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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

A long-standing boondoggle on the southern U.S. border.
Dumb sensors, deadly consequences
by Michelle Malkin, 22 Nov 2017

Google tracks you, Uber hacks you
by Virgil, 22 Nov 2017

Lock up Lois Lerner
by Daniel John Sobieski, 23 Nov 2017

As the end of Merkelism nears,
what next for Germany?

by Michael Walsh, 23 Nov 2017

Domestic unrest: Iran's worst nightmare
by Keyvan Salami, 23 Nov 2017



President Donald Trump’s
2017 Thanksgiving Proclamation
23 Nov 2017

How to deal with Leftist turkeys on Gobbler Day
The more tribal culture always loses.
by Sarah Hoyt, 22 Nov 2017


How the Civil War gave us today's Thanksgiving,
and what it can teach us
by Jayme Metzgar, 20 Nov 2017

Squanto, the worldly Indian
who dazzled the Pilgrims

by Deroy Murdock, 21 Nov 2012

The Pilgrim Story:
Vital insights and lessons for today
by Dr. Judd W. Patton

The folks you never thank on Thanksgiving
by Susan L.M. Goldberg, 19 Nov 2015 


This is shocking. Viktor Orbán is Europe's Donald Trump.  The U.S. State Department, a.k.a. Foggy Bottom, is an out-of-control nest of Soros-funded saboteurs intent on destroying Western civilization.
State Dept puts $700,000 into Hungarian media,
demands ‘programming’ against Orban, patriots
Jack Montgomery, 22 Nov 2017

Stanford dean caught on film engineering
disruption of Robert Spencer event
It’s not a university anymore. It’s just an Antifa recruitment center.
by Robert Spencer, 22 Nov 2017

Images show where Border Agent was found,
cast doubt on AP source's knowledge
Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz, 21 Nov 2017

Benjamin Y. Fong's moronic attack on capitalism.
The Never Ending Climate Hustle
Steven Hayward, 20 Nov 2017

Court documents raise significant
questions about Leigh Corfman's
accusations against Roy Moore
Aaron Klein, 21 Nov 2017

Massachusetts rabbi invites CAIR,
others to mislead his congregation
Robert Spencer, 21 Nov 2017

Mugabe resigns after Zimbabwean
Parliament begins impeachment
John Hayward, 21 Nov 2017

SJW to get some justice
(and she's not going to like it)
Thomas Lifson, 22 Nov 2017

November 22, 2017 is the tenth annual celebration of V.I. Day.  Sadly, Barack Obama abandoned the country that America had liberated, and Iraq was overrun by the brutality of ISIS and the benighted, retrograde practices of Islamofascism.  Then in 2017, the U.S. and its allies smashed the so-called Islamic State and took back most of the territory it had occupied.  That struggle is not yet finished, though; a prolonged counterinsurgency operation will continue.  And the past six years of Islamist atrocities need not have happened.  The cowardly surrender that led to the torture and murder of thousands of innocent people will go down in history as all Obama's fault.     
by Zombie, 18 Nov 2008
Includes lots of photos:

How the FCC can save the Open Internet
We should undo the Obama administration’s rules
that regulate the web like a 1930s utility.

by Ajit Pai, 21 Nov 2017

Why have liberals been such horrendous
hypocrites on Women's Rights?

by Roger L. Simon, 20 Nov 2017

Never mind ‘Trumpism’: What is ‘Deplorablism’?
by Victor Davis Hanson, 20 Nov 2017

Has Mueller abandoned the
Trump/Russia collusion investigation?

