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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

Leftists versus the People
The distinction between the "dumb masses" and
their enlightened selves renders life meaningful.
by Jeffrey Folks, 24 Feb 2018

Bishop denies Sen. Dick Durbin communion
over his pro-abortion voting record
by John Ellis, 23 Feb 2018

President Trump empowers Americans
to stop school shooters
A voice of reason in the midst of the media hysteria.
by Daniel Greenfield, 23 Feb 2018

How the media enable Rep. Adam Schiff’s
Russian bot conspiracy theories
by Mollie Hemingway, 21 Feb 2018


The Yelling of the Lambs
by Jeffrey T. Brown, 23 Feb 2018

Justin Trudeau's laughable, disastrous trip to India
by Rick Moran, 22 Feb 2018

If immigration creates wealth, why is
California America's poverty capital?
by Spencer P. Morrison, 23 Feb 2018

Journalists hate conspiracy theories
and fake news, except when they don't
by Jim Treacher, 22 Feb 2018

Tracking the real collusion: Obama knew
foreign entities were interfering; he did nothing
by Tammy Bruce, 21 Feb 2018

The name is David J. Kramer.
McCain aide took the Fifth Amendment
on role in Steele dossier
by Thomas Lifson, 23 Feb 2018

Ted Cruz at CPAC: 'If you want to see crime
take off, disarm the law-abiding citizens'
by Penny Starr, 22 Feb 2018

‘SUCK IT gun-grabbers!’ #BoycottNRA backfires
epically, @NRA memberships on the RISE
Sam J, 23 Feb 2018

CNN's Drew Griffin: School shooting
survivor Colton Haab is lying
by John Nolte, 23 Feb 2018

Parkland blood on Biden's hands
by Daniel John Sobieski, 23 Feb 2018

NYT: How Google squelches competition
by Lucas Nolan, 22 Feb 2018

It's good that she believes in hell,
because that's where this c#nt is going.
Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca rips ‘evil’
Billy Graham: ‘Have fun in hell, bi**h’
John Nolte, 22 Feb 2018


Do not let the children lead
by Michelle Malkin, 21 Feb 2018

The Florida school shooting:
Typical leftist exploitation
by Lloyd Marcus, 22 Feb 2018

What left-wing educators don’t teach
during ‘Black History Month’
The inconvenient historical notes
left on the cutting room floor.
Larry Elder, 22 Feb 2017

Infidel women: Islam’s "spoils of war"
If good Muslim women are seen and treated as
possessions, how are infidel women seen and treated?
Raymond Ibrahim, 22 Feb 2018

Mueller still relying on discredited Steele Dossier
by Paul Sperry 22 Feb 2018

George Washington  
(Feb 22, 1732-Dec 14, 1799)
Farewell Address to the Army  2 Nov 1783
First Inaugural Address  30 April 1789
Farewell Address   17 Sept 1796
A New Biography of Washington  by Mark Twain
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant  by Mark Twain


Why do we hate the NRA?
by Michael Graham, 21 Feb 2018

Do we really love our kids?
by Ted Noel, 21 Feb 2018

My child will not be walking
out of school for gun control
by D.C. McAllister, 21 Feb 2018

Cries to 'ban the AR-15'
based on ignorance and hysteria
by Michael Filozof, 21 Feb 2018

The Churchillian Mr. Trump
by Augustus Howard, 21 Feb 2018

On Russia, Democrats try to rewrite history
by David Harsanyi, 21 Feb 2018

What is the FBI hiding in its war to protect Comey?
by Tom Fitton, 21 Feb 2018

The Habits of IndigNation
by Ben Voth, 21 Feb 2018

TX councilman pressured to quit
for wanting Islam out of public schools
by Robert Spencer, 21 Feb  2018

When school-voucher foes called in
the Feds ... and called the shots
by James Varney, 21 Feb 2018

Law school professor says colleague's
anti-PC op-ed destroyed his summer break
by Tom Ciccotta, 20 Feb 2018

There is only one sure way to stop school shootings
by Patricia McCarthy, 20 Feb 2018

What liberals don’t understand: a serious attempt
at gun confiscation could lead to civil war
by John Hawkins, 19 Feb 2018

