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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud
Democrats didn’t care when Obama
granted clemency to a terrorist, but
want to investigate Trump’s pardons
Matt Margolis, 21 Feb 2020

Fake News from Neil Cavuto
Daniel John Sobieski, 22 Feb 2020

The Jihad murder in Florida
you heard nothing about
Robert Spencer, 21 Feb 2020

'Trans Women' vs. 'Cis-Women':
Feminists created the monster
now devouring women's sports
Selwyn Duke, 22 Feb 2020

Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit—and
some new judges are causing a
"shock wave"
Maura Dolan, 22 Feb 2020

The surprising success of
the U.S.-Indian partnership
Ashley J. Tellis, 20 Feb 2020

The Democrats are Fracking Insane
James Delingpole, 21 Feb 2020

How Deontay Wilder came to like Trump
Joel B. Pollak, 21 Feb 2020


George Washington   (Feb 22, 1732-Dec 14, 1799)
Farewell Address to the Army  2 Nov 1783
First Inaugural Address  30 April 1789
Farewell Address   17 Sept 1796
A New Biography of Washington  by Mark Twain
General Washington's Negro Body-Servant  by Mark Twain


'Woke' Media fail to notice historic
Cabinet appointment by Trump
First openly gay Cabinet member: Rick Grenell.
Victoria Taft, 20 Feb 2020

Sanders is wrong: We are better off
today than we were 45 years ago
David Harsanyi, 21 Feb 2020

ICE throws down the gauntlet, arresting
two illegal aliens in a California courthouse
Rick Moran, 20 Feb 2020

How Trump made the Federal Courts blink
J.B. Shurk, 21 Feb 2020

Rep. Keith Ellison demands
examples of 'Bernie Bro' violence.
Then Steve Scalise stepped to the mic.
Victoria Taft, 20 Feb 2020

Michigan conservatives beat
leftist Attorney General in court
Smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center,
the American Freedom Law Center fights back.
Matthew Vadum, 21 Feb 2020

Local newspapers are dying
because they don't represent America
Daniel Greenfield, 21 Feb 2020

The wages of promiscuous sex is death
Jeffrey Folks, 21 Feb 2020

Roger Scruton, 1944–2020
On the life and work of the brilliant and tireless philosopher.
Roger Kimball, February 2020


The 2020 Dems' responses to Bloomberg's
defense of capitalism should terrify all of us
Paula Bolyard, 20 Feb 2020

On a Democratic Socialist government:
Is it even legal in the United States?
Communism forces men into slavery by force.
Democratic Socialism does it by votes.
Jason D. Hill, 20 Feb 2020

Justice Gone Wild
Washington Times editorial, 19 Feb 2020

Political trials should be
tried outside of the Beltway
Julie Kelly, 17 Feb 2020

Jante vs. Jihad
Scandinavian self-hatred meets the Islamic drive to conquer.
Bruce Bawer, 20 Feb 2020

The Outrage Mob came for me at
Emory University.  Here's how to stop it.
Heather Mac Donald, 18 Feb 2020

Democrats hold secret meeting
with Iranian Foreign Minister

Pining for the Obama days of appeasement. 
Joseph Klein, 19 Feb 2020
So God made a Bloomberg
Sean Davis, 18 Feb 2020
Michael Bloomberg flunks Ag 101
Geoffrey P. Hunt, 19 Feb 2020
Buttigieg on private insurance:
"I don't care" if people lose preferred coverage
Reagan McCarthy, 18 Feb 2020
Lunatic mob assaults gun rights activist
at Ohio college. Time for Trump to
defund schools that harbor anarchists.

