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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
What a Clinton Supreme Court
would mean for America
by William Bennett, 23 Aug 2016

Another email dump,
more proof of Clinton Inc. sleaze
New York Post editorial, 23 Aug 2016

A Clinton presidency would be the political
equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event
by Don Feder, 23 Aug 2016

The Nine Lives of Donald J. Trump
by Victor Davis Hanson, 23 Aug 2016

The Republican Turncoats
by Stephen Moore, 23 Aug 2016

Obama's flood of hypocrisy
opens the door for Trump
by Marc A. Thiessen, 22 Aug 2016

The Lunatic Leftist Lexicon has jumped the shark
by Carol Brown, 23 Aug 2016

Clinton aide Huma Abedin
edited radical Islamic journal
by Tyler O'Neil, 22 Aug 2016

How Obama hoodwinked
the Supreme Court on ObamaCare
by Hollis Hurd, 22 Aug 2016

Tunisian Vlogger:
“Islam is the enemy of humanity”
Baron Bodissey, 21 Aug 2016 

Hat tip: James F.K.

CNN anti-Trump lies BUSTED on air!
by Carol Brown, 22 Aug 2016

Trump shames Obama
into visiting Louisiana's victims
New York Post editorial, 20 Aug 2016

Not just in Corsica:
Geert Wilders wants to ban the burkini, too
by Baron Bodissey, 19 Aug 2016

Don't be like the man
who married his mother-in-law
by Clarice Feldman, 21 Aug 2016

The Boyz are Playing Rough and Tough
by MC, 21 Aug 2016

Islamic terrorists have killed more in domestic
attacks since 9/11 than the 'right wing'

by Patrick Poole, 17 Aug 2016

American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
by Michael Goodwin, 21 Aug 2016

At the base of Trump's support
by Salena Zito, 21 Aug 2016

Trump 2.0?
by John Hinderaker, 19 Aug 2016

Will the Mormon Church's support for
Muslim immigration block Trump's victory?
by Tom Tancredo, 20 Aug 2016

Corsica: burkinis, nude bathers and
an attempted Muslim takeover of a beach
by Baron Bodissey, 19 Aug 2016

A sure sign of a sick political economy
appears in Illinois
by Thomas Lifson, 21 Aug 2016

LA Times poll:
Trump takes half a point lead over Clinton
by Alex Swoyer, 20 Aug 2016

Road to urban despair paved by Democrats

by John Kass, 20 Aug 2016

As usual, George Soros is up to no good.  He wants (1) more worthless immigrants in America, (2) more left-wing leaders in Europe, (3) Israel destroyed, (4) Black Lives Matter thugs to succeed, and (5) freedom-loving citizens crushed.
Hacked Soros documents reveal
some big Dark Money surprises
by Tyler O'Neil, 19 Aug 2016

ObamaCare's Public Option is no longer defensible
by Megan McArdle, 19 Aug 2016

Progressives attack Donald Trump’s
motorcade and supporters: Media yawns
by Neil Munro, 20 Aug 2016

Donald Trump releases first General Election ad:
'Two Americas: Immigration'
by Alex Swoyer, 19 Aug 2016

Western values defended
by Edward Cline, 13 Aug 2016

America's abandonment of traditional values
has hurt the black community
by Walter E. Williams, 11 Aug 2016

Planned Parenthood pushes bill penalizing
undercover journalists for exposing corruption
by Susan Berry, 19 Aug 2016

But can a person who has no shame ever feel humiliated?
Iran ransom humiliates Obama
by Wesley Pruden, 18 Aug 2016

Mother loses her mind when a 'racist'
white teacher touches her daughter's hair
by Megan Fox, 17 Aug 2016

Obama golfs while Louisiana is drowning
by Rick Moran, 19 Aug 2016

Conservative Republicans fulfilling George Soros'
agenda by pushing 'Prison Break' bill
by Alfred S. Regnery, 18 Aug 2016

Anti-Israel 'hate group' conference
coming to PUBLIC university in Virginia
by J. Christian Adams, 17 Aug 2016

Repeal the Christian Gag Rule: Johnson
Amendment allows continued IRS targeting
by Steven Mosher, 18 Aug 2016

ISIS exposes the true reason why it hates the West
by Raymond Ibrahim, 19 Aug 2016

Here's a handy guide that shows how you may legally kill people who attack you.  You can shoot them, you can slice  them, you can run them over with your car.  And it's all perfectly legal — as long as you are being physically attacked!
Black Lives Matter encourages
justifiable homicide of black people

William A. Levinson, 18 Aug 2016

The Obama-Clinton immigration agenda
will mean the Balkanization of America

The Democrats have rejected patriotic assimilation
in favor of aggressive multi-culturalism masquerading as ‘integration.’

