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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

America's real disease is Toxic Ignorance
Leann Horrocks, 15 Dec 2019

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Virginia's Second Amendment sanctuary counties.
Baron Bodissey and Alexa Massey, 15 Dec 2019

Citizens everywhere need to have guns,
so they can shoot home-invading busybodies dead.
A victim of the Swedish Opinion Police
Asa Westerberg, 12 Dec 2019

Bernard Kerik says NYC violent crime spike
due to liberal policies hampering police
Rick Moran, 14 Dec 2019

A blow against voter fraud in Wisconsin
Richard Jack Rail, 15 Dec 2019
     In Wisconsin, Judge Paul Malloy ordered 234,000 voters purged from the rolls because available evidence suggests they may have moved and hence become ineligible to vote…

The persecution of Martin Sellner
Baron Bodissey, 15 Dec 2019

Schiff offers laughable, untruthful
excuse for ignoring FISA abuses
Stephen Kruiser, 15 Dec 2019


The Obama Administration's
FISA abuse is a massive scandal
David Harsanyi, 12 Dec 2019

Britain's Labour Party got Woke
—and now it's Broke
Toby Young, 13 Dec 2019

5.9 million individuals off
Food Stamps under Trump
Katherine Rodriguez, 14 Dec 2019

Florida will require all high school
students to take Civics course
Tom Ciccotta, 14 Dec 2019


Returning the future to individuals:
What the UK election has to say
about the 21st Century
Richard Fernandez, 13 Dec 2019

London mob clashes with
police over losing election
Kurt Zindulka, 14 Dec 2019

Nadler's frightening abuse of power
Daniel John Sobieski, 14 Dec 2019

Impeachment has blown up in the faces
of Democrats, and it's their own fault
Eddie Scarry, 12 Dec 2019

Is President Trump a Maccabee in disguise?
His recent Executive Order
protecting Jews makes me wonder
Rabbi Michael Barclay, 13 Dec 2019

Why American Jews slander President Trump
Caroline Glick, 13 Dec 2019

Greta Thunberg starts to sound bloodthirsty
Monica Showalter, 14 Dec 2019


Ratcliffe: Obama Admin asked foreign
governments to investigate Candidate Trump
Joel B. Pollak, 12 Dec 2019

'Stalinesque!': Nadler abruptly ends
impeachment hearing in the dead of night
Paula Bolyard, 13 Dec 2019

A defiant stand for Freedom
Hong Kong’s struggle against tyranny, and why it matters.
Claudia Rosett, 11 Dec 2019

Trump announces Phase One
trade deal with China
John Carney, 13 Dec 2019

Jewish prayer has returned to the Temple Mount
Jeremy Sharon, 12 Dec 2019


Rejoice! Rejoice!
Britain just dodged the Marxist bullet!
James Delingpole, 13 Dec 2019

The fall of Labour’s ‘Red Wall’
is a moment to celebrate
Brendan O'Neill, 13 Dec 2019

Boris Johnson after landslide victory:
'Irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable
decision' to get Brexit done
Michael van der Galien, 13 Dec 2019

Britain has been saved and now
Boris can reunite us and steer us into a new era
The Sun, 13 Dec 2019

Boffo Boris
Mark Steyn, 12 Dec 2019

The left bellows 'racism' in the aftermath
of Boris blowout election in U.K.
Monica Showalter, 13 Dec 2019

Boris wins BIG and Brexit gets done
Ted Malloch, 12 Dec 2019

Land of Hope and Glory

"God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet!"


ICE deports over quarter of a million illegals,
5.5K gang members in 2019

John Binder, 11 Dec 2019 

Trump pushes back against
campus anti-Semitism

Robert Spencer, 12 Dec 2019

The Cost of America's Cultural Revolution
Social-justice crusaders are stripping the future of everything
that gives human life meaning: beauty, sublimity, and wit.
Heather Mac Donald, 9 Dec 2019

What purpose does NATO serve?
Bruce Thornton, 12 Dec 2019

Abandoned Allies and the
lessons we still need to learn

Michael Benge, 12 Dec 2019

IG report shows Russia hoax a coup attempt
Miranda Devin, 12 Dec 2019

Thwack! Matt Gaetz nailed Dem
impeachment counsel Daniel Goldman

by Thomas Lifson, 12 Dec 1029

CNN, MSNBC cut away from
Horowitz hearing into Obama FISA abuses

Tyler O'Neil, 11 Dec 2019

Kimberly Strassel catches Glenn Simpson
contradicting his own sworn testimony

Thomas Lifson, 12 Dec 2019


IG shuts down James Comey:
No one is
"vindicated" by my report
Joshua Caplan, 11 Dec 2019

Antifa home invasions: "Can it happen here?"
Mary Grabar, 11 Dec 2019

Three essential firearms for civil unrest
Mike Adams, 8 Nov 2019

At last, a realistic look at the
Israeli –
"Palestinian" conflict
Pamela Geller, 11 Dec 2019

