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"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."
—Frédéric Bastiat (1801 - 1850)

"In the end the only thing socialism has left behind it are countries looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane."
—Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc official ever to defect to the U.S. 

"If someone is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first." —The Talmud

Everyone involved in the Obamagate scandal
ought to be very worried about
what Nunes just announced
Matt Margolis, 26 May 2020

How Susan Rice’s role in the Rwandan
Genocide predicted Obamagate
A woman who can turn her back on genocide
would hardly blink at spying on Republicans.
Daniel Greenfield, 26 May 2020

Science says: Lockdowns could kill
more of us than the Coronavirus
Issues & Insights editorial, 26 May 2020

Cooking the Books on COVID-19 Deaths
Brian C.Joondeph, MD, 26 May 2020

Trump wins the Lockdown Wars
W. James Antle III, 26 May 2020

The Doctrine of Media Untruth
Victor Davis Hanson, 24 May 2020

Mask Nation and 'the Experts'
More proof that we’re living in 
the Age of the Great UnReason.
Jack Kerwick, 26 May 2020

The Obama people turned the whole philosophy
of the American Founding upside down. Not
because they're evil, but because they're idiots.
Christopher Chantrill, 26 May 2020

Belittled Women:
The Rise of White Guilt Chick Lit
Naomi Schaefer Rily, 26 May 2020


Trump must name
Special Counsel on Obamagate
Frank Miele, 25 May 2020

Obamagate isn’t a ‘distraction’
— it’s about outrageous abuses
New York Post editorial, 24 May 2020

Contact tracing:
The next Authoritarian Frontier
Carol Brown, 24 May 2020

Who ‘Ain’t Black’?
Biden reminds African-Americans where they stand in the Democratic Party.
Lloyd Billingsley, 25 May 2020

Key swing state warns that the
Presidential election will be a 'nightmare'
Rick Moran, 25 May 2020

It's time for Media to say
'We're sorry' to Ron DeSantis
Washington Examiner editorial, 22 May 2020

The Media want America to stay closed forever
It has Americans right where it wants them: trapped in front of the TV.
Daniel Greenfield, 25 May 2020


We Will Remember
Many places with unpronounceable names.
One constant: American soldiers give what it takes.
by Roger Kaplan, 24 May 2013
"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because
rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
—George Orwell (Winston Churchill and
Rudyard Kipling expressed similar thoughts, too)

On Memorial Day, remember:
It is the veteran, not the preacher, 
        who has given us freedom of religion. 
It is the veteran, not the reporter, 
        who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the veteran, not the poet, 
        who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the veteran, not the campus organizer, 
        who has given us freedom to assemble. 
It is the veteran, not the lawyer, 
        who has given us the right to a fair trial. 
It is the veteran, not the politician, 
        who has given us the right to vote. 
It is the veteran who salutes the Flag, 
It is the veteran who serves under the Flag.


The noble sacrifice we remember
by Frank Santarpia, 28 May 2012
A day to remember our fallen
by Elise Cooper, 28 May 2012
Remembering our guardians at the gate
by Rep. Allen West, 28 May 2012
Cherishing the memory of our dead
The order that inaugurated Memorial Day.
by John A. Logan, 5 May 1868
Our Holiday
by Bruce Walker, 30 May 2011
The sacrifices we salute
by Michael Walsh, 28 May 2012
These Men I Knew
Who were these men I knew.
That I met as strangers and taught what is true.
Laying weeks in a Ranger Grave.
Huddling for warmth.
Survival doesn't heed the machismo in us.

You could hear the quiet chattering of each other's teeth over the squawk of the field radio. Paralyzed with cramps so painful in the ribs from shaking with chills. I have to sleep and you stay watch. I will tell you when time is up.

Tomorrow we pull out and hump fifty clicks to an attack, Our feet will bleed and our skin will chafe from the dirt on our bodies. The bugs have taken residence in our skin and it burns and itches. Some of us have dysentery and cut holes in our pants so we can relieve ourselves without missing a beat. Haven't had a warm meal in weeks. We look into each other's gaunt faces and sunken eyes and drive on. Keep that rifle clean because that will save your life.

Where else in my life did I see the best and worst of humanity in the same place?  Where else in my life did I have to push the envelope on my body and mind so hard for so many months?

