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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

A sporting event
where only one team obeys the rules
by Jeffrey T. Brown, 25 Sept 2016

The Justice Department's Hillary investigation
reeks of corruption
by David Harsanyi, 23 Sept 2016

Trump critics don't believe in math
by John Phillips, 22 Sept 2016

Outrage in Iowa over
Obama 'DREAMer' who killed 12-year-old girl 

The open borders agenda claims another victim.
by David Paulin, 23 Sept 2016 

Colin Kaepernick and moral righteousness
by Dennis Chamberland, 25 Sept 2016

Jeff Sessions pushes back against Hillary Clinton’s
‘radical’ suggestion of a global right to immigrate
by Julia Hahn, 24 Sept 2016

Public pensions in crisis
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 23 Sept 2016

The apoplectic liberals
The media is failing, they argue,
because it can’t convince the public that Trump is Lucifer.
by Kelly Riddell, 22 Sept 2016

Private Christian school teaches
the joys of transgenderism
by J. Christian Adams, 20 Sept 2016

Samantha Power's problem from Hell
The R2P Responsibility to Protect initiative.
by James G. Wiles, 24 Sept 2016

The slow slide into Single-Payer health care
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 23 Sept 2016

Stop-and-frisk furor
exposes idiocy of Trump's critics
New York Post editorial, 23 Sept 2016

Emails show immigration officials
working overtime to boost Hillary Clinton
by Rick Moran, 23 Sept 2016

Make black helicopters great again
My big problem with President Obama's U.N. speech.
by Matthew Continetti, 23 Sept 2016

After Charlotte shooting, press
downplays a key fact: the officer's race
by Howard Kurtz, 23 Sept 2016

John Bolton on Obama's Internet Handover:
'Within ten years, the Internet as we know it will end'
by John Hayward, 22 Sept 2016

When you replace Culture
with Politics, both turn sour
by Ben Domenech, 22 Sept 2016

It's no longer safe
for the city's senior citizens to go outside
Shari Logan, Shawn Cohen, Daniel Prendergast, 22 Sept 2016

DePaul launches 'Free Speech' speaker series
— without any conservative speakers
by Emily Zanotti, 7 Sept 2016

Charlotte had racial harmony.
Then BLM and Nation of Islam thugs came.
by Denise McAllister, 22 Sept 2016

Use these three things
to judge Trump Versus Hillary

Many view this presidential election as a personality contest‚ but it's really about the Constitution.
Jeffrey H. Anderson, 21 Sept 2016

The "science" underlying
climate alarmism turns up missing

by Francis Menton, 19 Sept 2016 

Ireland will not bite the Apple
by Michael Curtis, 22 Sept 2016

Socialism: Oil-rich Venezuela
now has to import capitalist oil

by Tom Knighton, 22 Sept 2016

The red herring of Article 50
by Anthony Bright-Paul, 22 Sept 2016

When it comes to terrorists,
'profiling' isn't a dirty word

Washington Examiner editorial, 22 Sept 2016

'Senator from Punjab':
How Hillary Clinton masterminded a
global scheme to replace American workers

by Julia Hahn, 20 Sept 2016

It doesn’t matter what names the mainstream media
call Trump — he says exactly what most Americans
think, especially when it comes to Islamic terror 

by Piers Morgan, 20 Sept 2016

'Nonpartisan' Ken Burns
goes Trump Bonkers again
by P.J. Gladnick, 22 Sept 2016

Debating Hillary
by G. Murphy Donovan, 21 Sept 2016

Only one candidate has a plan for a booming economy
by Betsy McCaughey, 20 Sept 2016

Black Lives Matter activists see racism
behind death of Terence Crutcher

by Tyler O'Neil, 20 Sept 2016

Inside the scramble to cover up
Clinton’s private email server

by Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, 18 Sept 2016

Manipulating U.S. elections:
10 ways voting is being hacked by the Left
by J. Christian Adams, 19 Sept 2016

CNN busted again, quoting Trump using
a highly charged word he never used
by Thomas Lifson, 20 Sept 2016