John Fonte, 18 Aug 2016

Why do women's sports even exist?
by Selwyn Duke, 18 Aug 2016

Taking the measure of Mrs. May
Britain’s new PM has been shrouded in calculated mystery.
by John O'Sullivan, 17 Aug 2016

Coming soon: Everything will be Free
by Robert Arvay, 18 Aug 2016

SJWs demand 'Deus Ex' video game
not let gamers make 'immoral' decisions
by Tom Knighton, 17 Aug 2016

Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’
by Jeremy Beaman, 18 Aug 2016

Sonnie Johnson: Trump speech laid out
'what Democrats have done to the
black community over the last sixty years'
John Hayward, 17 Aug 2016

The quasi-religious belief that "All Foreigners Are Nice and
America is Unworthy" fills me with contempt for Obama, Hillary,
and all the lamebrains who believe such nonsense. —Don John
America to hand off Internet in under two months
by Rudy Takala, 17 Aug 2016


 Hat tip: Marty M.

On foreign policy, Donald Trump again proves
he's the adult—despite the media bias
by Paul Mulshine, 16 Aug 2016

Trump, in shake-up, hires Breitbart executive
Stephen K. Bannon for top campaign post
Breitbart News, 17 Aug 2016

Trump makes a play for the Black vote
by Roger L. Simon, 16 Aug 2016

Why do people still donate to universities?
by Dennis Prager, 16 Aug 2016

Coleman: Hate-speech laws are 'fostering hatred'
by Nicholas Ballasy, 14 Aug 2016

Lesbian CNN commentator all in for Sharia
Does she know what Sharia does to homosexuals?
by Carol Brown, 17 Aug 2016

Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots
Sheriff David Clarke, 15 Aug 2016


The Left refuses to learn
by David Solway, 16 Aug 2016

Constitution allows Muslim immigration ban
by Ken Klukowski, 12 Aug 2016

Clinton Foundation investigation
could spell Hillary's doom
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 15 Aug 2016

House Committee Chairmen lay out case
for perjury against Hillary Rodham Clinton
to U.S. Attorney
by Matthew Boyle, 15 Aug 2016

Why Milwaukee Burns
by Heather Mac Donald, 15 Aug 2016

Black Lives Matter seeks destruction, chaos
by Edmund Kozak, 15 Aug 2016


K-12 and the New York Times:
by Bruce Deitrick Price, 15 Aug 2016

Hillary Clinton: Nowhere Girl
Her economic plan would leave the U.S. flirting with recession.
Stephen Moore, 14 Aug 2016

Democrats dismiss voter-fraud worries,
but Reality intrudes

by John Fund, 7 Aug 2016

Media are flat wrong
to dismiss voter-fraud concerns
by John Fund, 15 Aug 2016

Global warming extremists
try to silence Science — Again
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 11 Aug 2016


Armed man whose death sparked Milwaukee
had long record, including witness intimidation
by Warner Todd Huston, 15 Aug 2016

Milwaukee riot a textbook example
of the fruits of racial agitation
by Thomas Lifson, 14 Aug 2016

Three dozen incidents chronicle
Europe's Domestic Insurgency
by Patrick Poole, 14 Aug 2016

ISIS orders its franchises to kill Christians
by Philip Obaji Jr., 14 Aug 2016


All the issues favor Trump
Of course, he doesn't like to talk issues.
by Jeffrey H. Anderson, 14 Aug 2016 (22 Aug issue)

The morality of voting for Trump
by Laura Ingraham, 12 Aug 2016

Khizr Khan shills for Hillary
by Salim Mansur, 14 Aug 2016

The New Campus Confidential
A criminal past? Don't ask, don't tell.
by Naomi Schaefer Riley, 14 Aug 2016 (22 Aug issue)

Abortion as a positive good: How the abortion
movement echoes radical slavery rhetoric

by Miles Smith, 3 Aug 2016

Study: Men's strength in severe decline.
Here's what parents need to know.
by Susan L.M. Goldberg, 13 Aug 2016