Megan Fox, 18 Feb 2020
1619, and respecting the 
Facts of America's Founding

Peter Berkowitz, 19 Feb 2020
A ballot-initiative to move some Eastern Oregon
counties to Idaho is actually gaining some traction

Rick Moran, 18 Feb 2020
Singer Chrissie Hynde praises Trump
for honoring Rush Limbaugh

Alana Mastrangelo, 18 Feb 2020
Barack Obama: A Traitor for the Ages
John Eidson, 19 Feb 2020

Idiot King Obama tries to
take credit for Trump's Economy

Stephen Kruiser, 18 Feb 2020
Soros asked Obama to investigate somebody?
Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz 
says he has the proof.
Lloyd Billingsley, 18 Feb 2020
Watch as Victor Davis Hanson destroys
Bloomberg for his ignorant remarks denigrating
the skills and intelligence of farmers

Thomas Lifson, 18 Feb 2020
Bloomberg, 2011: Young Black, Latino men
"don't know how to behave in the workplace"
Haris Alic,, 17 Feb 2020
Sanders’ Marxist Campaign
The reality of who they really are.
Joseph Hippolito, 17 Feb 2022
Bloomberg's AR-15 ban rejected in Virginia
Daniel John Sobieski, 18 Feb 2020
Who's complaining about investigations now?
by Byron York, 17 Feb 2020
A two-year terror campaign
against one small GOP office

Anyone who wants to take away your rights
can also put a rock through your window.
Daniel Greenfield, 17 Feb 2020



Canada: a totalitarian state-in-progress
David Solway, 17 Feb 2020
Biden finally admits he and Obama
put "kids in cages" but only to
"keep them safe"
Matt Margolis, 15 Feb 2020

"Dangerous" PragerU conservatives
clap back at Samantha Bee

Anthony Leonardi, 13 Feb 2020
President Trump starts to Drain the Swamp,
yanks Jessie Liu Treasury Dept. nomination

J. Christian Adams, 14 Feb 2020
The Progressive Prosecutor Project
How and why the nation's crime busters
are becoming criminal enablers.
Andrew C. McCarthy, Feb 2020
Two-tiered Justice system on full display
Fletch Daniels, 16 Feb 2020
How the Justice Department avoids
becoming the
"Injustice Department"
Roger Kimball, 16 Feb 2020
Trump makes the 62nd Daytona 500
something special as Media heads explode

by Andrea Widburg, 17 Feb 2020
Confirm Judy Shelton
She'll arrest obtuse Groupthink at the Fed.
John Tamny, 17 Feb 2020
Top Mueller prosecutor says DoJ starting new
investigation into Comey, McCabe, and Strzok

Rick Moran, 15 Feb 2020
Hilarity results when Bloomberg
floats Hillary Clinton as his running mate

Andrea Widburg, 16 Feb 2020

Trump has a clear grasp of the
powers the Constitution grants him
New York Sun editorial, 15 Feb 2020

Lou Dobbs snaps on Bill Barr: "Where the
hell are the charges
" against the Deep State
Justin Caruso, 14 Feb 2020

Why wasn't Andrew McCabe charged?
Andrew C. McCarthy, 16 Feb 2020

5 times Barack Obama used the government
to attack his political enemies
Matt Margolis, 13 Feb 2020

Rule of Law: Mike Bloomberg funded
'special' prosecutors on climate change
Joel B. Pollak, 14 Feb 2020

New film shows how the War on Poverty failed
and the real hope for America's 'forgotten cities'
Tyler O'Neil, 13 Feb 2020

Hallmark Hope and Lifetime Fear
A. Welderson, 15 Feb 2020

Once a curiosity,
Trump rallies are now joyous celebrations
David Marcus, 11 Feb 2020


The Lesson of Liberty in American slavery
E.W. Jackson Sr., 15 Feb 2020

Wokeness, free speech, and the role of Education
Roger Kimball, 14 Feb 2020

Spygate: The villains aren't the victims
Thaddeus G. McCotter, 14 Feb 2020

The crumbling of Cuba's
grand socialist experiment
John Eidson, 15 Feb 2020


America's growing approval of Socialism
is a rejection of Freedom
J. Frank Bullitt, 14 Feb 2020