Never NeverTrump
by Victor Davis Hanson, 20 Sept 2016

How to destroy the Alt-Right
by Milo Yiannopoulos, 19 Sept 2016

Lowest Emmy viewership ever!  Wonder why…
by Patricia McCarthy, 20 Sept 2016

Google developing tools to suppress
online speech, protect elites' feelings
by Jack Hadfield, 19 Sept 2016

Liberal mother pushes her little son 

into masquerading as a girl
by Selwyn Duke, 20 Sept 2016


"All of us can be coworkers with God."  ROFL! 
A ridiculous statement, coming from the mouth of this lying POS.
Obama praises globalism
while acknowledging its faults

by Alex Pfeiffer, 20 Sept 2016

Boo-Hoo! Lefty moans that 'terror' is now
associated with 'Muslim' in the public mind
by Thomas Lifson, 19 Sept 2016

McDonald's hires foreign H-1B's,
fires 70 American accounting staff
by Neil Munro, 18 Sept 2016
      …Overall, the federal government invites roughly 800,000 guest-workers — plus 1 million legal immigrants and few hundred thousand illegal immigrants — into the country each year, where they compete for jobs sought by the 4 million young Americans who annually enter the workforce. That roughly two new foreign workers for every four Americans who enter the workforce…

Viktor Orban: This is Nihilism, not Liberalism

introduced by Baron Bodissey, 14 Sept 2016

Transgenderism and the New Anthropology

by Fay Voshell, 19 Sept 2016 

No thank you, Obama
The new Census report on income and poverty proves why no thanks are due.
by Stephen Moore, 18 Sept 2016

Panic Mode:
LA Times poll shows Donald Trump skyrocketing
as Hillary Clinton falters in black community
by Neil W. McCabe, 18 Sept 2016

The Hajj — Czech Style
by Xanthippa, introduced by Baron Bodissey, 13 Sept 2016

Washington's endgame:
First your guns, then your cash

by Dan Joppich, 18 Sept 2016

On its 229th birthday,
our Constitution hangs by a thread

by Ken Klukowski, 17 Sept 2016

Obama was the first Birther
by Brian Joondeph, 18 Sept 2016

Clinton Foundation spent less than
6 percent on charitable grants in 2014
by Sean Davis, 16 Sept 2016

Trump: Hillary Clinton first presidential
candidate proposing to abolish U.S. borders
by Julia Hahn, 17 Sept 2016

Hillary Clinton wants power
to shape our children's minds
by Carol Brown, 17 Sept 2016

Vice News reporter's arrest spun as
'Trump fascism falls upon the land'
by Patrick Poole, 17 Sept 2016

We don't know what we are talking about
when we talk about religion
No, Salafism is not a religion.
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 25 Aug 2016

Why I'm voting for Donald Trump
Ordinary Americans explain.
Allen Abel, 15 Sept 2016

Basket of Deplorables
by Rush Limbaugh, 12 Sept 2016

The Infantilizing of the Academy
by David Solway, 15 Sept 2016

Trump should give this speech every day to Nov. 8
by Charles Gasparino, 16 Sept 2016

The fallacy of income inequality
by Steve Feinstein, 16 Sept 2016

Trump's Tonight Show triumph
by Thomas Lifson, 16 Sept 2016

Globalism and the Death of Defense
by Chet Richards, 16 Sept 2016

He tricks the network into convering his endorsement by decorated veterans.
CNN slams Trump's 'political rick roll'
by Joel B. Pollak, 16 Sept 2016

Democrats' deplorable emails
by Kimberley A. Strassel, 16 Sept 2016

by MC, 15 Sept 2016

Scenes from the Ruling Class
by George Neumayr, 15 Sept 2016

Nothing in Common
by William Campenni, 16 Sept 2016

Trump's foreign policy will be proven right
by George David Banks, 15 Sept 2016

K-12: Parent X takes on Principal Zero
by Bruce Deitrick Price, 16 Sept 2016

To lift a sagging Hillary,
Obama brags about the sagging Economy
by Laura Ingraham, 14 Sept 2016