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 20 Nov 2017

Uranium One noose is tightening
by Thomas Lifson, 21 Nov 2017

The general is even a worse creep than we already knew.
H.R. McMaster trashed Trump at July dinner,
said he had intelligence of a 'kindergartner'

Kristina Wong, 20 Nov 2017

Time to give thanks to white males
by Noel S. Williams, 21 Nov 2017

Ex-boyfriend of Roy Moore accuser:
I don't believe her

by Aaron Klein, 20 Nov 2017

Pippa Biddle, America's whitest reporter,
takes up the black cause

by Colin Flaherty, 21 Nov 2017

Screw these illegals.  Just police the borders with HOT LEAD.
Illegal aliens killed border agent
by crushing in his skull with rocks

Brandon Darby and Ildefonso Ortiz. 19 Nov 2017

Student radio hosts yanked from air,
suspended after using the word 'tranny'

Matthew Stein, 17 Nov 2017


The Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon
by Clyde Ward, 20 Nov 2017

Trump is right: he should get credit
for bringing imprisoned Americans home

President Trump's lightly reported record highlights a difference
in approach and results from the Obama presidency.
by Mary Katharine Ham, 16 Nov 2017

Robert Mueller
IS the cover-up
by James Lewis, 19 Nov 2017

EPA's Scott Pruitt drains the swamp
like no one else in Washington

by Emmett McGroarty and Erin Tuttle, 16 Nov 2017

Pastor saves wife, daughters by shooting
suspected home invader in head

by A.W.R. Hawkins, 19 Nov 2017

Trump's popularity tops that of
leaders of every major Western power

by Monica Showalter, 20 Nov 2017

At Williams, a funny way of ‘listening’
by Zachary Wood, 17 Nov 2017


A fair hearing by a jury of his pervs
by Clarice Feldman, 19 Nov 2017

Bin Laden docs show Obama
misled, politicized intelligence
by Rick Moran, 18 Nov 2017

Character Witnesses: Former girlfriends,
employees, and childhood friends
step up to defend Roy Moore
by Penny Starr, 18 Nov 2017

Why no one is talking about
Trump's game-changing deal
by Salena Zito, 18 Nov 2017

The suicidal narrative of
the modern Environmental Left
by Michael Walsh, 16 Nov 2017

The backlash against European multiculturalism
growing support for anti-immigrant parties
by Joseph Puder, 20 Nov 2017

Why didn't liberals embrace
'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot'?
by Bruce Bawer, 19 Nov 2017

The Hotel from Leftist Hell
The Eaton chain.
by Daniel Greenfield, 20 Nov 2017





Battle for the West: Hungarian PM says
‘silent majority’ will prevail over
‘globalist elites’ and ‘the Soros Empire’
by Jack Montgomery, 17 Nov 2017

Menendez presumed innocent,
Moore presumed guilty
by Daniel John Sobieski, 17 Nov 2017

400 students turn out to pray at Georgia
high school after atheists silence their coach
by Chris Queen, 15 Nov 2017


Who are the real fascists in American politics?
by E. Jeffrey Ludwig, 16 Nov 2017

Anti-Trump chihuahuas overlook
the President's many achievements
by Roger Kimball, 16 Nov 2017

The Adventures of Creepy Joe Biden:
Serial young-girl toucher
by John Nolte, 16 Nov 2017


Journalist Leeann Tweeden accuses Sen. Al Franken
of fondling, kissing her without consent

John Nolte, 16 Nov 2017

Zimbabwe's coup, Venezuela's default,
and the ongoing failure of socialism

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 16 Nov 2017

The climate alarmists definitely
don't believe their own propaganda

by Francis Menton, 15 Nov 2017

The happy, harmless Quran

by James Arlandsong, 16 Nov 2017

Liberals’ sudden concern about Bill Clinton’s
behavior is cynical and self-serving

It takes no courage to retroactively condemn the former president.
by David Harsanyi, 15 Nov 2017

Sleeper SCOTUS blockbuster may be next Kelo

by Carrie Severino, 15 Nov 2017

Hedy Lamarr and E phones

by Michael Curtis, 16 Nov 2017


Shep Smith's fake 'debunking' of Uranium One
story ends in humiliation, embarrassment
by Jerome Hudson, 15 Nov 2017

Pining for Fig Leaves
Obama partisans fret as Saudi Arabia,
Israel and the US confront reality on Iran.
by Caroline Glick, 15 Nov 2017

Roy Moore Campaign to Gloria Allred: Release
the evidence to determine whether there is fraud
Aaron Klein, 15 Nov 2017

The Attorney General replaces
the Left with the Rule of Law
Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and no more slush funds.
by Daniel Greenfield, 15 Nov 2017

Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer,
other conservative accounts
stripped of Twitter verification
Charlie Nash, 15 Nov 2017

Are you an immigrant gangster? There's a
great future for you with the Berlin police!
Baron Bodissey, 12 Nov 2017

Susan Rice still in denial over failed tenure
Latest attack on Trump highlights
the disaster of Obama era foreign policy.
by Joseph Klein, 15 Nov 2017

Steve Bannon: If America doesn’t thwart these
five things, China will be a hegemonic power

by Adam Shaw, 15 Nov 2017

Report: Migrants make up 90 per cent of new
households in Britain over past decade
by Virginia Hale, 15 Nov 2017


Hey Millennials: Communism sucks, I lived it
by Ewa Ryszard, 15 Nov 2017

Socialism’s obsession with race
The shocking racist views of Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Friedrich
Engels, H.G. Wells, Francis Galton, Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

by Marian L. Tupy, 10 Nov 2017

Trump's unsung success in the Middle East
by David P. Goldman, 14 Nov 2017

Trump triumphs in Asia
— media talks handshakes, goldfish

by Joseph Curl, 14 Nov 2017

Zimbabwe army has Mugabe,
wife in custody, controls capital

Breitbart London, 15 Nov 2017

Every Democrat presidential candidate
in 25 years had pedophile ties

The Clintons, Obama, Kerry and their pedophile pals. 
Daniel Greenfield, 14 Nov 2017

Why is the Left acknowledging
Clinton's sexual deviancy
Tom Knighton, 14 Nov 2017


JMC Analytics pollster: ‘More likely’ to support
Roy Moore response over WaPo allegations
a pushback against the Media

by Jeff Poor, 13 Nov 2017

Attacking Judge Moore's morality
is a dirty Leftist trick

by Lloyd Marcus, 14 Nov 2017

Don John sez...
If all these Alabama women are telling the truth,
they still don't add up to Mary Jo Kopechne. 
Teddy Kennedy—after getting blind drunk and
letting her drown in his car—"served"
another 40 years in the U.S. Senate.

Princeton and Slavery
by Myron Magnet, 13 Nov 2017

Rabid anti-Trumper arrested in Calif.
after threatening to go on killing spree

by Debra Heine, 13 Nov 2017

Latest hate crime stats show African-Americans
more likely than whites to commit hate crimes

by Thomas Lifson, 14 Nov 2017

It’s a fake! Analyst says Judge Roy Moore
signature inside Gloria Allred
accuser’s yearbook was FORGED
Joshua Caplan, 13 Nov 2017

GOP lawmakers call on AG Sessions to
investigate Hillary Clinton crimes or resign
Joshua Caplan, 13 Nov 2017

Good guys with guns saving lives
by John R. Lott, 12 Nov 2017

Don Jr accuses Dems of "selectively leaking'
his private Twitter messages with Wikileaks
—releases entire chain of messages
Cristina Laila, 13 Nov 2017


November 14, 2017 is the 109th birthday of a great American.
Whom Do You Trust?
by Don John


"Can my children be friends with white people?"
by Michael Walsh, 12 Nov 2017

"Let Right Be Done"

by Myron Magnet, 21 July 2017

The triumph of Bill Ayers

by Monica Showalter, 12 Nov 2017

The Bergdahl Liberals

by Robert Knight, 12 Nov 2017

The real scandal in the Alabama Senate race

by Selwyn Duke, 11 Nov 2017

Immigration in the National Interest

by Senator Tom Cotton, 18 Sept 2017 (October issue)

When the Refugees came…
Green Infidel, 11 Nov 2017

They've got the so-called tax reform project ALL WRONG 
—especially the "messaging" to the public.
Is there nothing Republicans can't screw up?
by Derek Hunter, 12 Nov 2017

PESCO and a brief look at the machinations
of the EU Neo-Fascist State
by Seneca III, 12 Nov 2017
     … If the UK Government hands over confirmation of their approval of PESCO military integration by the end of November 2017 British military forces will fall into ‘foreign hands’. The matter can then not be overturned until we revert to our Common Law which is precisely what May and the other ‘Remainers’ in Westminster appear to be trying to prevent happening by their delaying tactics, obfuscation and downright sabotage of Brexit, and Brexit is all about one basic question: Who controls Britain? …

