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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Incoming Democrat chairman makes
definitive case against impeaching Trump

by Ben Weingarten, 17 Dec 2018

Comey's latest charade

He throws another fit after Republicans grill him on his misconduct.
George Neumayr, 18 Dec 2018

Democracy, Deliberation, and the Internet

The insidious power of the sophist and
demagogue in our 24/7 virtual world.

Is Michael Savage the latest victim

of TDS and the left's 'pacification effort'?

by Selwyn Duke, 18 Dec 2018

The law Flynn "violated" should be repealed

Even Justice Ginsburg says so.
David Catron, 18 Dec 2018

What if G-Men went after the Washington Post

as they’re going after the Enquirer?

by Ira Stoll, 17 Dec 2018

Trump Administration to repeal

Obama-era school discipline rules

Race-based policies were unfair, and didn't work.
by Rick Moran, 18 Dec 2018

Junk News
": Russia report
done by anti-conservative academics

Corinne Weaver, 17 Dec 2018

Visa/Mastercard and the assault on Civil Rights

As simple and faceless as a lethal injection.
Wallace Nunn, 18 Dec 2018

O Little Poll of Washington…

by Brian C. Joondeph, 18 Dec 2018

How totalitarian regimes will

take over social media and destroy the West

by Seth J. Frantzman, 18 Dec 2018

Reed O'Connor's ObamaCare ruling opens up

new possibilities for America's health care

by Braden H. Boucek, 17 Dec 2018


What part of "shall not be infringed" do they not understand?
Gun confiscation begins in New Jersey
Daniel John Sobieski, 17 Dec 2018
What part of "shall not be infringed" do they not understand?
Pittsburgh mayor pushes firearm
confiscation orders, gun and magazine bans

A.W.R. Hawkins, 16 Dec 2018
Michael Flynn's ordeal and ours
by Michael Ledeen, 16 Dec 2018
Two more good reasons
to shut down Mueller's probe

by Julie Kelly, 14 Dec 2018
Donald Trump: Why didn't FBI break
"Crooked" Hillary Clinton's office?
by Charlie Spiering, 17 Dec 2018
When the Democrats wanted the Wall
by Deroy Murdock, 14 Dec 2018
Student says he loves white people;
Columbia University explodes

by Robert Oscar Lopez, 17 Dec 2018
The embezzling nuns from
the order that helped train Obama

George Neumayr, 16 Dec 2018
It's good to hear her rejecting the "re-vote" idea.
Theresa May slams Brexit meddler Tony Blair,
says his second referendum push is
"insult to office"
David Wooding, 16 Dec 2018
Border Patrol agents rescued 4300 migrants
from life-threatening situations in 2018

by Bob Price, 14 Dec 2018

Washington’s growing product line:
Confected Felonies
by Clarice Feldman, 16 Dec 2018

9,261 words. And it confirms what I've been saying for years:
Everything you "know" about McCarthy is WRONG.
"Neo-McCarthyism" versus
a Communist Chinese World Order
by Andrew G. Bostom, 14 Dec 2018

Why hasn’t someone made
a GoFundMe for Trump’s wall?
by Michael Goodwin, 15 Dec 2018

Suspected Honduran terrorist
attempts shakedown at U.S. Consulate
A case for a border wall or Israel-style fence,
under the National Emergencies Act.
by Joseph Klein, 14 Dec 2018

New CNN poll:
Majority now against impeaching Trump
Rick Moran, 16 Dec 2018


The corrupt Vote Harvest in Orange County
Why ballot harvesting must be made illegal.
Dov Fischer, 14 Dec 2018

Robert Mueller gives Michael Flynn's

" to judge; agents thought he did not lie
Joel B. Pollak, 14 Dec 2018

U.S. internet speeds skyrocket

one year after Net Neutrality repeal

Sean Moran, 14 Dec 2018

Good riddance to ObamaCare

by Roger L. Simon, 14 Dec 2014

Economic growth lifts Health Care

Kent Johnson, 15 Dec 2018

Are we really going to abandon Brexit

because of a chocolate bar shortage?