What is the FBI hiding?
by Andrew Napolitano, 14 Sept 2016

The false rationale of homegrown anti-Americanism
by Jeffrey T. Brown, 16 Sept 2016

Could Hillary tell us what percentage
of Muslims are 'Deplorable'?
by Ann Coulter, 14 Sept 2016

Hillary collapse coverage
reveals absurdity of biased Media
by Michael Goodwin, 14 Sept 2016

Dr. Ted Noel explains why the pneumonia story
is bunk, and Hillary likely has Parkinson’s
by Thomas Lifson, 14 Sept 2016

Why no press interest in the troubling
conduct of Hillary's top attack dog?

by Mark Paoletta, 13 Sept 2016

Christian slaves, Muslim masters
by Janet Levy, 14 Sept 2016

How is the Godless West working out?

by Dennis Prager, 13 Sept 2016

Trump Is Winning
He is the clear choice for conservatives.
by Conrad Black, 13 Sept 2016

This story includes video of the fraudulent way Couric et al. edited the discussion, and it also includes un-edited audio which proves (1) that the pro-gun people began answering her question without a moment's delay, and (2) that they argued quite cogently against the gun-grabbers' advocacy of prior restraint.
Katie Couric faces $12 million defamation lawsuit
for ‘misleading’ edits in gun control film
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 13 Sept 2016

The Sordid History of
liberals calling Republicans racist
by Denise McAllister, 13 Sept 2016

Hat tip: Tony C.

Alien Retreat: The Rise of the Deplorables
by Doug Mainwaring, 13 Sept 2016

South Korea tires of North,
vows to reduce Pyongyang ‘to ashes’
by Frances Martel, 12 Sept 2016

Hillary Clinton carries on Margaret Sanger's
legacy of class and race hatred
by M. Catharine Evans, 13 Sept 2016

Deplorably, Trump is going to win
by David P. Goldman, 12 Sept 2016

Why Socialism will always be with us
by David Solway, 13 Sept 2016

Research proves Google
manipulates millions to favor Clinton
Robert Epstein, 12 Sept 2016

Congress can save the Internet
by L. Gordon Crovitz, 11 Sept 2016

Hillary’s empty moralism is a reflection
of the greater Progressive movement

In her incoherent policy agenda,
the fruits of moral relativism are on full display.

by William Voegeli, 12 Sept 2016

I'm deplorable and I'm proud
by Jack Cashill, 12 Sept 2016

Debunking the Income Inequality Fallacy
by John Glenn, 9 Sept 2016

Major conservative intellectual endorses Trump.
The bumpy ride of our Flight 93
by Roger Kimball, 10 Sept 2016

What the Benghazi attack
taught me about Hillary Clinton
by Gregory N. Hicks, 11 Sept 2016

Donald Trump at Phyllis Schlafly's funeral:
A movement has lost its hero,
our country has lost a warrior
Julia Hahn, 10 Sept 2016

Soldiers speak out on 9/11: 'I never handed
out a bouquet of flowers during combat'
by Elise Cooper, 11 Sept 2016

Demented Miracle Mattress 9/11 ad shows
how to destroy your business with one ad
by Megan Fox, 10 Sept 2016

Why did the terrorists choose September 11?
by Tyler O'Neil, 10 Sept 2016

‘Make America Great Again’ is (wait for it) Racist
Democrats will stop at nothing to slime the Republican nominee.
by Deroy Murdock, 10 Sept 2016

Top Armed Services Dem: Sanctions won't
stop North Korea, only "guaranteed response"
by Bridget Johnson, 9 Sept 2016

Desperation drives campaign strategy
of demonizing Trump supporters
by Thomas Lifson, 10 Sept 2016

It's not all that secret, except among low-information voters.
The secret link between JFK and Ronald Reagan
— and why it matters now
by Jake Novak, 9 Sept 2016

Donald Trump and his
new language of Conservatism
by Michael B. Abramson, 9 Sept 2016