It was when I was a Soldier. And I don't need to look for heroes anymore. I have already met them.

The lines above were written by a soldier who served in the Rapid Deployment 7th Infantry Division (LIGHT) in Central and South America, 1987-1990. 


Self-inflicted destruction
of America, all for nought
Stats now show that the mortality rate for the Coronavirus
is hardly more than the seasonal flu. And when this is
all over, it may even be less. Trump was right all along.
Carol Brown, 24 May 2020

Don't buy the misleading figures.
Here's the real story about how the
U.S. matches up on coronavirus deaths.
Matt Margolis, 24 May 2020

Venezuela escorts Iranian tankers in
'American lake.' U.S. considers a strike.
Rick Moran, 23 May 2020

Origin of Crossfire Hurricane discovered?
The deeper we dive into the worst scandal in American
history, the more Barack Obama seems to be a central actor.
John Hinderaker, 23 May 2020

Facebook Oversight Board
will use international speech
norms to police Americans
Allum Bokhari, 22 May 2020

Democrats’ Heroes Act an embarrassment
of pork, Liberal policies
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 24 May 2020

Hong Kong, Coronavirus, and
the Specter of Tiananmen
Claudia Rosett, 24 May 2020

Thousands Of churches are about to
defy Lockdown orders. It’s about time.
John Daniel Davidson, 22 May 2020

CDC provides draconian guidelines
for reopening schools without
reading its own research
Stacey Lennox, 24 May 2020


Ignoring warnings, Mich. AG sued to raise lake
level ahead of dam break—to protect mussels
Governess Gretchen Whitmer's weekly daily mischief,
David Forsmark, 22 May 2020

The CDC confirms remarkably low
coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Daniel Horowitz,  May 22, 2020

Obamagate gets worse with  
damning declassified memo
Matt Margolis, 23 May 2020

The Politics of Fear
For economist Robert Higgs, Covid-19 is just the
latest emergency justifying expanded government power.
John Tierney, 20 May 2020

Trump Campaign's response
to Biden's 'You ain't black' remark
Matt Margolis, 22 May 2020

Coronavirus basics too
many people never learned
Jonathon Moseley, 23 May 2020 

Mayor de Blasio claims NY businesses are
doing fine and can stay closed for months
Rick Moran, 23 May 2020

"Hate Speech" and the
New Tyranny over the Mind
Arthur Milikh, May 2020             N.B.: A 60-minute read.


Forget Michael Jordan, LeBron James,
and all those guys.  Kayleigh McEnany
slam-dunks better than anyone!
22 May 2020
Hat tip: Jim D.

The Three Blows to the New World Order
So much for "the end of history."
Bruce Thornton, 22 May 2020

A.K.A. Cheat By Mail
Darrell Issa, Judicial Watch sue
Gavin Newsom over Vote by Mail
Joel B. Pollak, 22 May 2020

China’s Pandemic Power Couple
Deep state doctor Fauci and corrupt WHO boss
Tedros back the Communist regime's propaganda.
Lloyd Billingsley, 22 May 2020

Trump announces what he'll do
if there's a second COVID-19 wave
Rick Moran, 22 May 2020

Joe Biden did NOT call for country
to be shut down one week earlier
Joel B. Pollak, 22 May 2020

But when we kill these monsters, we're "intolerant."
Islam’s Sexual Fantasies
Raymond Ibrahim, 21 May 2020

Stop believing in Science
Science is not a religion. It doesn’t offer virtue or certainty.
Daniel Greenfield, 22 May 2020

Boris Johnson’s ‘Conservatives’
are spineless bedwetters
James Delingpole, 22 May 2020

Propaganda organs of the Left
hard hit by Lockdown
Thomas Lifson, 22 May 2020


No Pandemic Exception to Constitution
Daniel John Sobieski, 21 May 2020

Strategic revelations from Susan Rice
Her boss sent women to perform his dirty work.
Lloyd Billingsley, 21 May 2020

Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal Exploding
Veronika Kyrylenko, 21 May 2020

The crisis in nursing homes just got worse
The Party of Science still sticking Covid-19
victims in nursing homes because Science.
Stephen Green, 21 May 2020

Three ways Trump is not
letting a crisis go to waste
Monica Showalter, 21 May 2020

DOJ charges Philadelphia election
official with stuffing ballot box
J. Christian Adams, 21 May 2020

Boom. Another special election, another flip:
Three Democrats get the boot in Virginia
Monica Showalter, 21 May 2020


The US-China trade war just turned really hot
Daniel Greenfield, 20 May 2020

Whatta larcenous, statist, elitist tw@t.
Debra Messing celebrates ‘great news’
after judge says all Texas voters
can apply for vote-by-mail
David Ng, 20 May 2020

Aw, c'mon: This is just what Muslims DO
We People simply have to tolerate it.

