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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

Broward County erases GOP vote gains,
'missed' recount deadline by 2 minutes
by Joshua Caplan, 16 Nov 2018

Before they began the Final Solution,
the Nazis made the Jews turn in their guns.
What truly caused the Pogrom of 1938
by Gary Gindler, 9 Nov 2018

Democracy dies in a Leftist coup
The best midterms that San Francisco donors could buy.
by Daniel Greenfield, 15 Nov 2018

Britain launches body to make new
buildings more beautiful, and places
Conservative philosopher in charge
Roger Scruton was reared as a leftist, but so much
"ludicrous Marxist gobbledegook" caused him to convert.
Oliver JJ Lane, 7 Nov 2018

Lame-Duck GOP House Judiciary
to subpoena James Comey, Loretta Lynch
by Joshua Caplan, 16 Nov 2018

National Guard soldier arrested, charged
with smuggling Mexican nationals into US
by J.D. Simkins, 16 Nov 2018


Florida recount fight is a
preview of 2020 lawlessness

Ned Ryan, 16 Nov 2018

Media cover-up: Guy who yelled ‘Heil Hitler’

during Fiddler on the Roof performance

hates Trump
by John Nolte, 16 Nov 2018

In Democratic circles,

anti-Semitism is becoming normal

by Roger Kimball, 14 Nov 2018

Richard Pryor schools Donald Trump

on Criminal Justice Reform

by Colin Flaherty, 16 Nov 2018

The top ten university leaders

who are supporters of terror

Aiding the Hamas terror campaign to thrive on campus.
Sara Dogan, 16 Nov 2018

A cold winter for white women

by Lori Flaherty, 16 Nov 2018

Democracy Dies in Trivia

by Bruce Thornton, 16 Nov 2018
How the media's obsession with the superficial threatens our freedom.

Don John sez: The Communist Front known as Southern Poverty Law Center has classified the Proud Boys as a hate group — just the way they classify every conservative entity. So Andrew Kovalic gets fired for his thoughts, while the Antifa c#nt who snitched on him is some kind of hero.
Comcast fires employee Andrew Kovalic
for being a conservative
14 Nov 2018

Why I am no longer a Canadian Writer

by David Solway, 15 Nov 2018

Democrat corruption is a

clear and present danger to America

Patricia McCarthy, 16 Nov 2018

Pretty much all of journalism

now leans Left, study shows

Investor's Business Daily editorial, 16 Nov 2018


Florida Democrats urged voters to submit
absentee ballots after Election Day

using altered forms

by Joel B. Pollak, 15 Nov 2018

Left-wing Jews: A Jewish and American tragedy
by Dennis Prager, 14 Nov 2018

Rees-Mogg calls for vote of No Confidence in May,
'What has been achieved today is not Brexit'

Victoria Friedman, 15 Nov 2018

Tucker Carlson's Ship of Fools
A serious look at a serious American problem.
by Jeffrey Lord, 15 Nov 2018

A victory in Horsham
The Mosquebuster has won another battle.
Baron Bodissey, 8 Nov 2018

'We really muffed' it—Scientist admits error
in hyped Global Warming study

by James Delingpole, 14 Nov 2018


Read more about it


Matt Gaetz: Broward County refused GOP
court orders to inspect elections HQ — while
they allowed Democrats inside (video)
by Jim Hoft, 14 Nov 2018

Mass exodus of ministers
over May's Brexit Betrayal

by Victoria Friedman, 15 Nov 2018

Sharyl Attkisson needs your support

by Thomas Lifson, 15 Nov 2018

Trump should offer asylum to Asia Bibi

James Delingpole, 13 Nov 2018

NeverTrump's billionaire leftist benefactors

by Julie Kelly, 14 Nov 2018

5 dumb GOP mistakes we better fix before 2020

by Kurt Schlichter, 15 Nov 2018

Court rules Hillary Clinton must answer
key questions about her private server

by Cristina Laila, 14 Nov 2018

What's really behind the Jim Acosta controversy?