Boris Johnson, 13 Dec 2018

Venezuelans lament gun ban;

allows Government to dominate them

A.W.R. Hawkins, 14 Dec 2018

Here's the problem with

Politifact's "Lie of the Year"

David Harsanyi, 13 Dec 2018


Why allegations of campaign finance
violations won’t bring down Trump

Shady accounting practices to hide illegal foreign donations,
along with a bribe offered to silence Jeremiah Wright,
make Barack Obama richly deserving of impeachment and jail.
Matt Margolis, 13 Dec 2018

Judicial Watch report on when & how

' "Russiagate" narrative spread
looks bad for the Obama admin

Doug P, 14 Dec 2018

FBI defies subpoena for docs on its

raid on Uranium One whistleblower

by Thomas Lifson, 14 Dec 2018

OIG: Mueller's office scrubbed Strzok-Page

text messages before IG could review them

Debra Heine, 13 Dec 2018

The GOP needs to stop being the Stupid Party

by Apolo Villalobos, 14 Dec 2018

Jerry Brown says Dems are becoming too extreme

—Ocasio-Cortez proves him right

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 13 Dec 2018

These Commies are pretty crazy, and really nasty.
Far left is raising money on Patreon
to 'inspire insurrection'
by Rick Moran, 14 Dec 2018

Ballot Fraud, American style

…and its bitter harvests

by Eric Eggers, 13 Dec 2018

How is Trump lowering health care costs?

by John Hart, 10 Dec 2018


Includes video of the Italian firebrand!
Giorgia Meloni: "When you are a slave,
you serve the interests of Soros
Baron Bodissey, 11 Dec 2018
Judge in Flynn case demands more
documents before passing sentence

by Thomas Lifson, 13 Dec 2018
5 Whoppers Google CEO
Sundar Pichai told Congress

by Allum Bokhari, 12 Dec 2018
Strasbourg "gangster-jihadist"
makes Nancy and Chuck seem clueless

by Roger L. Simon, 12 Dec 2018
Jamal Khashoggi is the right Time
Person of the Year—for all the wrong reasons
by John R. Bradley, 11 Dec 2018
How does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
explain Communism's 100 million dead?

by James Lewis, 13 Dec 2018
Why conservative millennials
are wearing yoga pants with gun holsters 

by Toni Airaksinen, 12 Dec 2018

Reveal the Congressional Hush Fund hypocrites
by Daniel John Sobieski, 12 Dec 2018
Everybody’s wrong: Donald Trump won
the Chuck-n-Nancy Meeting, and here’s why

by Matt Lewis, 12 Dec 2018
Trump sprang three traps
on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday

by Thomas Lifson, 12 Dec 2018
A secure America requires
a secure border wall: So build it

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 12 Dec 2018
What's 'immoral' about
caring for America's Poor first?

by Betsy McCaughey, 12 Dec 2018
Jihad in Strasbourg
Cherif Chekatt reminds Emmanuel Macron that
climate change is not the only threat France faces.
by Robert Spencer, 12 Dec 2018
The Kavanaugh Betrayal
by Joseph Farah, 10 Dec 2018
The 'international community' isn't a community
by Ben Shapiro, 12 Dec 2018
Yes, the Virgin Mary gave God "consent"
by Alana Mastrangelo, 7 Dec 2018
"The vision thing":
An honest view of the Bush legacy

by Bruce Bawer, 11 Dec 2018

Trump-haters smell blood over Cohen's charges
But where is a true smoking gun, exactly?
by Joseph Klein, 11 Dec 2018
Mueller's got nothing
by Conrad Black, 12 Dec 2018
It was Obama who nominated partisan hacks
to head the DOJ, not Trump

by Matt Margolis, 10 Dec 2018

The real Road to Fascism
by Aaron Brown, 11 Dec 2018
If Xi Jinping was bluffing
in Buenos Aires, we will soon find out
by Steven Mosher, 10 Dec 2018
That Strengthening Diversity:
63 percent of
"non-citizens" on Welfare
by Selwyn Duke, 5 Dec 2018
Washington Post’s political hit job,
CNN's blatant bias
by Paris Dennard, 10 Dec 2018
How Theresa May blew Brexit
by Rich Lowry, 10 Dec 2018
What the new Congress can learn from Aristotle
by Peter Berkowitz, 11 Dec 2018
Answering Atheists: Italy’s new
government promotes Christ in schools
by Selwyn Duke, 8 Dec 2018
Professor Watchlist
A project of Turning Point USA