Man allegedly wrapped ex-girlfriend’s
head in foil after decapitating her
Lia Eustachewich, 19 May 2020

Or maybe Paula Reid is just a c#nt. — Don John
CBS White House correspondent
unable to connect 2 dots
by Carol Brown, 20 May 2020

Gavin Newsom speaks like the gangster that he is.
California Governor to Feds:
Give us the money or the first responders 'get it'
Victoria Taft, 19 May 2020

Rashida Tlaib rages over Trump's
opposition to Vote-By-Mail
A.K.A. "Cheat-By-Mail"
Hannah Bleau, 20 May 2020

Gretchen Whitmer allows gay swinger's club
to operate while barber loses license
Megan Fox, 20 May 2020

Judge declares Oregon's coronavirus
restrictions 'Null and Void'
Breitbart News, 18 May 2020

Obama’s de facto Russian
collusion co-conspirators
Steve McCann, 20 May 2020

While celebrities tell Americans 'We're all in this
together,' Pat Sajak has a different message
Johnathan Jones, 18 May 2020

Some good news—Trump is about to
flood the economy with deregulation
Stephen Kruiser, 20 May 2020


Acts of Treason
The crime that dare not speak its name.
David Horowitz, 19 May 2020

Some thoughts about Being Safe
Dennis Prager, 19 May 2020

The Shutdown/Reopen Wars and the New KKK
Christopher Chantrill, 19 May 2020

Sheriff revolts against Lockdown:
'We are not stormtroopers. We are peacekeepers.'
Sheriff James Mendrick of DuPage County, Illinois
Megan Fox, 19 May 2020

Media in panic mode over latest Presidential polls
Brian C. Joondeph, 19 May 2020

Stealing the 2020 Election through the U.S. Mail
J. Frank Bullitt, 18 May 2020

Guess who’s taking Hydroxychloroquine?
Matt Margolis, 18 May 2020

Shock! Pensacola shooter turns out
to be Al-Qaeda operative who
plotted his attack for years
Robert Spencer, 18 May 2020
       …Mohammad Alshamrani, despite being a committed al-Qaeda jihadi, was let into the United States and given flight training at a Naval Air Base. No one dared question or investigate him in any serious manner, or the wisdom of letting him in without such an investigation, for fear of being tagged as an “Islamophobe” and facing career ruin. How many more Americans will have to die before this suicidal political correctness is confronted?


Telegraph: UK lockdown a result of the ‘most
devastating software mistake of all time’
Thomas D. Williams, 18 May 2020

America’s March to Socialism:
The NeverTrump Right
Daniel Greenfield, 18 May 2020

The Obama-Biden pandemic ‘playbook’
is less than advertised
Joel B. Pollak, 18 May 2020

Flashback: Obama illegally fired an
Inspector General to protect a sexual predator
Matt Margolis, 18 May 2020

Google erases the existence of
those who speak unwelcome truths
For the tech giants, 1984 is an instruction manual.
Robert Spencer, 18 May 2020

Dems discovering that with sanctuary cities,
what goes around...comes around
Carol Brown, 18 May 2020

Betsy DeVos drops the ball on Title IX reforms
David Solway, 18 May 2020

The 'Image of Hell':
Islam's siege of Malta, 18 May 1565
Raymond Ibrahim, 18 May 2020

Elon Musk is rallying voters for Trump
Monica Showalter, 18 May 2020

Virtual LGBT Pride event shut down
because organiser supported Brexit
Kurt Zindulka, 18 May 2020


COVID-19 Cytokine Storm is a metaphor
for how a society, fearing the unknown,
can destroy itself
Richard Fernandez, 17 May 2020

Covid-19 is becoming a Theory of Everything
Fay Voshell, 17 May 2020

YouTube censors noted
anti-lockdown epidemiologist
Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, former head of biostatistics,
epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University.
Stephen Kruiser May 16, 2020

