick, 8 Oct 2016

Half a dozen news sites stop polling their
readers on who won the Presidential debate
by Ezra Dulis, 10 Oct 2016

The Declaration and our current predicament
by Keven Dill, 9 Oct 2016

Those cyberbullies are a bunch of amoral c#nts.
A Christian mom is cyberbullied for her
video exposing Vince Staples' 'Norf Norf'

by John Ellis, 6 Oct 2016

Why we celebrate Columbus Day
by David Deming, 10 Oct 2016

Trump will win the national battle for legitimacy

by David P. Goldman, 9 Oct 2016

Trump turned the tide in Debate Two
by E. Jeffrey Ludwig, 10 Oct 2016

Trump Wins
by John Hinderaker, 9 Oct 2016
        ….Donald Trump came through pretty well tonight, mainly because the focus was on the issues. As long as issues are being discussed, Trump wins…

Panicky GOP leaders should come home
after Trump wins Debate #2

by Roger L. Simon, 9 Oct 2016

Trump vs. Hillary, Round Two
Live updates from the debate, then post-debate spin-Tweets.
      Breitbart News, 9 Oct 2016
Hillary gets rocked: Trump dominates
She’s on defense — all night!
DJT calls for Special Prosecutor into Clinton
Clinton accusers sit in front row
Trump pounds on bad decisions, judgment
Hillary blames lies — on Abraham Lincoln!
Hillary doesn’t deny Wikileaks docs' authenticity…

Breitbart News, 9 Oct 2016
Yes, Our Trade Deficit for Goods Is Nearly $800 Billion
Yes, the Nuclear Deal Hands ‘$150 Billion’ Over to Iran
Yes, Bill Clinton Was Disbarred and Fined After Impeachment
No, It Is Not True That Donald Trump ‘Never Apologizes’
Yes, Hillary Did Laugh After Successfully Defending a Child-Rapist
No, Donald Trump Never Attacked Capt. Humayun Khan
Yes, Hillary Has Supported Single-Payer Socialized Medicine
Yes, Hillary Deleted ‘Severals Thousand Work-Related’ Emails
Yes, San Bernardino Terrorists’ Neighbors Failed to Report Them
No, We Can't Successfully Implement ‘Tough Vetting’ of Refugees
     — Hillary Clinton Herself Admitted It’s Not ‘Possible’
No, Senator Clinton Did Not Vote for Significant Tax Reform
No, Jihadists Do Not Use Trump Immigration Policy To Recruit
No, Hillary’s Campaign Mgr Didn't Push the Birther Controversy
Yes, Hillary Used the Same Tax Loophole Donald Trump Used
No, Hillary Wasn't ‘Gone’ When Obama Drew ‘Red Line’ on Syria
No, Hillary Clinton Was Not a Leader in Rallying
     Support for the Children’s Health Insurance Program
No, Hillary Clinton Did Not Apologize for ‘Basket of Deplorables’
Yes, We Are Experiencing Slow Economic Growth,
     But Not the Slowest Since 1929
Yes, Hillary Said She Wants to Put ‘Coal Miners Out of Business’
Yes, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Have Refused to Say
     ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’
Yes, Trump Did Tell His Followers to ‘Check Out’ a ‘Sex Tape’
Yes, the United States Has
     ‘Just About the Highest’ Corporate Taxes in the World

America, you have no right to judge Donald Trump
by D.C. McAllister, 8 Oct 2016

N.B.: There are 2 videos, one from 1998 and another from 2016
Video Interview: Bill Clinton accuser
Juanita Broaddrick relives brutal rapes
Aaron Klein, 9 Oct 2016

Is the FBI now an arm of the Democratic Party?
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 6 Oct 2016

WikiLeaks releases
Hillary Clinton’s paid speech transcripts
by Ruby Cramer, 7 Oct 2016
      …Admits she's out of touch with ordinary Americans… Says you need to have a private and public position on policy… Holding Wall Street accountable only for political reasons… Suggests Wall Street insiders are what is needed to fix Wall Street… Admits that she needs Wall Street funding… Touts her relationship to Wall Street as a Senator

WikiLeaks release: Hillary Clinton press sec says
gun control to be implemented by executive order
A.W.R. Hawkins, 7 Oct 2016
        …Her plan to open gun manufacturers to lawsuits by crime victims will not reduce crime either, but it will bankrupt—and eventually end—gun manufacturing in the United States…