The Media again bury the truth about the SPLC
(the so-called Southern Poverty Law Center)
Tyler O'Neil, 10 Dec 2019

Student behind "It's OK to be White" flyers
expelled, interrogated by
FBI counter-terrorist unit
Gabriel Keene, 10 Dec 2019


Socialism's unbroken trail of failure

John Eidson, 10 Dec 2019

Unlearning Together

The sophisticated stupidity of the elites.
Mark Steyn, 9 Dec 2019

Whitewashed IG report still
exposes James Comey as a dirty cop
John Nolte, 10 Dec 2019

IG Report confirms Schiff FISA
memo Media praised was riddled with lies
Mollie Hemingway, 10 Dec 2019

Alex Epstein's clear thinking
on Climate and Energy
Rupert Darwall, 10 Dec 2019


This Land is Whose Land?
William Sullivan, 10 Dec 2019
Key findings of DOJ Inspector General
point to significant FISA abuse

Jeff Carlson, 10 Dec 2019
Horowitz report is damning for the FBI
and unsettling for the rest of us

Jonathan Turley, 9 Dec 2019
IG Report proves Democrats were wrong,
and Nunes right, about FISA warrant

Joel B. Pollak, 9 Dec 2019
U.S. Attorney John Durham
disagrees with IG report conclusions

Team Bongino, 9 Dec 2019
IG Report on Spygate ignores Peter Strzok's
"insurance policy" text message
Matt Margolis, 9 Dec 2019
Impeach Trump because of ... Slavery?
John Hinderaker, 8 Dec 2019


The insanity of Progressivism
comes right out of Gulliver's Travels
David Solway, 8 Dec 2019

Widespread electrical blackout
in central Australia caused by ... clouds
Thomas Lifson, 9 Dec 2019

Virginia sheriff vows to 'deputize
thousands' to defend gun rights
A.W.R. Hawkins, 7 Dec 2019

The legacy of low-bar Impeachment
Victor Davis Hanson, 8 Dec 2019

Lindsey Graham does not want
Schiff or other Congressmen to
testify at Senate impeachment trial
Thomas Lifson, 9 Dec 2019

Why is Adam Schiff sniffing around the
phone records of reporters and Congressmen?
Washington Examiner, 5 Dec 2019

Pensacola Jihadi's victims would be alive today
If we were honest about the threat we face.
Robert Spencer, 9 Dec 2019


Foreigners mocking President Trump
is a sign he’s doing something right
Karol Markowicz, 6 Dec 2019

The Tortoise and the Hare
of Modernity reconsidered

Roger Kimball, 7 Dec 2019

Democrats have embraced the exact
surveillance tactics they used to warn about
David Harsanyi, 7 Dec 2019

Self-destructive Democrats push forward
on impeachment of President Trump
John Kass, 7 Dec 2019

Dangerous PRO Act would give illegal
workers more rights than Americans
Bryan Preston, 7 Dec 2019

Bill Barr's reservations about the IG report
Thomas Farnan, 8 Dec 2019

Anthony Hopkins on why he doesn't talk
about politics: 'Actors are pretty stupid'
Michael van der Galien, 8 Dec 2019

Leaked Documents reveal UK Labour Party is
lying about dealing with rampant anti-Semitism
Rick Moran, 8 Dec 2019


The Transrealism of the Left
David Solway, 7 Dec 2019

Five times Democrats didn't care
when Obama committed Obstruction of Justice
Matt Margolis, 6 Dec 2019

Impeachment is great for Trump
Approval rating rises to 52%
Michael van der Galien, 6 Dec 2019

Nancy Pelosi's 'Article II' impeachment
rationale exposed as hoax
John Nolte, 6 Dec 2019

The Split Screen
Caroline Glick, 6 Dec 2019

The Fraud in Higher Ed
Walter E. Williams, 6 Dec 2019

A divisive, historically dubious curriculum
Teachers should reject the 1619 Project.
Max Eden, 3 Dec 2019

Another Social Justice Warrior
that is simply a hypocrite
Bill de Blasio ships NYC homeless to North Carolina
despite his travel bans to state.
The Right Scoop, 6 Dec 2019


Redefining "The Rule of Law"
How the Administrative State can bind the President
is the big issue in Impeachment.
E. Donald Elliott, 6 Dec 2019

Democrat impeachment witness Noah Feldman
behind idea for Facebook
"oversight board"
Allum Bokhari, 5 Dec 2019

Mark Levin calls out Judge Napolitano and
Andy McCarthy over Obstruction comments
The Right Scoop, 5 Dec 2019

Reversing the roles of Crusade and Jihad
The lesson of a new book is clear:
Islam can do no wrong and the West can do no right.
Raymond Ibrahim, 5 Dec 2019


Professor Jonathan Turley's greatest
moments at the Impeachment Clown Show

Megan Fox, 5 Dec 2019
Nadler blew his big chance
in the Judiciary Committee yesterday

Thomas Lifson, 5 Dec 2019
The Impeachment Report is damning all right
... for Democrats

Issues & Insights editorial, 4 Dec 2019
Watch Rep. Jim Jordan nuke Democrats'
'predetermined' impeachment sham

Michael van der Galien, 5 Dec 2019
The 10 most important revelations to expect
from the Russia probe FISA report

John Solomon, 4 Dec 2019
Trump's support from African-Americans
is growing. Here's why Dems will be surprised.