Democrats have abandoned Civil Liberties
The Blue Party’s Trump-era embrace of authoritarianism
isn’t just wrong, it’s a fatal political mistake
Matt Taibbi, 15 May 2020

Our Nevermind Media
Kyle Smith, 15 May 2020

Someone committed a crime in the
Michael Flynn case. It wasn’t him.
Matt Thiessen, 15 May 2020

Trump approval bests Obama, Bush
at same point in their terms
Rick Moran, 16 May 2020


In honor of the Class of 2020,
some scalding coffee
Robert Oscar Lopez, 16 May 2020

Read Mitch Daniels’ poignant virtual
commencement address on ‘Antisocial
Media,’ Loneliness, and Isolation
Emily Jashinsky, 15 May 2020

One chart exposes the Lie
behind Universal Lockdowns
Daniel Horowitz, 14 May 2020

Release free market for
affordable, accessible medical care
Deane Waldman, 16 May 2020

Mail-in ballots are a recipe for
Confusion, Coercion, and Fraud
John Fund, 10 May 2020


The Coronavirus Fifth Column
Eileen F. Toplansky, 16 May 2020

Reporters ask Kayleigh McEnany about the
national stockpile, her responses are epic
Matt Margolis, 15 May 2020

Making of a myth: Timeline of media's role
in selling 'Trump-Russia collusion' tale
Four years of leaks, misinformation, and manipulation
in the construction of a conspiracy theory.
Sharyl Attkisson, 15 May 2020

Ten million people are locked down at
the whim of a very well-paid SJW ‘doctor’
Carol Brown, 15 May 2020

Just how inflated are
Coronavirus death counts, exactly?
Tyler O'Neil, 15 May 2020

Anxiety from reactions to Covid-19 will
destroy at least seven times more years
of life than can be saved by Lockdowns
Andrew Glen, Ph.D. and James D. Agresti, 4 May 2020

Then and Now
The plagues of ancient times.
David Warren, 16 May 2020

A Supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood was
named to the Facebook Content Oversight Board
Rick Moran, 12 May 2020


Cooking up a criminal investigation,
the Obama Way
David Harsanyi, 14 May 2020

Police State dry run a huge success
Carol Brown, 15 May 2020

Stanford antibody studies indicate no safe option
for eradicating COVID-19, including lockdown
Stacey Lennox, 14 May 2020

Face masks pose serious risks to the healthy
Russell Blaylock, MD, 11 May 2020

Why can’t everyone else go free
while you remain in quarantine?
John Nolte, 15 May 2020

ACLU Sues Due Process Champion DeVos
Stephen Kruiser, 15 May 2020


Lunatic Leftist Judge Emmet Sullivan thinks so.
Can Michael Flynn be sentenced
without being prosecuted for a crime?
Rick Moran, 14 May 2020

Trump's judgment has been right
all along about the New York virus
Andrea Widburg, 12 May 2020

The Permanent Emergency
Mark Steyn, 14 May 2020

Revisiting the virtue of courage
in the Age of the Great UnReason
Remembering Aristotle.
Jack Kerwick, 13 May 2020


The scale to which Obama’s team spied on
his successor should be focus of ‘unmasking’
Lee Smith, 14 May 2020

Richard Grenell is the superhero
America needs right now
Stephen Kruiser, 14 May 2020

SCOTUS sides with Trump:
Reinstates law making it a felony to encourage
or help people to stay in US illegally
13 May 2020

The politicized order inviting amicus
briefs against the Flynn case’s dismissal
Andrew C. McCarthy, 13 May 2020

Pelosi Coronavirus Plan orders felons,
illegal aliens to be freed from prison
John Binder, 12 May 2020

Fauci's Song and Dance
Daniel John Sobieski, 14 May 2020

CNN’s Brian Stelter
accuses conservative
media of ‘obsession’ with Russia probe

Washington Free Beacon, 12 May 2020

The 11-step Globalist scheme to destroy America
S.D. Wells, 12 May 2020


Wisconsin Supreme Court 'nuked
the lockdowns,' businesses can reopen
Tyler O'Neil, 13 May 2020

The Lockdown Left is
no friend of the working class
Brendan O'Neill, 13 May 2020

Major upset in an important
California special election
A 22-point swing in favor of the Republicans in CA-25.
Bryan Preston, 13 May 2020