Atheism and the Texas church shooter
by Selwyn Duke, 12 Nov 2017


AMAZING VIDEO! Vietnam War veteran
cries on President Trump’s shoulder
during Vietnam speech
Jim Hoft, 11 Nov 2017

University of Oregon president
likens student protesters to fascists
by Tom Knighton, 10 Nov 2017

Alabama polls: Judge Roy Moore maintains
double digit lead over Democrat Doug Jones
Matthew Boyle, 11 Nov 2017

Moore backers stand by their man
Daniel Strauss, 12 Nov 2017

The wages of Social Justice is Death
by Michael Walsh, 11 Nov 2017

Muslim Rape Gang survivors: 'Groomers
are still abusing girls in Rotherham'
Victoria Friedman, 12 Nov 2017

The Trump Collusion Case is not
getting the Clinton Emails Treatment
Andrew C. McCarthy, 11 Nov 2017

Christian teacher suspended
for 'misgendering' pupil
Virginia Hale, 12 Nov 2017


In Alabama, Republican voters stand by Roy Moore
by Adam Edelman, 12 Nov 2017

Ed Henry on Moore accusations: I'm not buying it
by David Palmer, 10 Nov 2017

Multiple standing ovations for Judge Roy Moore
as he hammers Washington Post smears
at Veterans Day event
Matthew Boyle, 12 Nov 2017

Roy Moore gets the Herman Cain Treatment
Daniel John Sobieski, 11 Nov 2017

Progressives are normalizing violence
against conservatives—and it is working
by Thomas Lifson, 10 Nov 2017

News Nanny: The race to censor Internet news
If we con't fight now, conservatives will vanish from the Internet.
by Daniel Greenfield, 10 Nov 2017

Why the Department of Justice put the
brakes on the AT&T-Time Warner merger
by John Carney, 9 Nov 2017

NeverTrump makes a Left turn
by Julie Kelly, 9 Nov 2017

People's Republic of China grants Trump an
honor no foreign leader has had since its founding
by Ryan Pickrell, 8 Nov 2017

Hollywood and Pedophilia
by Fay Voshell, 11 Nov 2017

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri steps down
The impact on Lebanon and the region.
by Joseph Puder, 10 Nov 2017

Saudi Purges and Duty to Act
by Caroline Glick, 8 Nov 2017

Self-driving bus crashes within
two hours of launch in Las Vegas
by Charlie Nash, 9 Nov 2017


Remembrance Day and Lessons Forgotten
by Geoffrey P. Hunt, 11 Nov 2017
What we owe the War Dead
by Daren Jonescu, 11 Nov 2017


Rabbi Gittelsohn's Iwo Jima Sermon
by Sheldon M. Young

Freedom is not Free: A Soldier's Pledge
Ronald Reagan honors Private Martin Treptow (1894 – 1918)


A Veteran's Day Meditation

by Glenn Fairman, 11 Nov 2013
Remembrance, Delusion and Usurpation
by Mark Steyn, 10 Nov 2014

Take time to give thanks to those who give all
Lt. Col. Oliver North, 2009


Steve King slams Trump-resistant GOP Senators
over rush to call for Moore to withdraw
Michelle Moons, 10 Nov 2017

Fake News Factory — another
disastrous week for the Washington Post
by John Nolte, 19 May 2017

Steve Bannon:
‘Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post’ is ‘purely
part of the apparatus of the Democratic Party’
Breitbart News, 10 Nov 2017

Did Comey obstruct justice by protecting
Hillary Clinton from prosecution?
Gregg Jarrett, 8 Nov 2017

The lawn clippings claim in the
attack on Rand Paul falls apart
by Monica Showalter

Ohio man who invoked 'Islamophobia' defense
for double murder gets life in prison
Patrick Poole, 9 Nov 2017


When Clinton donors prosecute
and judge Trump associates

This is what a rigged system looks like.
Daniel Greenfield, 9 Nov 2017

UNESCO has a new Communist head,
same as the old Communist head

by Gary Gindler, 9 Nov 2017

Chinese 'love' Trump's
Mandarin-speaking granddaughter
Agence France Presse, 9 Nov 2017