Bernie Bros and the catastrophe of Socialism
Lloyd Marcus, 14 Feb 2020

Media is complicit in Leftist
violence against Trump supporters
Stephen Kruiser, 14 Feb 2020

Trump demands justice
for victims of Sanctuary Cities
It's time for leftist jailers who free
dangerous aliens to pay the price.
Matthew Vadum, 14 Feb 2020

New film shows how the War on Poverty failed
and the real hope for America's 'forgotten cities'
Tyler O'Neil, 13 Feb 2020

Pro-crime policies don’t appeal to black voters
Where black voters really stand on the Black Lives Matter agenda.
Daniel Greenfield, 14 Feb 2020

Comedy on the campaign trail
Jack Dunphy, 13 Feb 2020

Heightening the Contradictions
J.R. Dunn, 13 Feb 2020
Roger Stone jury forewoman is Lefty
former Congressional candidate,
so voir dire went great...

Victoria Taft, 13 Feb 2020
Trump and Barr are playing rope-a-dope
with Dems on Stone sentencing

Thomas Lifson, 13 Feb 2020
If the Media want to stop ‘disinformation,’
they need to give people reasons to trust them

Mark Hemingway, 10 Feb 2020
What happened when a Jewish activist
confronted Tlaib’s Jew hatred at Rutgers

A Jew hater at a Jew-hating university.
Daniel Greenfield, 13 Feb 2020
Are you ready for the 2020 Census?
The Census Bureau isn't

Rick Moran, 13 Feb 2020


Soros Starts $1 billion Anti-American University

Fighting nationalism and climate change are its goals.
Matthew Vadum, 11 Feb 2020
The real gender gap is "The Boy Crisis," 
and Democrats are making it worse

Tyler O'Neil, 11 Feb 2020
The facts about Trump
that are deadly for Democrats

J. Frank Bullitt, 12 Feb 2020
President Trump, don't go changin'
Lloyd Marcus, 12 Feb 2020
Do the Poor remain Poor?
William Sullivan, 12 Feb 2020
When America saved Iran
Stephen Brown, 12 Feb 2020
Limbaugh: A Genius at Radio 
Victor Davis Hanson, 11 Feb 2020
'Socialist and Atheist' still poison in 
American politics--unless you're a Democrat

Rick Moran, 11 Feb 2020

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809—April 15, 1865)
A House Divided
 speech to Illinois Republican Convention, 16 June 1858
Speech at Chicago, Illinois
   contra Stephen Douglas, 10 July 1858

The Last Best Hope of Earth
   annual message to Congress, 1 Dec 1862
Proclamation of Thanksgiving   3 Oct 1863

Gettysburg Address   19 Nov 1863
Second Inaugural Address   4 March 1865

: My Childhood's Home I See Again,
    The Bear Hunt, The Suicide's Soliloquy
Lincoln's vision exceeded the Civil War battlefield      
     Bucky Fox, 2 May 2012


Bombshell audio of Mike Bloomberg talking
about how all murderers are ethnic minorities

Michael van der Galien, 11 Feb 2020
Could the coronavirus take
China's communist dictatorship down?

Monica Showalter, 11 Feb 2020
Socialized Medicine in the shadow of Wuhan
[and how Roger's liberal dad,
a physician, cautioned against it]
Roger L. Simon, 10 Feb 2020
Surviving our own secrets
in a complex world full of danger

Richard Fernandez, 10 Feb 2020
The Black Vote as Progressives imagine it
Noah Rothman, 10 Feb 2020
Obama promised a middle-class economy,
Trump delivered it

John Merline, 11 Feb 2020
A.G. Barr announces significant escalation
against left-wing Sanctuary Cities

Matt Margolis, 10 Feb 2020
Obama film director [Julia Reichert]
quotes Communist Manifesto at the Oscars