How the 1619 Project destroys
the true moral meaning of America
The Pulitzer Foundation is a bedrock of corruption and lies.
Jason D. Hill, 12 May 2020

Cuomo’s COVID-19 panic
killed thousands in nursing homes
Issues & Insights editorial, 13 May 2020

Senator Rand Paul questions Dr. Fauci,
drops a bomb in Senate hearing
Stacey Lennox, 12 May 2020

Understanding Viktor Orbán’s purportedly
‘unlimited’ emergency powers over Hungary
Mario Alexis Portella, 13 May 2020

San Francisco besieged by homeless
demanding free hotel rooms, pot, and booze
“People are showing up in San Francisco from
other places and asking where their hotel room is.”
Daniel Greenfield, 13 May 2020

Is China buying BlackRock?
Rupert Darwall, 13 May 2020

'Our purpose got hijacked':
Matthew McConaughey urges Americans
to find unity amid pandemic
Gabriel Hays, 12 May 2020

Seth Rich refuses to stay buried
Jack Cashill, 11 May 2020


It looks like President Obama
ordered up phony Russiagate scandal
New York Post editorial, 12 May 2020

FBI's Man in Europe undercut
Ohr's claim of limited Russiagate role
Eric Felten, 12 May 2020

Acting DNI Grenell declassifies list of Obama
officials involved in Flynn 'unmasking'
Joshua Caplan, 12 May 2020

Will there be an Obamagate reckoning?
You betcha!
Brian C. Joondeph, 12 May 2020

Did James Clapper lie To Congress
about briefing Obama on Flynn’s phone calls?
Sean Davis, 11 May 2020

Piecing together the phony
case against Michael Flynn
Barr is de-politicizing the FBI and Justice Department
the Obama administration corrupted.
Michael Goodwin, 10 May 2020

Dirty Dozen: The 12 revelations
that sunk Mueller's case against Flynn
John Solomon, 9 May 2020

Flynn and the Anatomy of a Political Narrative
Andrew C. McCarthy, 9 May 2020


Trump, Biden, and the Coronavirus Coup
Consider the last several weeks a test run for the Biden
regency, a preview of what America might look like if,
and when, rule by the “managers” becomes a permanent,
irreversible fact, and freedom is part of the past.
Matthew Boose, 10 May 2020

McEnany has the right stuff
to rebuff media buffoons
Frank Miele, 11 May 2020

Obama reveals himself as
an appalling Legal Ignoramus
Thomas Lifson, 11 May 2020

Ole whiteys be exploitin' tha Minorities, dontcha know.
Husband and wife in their 80s
fatally shot in veterans’ cemetery
A.W.R. Hawkins, 10 May 2020

Politico: Special election tomorrow may hand
Dems ‘unthinkable’ defeat in House race
Thomas Lifson, 11 May 2010

Peace through strength! Missile defenses
make testing America a fool's errand
Christian Josi, 9 May 2020

Freedom Center Shillman Fellow Sues
Censorship Award Winner DePaul University
Israel-hating faculty and students persecute Dr. Jason Hill.
Joseph Klein, 11 May 2020


The "New Normal"?  Ridiculous.
Roger Kimball, 9 May 2020

Obama declares "there is no precedent that
anybody can find
" for the Flynn motion
[he may want to call Eric Holder]
Jonathan Turley, 9 May 2020

Why is Obama Panicking Now?
The importance of understanding political
surveillance in the era of President Obama.
Sundance, 9 May 2020

'1619' Pulitzer will boost
Socialist teaching in schools
Mike Gonzalez, 9 May 2020

The Glory—and Risk—of Cities
Joel Kotkin, Spring 2020 issue


New video emerges of the minutes
before Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting death
Melissa Klein, 9 May 2020

They Conquered the World
WW2 veterans commemorate the West's finest hour.
Rick Moran, 8 May 2020

Obama, Biden Oval Office meeting on Jan. 5
was key to entire Anti-Trump operation
Mollie Hemingway, 8 May 2020

The Five Worst Types of Virtue-Signaling
Bode Lang, 8 May 2020

Arizona: Muslim students threaten
to kill prof for suggesting Islam is violent
Robert Spencer, 8 May 2020

RNC launches 'Protect the Vote'
to fight Left's vote-by-mail scheme
Hannah Bleau, 8 May 2020