What the Second Amendment means today
by Jay Cost, 19 Feb 2018

Did the Progressive 'Broward County
Solution' cost 17 student lives?
by Jack Cashill, 20 Feb 2018

Witnessing the Collapse of the Global Elite
by Neil Munro, 19 Feb 2018

Where are the indictments of
Obama’s foreign colluders?
The collusion fraud continues.
by Daniel Greenfield, 19 Feb 2018

F#ck these people.
Yale University introduces new course
to combat narratives on ‘whiteness’
by Tom Ciccotta, 19 Feb 2018

What Robert Mueller & the Russians
he indicted share in common
The bigger question is why he didn’t also indict Hillary and her dossier Democrats.
by Daniel J. Flynn, 19 Feb 2018

Protester damages sound system in attempt to
shut down James Damore event at Portland State
by Tom Ciccotta, 19 Feb 2018


Liberals Fail, Volume XXXVII
by Kurt Schlichter, 19 Feb 2018

Judge orders Mueller to provide Flynn’s
attorneys with 'any exculpatory evidence'
by Debra Heine, 19 Feb 2018

7 things we can do to prevent another
school massacre, without violating
the Second Amendment

by Jeff Sanders, 17 Feb 2018

We can't have a debate about guns
if liberals keep lying about them

by David Harsanyi, 16 Feb 2018

A non-alarmist reading of
the Mueller Russia indictment

by Byron York, 19 Feb 2018

Does Mueller Indictment mean Clinton
campaign can be indicted for Chris Steele?

by Robert Barnes, 17 Feb 2018

Pennsylvania's constitutional crisis
by Frank Ryan, 19 Feb 2018

The media's walk-of-shame won't end
by Julie Kelly, 18 Feb 2018

Hungary's Orban calls for global anti-migrant
alliance with eye on 2018 elections

by Marton Dunai, 18 Feb 2018

Sweden Democrats promise to reduce asylum
numbers to zero and end chain migration

by Chris Tomlinson, 18 Feb 2018

Intelligence, Integrity, Politics, and Ethnocide
by Seneca III, 17 Feb 2018

Laura Ingraham denies any racial intent
in comments about Lebron James

Dylan Gwinn, 16 Feb 2018

Stop the 'Trump collusion' nonsense
by Michael van der Galien, 18 Feb 2018

Russian indictments prove
Trump won fair and square
by Michaael Goodwin, 17 Feb 2018

Why Mueller didn’t indict the Russians
for meddling in the Presidential Election
by John Hinderaker, 17 Feb 2018

What were the Russians up to?
by Steven Hayward, 16 Feb 2018

With DACA, put the Federal Judiciary
back in its Constitutional box
by Michael Walsh, 18 Feb 2018

CNN lies by saying Ted Cruz ‘afraid’
to talk about school shooting
by John Nolte, 17 Feb 2018

Who’s really winning the North Korea standoff?
by Victor Davis Hanson, 15 Feb 2018


Minnesota: more guns, less violent crime
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 16 Feb 2018

Russian investigation offers a ludicrous indictment
by E. Jeffrey Ludwig, 17 Feb 2018

Lee Smith: Everything media accuse
Trump of doing with Russia,
Obama actually did
by Robert Kraychik, 16 Feb 2018

Mueller worked with Lerner to target Tea Party
by Daniel John Sobieski, 17 Feb 2018

Is Robert Mueller mad or a Russian agent?
by Sarah Hoyt, 16 Feb 2018

Freedom House turns partisan
by John Fonte and Mike Gonzales, 15 Feb 2018

Nobody cares if Trump boinked a Playboy Bunny
Ever since Bill Clinton's sex scandals,
the media have brainwashed the public not
to care about a president's sexual activities.
by John Nolte, 16 Feb 2018

FEC war on Drudge, internet, goes 'underground'
by Paul Bedard, 16 Feb 2018

A merit-based future beats our
19th-century immigration system
by Red Jahncke, 15 Feb 2018

Let's be honest: Democrats don't
actually care about DREAMers
by Bre Payton, 16 Feb 2018