Watch: Donald Trump releases statement
following release of 2005 lewd audio
7 Oct 2016
Donald Trump published a video message on his Facebook feed early Saturday morning following the release of an audio recording from 2005 where Trump made lewd comments captured on a hot microphone. Trump’s comments to chuckling Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush were published Monday afternoon by The Washington Post.
[1:32 video, and full text]


Turning the USA totalitarian for the 'better good'
by Roger L. Simon, 6 Oct 2016

Hillary aide Huma Abedin attacked Jewish group
by Richard Pollock, 6 Oct 2016

Why Hillary's record on Libya is even worse than you think
by Michael Flynn, 6 Oct 2016

Barack Obama’s stillborn legacy: At home
and abroad, the President's agenda is in tatters
by Charles Krauthammer, 7 Oct 2016

Obama sacrificed over 1,600 lives to the global warming religion in 2016
by Ed Straker, 7 Oct 2016

President Obama's most pathetic excuse yet
New York Post editorial, 7 Oct 2016

Don't mix up your conventions,  or you might destroy the country
by Brian T. Carter, 7 Oct 2016

Chicago cop is the face of the Ferguson Effect
by John Kass, 7 Oct 2016

What hunters and anglers should know before they vote
by H. Sterling Burnett, 7 Oct 2016


One of the most momentous battles in world history was fought on October 7, 1571.
Remember Lepanto!
by Robert McMullen
        …The Turks had raised a fleet of 181 ships, carrying some 30,000 soldiers, and Malta was the prize they sought. Their goal was to plunder and sweep all the ships of Christian Europe from the Mediterranean. Then, in control of the sea lanes and trade routes, with their naval and economic power supreme, all of Europe would be set to fall before them.
The Turkish fleet appeared off the coast of Malta, and laid siege to the island. All through the summer of 1565 the contest for Malta raged. In the end, the Knights of St. John (Knights of Malta) were victorious, and the Turks were forced to withdraw in defeat. It did not, however, end the threat from the Ottoman Turks.
In 1566, Pius V ascended to the Chair of St. Peter in Rome. Pius V was a Dominican Monk with a reputation for piety and austerity. A teacher of philosophy and theology for 16 years, unlike some previous Popes, he was a humble man who continued to lead the ascetic life of a simple monk even after becoming Pope.
Pius V was also very serious about defending Christendom against the Ottoman Turks. He knew they were not just going to go away and leave Europe in peace. Vienna and the eastern borders continued to be threatened by Moslem military power and incursions, and the Papal States themselves could soon be at risk. Cyprus came under attack again in 1570. Seeing the increasing danger to Christendom, Pius V called on "The Holy League," consisting of the Papal States, Spain, Genoa, Venice, and the Knights of Malta, to address the Moslem threat…
Read on:


             The Battle of Lepanto, by Gustave Doré

The Battle of Lepanto
by Georgios Rigas

Lepanto, by G.K. Chesterton
White founts falling in the courts of the sun,
And the Soldan of Byzantium is smiling as they run;
There is laughter like the fountains in that face of all men feared,
It stirs the forest darkness, the darkness of his beard,
It curls the blood-red crescent, the crescent of his lips,
For the inmost sea of all the earth is shaken with his ships.
They have dared the white republics up the capes of Italy,
They have dashed the Adriatic round the Lion of the Sea,
And the Pope has cast his arms abroad for agony and loss,
And called the kings of Christendom for swords about the Cross…
The rest of the poem:

What kind of genius loses $6 billion, Hillary?
by Daniel John Sobieski, 6 Oct 2016

James Madison U. tells students
35 things they should never say

by Tom Knighton, 5 Oct 2016

Donald Trump’s secret weapon for Debate No. 2
Now that he has shown restraint, expect him to open fire.
by Monica Crowley, 5 Oct 2016

The Case Against “the Conservative Case. . .”
by Publius Decius Mus, 3 Oct 2016

Clinton’s disgraceful three-headed crime
has compromised the FBI

Hillary played fast and loose—with both her system and the law.
by Austin Bay, 3 Oct 2016 

Is Modern Science Polluted?

by Patrick J. Michaels, 4 Oct 2016

Federal judge strikes down ‘assault weapons’ ban
and firearm registration, upholds Open Carry
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 5 Oct 2016

Will Trump's organizational weaknesses matter?
Clinton's ground game dwarfs his, but it might not make a difference.
by Eliana Johnson, 4 Oct 2016

IRS subjects Tea Party groups to
new round of scrutiny, publicizes tax return data
by Stephen Dinan, 4 Oct 2016
Read what Trump said.  There's nothing wrong with it.
Joe Biden botches veteran suicide statistics
while spreading Trump PTSD lie

Charlie Spiering, 4 Oct 2016
Trump tax return story exposes
policy ignorance of political reporters

by Ryan Ellis, 3 Oct 2016

(Hat tip: Jim D.)