Latinx—the latest Leftist educational maneuver
Eileen F. Toplansky, 9 May 2020

Scientists determine 'reinfected'
Coronavirus cases are 'false positives'
Rick Moran, 9 May 2020

Pritzker and Lightfoot
—Illinois's hypocritical tyrants
Daniel John Sobieski, 3 May 2020


Dems respond to Flynn exoneration
with the Big Lie strategy
Thomas Lifson, 8 May 2020

Obama Defense official Evelyn Farkas
admitted she lied on MSNBC about
having evidence of collusion
Sean Davis, 8 May 2020

Obama knew of Flynn wiretaps,
declassified docs show
Matt Margolis, 7 May 2020

Schiff releases transcripts undercutting
Dem claims of Russia collusion proof
John Solomon, 8 May 2020

Media Bias comes into the spotlight
Bernard Goldberg, 7 May 2020

The burden of proof lies with
economic lockdown proponents
Heather Mac Donald, 8 May 2020

That would be FatF#ck Pritzker.
Dem. Governor shows ‘downright animosity
… to all things God'
Rick Moran, 7 May 2020

Here's the Left's End Game: Feminist theorist
wants to use COVID-19 to 'abolish the family'
Paula Bolyard, 7 May 2020
    …Sophie Lewis, a so-called feminist theorist who says she’s interested in “queer communism,” came right out and said it…

Lurking behind the statistics
Deana Chadwell, 8 May 2020

What one economist knew
Friedrich Hayek, 8 May 1899 to 23 March 1992.
by Robert P. Murphy, 8 May 2016

Why intellectuals drift toward Socialism
Friedrich Hayek on Firing Line, 7 Nov 1977          (3:19)
Hayek on Keynes's ignorance of economics
with Leo Rosten, Sept 1975


Mueller case against General Flynn is dropped
Victoria Taft, 7 May 2020

How do you solve a problem like Illinois?
The corona-crisis puts the Prairie State
at the center of a bailout debate.
Charles Fain Lehman, 7 May 2020

America the Wuss:
From rugged pioneers to cowering sheep
What happened to the American spirit?
Don Feder, 7 May 2020

CDC guide for reopening the country
'shelved' by Trump Administration
Rick Moran, 7 May  2020

She's talking about Britain…
but it could also be America.  Shocking!
The Castration of a Nation
When the state pays your wages—and the sun is
shining—what’s the rush to get back to "normal"?
Katie Hopkins, 7 May 2020

Ohio's RINO governor sides with the Communists.
Comrade DeWine vows to veto bill curtailing
Health Director's 'ultimate authority'
and limiting stay-at-home orders
Paula Bolyard, 7 May 2020

Barry Farber, conservative talk radio pioneer and
author, passes away a day after his 90th birthday
Peter Barry Chowka, 7 May 2020


Media blatantly lying about
Trump's Coronavirus response
David Marcus, 4 May 2020

Cuomo condemned nearly 2,000
to die of the Coronavirus
Bryan Preston, 6 May 2020

'Mrs. America':
Phyllis Schlafly and the battle to stop the ERA
In Hollywood rewrite of history, Schlafly is cast as the villain.
Mark Tapson, 6 May 2020

Phyllis Schlafly as I knew her
Rebekah Gantner, 6 May 2020

Researcher 'on the verge' of Coronavirus
breakthrough found shot dead in his home
John Salvatore, 6 May 2020

Trump Shoots Down #NeverTrump Coronavirus
ad twisting Reagan's message of hope
Tyler O'Neil, 5 May 2020

Violent criminals get released during Pandemic,
but a Texas mom was sentenced
to jail for wanting to feed her kids
Matt Margolis, 5 May 2020

Remember the 'Racist' Land O'Lakes logo
Leftists got removed? Turns out it
was drawn by a Native American
Grace Vuoto, 5 May 2020

Trump exposes the ‘Great Disparity’:
Islam Good, Israel and Christianity Bad
Calling it like it is.
Raymond Ibrahim, 6 May 2020

Tell a lie, Win a Pulitzer!
Issues & Insights editorial, 6 May 2020


The challenge of de-coupling from China
David Solway, 5 May 2020

Sidney Powell: Comey & Co. committed
prosecutable crimes in targeting Flynn, Trump
Robert Kraychik, 3 May 2020