by Roger L. Simon, 14 Nov 2018

One of the most ignorant anti-Trump stories yet

by Ed Timperlake, 14 Nov 2018

Guess what? Five million more Central
Americans  are watching that caravan closely

by Monica Showalter, 14 Nov 2018

Calm down, everyone—Brexit's going to be OK!
by James Delingpole, 14 Nov 2018

Demand an end to Liberal Privilege
by Sarah Hoyt, 20 Oct 2018

It's clear Facebook fired
this exec for being pro-Trump
New York Post editorial, 14 Nov 2018

Trump's greatest political sin
by Charlie Martin, 13 Nov 2018

Spakovsky: Democrats 'want non-citizens
voting' because 'they know it will help them win'
Robert Kraychik, 13 Nov 2018

Unhappy and Unappeased about McSally
Her capitulation was disgusting.
by Sally Zelikovsky, 14 Nov 2018

CNN exit poll: Majority of swing state voters
support Trump's nationalist immigration agenda
by John Binder, 13 Nov 2018


Why is no one shooting these invaders?
Watch–Caravan migrants arrive
at southern border, scale fence
John Binder, 13 Nov 2018

The Democrats are the threat to Democracy
They couldn’t care less that they’re now officially
what they’ve claimed to see in Donald Trump.
by Brandon J. Weichert, 13 Nov 2018

‘The worst deal in history’:
Brexiteers respond to Theresa May’s
‘slave state’ agreement with Europe
Oliver JJ Lane, 13 Nov 2018

Ending Election Fraud
Daniel John Sobieski, 13 Nov 2018


November 14, 2018 is the 110th birthday of a great American.
Whom Do You Trust?
by Don John


Presidential proclamation addresses
massive illegal 'migrant' caravan
A dire national security threat.
Michael Cutler, 13 Nov 2018

Ambiguity, the Chevron Doctrine,
Kavanaugh, and 'Birthright Citizenship'
by Jon N. Hall, 13 Nov 2018

How Trump can pull off ultimate
trick to make Mueller disappear
by Jonathan Turley, 10 Nov 2018

Crooks and Communists fight
to lead House Democratic caucus
Daniel Greenfield, 13 Nov 2018

The Left's 'Jim Crow' fantasy
of a stolen Georgia election
by Rich Lowry, 13 Nov 2018

How could Arizona elect
someone like Kyrsten Sinema?
by Monica Showalter, 13 Nov 2018

Don John sez: Back in 2014, I was hoping the Scots would
vote to remain in the United Kingdom because that might
help to curb the worst excesses of left-wing lunacy. 
But now I've been proven WRONG.  Get a load of this:
‘World First’ – Scottish schools to have
‘LGBT Equality’ embedded in curriculum
Virginia Hale, 11 Nov 2018

A new face and a new mission for Republicans
by David Horowitz, 12 Nov 2018

Europe opting for submission to Islam
The "European Court of Human Rights" has made it a crime
to simply relate verified historical facts about Muhammad.
by Alex Alexiev, 13 Nov 2018


Why Trump is right on California wildfires
How "green policies" are burning up the Golden State.
Matthew Vadum, 12 Nov 2018

Broward County elections officials block view
as ballots are bundled and bagged
in Davie, Florida voting center
Several women are seen on the floor bundling the ballots
and stuffing them into blue canvas zip bags.
by Jim Hoft, 12 Nov 2018

Democrats lead in most
House races yet to be called
by Rick Moran, 12 Nov 2018
    …it is curious that so many of these races are being decided by absentee and provisional ballots that always seem to favor the Democrats…

Because Democrats routinely stuff ballot boxes,
and have done so for over a century…
Recounts rarely change elections results,
but when they do, they favor Dems
by Matt Margolis, 11 Nov 2018

Brian Kemp camp rips Stacey Abrams for
refusing to concede: 'A disgrace to Democracy'
Joshua Caplan, 10 Nov 2018


If you fail at Life, you can still be a #Resistance celeb
by David Greenfield, 12 Nov 2018

Obama's judges continue thwarting Trump
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 10 Nov 2018


John Dewey, who was single-handedly responsible for
ruining America's schools with crackpot theories that led
to the abandonment of standards and values,
was (Surprise!) an admirer of Stalin.