Tyler O'Neil, 10 Feb 2020
The folly of Global Climate Forecasting
by Trevor Thomas, 11 Feb 2020
Greg Ip unwittingly reveals
the Fed's toothless existence

John Tamny, 11 Feb 2020

West Point tackles Toxic Masculinity
Mark Tapson, 10 Feb 2020

Democrats just look ridiculous
pretending the economy is falling apart

Karol Markowicz, 10 Feb 2020

A major New York police union
declares open war on Mayor De Blasio
Andrea Widburg, 10 Feb 2020

Perhaps if there were FAR fewer Muslims…. 
The Victims of Anti-Christian Persecution
And a harrowing glimpse at their victimizers.
Jack Kerwick, 10 Feb 2020

Islam’s Role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Raymond Ibrahim, 8 Feb 2020

Trump's supporters are not cult members.
We're Americans.

Sally Zelikovsky, 10 Feb 2020


Don't know much about science books:
Economics major Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
lectures us on economics of
"Milton Keynes"
Monica Showalter, 9 Feb 2020

Celebrity tributes pour in for Orson Bean:
Inspiring, brilliant,
"a wonderful soul"
Including Barbra Streisand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
Larry Elder, Ann Coulter, Jane Seymour, Robert Davi, 
Philip Lord, Marcia Cross, Adam Baldwin, and Jane Lynch.
by David Ng, 8 Feb 2020

Mike Bloomberg: Those uneducated Midwest
rubes are just too stupid for trans bathrooms
Tyler O'Neil, 8 Feb 2020

Bloomberg plagiarized parts
of at least eight of his plans
Akela Lacy, 6 Feb 2020

The political genius behind
Trump's SOTU theatrics
Karin McQuillan, 6 Feb 2020

Jorge Ramos is mad at Mexico for
blocking illegal immigration into America
Andrea Widburg, 9 Feb 2020

Peter Schweizer's 'Profiles in Corruption'
hits #1 on NYT bestseller list
Full title: Profiles in Corruption: Abuse
of Power by America’s Progressive Elite

Hannah Bleau, 8 Feb 2020

Man arrested after driving van into GOP voter
registration tent in Jacksonville, Florida
Matt Margolis, 9 Feb 2020


Romney pays tribute to himself after
voting to convict an innocent man
How Romney is worse than a weasel, and 
is really more like a San Francisco gerbil.
John Nolte, 6 Feb 2020

Trump Rises to the occasion
with State of the Union address
While Pelosi lowers herself even further into the gutter.
Joseph Klein, 5 Feb 2020

Nancy Pelosi shamed herself at
Trump’s State of the Union address
Michael Goodwin, 4 Feb 2020

Equal Rights Amendment
Conservapedia, 15 Jan 2020

Acosta: Rush Limbaugh has history of
derogatory comments about African-Americans. 
Rush's African-American producer challenges
Acosta to specify even one such comment.
Joel B. Pollak, 5 Feb 2020

If Ruth Bader Ginsburg
can beat cancer, so must Rush
Sally Zelikovsky, 5 Feb 2020

I've always said Bergoglio is a raving Commie.
Pope Francis calls for global wealth redistribution
Thomas D, Williams, 6 Feb 2020

Gun control?  Don't sell your rights
Jerry Powlas, 5 Feb 2020

Why the Left really wants to kill America
by John Eidson, 4 Feb 2020

A Prayer for Rush Limbaugh
Mark Davis, 4 Feb 2020

GOP the big winner after
Democrats' Iowa Caucus cock-up
Stephen Kruiser, 4 Feb 2020

End the Hoax: There are no Palestinians
The “Palestinian people” is a propaganda fiction.
It’s time to stop playing along.
Robert Spencer, 3 Feb 2020

What I discovered at the Brexit Celebration Party
As much as we were all together, something was missing.
Katie Hopkins, 3 Feb 2020

 Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911—June 5, 2004)
A Time for Choosing (aka "The Speech")  
Ronald Reagan, 27 Oct 1964    video
City Upon a Hill   Ronald Reagan, 25 Jan 1974
The Ash Heap of History (House of Commons speech)   
Ronald Reagan, 8 June 1982
Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation   
        Ronald Reagan, April 1983
At the Brandenburg Gate
        ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!")
       Ronald Reagan, 12 June 1987
Reagan's Leadership, America's Recovery
        Margaret Thatcher, 30 Dec 1988
Our Revolution: farewell address
Ronald Reagan, 11 Jan 1989   video
Eulogy for Ronald Reagan   
Margaret Thatcher, 11 June 2004   video
Ronald Reagan at 100:
        A true believer who caught destiny's eye
Michael Barone, 27 Jan 2011
The Media, Reagan and Obama    Ed Lasky, 31 Jan 2011
Reagan Reclaimed    Steven F. Hayward, 24 Jan 2011
The Gipper's lesson 
Washington Times editorial, 4 Feb 2011
Reaganomics: What We Learned  
Arthur Laffer, 10 Feb 2011

'Walls are closing in' on the Democrats
The groundless Impeachment, the Biden/Burisma scandal,
the Russian Collusion hoax, and the anti-Kavanaugh lies,
to name only the Top Four items.
Roger Kimball, 1 Feb 2020

Does the Coronavirus outbreak
tell us that China is bad or evil?
A compelling case could be made that the Chinese
miracle is built on lies. It’s Enron times a billion.
Chris Buskirk, 31 Jan 2020

The future doesn’t belong to China
The People’s Republic has no future.
Daniel Greenfield, 31 Jan 2020

Brexit: MEPs sing Auld Lang Syne
29 Jan 2020

Nigel Farage's dramatic final speech at the
European Parliament ahead of the Brexit vote
29 Jan 2020

The End of Palestine?

New York Sun editorial, 1 Feb 2020

The economic education of Joe Scarborough
John Leonard, 3 Feb 2020

Preventing another ‘Crossfire Hurricane’
Now is the time to go after real abuses of
power and keep them from occurring again.
Jed Babbin, 3 Feb 2020

The Heartland Strikes Back
Now that the hard-Left coastal elites
have openly condemned at as The Other.
Frank Miele, 3 Feb 2020

There has been a legal coup in The Netherlands
31 Jan 2020
Geert Wilders abhors the newly revealed facts that
culture-enrichers at a refugee center had been discovered
with porn and torture videos on their phones,
that the government knew about it, and hid the findings
because an election was coming up.


The 1619 Project depicts an America
tainted by Original Sin.  In this worldview,
redemption for the founding seems impossible.
John McWhorter, 30 Jan 2020

Academic tests prove Trump supporters
are smarter than Clinton supporters
Matt Margolis, 30 Jan 2020

Farage: Brexit a historic day for United
Kingdom, Europe, and the Western World
Oliver JJ Lane, 31 Jan 2020

Brexit Day: The End? Or just the
beginning of more battles with Brussels?
Victoria Friedman, 31 Jan 2020

The Muslim World's inferiority complex
Raymond Ibrahim, 1 Feb 2020

Rob Schneider:
Elizabeth Warren treating voters like we’re
too ‘f**king stupid’ to think for ourselves
Hannah Bleau, 30 Jan 2020

California's nightmare is spreading nationally
Lloyd Marcus, 31 Jan 2020

Why are Liberal cities such a mess?
Steve Feinstein, 1 Feb 2020

Senate votes down extra impeachment
witnesses, paves way for Trump acquittal
Joshua Caplan, 31 Jan 2020

Schumer falsely claims there have been 'no
witnesses, no documents' during Impeachment
Matt Margolis, 31 Jan 2020

Top 8 reasons Trump already won Impeachment
Mollie Hemingway, 30 Jan 2020


California Democrats
declare war on independence

New law targets freelance writers

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