James Comey must be prosecuted
J. Marsolo, 5 May 2020

Warren Buffett gives Trump ammo on economic
comeback: 'Nothing can basically stop America'
Joseph Vazquez, 4 May 2020

Your Guide to the Obama
Administration's hit on Michael Flynn
Margo Cleveland, 4 May 2020

The Coronavirus death rate is much lower
than the estimates justifying the Lockdowns
Matt Margolis, 3 May 2020

A Tale of Two Governors
and Two State Re-openings
Brian C. Joondeph, 3 May 2020

Oregon County sets up a No Whites Wanted
COVID-19 safe space
Victoria Taft, 4 May 2020

'Sanctuary' California begs Trump for help
after illegal aliens spill into U.S. COVID units
Victoria Taft, 4 May 2020


Michael Flynn case places both
FBI integrity and Civil Liberty on the line

Alan Dershowitz, 1 May 2020

The Flynn Case: Liberal press fails
to speak up for its own principles
New York Sun editorial, 3 May 2020

Millions of vote-by-mail ballots aren't 'missing' 
 —they're just 'most likely in landfills'
J. Christian Adams, 4 May 2020

Don’t sacrifice Freedom at the altar of Safety
It’s not fear but the quest to be safe that
risks condemning us to a life in lockdown.
Frank Furedi, 4 May 2020

Cuomo plays on fears and ignorance
about reopening the economy
Why are we still trying to ‘Flatten the Curve’?
Issues & Insights editorial, 4 May 2020

K-12: Ten lies teachers tell you
Bruce Deitrick Price, 4 May 2020

But who will educate the School Board?
Frank Miele, 4 May 2020

How Babe Ruth beat a pandemic, twice
by Jerry Amernic, 3 May 2020


The dangerous liberal ideas
for censorship in the United States
Jonathan Turley, 2 May 2020

Legacy news, social media giants
converge in new era of censorship
Once rivals for audience share and cultural relevance,
new and old media are now allied in top-down control 
of information.
Christian Toto, 2 May 2020

A Wizard of Oz virus: The COVID-19 Hoax
Selwyn Duke, 3 May 2020

The Flynn case fully reveals the Deep State
Virgil, 3 May 2020

Trump ridicules George W. Bush appeal
for bipartisanship amid Coronavirus
Simon Kent, 3 May 2020
     …"Oh bye the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside. He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!"

Note to illiterate liberals: "Hate" is not a noun. Hatred is.
NYC Samaritan's Purse Field Hospital gets the
boot: 'Hate has no place in our beautiful city'
Tyler O'Neil, 3 May 2020

Trump delivers the 'perfect' kill-shot
to Joe Biden on Sexual Assault
Tyler O'Neil, 2 May 2020

Democrats demanded millions of Kavanaugh
records, but stay mum on Biden's Senate records
Mollie Hemingway, 1 May 2020

Trump approval surges with record support
from Independents, matches all-time high
Matt Margolis, 2 May 2020


Biden's Coronavirus plan:
Catch and release border-crossers into U.S.
John Binder, 1 May 2020

The paranoid style in COVID-19 America
The public health establishment is desperate
to maintain hysteria in the populace.
Heather Mac Donald, 27 Apr 2020

Barack Obama's Department of Injustice
John Leonard, 2 May 2020

Joe Biden and the Social-Justice Charade
Noah Rothman, 28 Apr 2020

Flynn documents are the
"smoking gun" on Comey's FBI
Mark Penn, 1 May 2020

The Peasants think they have a right to work...
and they turned out in droves to make that clear
Megan Fox, 1 May 2020

Christine O'Donnell's niece says Biden
commented on her breasts when she was just 14
Matt Margolis, 1 May 2020


Biden denies sexual assault allegations, refuses to
unseal Senate records at University of Delaware
Debra Heine, 1 May 2020

What would a Muslim country do to a Christian who
murdered a little Muslim child? That's what Britain should
do to the filthy savage who murdered Emily Jones. But like
most white Europeans, British pols lack the courage to do it.
Dedicated to Emily Jones, Age 7
Murdered by a Somali migrant in
a British park on Mothering Sunday.
Katie Hopkins, 1 May 2020

The Muslim genocide of 2.5 million Christians
Raymond Ibrahim, 1 May 2020

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