Stalin’s Propagandist, The World’s Teacher
by Daren Jonescu, 7 Oct 2016

The Automatic Low-Flush Toilet
by Eric Peters, 8 Nov 2018

Don't get rid of Apu. He's a hero to many of us.
As an Indian-American, I learned to embrace Apu.
I hope he stays on The Simpsons.
by Bhaskar Sunkara, 1 Nov 2018

A Whiter Shade of Pale: Sense and Nonsense
—The pursuit of perfection in Law and Politics
Janice Rogers Brown, speech to the Federalist Society, 20 Apr 2000

10 Questions
about the compatibility of Islam with America

by Frank Hawkins, 11 Nov 2018



Why get captured in fighting the last war
of the Florida recount process?
by Ed Timperlake, 11 Nov 2018

As Florida ballot count battle rages,
Democrats are recklessly violating state law
Karl Rove, 10 Nov 2018

Already… Broward County at least
45 minutes late in starting Midterm recount
Jim Hoft, 11 Nov 2018

Stunning! Criminal Palm Beach Elections
Supervisor accuses Trump and Rubio
of “trying to disrupt our democracy”
Jim Hoft, 11 Nov 2018

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda
Snipes publicly recommends counting illegal votes
Cristina Laila, 10 Nov 2018

FL election worker Chelsey Smith signs sworn
legal statement alleging Broward County
elections staff were filling in ballots
Jim Hoft, 10 Nov 2018


Don John sez: In point of fact, Michael Avenatti is both
the cunt and the whore.  Always has been, always will be.
Avenatti accuses Tucker Carlson of assault
after teen daughter called a ‘c*nt’
and ‘wh*re’ at country club
by Thomas Lifson, 11 Nov 2018


What we owe the War Dead
by Daren Jonescu, 11 Nov 2017

Rabbi Gittelsohn's Iwo Jima Sermon
by Sheldon M. Young

Veterans' Day and America's Unknown Soldier
Patrick O'Donnell, 11 Nov 2018

Remembrance Day and Lessons Forgotten
by Geoffrey P. Hunt, 11 Nov 2017
Remembrance, Delusion and Usurpation
by Mark Steyn, 10 Nov 2014

A Veteran's Day Meditation

by Glenn Fairman, 11 Nov 2013

Freedom is not Free: A Soldier's Pledge 
Ronald Reagan honors Private Martin Treptow (1894 – 1918)

Take time to give thanks to those who give all

Lt. Col. Oliver North, 2009

What the Hell? Broward and Palm Beach Counties
ignore Court ruling on vote counts;
Update: Reporters threatened?
Matt Vespa, 10 Nov 2018

Why hasn't Broward County Elections
Supervisor Brenda Snipes been fired yet?
Paula Bolyard, 9 Nov 2018

Florida vote scandal coverage shows
Media-Democrat complicity.  Again.
Mollie Hemingway, 9 Nov 2018

Bending over backward:
A biased look at left-wing censorship
by Richard T. Kirk, 10 Nov 2018

Britain's Wonderful World of Socialized Medicine
Mirror, Autumn 2018
Girl, 14, dies after going into hospital 'laughing and singing' for routine test that went tragically wrong
●  Patient who died during robot surgery had 99% chance of living if human operated
●  Three babies died and cancer patient was starved of oxygen in string of failings at scandal-hit hospital


No big deal, just Palm Beach County refusing
to comply with the recount Court Order

Greg P, 10:51 pm, 9 Nov 2018

Election Fraud Expert:

Brenda Snipes allowed illegal aliens and

felons to vote; illegally destroyed ballots

Eric Eggers, 9 Nov 2018


The Palm Beach elections supervisor threatened

to arrest reporters and it’s not a bigger story

Greg P, 8:30 pm, 9 Nov 2018

Florida vote count official accused of having

more voters on rolls than eligible citizens

John Binder, 9 Nov 2018

New from Miami-Dade: ‘Tons of uncounted

ballots’ found in Opa-locka mail facility

Greg P, 8:13 pm, 9 Nov 2018

See also:


Judge finds Broward County
violated FL Constitution,
orders election officials to comply by 7pm
Sam J, 9 Nov 2018, 4:05pm

Governor Rick Scott warns 'rampant fraud'
possible in Broward, Palm Beach counties
Fox 13 News, 9 Nov 2018

Donald Trump: Authorities investigating
possible election fraud in Florida
Charlie Spiering, 9 Nov 2018

What a Fascist!
Vox's Matt Yglesias defends
'terrorizing' Tucker Carlson's family
John Nolte, 8 Nov 2018

Four midterm election signs
that show how Trump can win in 2020
James Antle, 8 Nov 2018



Jim Acosta violated one of
the oldest rules of journalism
by Michael Goodwin, 8 Nov 2018

105 articles cover Ilhan Omar's win.
ZERO cover her anti-Semitism,
finance investigations, or perjury evidence.
by David Steinberg, 8 Nov 2018

Yes, "it could have been worse."  But without major changes in
GOP strategy and tactics, the Democrat wave will come in 2020.

The Midterms were
a wake-up call for Republicans
by Sally Zelikovsky, 8 Nov 2018

Trump on strong legal ground to stop caravan
by Betsy McCaughey, 7 Nov 2018

Sessions out, Whitaker in
—for now, and maybe for good
by Andrew C. McCarthy, 8 Nov 2018

President Trump should replace
Jeff Sessions with Janice Rogers Brown
by John C. Eastman, 7 Nov 2018

Citizenship and Choice
How our current immigration system is a political scam.
Angelo Codevilla, 8 Nov 2018

Why is the Press trying to erase
GOP Congressional winner Young Kim
from all the 'Year of the Woman' hoopla?
by Monica Showalter, 8 Nov 2018

Shameful election coverage by Fox News
D.C. McAllister, 7 Nov 2018


A much, much better GOP night
than had been forecast
Dov Fischer, 7 Nov 2018

The Blue Ripple
Matthew Vadum, 7 Nov 2018

War hero Dan Crenshaw
wins House race despite SNL smear
Rick Moran, 7 Nov 2018

Our new Muslim Representatives
Sharia, corruption, and Jew-hatred come to the House.
Robert Spencer, 7 Nov 2018

RNC: Lack of Blue Wave means House
Dem majority needs to work with Trump
Bridget Johnson, 6 Nov 2018

2018 Midterm Election Results
Tony Lee et al., 7 Nov 2018


New photos corroborate perjury claims
against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as she
deletes social media evidence
by David Steinberg, 5 Nov 2018

The Tale of Two Wacky Federal Cases
Progressive re-writing of the Constitution.
by Joseph Klein, 6 Nov 2018

7 top takeaways from Grassley's report
on Brett Kavanaugh's accusers
by Margot Cleveland, 5 Nov 2018


The complete list of
President Trump's accomplishments

by Joe Hoft, 3 Nov 2018

Election Day:
The clear-cut choice Americans face

The stark contrast between the two parties.
by Bruce Thornton, 2 Nov 2018

If you don't vote for the party,
you're not doing your part
by Frank Miele, 5 Nov 2018