Jack Brewer, 4 Dec 2019

Turley warns Congress on impeachment for
'obstruction': "It's your abuse of power."
Joel B. Pollak, 4 Dec 2019

Nunes sues CNN over
"demonstrably false" Ukraine report
Byron York, 3 Dec 2019

Why didn't Senator Blumenthal look into
all the bribes or kickbacks Obama paid
for political purposes?

Jack Hellner, 4 Dec 2019



Dem impeachment report
is Adam Schiff's latest dud
Michael Goodwin, 4 Dec 2019

Colleges bristle as judges, DeVos
push protections for the Accused
K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr, 4 Dec 2019

Journalists Against Free Speech
John Tierney, Autumn 2019 issue

Who quashed the prosecution of the
Leftists who poisoned Robert Spencer?
Robert Spencer, 4 Dec 2019

Achievement test shows no progress
for American kids in Reading
and Math over last decade
Rick Moran, 3 Dec 2019

Woke Parenting eats its own
Casey Chalk, 4 Dec 2019

House Republicans release rebuttal
review of Democrat impeachment effort

Sundance, 2 Dec 2019
Protesters within China defy Communists:
'Just like you, Hong Kong'

Frances Martel, 2 Dec 2019
The moral case for decoupling from China

David Archibald, 3 Dec 2019
Over 300 Trump video ads taken down
by Google and YouTube

Matt Margolis, 2 Dec 2019
The Left hates the Salvation Army.
That's all you need to know about the Left.

Dennis Prager, 3 Dec 2019
More Green BS from Attenborough

James Delingpole, 2 Dec 2019
Fusion GPS chiefs spin hard
before the Horowitz Report

Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch:
The biggest con job in American history.
Julie Kelly, 2 Dec 2019
Lisa Page, Resistance Hero

Washington Examiner editorial, 2 Dec 2019
21 reasons not to believe Christine Blasey Ford's
claims about Justice Kavanaugh

Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino, 2 Dec 2019

Deadly Superstitions in London
Another terrorist attack reveals
Britain’s delusions about rehabilitation.

Theodore Dalrymple, 2 Dec 2019
Catherine Herridge, now at CBS,
devastates ‘Whistleblower’s’ legitimacy

Thomas Lifson, 3 Dec 2019
Cops should do a wellness check
on woman in Peloton Christmas ad

Stephen Kruiser, 3 Dec 2019

White House declines House Judiciary
impeachment hearing invitation
Henry Rodgers, 1 Dec 2019

Prominent historians criticize the NY Times’
1619 Project as ‘biased,’ ‘anti-historical’
John Sexton, 1 Dec 2019

Not the Deep State, but the Deep Industry
Daniel Greenfield, 2 Dec 2019

The climate cult's "Grave New World"
Thaddeus G. McCotter, 1 Dec 2019

The Democratic Party's ultimate coup d'etat
Leftists' "solutions" to climate catastrophe
require demolishing freedom.
David Kupelian, 1 Dec 2019

Gun confiscation comes to Virginia
Jed Babbin, 2 Dec 2019

Ventriloquist Terry Fator told
to cut Trump puppet from his act
Matt Margolis, 1 Dec 2019


Football announcer reveals on live TV:
Ohio State's J.K. Dobbins almost aborted,
but became mom's miracle
Kelli, 30 Nov 2019

Not a bad spy novel, but a national nightmare
Taking a careful look at the
spooks' campaign to topple Donald Trump.
David P. Goldman, 23 Nov 2019

Republicans will live to regret
joining climate alarmists
Gamaliel Isaac, 1 Dec 2019

Why apocalyptic claims
about climate change are wrong
Michael Shellenberger, 25 Nov 2019

Is another YouTube purge imminent?
What will it bring?
Edward Ring, 30 Nov 2019

It's real!  A third poll reveals
33% nonwhite support for Trump
Thomas Lifson, 1 Dec 2019

Still upset by Trump's historic win?
Beat him if you can in 2020
Douglas MacKinnon, 30 Nov 2019

Will there really be a 2020 landslide for Trump?
Rich Logis, 1 Dec 2019
       …We have an opportunity to win 35-40 states, but only if we convince ourselves that we're losing 35-40 states.  I've asked dozens and dozens of Republicans to show me the pathway to a landslide, and none has been able to.  Winning teams always play scared, urgent with a sense of urgency…

Yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's plans
are about giving away 'free stuff'
Washington Examiner editorial, 1 Dec 2019
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