Assault Behavior is not a weapon
Daniel John Sobieski, 16 Feb 2018

Lying about gun violence with statistics
by Daniel Greenfield, 16 Feb 2018

The Lie of 'See something, say something'
by Charles Hurt, 15 Feb 2018

‘YOU are not helping’! Dan Bongino takes
NRA-blaming Alyssa Milano to school
about law-abiding gun owners
Doug P, 16 Feb 2018

Gun Control advocates bully shooting victim's
father because he's a Trump supporter
Yes, the Left is that depraved.
by Debra Heine, 15 Feb 2018

Support for Netanyahu on the
rise after police allegations
by Deborah Danan, 16 Feb 2018

Trump's military budget:
Seventy versus Seven Hundred
by Gary Gindler, 16 Feb 2016

The Progressives’ Legacy:
Debt, Deficit, and Entitlements
The high cost of rejecting human nature and simple mathematics.
by Bruce Thornton, 16 Feb 2017

How leftist critics consistently slam the
films that portray our enemies truthfully.
by Bruce Bawer, 16 Feb 2018

Low-Skill Immigration: A Case for Restriction
by Amy Wax and Jason Richwine, Nov 2017


Arm Teachers
by Robert Verbruggen, 15 Feb 2018

White House: New bipartisan
DACA plan "giant amnesty"
by Ed Morrissey, 15 Feb 2018

Democrats, business-first GOP Senators
block Trump's immigration reforms
by Neil Munro, 15 Feb 2018

What did Comey tell President Trump
about the Steele Dossier?
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 15 Feb 2018

The curious Michael Flynn guilty plea
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 13 Feb 2018

The not-so-precious truth
about the 'precious' NHS
by Bruce Bawer, 14 Feb 2018

Colorado teacher arrested for ‘child abuse’ for
forcing child to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
by Warner Todd Huston, 14 Feb 2018

Jeremy Bentham and the Judges
by William J. Watkins Jr, 15 Feb 2018

Gas tax threatens to erase
60 percent of Tax Cut benefit
by John Carney, 15 Feb 2018


Israel's 'deep state' targets
Netanyahu with bogus charges
by Caroline Glick, 13 Feb 2018

Memo to Morons:
‘Anglo-American’ is a common legal and
historical term, it is not a ‘dog whistle’
by Charles C.W. Cooke, 13 Feb 2018

Global labor arbitrage:
What is it, and why does it matter?
by Peter Skurkiss, 14 Feb 2018

Cry him a River! Olympic figure skater Adam
Rippon is pissed that he dug his own grave
Sarah D., 13 Feb 2018

When Ellison broke bread with Farrakhan
Muslim Brotherhood-linked Congressman publicly
rejected Nation of Islam -- but it was all for show.
by Matthew Vadum, 14 Feb 2018

Trump is showing significant leadership
on Israeli-Palestinian conflict
by Jonathan Michanie, 14 Feb 2018

Bill Murray praises Republican tax cuts as
he attacks divisive politics and blames
Democrats for making it worse by trying
to appeal to minorities instead of everyone
by Hannah Perry, 14 Feb 2018

Race and IQ: A high school
science fair project ignites a storm
Selwyn Duke, 14 Feb 2018

The Trump, Clinton scandals are claiming
a lot of bodies — at FBI and Justice
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 14 Feb 2018


Jihad and Prince Charles

by David Abbott, 12 Feb 2018

China's further vulnerabilities

by David Archibald, 13 Feb 2018

GOP Senators question 'unusual' message
Susan Rice sent herself on Inauguration Day

by Olivia Beavers, 12 Feb 2018

Report: Nunes to target former CIA Director
John Brennan next in RussiaGate probe

by Debra Heine, 12 Feb 2018

Netanyahu fights back against
police recommendation for indictment
Joel B. Pollak, 13 Feb 2018

Three Lessons of Statesmanship
by Larry P. Arnn, 1 Dec 2017

Success of tax cuts expose
hypocrisy of the Democrats

by Alfredo Ortiz, 12 Feb 2018

Reforming The Bureaucracy:
How Trump Is Taming The Leviathan 

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 12 Feb 2018

Dear America:
Your news media absolutely hates you

by Ben Domenech, 12 Feb 2018

Matteo Salvini: "The first victims of
out-of-control immigration are women"