Win or lose, we will never surrender
by Joel B. Pollak, 12 Aug 2016

Hillary's disastrous economic plan
National Review editorial, 12 Aug 2016

Clinton Cash: Bill and Hillary
made $238 million after White House
by Patrick Howley, 13 Aug 2016

Almost all of Hillary Clinton's charitable
donations went to this one organization
by Rick Moran, 12 Aug 2016

Watch: Israeli judoka beats
Egyptian rival who refuses to shake his hand
Breitbart Jerusalem, 12 Aug 2016


Democrats, Slavery, and the American record
by Paul Murphy, 12 Aug 2016

A big campus trend: Ignorance of U.S. History
by John Leo, 25 July 2016

How global elites forsake their countrymen
Those in power see people at the bottom as aliens whose bizarre emotions they must try to manage.
by Peggy Noonan, 12 Aug 2016

In NJ, students prepare to confront
virulent campus BDS movement
by Susan L.M. Goldberg, 12 Aug 2016

Huffington Post: all Islamic violence
comes from Hadith, NOT Quran
by Raymond Ibrahim, 12 Aug 2016

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Trump is right, Obama
and Clinton 'facilitated the growth of ISIS'
by John Hayward, 12 Aug 2016

Olympic Shooter Kim Rhode
fires back at gun control
by Liz Sheld, 12 Aug 2016

In Venezuela, it's not a 'humanitarian' crisis. 
It's a socialist crisis.
by Michael Walsh, 11 Aug 2016


Political violence: Trump's 2nd
Amendment People vs. Hillary's 'Activists'
by Matthew Vadum, 11 Aug 2016

Pope Francis and the Decline of the West
by Dennis Prager, 9 Aug 2016

I believe that France
will become an Islamic Republic
Philippe de Villiers, 9 Aug 2016

Muslims are Cultural Poison.
Twin Falls police report reveals
shocking details of latest refugee sex assault
by Lee Stranahan, 11 Aug 2016

The Sound of Silence
Comparison: U.S. election campaigns vs. current events in Holland.
by H. Numan, 11 Aug 2016

Dan Rather, here's why no one cares
when you say 'History is watching'
by Tom Knighton, 11 Aug 2016

Crooked Hillary or Unhealthy Hillary?
by Brian C. Joondeph, 11 Aug 2016


Survivors 'outraged' that father of
Pulse terrorist attended Hillary Clinton rally
Jerome Hudson, 10 Aug 2016

Newly released Clinton emails
shed light on relationship between
State Dept. and Clinton Foundation
Daniela Diaz, Pamela Brown, and Elise Labott, 10 Aug 2016

Is Islam a religion?
Why the First Amendment does not apply to Islam.
by David Solway, 10 Aug 2016

Will predatory IRS finally be brought to justice?
Investor's Business Daily editorial, 10 Aug 2016

Americans' wages plunge under Obama
Hillary pledges to continue Obama's pathetic economy,
despite its clear failure.
by Keith Koffler, 10 Aug 2016


Why I'm the only non-Democrat in my family
by John Gibbs, 9 Aug 2016

‘They hanged him?
What difference at this point does it make?’
Hillary has sabotaged U.S. intelligence networks.
by William A. Levinson, 10 Aug 2016

Reducing income inequality doesn't grow our
economy, but growth would reduce inequality
by Andrew Puzder, 9 Aug 2016

Not in my name, NeverTrumpers
by Robert Oscar Lopez, 10 Aug 2016

Trump charts the escape
from Obamanomic stagnation

New York Post editorial, 9 Aug 2016

White-on-Black violence is everywhere, says AP
What a load of rubbish!
by Colin Flaherty, 10 Aug 2016


Solar physicist sees global cooling ahead

It's Professor Valentina Zharkova, of Northumbria University.
by Anthony Watts, 9 Aug 2016

Orlando terrorist's father cheers 
at Hillary Clinton rally; calls for gun control!
by Charlie Spiering, 9 Aug 2016

Look out, Hillary!
On the economy, it's Advantage: Trump
Investor's Business Daily, 8 Aug 2016

Clinton's positive spin on the economy
doesn't reflect reality
by Brad Schiller, 11 Aug 2016