Prosperity is on the ballot Tuesday
New York Post editorial, 5 Nov 2018

‘This is Disgusting!’ NBC under fire
after mocking war veteran and
GOP candidate Dan Crenshaw

by Justin Caruso, 4 Nov 2018

Louis Farrakhan chants
'Death to America' in Iran

by Joel B. Pollak, 4 Nov 2018

An Honest Marxist
by Daren Jonescu, 4 Nov 2018

American Horror Story: U.S. parents separated
from children by abusive government agencies

by Megan Fox, 31 Oct 2018

Don't join this year's Women's March
unless you're good with anti-Semitism

by Karol Markowicz, 5 Nov 2018

Our House Divided: Multiculturalism vs. America
by Thomas D. Klingenstein, Nov 2018

Conservatism and Anti-Semitism
by Gary Gindler, 4 Nov 2018

Brooklyn synagogue vandal a black
Democratic activist and former City Hall intern
by Rick Moran, 3 Nov 2018

Is it legal for Trump to use the army at the border?
by Jonathan Moseley, 4 Nov 2018

San Francisco treats illegals, tricks citizens
by Lloyd Billingsley, 2 Nov 2018

Democrats care about illegal aliens, not you
by Lloyd Marcus, 4 Nov 2018

Box Office: Flag-free 'First Man'
flopped all over the world
by John Nolte, 3 Nov 2018


DEM PANIC? Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump
'monster,' Biden threatens violence,
wild-eyed Obama’s voice cracks during rant
by Martin Walsh, 2 Nov 2018

Republicans, yet again, do right by black Americans
by Deroy Murdock, 2 Nov 2018

Question for midterm voters:
Are you better off than you were two years ago?
Investor's Business Daily, 1 Nov 2018

How Americans lost their national identity
by Yoram Hazony, 23 Oct 2018

Woman who accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape
admits to Judiciary Committee she Lied
by Debra Heine, 2 Nov 2018

Sinema Verite: Arizona Dem gets Taliban wish
by Daniel John Sobieski, 3 Nov 2018

FBI arrests Iraqi refugee in Tucson
for building car bomb, teaching others
by Patrick Poole, 2 Nov 2018


The Democratic Party is working
to destroy the American way of life
by Rachel Stoltzfoos, 1 Nov 2018

Republicans have delivered
as Democrats went off the deep end
by Sohrab Ahmari, 2 Nov 2018

Defining the Enemy in these
final days before the Midterms
by Lloyd Marcus, 2 Nov 2018

Poll: Black voter approval for Trump
hits yearly high after 'Blexit'
by Kristina Wong, 1 Nov 2018

Trump is the best President
ever for American Jews
by Karin McQuillan, 1 Nov 2018

Asia Bibi, accused of "blasphemy"
in Pakistan, has been acquitted
But she is in more danger than ever.
Robert Spencer, 1 Nov 2018

Canada upholds
Allah/Muhammad's ban on Adoption
Raymond Ibrahim, 1 Nov 2018

Top cops back calls to stop wasting time
policing 'hate crime' and offensive comments
Liam Deacon, 2 Nov 2018


As the caravan approaches,
there probably will be blood

by Dov Fischer, 31 Oct 2018
Rein in the Administrative State
—and preserve Democracy

by Peter J. Wallison, 1 Nov 2018
When laws aren't enforced, Anarchy follows
by Victor Davis Hanson, 1 Nov 2018
Trump has disarmed the Left
of its politically correct weapons

by Keith Koffler, 31 Oct 2018
Third Child policy: Italian populists
propose giving free land to families

by Victoria Friedman, 31 Oct 2018
The Trump Curveball:
This is what China didn't expect

Donald Trump's message to Xi Jinping: the United States intends
to disengage with your country to the greatest extent possible.
by Gordon G. Chang, 31 Oct 2018
Intra-party civil war engulfs Missouri Dems,
dooming McCaskill re-election bid

by Thomas Lifson, 1 Nov 2018
Radical Muslims behind 84 percent of terror
killings in the West, 67 percent foreign-born

by Jack Montgomery, 1 Nov 2018

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