Baron Bodissey, 12 Feb 2018

Leftist Google employees conspire
to undermine Breitbart's ad revenue
by Allum Bokhari, 13 Feb 2018


Donald Trump is forcing
American blacks to pick a side
by L.E. Ikenga, 12 Feb 2018

Six ways the GOP is trying to lose
the amnesty and immigration fight
by Neil Munro, 11 Feb 2018

America's Prudence Deficit
by Robert Samuelson, 12 Feb 2018

How a rich nation becomes a poor nation
by Jon N. Hall, 12 Feb 2018

Pelosi's Race Lessons
by Bruce Bawer, 12 Feb 2018

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism
The truth about “the most politically incorrect institution in the world!”
by Mark Tapson, 12 Feb 2018

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809—April 15, 1865)
A House Divided
 speech to Illinois Republican Convention, 16 June 1858
Speech at Chicago, Illinois
   contra Stephen Douglas, 10 July 1858

The Last Best Hope of Earth
   annual message to Congress, 1 Dec 1862
Proclamation of Thanksgiving   3 Oct 1863

Gettysburg Address   19 Nov 1863
Second Inaugural Address   4 March 1865

: My Childhood's Home I See Again,
    The Bear Hunt, The Suicide's Soliloquy
Lincoln's vision exceeded the Civil War battlefield
    Bucky Fox, 2 May 2012

Why "open borders" is a dangerous idea
by George Gallatin, 3 Feb 2018

Here's another industry Amazon is killing off
by Salena Zito, 10 Feb 2018

Veiling Women: Islamists' most powerful weapon
by Giulio Meotti, 20 Apr 2016

'Attacking' the FBI is an
unalienable American right
by Carl M. Cannon, 11 Feb 2018

Barack the Brick-Thrower
by Jeannie DeAngelis, 11 Feb 2018

Singer Kaya Jones has a
challenge for anti-Trumpers

Beth Baumann, 11 Feb 2018

Is the 'global warming' cult
finally coming to its senses?
by Michael Walsh, 10 Feb 2018

Jeanne Ives wins standing ovation after
defending controversial ‘transgender’ ad
by Jasmine Hauser, 5 Feb 2018



Poland's new law criminalizing
speech about the Holocaust
What is crucial to understand about the controversy.
by Danusha V. Goska, 9 Feb 2018

Grassley-Graham memo
affirms Nunes memo — media yawns
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 10 Feb 2018

Poll: Americans ‘overwhelmingly’ believe
Obama ‘improperly surveilled’ Trump campaign
by John Nolte, 10 Feb 2018

Will the FISA memo turn
into Obama's Watergate?
by Sebastian Gorka, 8 Feb 2018

Christian teacher fired, reported to counter-
terror unit after telling lesbian 'God loves you'
Virginia Hale, 8 Feb 2018


The Fight of Our Lives
A new documentary exposes
the growing threats to the West.
Mark Tapson, 9 Feb 2018

Turning schoolkids into Marxists
by M. Catharine Evans, 9 Feb 2018

Single Payer is doomed before it starts
by Ted Noel, M.D., 9 Feb 2018

Hillary's Uranium One reaching critical mass
by Daniel John Sobieski, 9 Feb 2018

How did Hillary Clinton get FBI, FISA
to do her political dirty work?
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 9 Feb 2018

The Idolatry of Journalism
by Kyle Smith, 9 Feb 2018

Yale researchers accidentally expose
Facebook's bias against conservative media
by Allum Bokhari, 8 Feb 2018

DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison sits and
applauds as Linda Sarsour calls America
racist, hateful country founded on murder
This is today's Democrat Party.
Jim Hoft, 8 Feb 2018

DHS staffers advocating for
‘Buy American, Hire American’
NAFTA reform told to ‘stand down’
by Amanda House, 8 Feb 2018

Polls show significant GOP resurgence
in past two months
by Michael Patrick Leahy, 8 Feb 2018

The Media plays Porter to the Left
It carries plenty of baggage for abusers.
George Neumayr, 9 Feb 2018