The college formerly known at Yale
by Roger Kimball, 9 Aug 2016

Warning: Dangerous think tanks ahead
by Debra J. Saunders, 9 Aug 2016

I will tell you why a 'leftist Trump' is impossible
by Christopher Chantrill, 9 Aug 2016

The murderer?  A Somali Muslim.  How surprising!
American woman killed in knife attack
at London's Russell Square
by Alexander Smith, 4 Aug 2016

Imagine there's no Border
by Victor Davis Hanson, Summer 2016 issue

Counting the cost
of a Supreme Court lost to the Left
by Hugh Hewitt, 7 Aug 2016

Clinton short-circuits the truth
To avoid admitting that she lied,
Hillary offers a ‘master class in obfuscation.’
by L. Gordon Crovitz, 8 Aug 2016

Jeb Bush’s son George P. Bush
urges uniting behind Trump
by Thomas Lifson, 8 Aug 2016

Communist Party unites behind Hillary
WorldNet Daily, 7 Aug 2016

NPR writer having a meltdown because
YOUR children might learn about Noah's Ark

by John Ellis, 1 Aug 2016

The press and pollsters are putting
too much cornstarch in the cherry pie
by Clarice Feldman, 8 Aug 2016

EU migrant situation creating multiple
flashpoints across the Continent amidst
growing domestic terror insurgency
by Patrick Poole, 7 Aug 2016


Social Media patterns show
Trump is looking at a landslide victory
by Jim Hoft, 7 Aug 2016

Obama and the $400 million question
by Carl M. Cannon, 7 Aug 2016

How to hack an election in 7 minutes
by Ben Wofford, 5 Aug 2016

Physicians decry
pseudo-science of Transgenderism
'Absurd' to say anyone is born into 'wrong body'
by Thomas G. Williams, 7 Aug 2016

They take your assets,
then let you beg to get them back
by Debra J. Saunders, 7 Aug 2016

Understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership
by Peggy Ryan, 7 Aug 2016

NFL star Benjamin Watson: Planned
Parenthood founded to 'exterminate blacks'
by Paula Bolyard, 6 Aug 2016

On big things and small, Barack Obama and
Hillary Clinton seem more alike each day.
by Rex Murphy, 5 Aug 2016


'Journalists' clap and cheer
for Clinton during 'press conference'
by Rick Moran, 6 Aug 2016

The mendacity behind Obama's mockery
of the Cash-For-Iran story
by Claudia Rosett, 5 Aug 2016

Court says IRS may still be targeting Conservatives
by Rick Moran, 6 Aug 2016

ObamaCare death spiral update
by Holman  Jenkins, 6 Aug 2016

Athlete with no womb or ovaries but
internal testes will compete with women in Rio
by Selwyn Duke, 6 Aug 2016

A Pacific admiral takes China's measure
by David Feith, 6 Aug 2016



When is a ransom not a ransom? 
When it's inconvenient to call it that.
Obama secretly paid Iran $400 million to free American hostages.
by Jonah Goldberg, 5 Aug 2016

Texas-based True the Vote
wins legal appeal against IRS
Breitbart Texas, 5 Aug 2016

Now THIS is a president!
President Zeman to Czechs:
"Arm yourselves against terrorists."
Baron Bodissey, 4 Aug 2016

Hamilton College caught lying about 'heartfelt
student demand' for new Diversity requirement
by Mary Grabar, 5 Aug 2016

How Hillary lied to parents of the Benghazi dead
by Deroy Murdock, 4 Aug 2016

Freedom and Obligation
by Clarence Thomas, 14 May 2016

How hackers could destroy Election Day
by Shane Harris, 3 Aug 2016


Patricia Smith: Hillary Clinton
‘Treats me like dirt’ because ‘I’m a nobody’ —
‘Why doesn’t she just tell me the truth?’

by John Hayward, 4 Aug 2016

Gold Star widow of Ty Woods
Dorothy Narvaez Woods: No way Hillary
‘can fundamentally be commander-in-chief’

by Jeff Poor,, 4 Aug 2016

Turning my black family, young and old,
from the Dark Side

by Lloyd Marcus, 4 Aug 2016 

Donald Trump, Postmodern Candidate

Trump defies all political orthodoxy and confounds any attempts at explanation or prediction.
by Victor Davis Hanson, 4 Aug 2016