Trump's spectacular speech from Seoul
Claudia Rosett, 8 Nov 2017

Amnesty would threaten GOP hold on House
Neil Munro, 8 Nov 2017

Many Americans are suffering
from a mental disorder
D.C. McAllister, 8 Nov 2017




Dems buoyed by sweeping



major races across the country

by Rick Moran, 8 Nov 2017



Gillespie ran a JEB! campaign in a Trump world

by J. Christian Adams, 7 Nov 2017



Unhappy Birthday:

Communism's Tragic Centenary 

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 7 Nov 2017



Kris Kobach on McConnell’s DACA amnesty

‘compromise’: He’s doing the worst possible thing

by John Binder, 7 Nov 2017



Molding the Citizens of Tomorrow:

Mindfulness and Manipulation
by Susan D. Harris, 8 Nov 2017



Teenager ‘disemboweled’ by bicycle killers
in crime-stricken London

by Jack Montgomery, 8 Nov 2017



Robert Mueller's leak problem

New York Post editorial, 7 Nov 2017


Trump's biggest challenge in Seoul
by Daren Jonescu, 7 Nov 2017

Permanent Investigation: How the Media uses
the anti-Netanyahu playbook against Trump

And how to resist it.
Daniel Greenfield, 7 Nov 2017

When Jeanne Assam's gun
stopped a church massacre

by Daniel John Sobieski, 7 Nov 2017

Don't tell the children

Our schools are doing a great job
—of keeping kids ignorant about Islam.
by Bruce Bawer, 7 Nov 2017

In Bonn, a global warming
propaganda tsunami is triggered

Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris, 7 Nov 2017

Registered sex offender Anthony Weiner
(D-NY) checks in for prison sentence

by Penny Starr, 6 Nov 2017

Challenge Illinois unions, go to jail.
Chicago Tribune editorial, 3 Nov 2017



Sutherland Springs, the NYC bike path, and other acts of evil.
The Triumph of Amoral Will
by Mark Steyn, 6 Nov 2017

Churches rattled by Texas shooting
Paula Bolyard, 5 Nov 2017

Race and America's Soul
by Myron Magnet, 5 Nov 2017

How Leftism makes us stupid

by Andrew Klavan, 5 Nov 2017

Is this the conflict-of-interest tripwire
requiring a special counsel for Uranium One?
Thomas Lifson, 6 Nov 2017

Are Trump and Mueller
headed for a real confrontation?
by Conrad Black, 2 Nov 2017

The Right's war on Milo Yiannopoulos
by Pamela Geller, 6 Nov 2017


Black Lives Matter began with a lie
by William Perry Pendley, 1 Nov 2017

The research proves the No. 1
social justice imperative is Marriage
by Glenn T. Stanton, 3 Nov 2017

Spinning in circles on the Trump Dossier
by Byron York, 6 Nov 2017


New York Times' coverage of Mueller
is peak liberal bias
by Michael Goodwin, 5 Nov 2017

The November 4 Antifa Apocalypse
was an Antifail
by Debra Heine, 5 Nov 2017

James Woods shares hilarious photo of
‘great AntiFa uprising’, and it ain't purty
Sam J, 5 Nov 2017

Political Correctness contributed to NYC attack
Deroy Murdock, 3 Nov 2017

Time to get Dead Serious: this is War
by James Lewis, 5 Nov 2017

Time to admit it: Jake Tapper is failing
by John Nolte, 31 Oct 2017

Undoing President Obama's damage will take time
Dodd-Frank, in particular.
by Ray Keating, 3 Nov 2017


ANTIFAIL: Low turnouts at
nationwide 'Refuse Fascism' protests
by Allum Bokhari, 4 Nov 2017

Anglicans pin 95 Theses-style complaint
on LGBT issues to doors of 5 UK cathedrals
by Tyler O'Neil, 2 Nov 2017

Chris McDaniel blasts Mitch McConnell
for floating DACA deal
by Michael Patrick Leahy, 4 Nov 2017