T-Mobile and Leftism
by Deborah C. Tyler, 8 Feb 2018

Take the 'Racist Xenophobe' Quiz:
Who said this about illegal immigration?
An inconvenient trip down Memory Lane.
by Larry Elder, 8 Feb 2018

Don't be ridiculous, we should cheer
Trump's stock-market obsession
by John Tamny, 8 Feb 2018

Conservatives slam
Schumer-McConnell budget deal
by Sean Moran, 8 Feb 2018

Pelosi celebrates her grandson's self-hatred
Thomas Lifson, 8 Feb 2018

Sweden appoints Pakistani Muslim
head of National Heritage Board
And that marks the end of Sweden’s national heritage.
by Robert Spencer, 7 Feb 2018

President Trump's approval rating tops Barack
Obama by 4 points at same time of his Presidency
Jim Hoft, 7 Feb 2018

Study: New Minimum Wage laws will
eliminate more than 260,000 jobs in 2018
by Tom Knighton, 7 Feb 2018

The sad transformation of
Jimmy Kimmel is complete
by Christian Toto, 4 Feb 2018


Seven reasons to beware the
Southern Poverty Law Center

by Carol Swain, 7 Feb 2018

Adam Schiff spoofed with
Russian claim of nude Trump pic

by Alana Goodman, 6 Feb 2018

Newly-released Strzok-Page lovebird
text messages: 'POTUS wants to know
everything we're doing'

by Thomas Lifson, 7 Feb 2018

Scheming, speculation behind scenes
as Democrats push intel

by Byron York. 7 Feb 2018

Jail the guilty, repeal FISA
by Angelo Codevilla, 6 Feb 2018

'Customized Learning' means
every student learns something different

by Bruce Deitrick Price, 7 Feb 2018

MAGA vs. DACA: How Trump supporters
trumped bleeding heart liberals on late night TV

by Arthur Schaper, 5 Feb 2018

The coming mania for inclusion
will erode standards of merit and excellence.
by Heather Mac Donald, 6 Feb 2018

Hispanic Caucus seeks to condemn Paul Gosar
for asking Feds to arrest illegal aliens
at Trump's SOTU

by John Binder, 6 Feb 2018

The PC police's latest target:
father-daughter dances

New York Post editorial, 6 Feb 2018


He was very racist, you know.
Attention statue topplers:
Is it time to take John Muir’s name off his trail?
Peter Flaherty, 5 Feb 2018

Racist nutters: A Tale of Two Parties
by Thomas Lifson, 6 Feb 2018

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon
by David Solway, 6 Feb 2018

Dossier author Steele wrote another anti-Trump
memo; was fed info by Clinton-connected
contact, Obama State Department
by Byron York, 5 Feb 2018

The FISA-gate boomerangs
by Victor Davis Hanson, 6 Feb 2018

Nunes memo raises question:
Did FBI violate Woods Procedures?
by Sharyl Attkisson, 4 Feb 2018

Amazon ownership of Whole Foods giving
employees ‘nightmares,’ tanking morale
Warner Todd Huston, 5 Feb 2018

Democrat Sen. Carper: Discard millions
of Americans so illegals can get jobs
by Neil Munro, 5 Feb 2018

Wiki and DACA
by Bert Peterson, 6 Feb 2018

CEO of border wall construction company:
'I really believe we'll change history'
by Adelle Nazarian, 5 Feb 2018


   Ronald Reagan
(February 6, 1911—June 5, 2004)
A Time for Choosing (aka "The Speech")  
Ronald Reagan, 27 Oct 1964   Video
City Upon a Hill   Ronald Reagan, 25 Jan 1974
The Ash Heap of History (House of Commons speech)   
Ronald Reagan, 8 June 1982
Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation   
        Ronald Reagan, April 1983
At the Brandenburg Gate
        ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!")
       Ronald Reagan, 12 June 1987
Reagan's Leadership, America's Recovery
        Margaret Thatcher, 30 Dec 1988
Our Revolution: farewell address   
Ronald Reagan, 11 Jan 1989   Video
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan   
        Margaret Thatcher, 11 June 2004  Video
Ronald Reagan at 100: A true believer
       who caught destiny's eye     
Michael Barone, 27 Jan 2011
The Media, Reagan and Obama    Ed Lasky, 31 Jan 2011
Reagan Reclaimed    Steven F. Hayward, 24 Jan 2011
The Gipper's lesson    Washington Times editorial, 4 Feb 2011
Reaganomics: What We Learned   Arthur Laffer, 10 Feb 2011
Malkin: 'Death of the GOP' and 'permanent
majority' for Dems if Trump DACA plan passes