Mueller's investigation is
missing one thing: A Crime

Peter Van Buren, 10 Dec 2018

Comey Lied

Daniel John Sobieski, 10 Dec 2018

Defeat and the Dossier explain everything

by Victor Davis Hanson, 9 Dec 2018

Why has Mueller ignored

Obama Administration crimes?

Victoria Toensing, 9 Dec 2018

Did the Deep State sandbag President Trump

with the Huawei arrest?

David P. Goldman, 9 Dec 2018

Refugee women and children

water-cannoned to death near US border

But the Democrat/Media complex glorifies the perpetrator.
Humberto Fontova, 10 Dec 2018

Father speaks out after daughter

is allegedly murdered by illegal alien

John Binder, 9 Dec 2018

Who is QAnon?

by Peter Skurkiss, 10 Dec 2018

Wanna make your community unaffordable?

Fill it with government workers

by Michael Walsh, 9 Dec 2018


Robert Mueller, Media, Democrats ignore
Hillary Clinton's campaign finance violations
Joel B. Pollak, 9 Dec 2018

A look back at the Willie Horton ad
by Carl M. Cannon, 8 Dec 2018

Dana Carvey remembers George Bush,
from Muse to Friend

7 Dec 2018

Who lost the world Bush 41 left behind?
by Patrick Buchanan, 9 Dec 2018


Petition urging government to
uphold ‘scientific definition of sex’

gets support across political spectrum

Susan Berry, 8 Dec 2018

Violent protests spread from Paris

to Belgium and the Netherlands

by Rick Moran, 8 Dec 2018

So much Irony it's Mag[a]netic

by Clarice Feldman, 9 Dec 2018

As Brexit goes 'down the plug hole,' Farage

prepares new party for ‘biggest battle yet’

by Virginia Hale, 9 Dec 2018

Climate Hoax: Global CO2 emissions spike,

despite Paris climate pledges

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 6 Dec 2018

Chuck Todd, Lord of the Flies?

by Patricia McCarthy, 9 Dec 2018

Steve Bannon declares war on Pope with academy

for Western culture in pontiff's backyard

by Megan Fox, 7 Dec 2018

A year after Trump’s Jerusalem

declaration, it’s clear he means business

by Michael Goodwin, 9 Dec 2018


Theresa May's centrist
conspiracy to undermine Brexit

by John O'Sullivan, 7 Dec 2018

No way out for Clinton, Inc. corruption this time

by Ed Timperlake, 8 Dec 2018

"No collusion" by Trump with Russia shown

in new Cohen and Manafort court filings

by Hans A. von Spakovsky, 7 Dec 2018

Why Michael Flynn was set up

by Debra Heine, 5 Dec 2018

Virginia teacher fired for refusing to use
new pronouns for transgender student
Rick Moran, 8 Dec 2018


Racism, Revised
by William Voegeli, 6 Nov 2018

Snopes rates liberal meme 'true'
after former Hillary staffer
deletes photo and admits it's inaccurate

by Lucas Nolan, 7 Dec 2018

James Comey declines to answer
'many' questions during Hill testimony
by Joshua Caplan, 7 Dec 2018

Looks like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez might be
in BIG trouble with the House Ethics Committee
Sarah D, 7 Dec 2018


Trump calls Putin's bluff on INF Treaty
Daniel John Sobieski, 7 Dec 2018

Huawei CFO arrest is a 'declaration of war'
says editor of Global Times
John Carney, 6 Dec 2018