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Nazis
Baron Bodissey presents a video by Andrea Hinkel
and an essay by Alexander Wallasch,
9 Sept 2016

If you read nothing else today, read this:
The Flight 93 Election
by Publius Decius Mus, 5 Sept 2016

Obama’s radical proposal
could result in
censorship online
by Senator Ted Cruz, 8 Sept 2016

Incident in Hangzhou:
Chinese snub Obama in airport
Charles Krauthammer, 9 Sept 2016

How Obama unleashed North Korea's
latest and biggest nuclear bomb test
by Thomas Lifson, 9 Sept 2016

Clinton email scandal:
What Hillary tells voters isn't what she told the FBI
Investor's Business Daily, 9 Sept 2016

Behind the Progressive War on Cops
by Blaine Winship, 9 Sept 2016

Hillary tells yet another
self-aggrandizing feminist lie
Ann Coulter, 8 Sept 2016

Media furious that Matt Lauer
treated Trump and Hillary the same
by Stephen Kruiser, 8 Sept 2016

Republicans gear up
for fight against Internet transition

by Ashley Gold and Tony Rommi, 8 Sept 2016

22 days until Obama gives away the Internet

8 Sept 2016

We need the death penalty
for Jacob Wetterling's killer
by Walter Hudson, 7 Sept 2016

Trump proposes peace through strength
Washington Examiner editorial, 8 Sept 2016

Republican elites' Mommie Dearest relationship
with heartland voters
by Doug Mainwaring, 8 Sept 2016

Millennials more conservative than you may think
by Jacqueline Howard, 7 Sept 2016

Trump v. Clinton (2016):
How would the Roberts Court rule?
by Arnold Cusmariu, 8 Sept 2016

Trump, Clinton square off
at Commander-in-Chief Forum
Breitbart News, 7 Sept 2016

Military Trump supporter vs. CNN's Costello: a
silent majority of black people that support Trump
by Ian Schwartz, 6 Sept 2016

How can you love guns
knowing they kill so many people?

by Liz Sheld, 29 Aug 2016

Enjoy the Internet,
before Obama abandons it to the UN

by Claudia Rosett, 29 Aug 2016

SJW freakout over Italian government
telling women to reproduce

by Tom Knighton, 6 Sept 2016

The 'False Economy'
New York Sun editorial, 6 Sept 2016

5 years behind bars for infamous
UK hate preacher who pledged ISIS support

by Bridget Johnson, 6 Sept 2016

It’s time to kill the ObamaCare penalty
by Betsy McCaughey, 6 Sept 2016


Hillary Clinton fails the ABC's
of handling classified information
by Mark A. Thiessen, 6 Sept 2016

Impeach Clinton to bar her from
holding Federal office. It’s Constitutional.
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 6 Sept 2016

Trump, Republicans and the ‘principles’ question
by Dennis Prager, 6 Sept 2016

This is delicious!  Europeans who call themselves "Antifa" (anti-fascist) are actually fascists themselves, because they condemn the free speech of citizens who tell the truth about Islam and Islamists. These Antifa creeps routinely form street gangs and physically attack the truth-telling citizens. The fool Ghislain Gilberti got what he richly deserves for coddling Muslim thugs. — Don John
Antifa writer beaten up
by Muslims shouting 'Filthy white'
Virginia Hale, 5 Sept 2016

Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, 1924-2016

by Ann Coulter, 5 Sept 2016

Clinton corruption? What Clinton corruption?
by Michael Walsh, 5 Sept 2016

NeverTrumps and
the end of America as we know it
by Jared E. Peterson, 6 Sept 2016

Everything in Islam is opposite to Biblical values
Nonie Darwish, 2 Sept 2016

Trump in Mexico recalls Reagan in Geneva
by Phyllis Schlafly, 5 Sept 2016


Conservative legend Phyllis Schlafly dies at 92

5 Sept 2016

Also: a wonderful profile written by Jeff Lipkes in 2014, including
the campaign that defeated the so-called Equal Rights Amendment:

All the Lies:
They've turned us into a rotting banana republic

by Jed Babbin, 5 Sept 2016

He's not quite accurate on the Crash of 2008,
but in this context that's really a side issue.
It's not us, it's you:
How elites rationalize this year's Voter Rebellion
by Chris Buskirk, 31 Aug 2016

German electoral shocker:
Merkel's party finishes 3rd in regional election

by Rick Moran, 5 Sept 2016

Fracking didn't cause Oklahoma earthquake
by Daniel John Sobieski, 5 Sept 2016

Clinton stumbles at start of final sprint
by Hugh Hewitt, 4 Sept 2016

How Donald Trump fixes Chicago
by Richard F. Miniter, 5 Sept 2016

"Shut it down!": Reuters orders
cameraman to kill positive Trump footage
Shocking example of media censorship caught on tape.
Paul Joseph Watson, 5 Sept 2016

Donald Trump receives standing ovation
at Detroit Great Faith Ministries Church
by Jim Hoft, 3 Sept 2016

Globalism: The Religion of Empire
by Fay Voshell, 4 Sept 2016

FBI interview
catches Hillary Clinton in multiple lies
by Bre Paton, 2 Sept 2016

Bill Bennett Trumps the #NeverTrumps
by Seth Leibsohn, 29 Aug 2016

Islam is not a Civilization
by Paul Eidelberg, 4 Sept 2016

AP course standards have
fallen prey to partisanship
by Peter Berkowitz, 3 Sept 2016

The Greater Depression—Part 1

by Jim Quinn, 5 Sept 2016

Trump tells black church:
'We need a civil rights agenda for our time'
by Alex Swoyer, 3 Sept 2016

The average American family pays
more money in regulations than in taxes
by Tyler O'Neil, 2 Sept 2016

5 facts about 'black oppression'
Colin Kaepernick needs to know
by Jerome Hudson, 2 Sept 2016

Trump goes to Mexico
A Reagan-style assault on the immigration status quo.
by Jeffrey Lord, 2 Sept 2016

As despair spreads in Venezuela,
Maduro doubles down
by Alvaro Vargas Llosa, 1 Sept 2016

Tom Wolfe hunts the biggest
of prey in The Kingdom of Speech

by Ed Driscoll, 31 Aug 2016

YouTube declares war
on politically incorrect opinions
by Paul Joseph Watson, 1 Sept 2016

NBC News reports on persecution of gay
pro-Trump conservative Lucian Wintrich
by liberal 'puritans'
by Jim Hoft, 1 Sept 2016

The sinister side of a cashless society
by Jeffrey Folks, 2 Sept 2016

What was so shocking
about Trump's immigration speech?
by David Frum, 1 Sept 2016

Media Bias? What Media Bias?
by Michael Walsh, 1 Sept 2016

'Angel Mom':
Donald Trump truly cares about Americans
by Adriana Cohen, 2 Sept 2016

Islamic State uses chainsaw
to hack nine Iraqi teens in half
by Edwin Mora, 1 Sept 2016

Yet another "common sense" measure that would never work.
Illinois Rep: Put serial numbers on bullets
to fight Chicago gun violence
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 1 Sept 2016

UNL students restricted by new 'respect' policy
‘Nonnegotiable’ list of expected beliefs about diversity and inclusion.
by William Nardi, 2 Sept 2016

Islam, and the West's death by 'Freedom'
Selwyn Duke, 1 Sept 2016

Donald Trump's successful Mexico meeting
by Charles Hurt, 31 Aug 2016

7 reasons this black man supports Donald Trump
by John Gibbs, 31 Aug 2016

Mrs. Thatcher's last victory
She was years ahead of the Brexit curve.
by John O'Sullivan, 29 Aug 2016

Dilma Rousseff is ousted
as Brazil's president in impeachment vote
by Simon Romero, 31 Aug 2016

Justice for George Zimmerman
in Florida’s Tuesday voting
by Rosslyn Smith, 1 Sept 2016

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