Nicholas Ballasy, 3 Feb 2018

Here comes the Dems’
Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown

After FISA memo, are leftists fearful
of an approaching political reckoning? 
by Bruce Thornton, 5 Feb 2018

Thoughts on the future less vivid, with
some scraps of advice for President Trump

by Roger Kimball, 4 Feb 2018

Un-Candid In Camera
by Mark Steyn, 3 Feb 2018

FISA-gate makes Watergate look like child's play
by Kris W. Kobach, 4 Feb 2018

The Nunes memo: Just an opening act
by Fred Siegel and Marc Epstein, 3 Feb 2018

Reality has a voice
by Andrew Klavan, 4 Feb 2018

Rupert Darwall on the
alarming roots of Environmentalism 

by Ben Weingarten, 31 Jan 2018

The New York Times' fact-check fail

by Matthew Vadum, 2 Feb 2018

The GOP memo proves the 'deep state' is real
by Michael Goodwin, 4 Feb 2018

Dems go despicable as the Russia Collusion plot
to impeach Trump explodes in their faces
by Thomas Lifson, 4 Feb 2018

Report: Deputy AG Rosenstein threatened to
subpoena GOP Intel Reps' calls and texts
Debra Heine, 3 Feb 2018

Steve King's memo warning:
'Watch closely for Barack Obama's fingerprints'
Robert Kraychik, 3 Feb 2018

Answering 3 key questions about the House memo
by Byron York, 4 Feb 2018

Journalism is Dead
by Derek Hunter, 4 Feb 2018

Some foreboding as Mexico's
remittances hit record $28.7 billion
by Monica Showalter, 4 Feb 2018

Students hate quotes from Trump’s State of
the Union, until realizing they are Obama’s
Ben Kew, 3 Feb 2018


Why the FISA memo could lead to
perjury convictions of Comey & Co.
by Mark J. Fitzgibbons, 3 Feb 2018

Democrats melt down over Nunes memo
and enter the Upside Down

by John Kass, 3 Feb 2018

Comey unhinged—for good reason
by J. Marsolo, 3 Feb 2018

Why did the Democrats lie
so baldly about the memo?
by Roger L. Simon, 2 Feb 2018

House intel memo shows just how politicized
the Obama Administration had become

 by John Daniel Davidson, 2 Feb 2018

Tim Allen joins docudrama
taking down PC Culture
by Marisa Schultz, 29 Jan 2018

Trump’s Environmental Federalism
by Terry Anderson, 25 Jan 2018




Five of the best examples of
left-wing bias on Wikipedia in 2017
by T.D. Adler, 1 Feb 2018

The Final Hagiography
by Andrew Ferguson, 2 Feb 2017

Violent alt-Left Antifa extremists try to
shut down Jacob Rees-Mogg speech
by Chris Tomlinson, 2 Feb 2018


Memo released: FBI officials knew political
origins of dossier, but used it anyway
by Kristina Wong, 2 Feb 2018

House Intelligence memo released: What it says
Byron York, 2 Feb 2018

The road to that memo’s release began
with Democratic, media and FBI outrages

New York Post editorial, 2 Feb 2018

Michelle Obama is back on the job
by Jeannie de Angelis, 2 Feb 2018

Will felons and Puerto Ricans turn Florida blue?
by Ed Straker, 2 Feb 2018


Donald Trump has read controversial FBI
intelligence memo; plans to release on Friday
Charlie Spiering, 1 Feb 2018

Positioning over the Nunes FISA memo
continues ahead of its release
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 1 Feb 2018

Israel built a ‘wall’ and is deporting illegal aliens.
America can learn.

by Caroline Glick, 1 Feb 2018

Inside a public school Social Justice Factory
Edina, Minnesota puts social justice above learning.
The results will shock you.
by Katherine Kersten, 1 Feb 2018

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