Democrats are just too darned smart
by David Catron, 6 Dec 2018

You can hate me as much
as you like – it’s not a crime
As a middle-class conservative I get no legal protection.
by Roger Scruton, 5 Dec 2018

Feds received whistleblower evidence in 2017
alleging Clinton Foundation wrongdoing
by John Solomon, 6 Dec 2018

House Republicans ask Trump to
declassify 'damning' Obama DOJ emails
Debra Heine, 6 Dec 2018

What was the real point
of the Mueller investigation?
by Roger Kimball, 5 Dec 2018

The Wisconsin ‘coup’ that wasn’t
Untoward, not undemocratic.
by Noah Rothman, 6 Dec 2018

Climate-modeling illusions not based on reality
Jay Lehr, 7 Dec 2018

Well, this actually explains a lot:
Biggest delegations to UN Climate Conference
come from poor African nations
Empowering unaccountable bureaucrats
to divide up the wealth of rich countries.
by Thomas Lifson, 7 Dec 2018

Saddam Hussein's Climate Experiment
by Bruce Thompson, 7 Dec 2018


Justin Trudeau's Canada
embraces a world without borders
by Salim Mansur, 6 Dec 2018
Michael Flynn sentencing
document shows collusion—
between Media, Deep State, and Obama Admin
by Joel B. Pollak, 5 Dec 2018
Talking Millennials out of Socialism
by Bruce Thornton, 6 Dec 2018
The American Presidency is in Xi's hands
by Roger L, Simon, 5 Dec 2018
Slaves in their Free Time
by Daren Jonescu, 29 Nov 2018
Annie Taylor award:
Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk
Two titans who have changed politics forever., 6 Dec 2018


United States and China

snub United Nations climate talks

James Delingpole, 4 Dec 2018

Camille Paglia:
"Hillary wants Trump to win again"
The author and academic discusses
2020, Trump and Jordan Peterson.

Spectator USA, 4 Dec 2018

From fishy beginning, Mueller case
against Michael Flynn nears end

with no jail recommendation

Byron York, 5 Dec 2018

Republicans' best argument
in the Health Care debate

by Keith Jackson, 5 Dec 2018

Conservative leaders demand Congress
fund border wall for national security

Ken Klukowski, 4 Dec 2018

Sheriffs call on Congress
to fund border wall system

Nicholas Ballasy, 3 Dec 2018

It's full-out war between
Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson

by Bruce Bawer, 4 Dec 2018

Bank of England governor clashes with
predecessor over 'betrayal' Brexit predictions

Oliver JJ Lane, 4 Dec 2018

Poll shows huge Democrat bias
toward Muslims over Christians

Neil Munro, 4 Dec 2018

America's most vile bigot
by Dov Fischer, 5 Dec 2018

GQ calls for "taking megaphones"
from dissenters from Leftist line

Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out.
Robert Spencer, 5 Dec 2018


For the West to live, "equality" must die
by Selwyn Duke, 4 Dec 2018
8 Fake News stories being peddled
about Michael Cohen’s guilty plea

Margot Cleveland, 3 Dec 2018
Could Jerome Corsi's lawsuit
destroy the Mueller investigation?

by Elad Hakim, 4 Dec 2018
The open conspiracy to foil Brexit
is having its day, but it will fail

by Daniel Hannan, 3 Dec 2018
For America's sake,
the US-China truce cannot last

by Tom Rogan, 4 Dec 2018
USMCA entrenches tech companies' right to censor
Allum Bokhari, 3 Dec 2018
Why we need anti-censorship
legislation for social media, stat

by Jeremy Carl, 28 Nov 2018
French riots show why
U.S. carbon tax should be a non-starter 

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 4 Dec 2018
Sebastian Gorka takes down
Trump-hating DC virtue-signalers

by Thomas Lifson, 4 Dec 2018
John Sununu: Kids have "no idea" what
made America great,
"don't learn civics"
by Tom Ciccotta, 3 Dec 2018
A note to my Catholic friends about Hanukkah
by David P. Goldman, 3 Dec 2018
Does "Make-X Great Again"
ever happen in history?