Bergdahl goes free,
but the wounded serve life sentences
by Ralph Peters, 3 Nov 2017

Mercy for Bergdahl is a rank injustice
New York Post editorial, 4 Nov 2017

Teen Vogue shutters shortly after publishing
'Guide to Anal Sex' for Teen Girls
by Megan Fox, 2 Nov 2017

Story Laundering:
Fusion GPS, Fake News, Russians and Reporters
The media’s real business is ‘story laundering.'
by Daniel Greenfield, 3 Nov 2017

How the GOP tax bill would
close an absurd loophole
by Michael Barton, 4 Nov 2017

The lost opportunity for regime change In Iran:
An Admiral's Lament
The military plan that could have changed the course of history.
Joseph Puder, 3 Nov 2017




‘That’s BULLSH*T’!
Report: Judge rules Bowe Bergdahl should serve NO prison time.
Posted at 11:43 am on November 3, 2017 by Sarah D.

Education Jihad:
Promoting Islam in American schools

by Janet Levy, 3 Nov 2017

Inside Hillary Clinton’s secret takeover of the DNC
When I was asked to run the Democratic Party
after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled
onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.
Donna Brazile, 2 Nov 2017

John Brennan's intelligence failures have
hurt our security and our democracy

by Jennifer Kerns, 2 Nov 2017

Shelby Foote’s Civil War history
defends America against
insatiable haters like Ta-Nehisi Coates

Enough with the trendy historical revisionism.
by John Davidson, 2 Nov 2017

NYC terror suspect ‘point of contact’
for 23 additional immigrants

by Charlie Spiering, 2 Nov 2017

An Open Letter to late-night host
Jimmy Kimmel from a former fan

by Lee Habeeb, 2 Nov 2017

Anti-Semitic incidents across U.S.
have surged 67 percent this year, study finds

by Bridget Johnson, 2 Nov 2017


The Conservatives who resurrected Israel
by Gary Gindler, 2 Nov 2017

Diversity is Our Terror
There’s a whole lot of diversity. And it’s killing us.
by Daniel Greenfield, 2 Nov 2017

What if Home Depot had refused
to rent a truck to Sayfullo Saipov?

Would any employee dare?
by Robert Spencer, 2 Nov 2017

A simple way for Trump to slow
the tide of illegal immigrants

by Brian C. Joondeph, 2 Nov 2017

Dems suddenly very interested in viewing
DOJ dossier docs they didn't want subpoenaed

by Debra Heine, 2 Nov 2017

Were the Podesta brothers tipped off?
by Monica Showalter, 1 Nov 2017

Beware the ABA's own
version of 'judicial activism'

Its evaluation of Trump judicial nominee
L. Steven Grasz continues a trend of bias.
by Adam J. White, 31 Oct 2017

Global temperature continues to cool
by Anthony Watts, 1 Nov 2017

Trump vindicated; now even the UN confirms
that the Paris climate accord
was a complete waste of space

by James Delingpole, 1 Nov 2017

Pamela Geller, Heroine
by David Prentice, 2 Nov 2017

The Pro-Islamic West: Born 500 years ago
Revisiting one of the unintended consequences
of the Protestant Reformation.
by Raymond Ibrahim, 1 Nov 2017


Jihad on the Bike Path
by Mark Steyn, 1 Nov 2017

NYC foreign terror suspect entered U.S.
with ‘Diversity Visa’ Trump wants to end

by John Binder, 31 Oct 2017

Ingraham: We should not lose one more
American life because politicians won’t do
what’s necessary to secure the homeland

Jeff Poor, 31 Oct 2017

But all cultures are equal… aren’t they?
Madagascar plague is spreading because 
relatives are digging up their Black Death
corpses and DANCING as part of
ancient Famadihana ritual
by Danny Collins, 1 Nov 2017

There's less to Mueller's charges
than meets the eye

by Aram Bakshian Jr, 31 Oct 2017

Mueller's Thin Gruel
by George Neumayr, 1 Nov 2017

Politico hides Fusion GPS employment of key source
There's just one approach you have to take if you're a member of
the media: undying fealty to Robert Mueller, no questions asked.
by Mollie Hemingway, 1 Nov 2017

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