Wearing “Don’t Tread on Me” insignia
could be punishable racial harassment

by Eugene Volokh, 3 Aug 2016

Stronger Together (or, The Useful Lie)
by J. Robert Smith, 31 July 2016


Obama speaks of what he knows,
being 'unfit to be President'
by Charles Hurt, 2 Aug 2016

The UN is a worthless bunch of fascist thugs.
Tax meat until it’s too expensive,
UN report suggests
by Robert W. Felix, 2 Aug 2016

The UN's politicized human rights vision
by Aaron Rhodes, 3 Aug 2016

New documents reveal IRS headquarters in
DC buried conservative groups' tax applications
by Ali Mayer, 3 Aug 2016

Khizr Khan believes the Constitution
'must always be subordinated to the Sharia'
by Paul Sperry, 2 Aug 2016

Consequences of Clintonian recklessness
by Pete Hoekstra, 3 Aug 2016

Black Lives Matter platform
is a Marxist horror show
by Walter Hudson, 2 Aug 2016

Obama's new GOP henchmen
by Laura Ingraham, 3 Aug 2016

Archbishop warns Europe migration crisis
fueled by Muslims' 'will to conquer'
by Thomas D. Williams, 3 Aug 2016


The left’s anti-Trump political media show
by Jim Waurishuk, 2 Aug 2016

Khizr Khan has written extensively on Sharia law
by Alex Pfeiffer, 1 Aug 2016

Panic mode:
Khizr Khan deletes law firm
website that specialized in Muslim immigration

by Matthew Boyle, 2 Aug 2016

Why the Establishment
can’t grasp the nature of Islam
by Selwyn Duke, 2 Aug 2016

No, ObamaCare has not lowered premiums
by Jeffrey H. Anderson, 2 Aug 2016

Did #NeverTrumpers hear
Hillary Clinton’s frightening speech?
Dennis Prager, 2 Aug 2016

A great 22-minute video rant by Toni Bugle.
Survivors of Islamic sexual abuse
support group founder banned from Facebook
for ‘Islamophobia’
Donna Rachel Edmunds, 2 Aug 2016

What Hillary gets wrong about
America's 'moment of reckoning'
by Peter Morici, 2 Aug 2016

What do they do?
The vaguer the job description, the higher the pay.
by Kevin D. Williamson, 2 Aug 2016

Obama Admin already discriminates
against Syrians—if they're Christians
by Patrick Poole, 1 Aug 2016

Clinton unifies Democrats around failed ideas
by John Hart, 29 July 2016

It’s the Supreme Court, stupid
by Hugh Hewitt, 31 July 2016

‘I was just joking’:
Media apoplectic as Khizr Khan
attack on Donald Trump goes down in flames
by Matthew Boyle, 1 Aug 2016

Look at this fat, cupid stunt!
Just lie back and think of the Multicult
by Baron Bodissey, 1 Aug 2016

Pat Caddell: pro-Clinton media bias is a
‘terrifying crisis in democracy’; ‘Clinton
Foundation is literally a RICO case waiting’
by John Hayward, 1 Aug 2016

Hillary Clinton is a big fat
hypocrite on Women’s Rights
by Veronica Lyter, 1 Aug 2016

New ad campaign pins Paul Ryan
as pro-Muslim refugee
He’s also for ‘illegal sanctuary cities, Obama’s executive amnesty.’
by Leo Hohmann, 31 July 2016


Members Only: the right to ‘private’ associations
The Left not only wants to regulate your associations,
but your inner life, as well.

by Jon N. Hall, 1 Aug 2016
Where was Hillary Clinton
when Captain Khan gave his life in Iraq?

by Claudia Rosett, 31 July 2016
No, the Constitution does not bar
‘religious tests’ in immigration law

Properly vetting would-be immigrants’ religious beliefs
is not only legal — it would be wise and prudent.

by Andrew C. McCarthy, 30 July 2016
The ABA's plan to impose Political Correctness
on the practice of law

by Herbert W. Titus and Willian J. Olson, 1 Aug 2016
Monuments to Idiocy
Let’s honor the public servants responsible for giving us the TSA.
by John Tierney, Summer 2016 issue 
This pathetic priest should be beheaded — by a Christian.
Monsignor Dumas: Christ calls us to Suicide
by Baron Bodissey, 30 July 2016 
The coming Election Fraud
by Michael N. Mattia, 1 Aug 2016
Donald Trump: the conservative FDR
by Jeffrey Lord, 27 July 2016

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