by Victor Davis Hanson, 2 Dec 2018
When terrorists learned 'lawfare' works: The
Holy Land Foundation trial's 10-year anniversary

by Tod Bensman, 3 Dec 2018

For Trump, Cohen plea deal's
beginning to look a lot like exoneration
Paul Sperry, 3 Dec 2018

Buenos Aires trade truce seen as a
"trap" and a "disaster" by China hawks
John Carney, 2 Dec 2018

Donald Trump is playing poker
High-stakes Texas Hold 'em at the G20.
by Arthur W. Goodhart, 1 Dec 2018

Pro-Israel students stare down 
Hamas-backed SJP at UCLA

“From the moment the SJP conference began,
they were not given a moment's quiet.”
Matthew Vadu
m, 3 Dec 2018

The U.N.'s delusion
Jerusalem Post editorial, 2 Dec 2018

That word "mean" is Leftists' lethal weapon
by Lloyd Marcus, 3 Dec 2018

GOP Congress renews
same old con game with voters

by Frank Miele, 3 Dec 2018



Mueller's Perjury Traps
by William L. Gensert, 2 Dec 2018

Trump is prepping for all-out political war
by Michael Goodwin, 2 Dec 2018

The Russia Probe has nothing to do with Russia
Roger L. Simon, 1 Dec 2018

To steal many elections from Republicans in 2020.
The stomach-turning
"ballot harvesting" that
enabled Democrats to walk off with California
by Monica Showalter, 2 Dec 2018

To steal many elections from Republicans in 2020.
Brenda Snipes reneges on resignation,
will stay as Broward Supervisor of Elections
by Thomas Lifson, 2 Dec 2018

Ex-Brexit Secretary: "No deal" not "doomsday,"
will free Britain from
"dead hand of EU"
by Jack Montgomery, 2 Dec 2018

AfD: The UN Migration Pact
will destroy German sovereignty
Baron Bodisey, 30 Nov 2018

Harvard grad student facing eviction
over legally owned and stored firearms
by A.W.R. Hawkins, 1 Dec 2018


Where is the Outrage?  Look in the mirror.
by Michael Walsh, 1 Dec 2018

Bush 41's death reveals the truth of the cliché:
The only kind of Republicans
the media likes are dead ones
Jack Hellner, 1 Dec 2018

President Trump: Please thank Navy Vet
Tel Orfanos, hero of Thousand Oaks
and Las Vegas, with a posthumous medal
by Bruce Bawer, 22 Nov 2018

Democrats stole the election in California
— legally, through ‘ballot harvesting’
Joel B. Pollak, 30 Nov 2018

Camille Paglia is still provoking
by Bruce Bawer, 11 Nov 2018


Trump hints at the scandal that's about to blow
Thomas Lifson, 1 Dec 2018

Trump, Russia, and lessons from the mob:
"godfathers" steer collusion probe?
John Solomon, 30 Nov 2018

Don John sez: Maybe Jesus would have received more mentions in ancient texts (beyond Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Tacitus, Josephus, and Mara bar Serapion) if He'd been responsible for the violent deaths of many thousands of innocent people, as that fascist criminal Mohammed was.  Imran Khan is "out for a duck" on this topic.
Pakistani PM:
"There is no mention of Jesus in history"
Edwin Mora, 30 Nov 2018

Election fraud expert:
California's ballot harvesting favored Democrats
John Binder, 30 Nov 2018

Viral tweet of Trump's reaction to the
Mohammad bin Salman-Putin bro
handshake is not all that it seems
Greg P, 1 Dec 2018

NPR blatantly lies about
Donald Trump Jr.'s 2017 Senate testimony

Mollie Hemingway, 30 Nov 2018

Meet Sue Dickson, a hero of American literacy
by Bruce Deitrick Price, 1 Dec 2018

They're "sleeping with the enemy" that's bound to betray them.
Christian universities
join Indiana hate crimes push
Peter Heck, 1 Dec 2018

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