VP Debate: Mike Pence's logic
beats Tim Kaine's talking points
by Tyler O'Neil, 4 Oct 2016

Luntz focus group:
Pence destroyed Kaine during VP debate
by Katie Pavlich, 4 Oct 2016

After Tim Kaine flops in Vice Presidential
debate, new doubts about Hillary
by Joel B. Pollak, 4 Oct 2016
Hey, Timmie, you really showed us deplorables
by Russ Vaughn, 5 Oct 2016

Watch: Pence brings up Hillary's email
server, debate moderator pleads to move on
by Katie Pavlich, 4 Oct 2016

Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence 57 times
Charlie Spiering, 4 Oct 2016

Vice Presidential Debate fact-checks
Breitbart News, 4 Oct 2016
No, Discriminating Among Immigrants on National Origin  
     Is Not Unconstitutional

Yes, the Obama-Clinton Recovery is the Slowest, Since…
Clinton Foundation Not High Ranking Charity
Pence Did Not Say Putin Was Better Leader Than Obama
Kaine Claims Terror Threat ‘Decreased’ During Obama Era
Bill Clinton Called ObamaCare a ‘Crazy System
Trump Did Not Say Israel Must Pay ‘Big League’
Tim Kaine Was a Leader of the Boycott of Netanyahu
Bill Clinton Called ObamaCare a ‘Crazy System’
Stop-and-Frisk has nothing to do with Police-Community relations


Two prominent NeverTrumps
show signs of wavering
by Thomas Lifson, 4 Oct 2016

Yes Virginia, aliens are registered or voting
…and in Pennsylvania, by the thousands
J. Christian Adams, 3 Oct 2016

I want a President who will end Victimism
by Christopher Chantrill, 4 Oct 2016

Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter,
and the answer to the Liberal Race Narrative
by D.C. McAllister, 3 Oct 2016

Why Trump's taxes won't hurt him
by Patrick Buchanan, 3 Oct 2016

The Intellectual Case for Donald Trump
by Brett Graham Fawcett, 4 Oct 2016

Hillary's false charges of 'trickle-down economics'
by Stephen Moore, 30 Sept 2016

Clinton campaign admits Hillary
used same tax avoidance
"scheme" as Trump
by Tyler Durden, 3 Oct 2016

How fair is paying your Fair Share?
by Kevin Cochrane, 3 Oct 2016

Bad News and Good News from Hungary
by Baron Bodissey, 2 Oct 2016

Hungary the Model
by Baron Bodissey, 30 Sept 2016

Rebuffed again—Clinton speaks to empty seats
in Charlotte, NC, AME church…

by Sundance, 3 Oct 2016

Intrigue surrounds the Wikileaks
'October surprise' for Hillary
by Thomas Lifson, 3 Oct 2016

Obama's blinkered generals
Caving in to the left’s apologists for Islamic terrorism.
by Jed Babbin, 3 Oct 2016

On the need to differentiate
between Religious and Political systems
Henrik Clausen, BPE Austria, 27 Sept 2016

Obama wants to create a new racial category
by J. Marsolo, 2 Oct 2016

Theresa May vows to trigger Article 50
by March and be out of the EU by early 2019
by Michael Wilkinson, 3 Oct 2016

In a Neighborhood of Gangs:
The Warrant for Trump
by Michael L. Grable, 2 Oct 2016

African immigrant arrested
after vandalizing four churches in Rome
by Thomas D. Williams, 2 Oct 2016

US university offers course for men to
'deconstruct toxic masculinities'
by Harriet Alexander, 2 Oct 2016

Columbia University student forced to attend
're-education' for saying he's handsome
by Lucas Nolan, 1 Oct 2016

Yes, Obama has "fundamentally transformed"
America, and not for the better.
We are the Third World
by Timothy Birdnow, 1 Oct 2016

Young Virginia Democrat admits to
registering 19 dead people to vote
by Rick Moran, 1 Oct 2016

"Can you hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men…"
German mayor beaten unconscious by locals
after announcing plan to welcome migrants
by Liam Deacon, 1 Oct 2016

Libs wrong again: Humans are naturally violent
by James Lewis, 1 Oct 2016

Violence against Trump supporters
Centipede Impressions: 43 videos, updated 1 Oct 2016


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